The Twilight Saga

If you've ever read Twilight then you know Bella Marie Swan Cullen's life. But never once is her cousin mentioned. This is her story.

This is Angel Swan's story and how not everyone's life is so perfect. Angel is sent to live wiht her uncle Charlie when her parents are visously murdered by a  vampire intruder in her home. She is forced to leave her boyfriend Robby behind and her friends. All becasue of some stupid vampire.




“Goodnight Mom. Night Dad.” Angel said to her parents as she kissed them goodnight.

 “Goodnight honey.” Her mother replied.

“Goodnight sweetheart.” Her father complied. Angel then walked up the stairs and shut the door behind her as she entered her room. She reached for her shoulder then slipped the strap down then repeated the process for the other strap of her dress. Finally she slipped out of the dress and into her white silk flannel pajamas. She went into her bathroom and brushed her teeth then crawled into bed a minute later, falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Angel jerked upright as she heard a crash. She pushed the covers back and flung her legs over the side then crept to the door. She slowly reached for the knob and twisted it. She stepped into the hall and saw her parents’ door was ajar. Angel’s body relaxed. One of them must have gone downstairs for a late night snack. Angel walked to their door to see who it was when someone grasped her from behind and a creepy voice started to talk behind her.

“Here you are. Your parents wouldn’t want you to miss this.” Angel shrieked and found herself pushed roughly towards her parents. They were tied up and struggled to free themselves to hold Angel. “Aww.” The intruder purred.” One big, happy family. I want to play too.” The man’s eyes turned red and he reached a wispy hand for Angel. Her father put his arms around her protectively the intruder laughed.

“Oh you pathetic mortals. Don’t worry I have plans for you as well.” The intruder continued to reach for Angel. She latched her arms around her father’s neck.

“Don’t let him get me, Daddy.” She cried.

“I won’t.” Her father tightened his grip on his daughter when the intruder ripped Angel from his arms.

“Daddy!” Angel cried as she fought to free herself.

“Angel!” Her parents cried back as they fought their restraints. The man defiled Angel in front of her parents. An act Angel found both painful and embarrassing. Once the man was done with her he tossed her aside then preformed the same act to her mother. Her father meanwhile screamed for him to stop but the man wouldn’t because Angel’s father couldn’t do a thing to stop him. Afterward the intruder opened his mouth and fangs protruded from his mouth. He forced Angel to watch as he drained her parents dry. He dropped her father’s body carelessly, walked over and knelt in front of Angel.

“And now the desert of my three coarse meal.” Angel spit in his face and the man cursed.

“Allez vous tuer vous merde tête.” The man smiled

“Feisty. You know I like my woman with a little fire. You’ll do just fine for me.” The man then bent her head at a painful angle and bestowed the ultimate kiss. Pain was the last thing Angel felt before darkness crowded in.



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One week later…



“Coming!” Charlie shouted as he rushed to answer the door. When it opened her saw a woman in a gray business suit. Her dark hair was pulled into a bun at the base of her neck. “May I help you?”

“Are you Charlie Swan?”

“Yes, is something wrong?”

“I’m Irene Culver from social services. And unfortunately there is.” The woman sighed. “Your ex brother-in-law along with his wife were murdered last week.”

“Oh no. By who?”

“That we don’t know. But their daughter Angel survived and has no remaining family with the exception of you, your daughter; Bella, and your ex wife Renee.”

“Where is she?”

“In my car. Is there a room where she can stay?”


“Okay then, I’ll go get Angel.” The woman walked back to her car and got Angel. Angel was wearing dark denim jeans with a white polo shirt and denim jacket with brown leather boots. Her red hair and green eyes looked at him blankly. Angel looked at the house with a distant look as she took her headphones off of her head and hid them in her shoulder bag. Charlie walked down to the white BMW and took Angel’s bag.

“Hey Angel, remember me? I’m Uncle Charlie.” Angel just gazed blankly at him and sat on the hood. “ Come on, I’ll show you to your room.” Angel slid pushed off the and followed Charlie into the house. Charlie glanced over his shoulder to see if she was following. Her head was bent making her red curly hair frame her round face. Charlie led her to Bella’s old room and sat her bag on the bed. “Well, here it is. I can get some boxes tomorrow and clear out Bella’s old things.”


“Your welcome. I’ll leave you alone now.” Charlie left shutting the door behind him. He recalled the way Angel’s voice sounded when she had thanked him. Distant, quiet, almost robotic. Charlie met Ms. Culver at the base of the stairs. “She doesn’t talk much, does she?”

“No, she’ll only talk when necessary. I’ll bring the rest of her belongings tomorrow.”

“Till tomorrow then. Ms. Culver, what happened exactly?”

“A man broke into her home and forced her to watch him kill her parents. He did much more than that but it isn’t my place to say. I suggested to her she start school again in a few days. I told her Monday, she’s already enrolled and has everything. Well I have things to do and places to be. Goodbye Mr. Swan.” Ms. Culver shook Charlie’s hand then left. He sighed then looked up when her heard movement.

Angel must really be going through something, he thought to himself. Losing her parents is horrible but having to watch their murder is just dishearting. Charlie walked into the kitchen to call Bella and tell her Angel was here.

“Hi, you’ve reached Bella. Can’t get to the phone right now; but leave a name number and a message and I’ll back to you as soon as I can, thanks.” Charlie waited for the beep then began his message.

“Hey Bells, it’s your Dad. Your cousin Angel is here. Come over as soon as you can. I need to talk to you about her. Bye.” As he hung the phone on the charger he heard Angel coming down the stairs. “Where are you going?”

“I need some air. I have my phone with me and I’m sure Ms. Culver gave you my number.”

“No, actually she didn’t.” Angel sighed and dung into her pocket for a piece of paper she held out to him. Charlie took it, saw the number and looked up just as the door closed.

Angel put on her headphones and turned on her Mp3. Forks was different from her home in White Plains, New York. She concluded as she walked through the town. She had a life in White Plains. All her friends and…Robby. Angel pulled out her phone and pulled down her headphones. She then looked at her screen saver. The picture was Robby and herself at homecoming.

That night Robby kissed her for the first time. They never spent one spare moment apart, always together. And now for her to disappear after a year and a half. Robby must be devastated, Angel assumed. She leaned against the railing of the bridge she was on and called Robby. Her heart pounding faster and faster in her chest making her fell like it was going to jump out as the phone continued to ring.

“Hello? Angel is that you?”

“Oh Robby.”

“Angel!” Robby shouted with relief. “What happened to you? Where are you?”

“Robby, how long does it take to get from Washington state to White Plains, New York?”

“Why? About six hours. Angel where are you?”

“Robby, I’m in Forks, Washington. How soon can you get here?”

“I’ll try right away. Why are you there? I went to your house and it was empty.”

“My parents were murdered and I was forced to watch among other things.”

“Angel, I’ll call you as soon as I get a flight. Baby it’s alright.” Robby cooed as he her Angel start to cry. “Hey do you still have that webcam I got you?”


“Find a computer and hook it up so we can video chat.” Angel straightened then started back to her temporary home. Robby would come for her.

“I just wanted to hear your voice and tell you what happened. Robby?” Angel asked when Robby didn’t answer.

“Sorry, Ché rie I was opening my laptop and looking for a flight. I can’t get on a plane for another few weeks. We just got a huge snow storm and every plane is grounded. I’m not even sure Aunt Rosy will fly me out there. Sorry sweetheart.”

“Just my luck, my parents die and I’m flown to the other side of the country without a chance to say goodbye to you.”



“I love you ma Ché rie.” Angel smiled.

“I love you too, Robby. You know what our situation reminds me of?”

“Montana Legacy by R.C. Ryan. You now how-”

“The girl leaves and the guy hasn’t a clue where or why she left. I know the feeling.”

“So do I. I’m sorry. But they rushed me off so quick, and I just got here today.”

“Hey is it dark there? ’Cause if it is you should get inside. Set up video chat, then text me when you do. I’m sorry I can’t get there sooner.”

“It’s ok. I’ll survive…somehow. I love you so much Robby and I’m miss you.”

“I love and miss you too, Angel. Hey smile for me…that’s my girl.” Robby cooed when he heard Angel’s soft laughter.

“Tell me the poem please. I want to hear you say it.” Robby chuckled softly.

“I’ll be there when you can’t life you feet off the ground. I’ll be there to lift them for you. When tears trace down your cheeks I’ll be there to wipe them away. When your smile is turned upside down, I’ll be there top right again.

“’Cause I’ll be there when I see you smile. But a rough days frown won’t turn me away. ’Cause I’ll be there whenever you call I cross-my-heart promise to not let you fall.

“I love you Baby. And I’ll be there as soon as I can. Just hang in there. Hey isn’t your cousin Bella there with her Dad?”

“Yeah, but apparently she moved out. I’m staying in her room now.” Angel looked up at her temporary home and saw the silver Volvo in front of it.

“Angel? Are you there?”

“Sorry, I just saw a Volvo in front of the house and I was wondering who is was.”

“I don’t want to but I have to go now. Text me later, love ya.”

“Love ya, bye.”

“Bye.” Angel slipped her phone into her pocket and walked up to the house. She was lifting her foot to the next step when her other one slipped. Her feet went out from under her and she heard this awful crunching sound followed by a terrible pain in her left arm. Angel’s scream of pain pierced though the night as she clutched her arm.

Keep writing. It's a good story. and i want to know what happens!
I so want to know what happens next.. let me know !!!!!!!!!!!...
Wow! Great story..please continue!
This is really gudd
Love it



“How is she handling all this?” Bella asked her father.

“I don’t know she hardly talks.”

“Do you know where she is?” Edward asked looking away from Renesme.

“I-” Everyone jumped when they heard a scream. They rushed to the door and when it was open they saw Angel on the ground clutching to her arm for dear life. Bella was first to Angel’s side.

“Let me see your arm.” Angel had tears streaming down her face and screamed when Bella started to pull her arm. “Edward, call Carlisle.”

“On it.” Edward pulled out his phone and made the call. After he tucked it away in his pocket and gently lifted Angel off the ground and into the house. A few minutes later Carlisle arrived and went to Angel. He carefully peeled off her jacket and apologized every time she cried in pain, Carlisle then examined her arm.

“It’s broken, I’ll have to take her to my office to make a cast.” Carlisle asked for ice and Angel hissed in a breath when he placed it on her arm. “My apologizes, but it will reduce the swelling. Come on let’s get you to my car.” Carlisle helped Angel stand and lead her to his car. An hour later angel was asleep in the front seat with her arm in a sling. Carlisle carried her up the stairs and up to Bella’s old room when the arrived at Charlie’s house. HE softly placed her on the bed and covered her with a quilt then left the room.

“I’ll come by tomorrow to check on her. Goodnight Charlie.”

“Thanks. Goodnight Carlisle.”

Bella covered her sleeping daughter and kissed her forehead the smiled when Renesme murmured ‘mama’. As Bella closes the door to her bedroom she noticed Edward sitting on the bed with a confused expression etched on his face. She changed into a short, lacy nightgown then crawled onto the bed. Bella put her arms around Edward’s neck and kissed his cheek.

“What’s wrong? You don’t usually let me finish changing.”

“It’s you cousin. I couldn’t read her thoughts.” Edward confessed.

“Maybe she has a shield like mine.” Bella guessed.

“Maybe…Alright, what do you want?” Edward chuckled, Bella stopped nibbling his ear and swung around into his lap where he cradled her like a baby.

“Isn’t it obvious? I want you.” Bella gasped as she found herself pinned against the pillows and Edward looming above her his breathe mingled with hers.

“Then you’ll have me.” Edward growled before he kissed Bella with unending passion.


“Angel, oh how I miss you.” Robby murmured as he placed his hand behind his head. Angel hadn’t gotten on chat but from what his father had told him she had fallen asleep. Robby looked at his watch, it was three in the morning.

“Mr. Robby, your father requests your presence in his study.” Robby sat up to see Reginald standing in the doorway.

“Thank you.” Robby climbed off the bed and strode to the door. “Why aren’t you home.” He asked his butler.

“The roads sir. But I’ll be ale to return once the roads are cleared.”

“Well at least rest, you looked exhausted.” Reginald bowed.

“Thank you sir.” Robby grinned at the man then left. Reginald had served his family for centuries before he was born. His family were vampires, and he had hid it from Angel ever since they were kids. Now they were in love, the greatest single feeling Robby had ever felt. He was ready to do almost anything to get her back in White Plains.

“You wanted to see me?” Robby asked as he entered his father’s study.

“Yes,” His father answered as he stood and walked to his son. “It seems Sonia has caught the man who broke into Angel’s home. I thought you might want to see him.” Robby nodded to his father. “Follow me.” Jonathan led his son through their home and into the basement where a special room was set up and the intruder was being held. When Jonathan opened the door Robby got his first glance at the man tied in the chair with sliver chains to prevent him from escaping. Sonia, and several others were in the room as well. When the man tried to jump out of his chair Stephen held him down, Robby noticed he wore gloves over his hands. Then he remembered the sensitivity to sliver. If a vampire touched silver it would burn their skin.

“ Let me go!” The man growled.

“We’ve tried to get him to talk, but…” Sonia said to Jonathan when he asked about the man. Robby walked over to the man and punched him in the face causing the man’s nose to bleed.

“That’s for her parents.” Robby punched him again. “That’s for her.” Robby then bent the man’s head and bit his neck sending venom through his body. “And that’s for you.” The man howled in pain and he would be for a few days. Robby then left and walked to his room. He then sat on his bed his elbows on his knees when he reached for a black velvet box on his nightstand. He opened it and saw the small diamond locket with a key attached lying in a bed of red silk. He opened it with they key and saw a small pictured of himself and Angel together. Then looked at the words on the other side of the locket.

You always had the key to my heart, R

He had this made to give her on her birthday next week. But he couldn’t make it to Forks, Washington when the entire airport was snowed in. Not even his Aunt
Rosemary a.k.a. would fly her plane. And she was one of the most courageous pilots. When she wouldn’t even fly, then everyone knew the weather was bad. He closed the locket and the velvet box and laid back on his bed.

“God Angel, I’ll get to you soon I promise.” he then closed his eyes and let darkness take over.

Love it
Please keep me updated, this sounds very interesting!!! What would Robby make of the Cullens


<font color=skyblue>


Angel woke up to the sound of rain dancing on the roof. She groaned and put her head under her pillow not wanting to get up. She wanted to wake up in her own room in White Plains with her mother cooking breakfast and her father setting the table. Then get dressed as Robby showed up to spend the day with her.

Sighing, Angel dragged her pillow off her head then sat up. She then remembered her arm when she tried to rub her face with her left hand. Angel thought her arm would hurt but here was no pain. Angel pulled the covers off her then swung her legs off the side of the bed. She noticed she was in yesterday’s clothes. She grimaced and walked over to the closet. She had hung a few outfits before she had left yesterday and now searched through them for something to wear. She finally picked out a blue and black bubble-sleeve top, black sateen crop pants, black Talia Mary-Jane shoes. She then dug through her suitcase for her jewelry box. Out of that she choose: the gold ring with Robby’s and her name engraved onto it-she had gotten for Christmas- her watch, then her diamond earrings with a matching necklace and bracelet.

She then styled her hair in her usual curls, went into the bathroom to brush her teeth then walked downstairs. She had taken the sling off when she dressed then put it back on after. She looked around the ground floor and noticed she was the only one up. She tiptoed into the kitchen and found a note one the fridge.



I left for work, I’ll call about noon to check on you. There is cereal on the table and bowls in the dish strainer and milk in the fridge.


Uncle Charlie

Angel left the sigh where it was then poured herself a bowl of cereal. While she sat at the table she remembered she didn’t log on to chat the night before. She rushed up stairs and found her laptop then returned to the table. As soon as she was logged onto messenger Robby started to talk to her.

Good morning beautiful

Good morning how are you?

Fine what about you? Still holding up there in rainy Forks?

I’m fine but to tell you they have too many forks, lol.

Lol, I was about to say something like that. Hey dad caught the guy who broke into your house. He’s taken care of.

How’d he find him?

The guy tried sneaking up on Sonia.

That was pretty stupid, no one can sneak up on her. Guess what.


Yesterday, after I hung up I slipped on some ice here and ended up breaking my left arm.

OMG! Are you alright?

Yeah it doesn’t ever hurt anymore.

I turning on video. A moment later Angel could see Robby sitting on his bed.

Hey stud.

Hey studette.

Funny Robby funny. Robby tossed back his head chi chest shaking with laughter.

Hey, guess what.


The people at the airport are starting to clear it, but it will take a while we got massive snow here…any there?

Not a flake, only rain blah.

That stinks, if you were her I’d take you sledding or snowmobiling, or we could take a carriage ride like we do every year. But this year I would take you alone. Angel smiled and saw Robby smile back in the webcam.

I really miss you.

Same here, what are you eating?

Cereal. Hey who’s there I just saw a car pull up to the house through the window. Angel looked out and saw Carlisle getting out of his car.

Just Carlisle, he fixed my arm up and is Bella’s Father in law. Turns out she’s married even had a kid she’s really cute though. Brb I have to get the door.

Hurry back.

K. Angel stood and walked to the front door and opened it.

“Good morning Angel.”


“Hi back. How is your arm?”

“Fine. Would you like to come inside?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“I’ll be right back I have to tell Robby I have to go.” Angel went back to her computer and saw Robby was still there.

I have to go ttyl…Love you

ttyl, love you. Angel then closed down the chat and pushed her laptop closed.

“Just out of curiosity, who’s Robby?”

“My boyfriend. So do you want something to drink?” Angel asked uncertain what to do or say.

“No thank you, I just came to check on your arm and to give you this. This is for pain medication for your arm.” He said as Angel took a piece of paper from him.”

“Ok, well bye then?”

“Yeah, bye.” Angel showed him to the door then went back to her computer to see Robby had logged off…Angel sighed.

“Well I could finish unpacking, well what I can do.” Angel said to the empty room. She closed her lap top then carried it upstairs to her room. When she shut the door a few boxes fell on her legs lightly. “Oh…” Angel had just put her laptop back in it’s protective case when the doorbell rang. Angel jogged back down the stairs and opened the door and saw Ms. Culver there.

“Hi Angel. Oh my, what happened?”

“I slipped on some of the ice on the sets.”

“Well I’m sorry, but I brought more of your things. Can you get some?”

“If I take my arm out of this sling maybe.”

“Ok well get a jacket on and come help. Do you know where Mr. Swan is?”

“He went to work, he should be back around noon to check on me.”

“Well it’s noon now.”

“It is? Wow I must have slept in late.” Angel had just finished the sentence when Charlie’s cruiser came into view a moment later it pulled in the driveway and Charlie stepped out.

“Hello Ms. Culver, Angel. Let me help with these.” Charlie said when Ms. Culver started to pull a box out of the front seat. Angel went back into the house and up to her room to make room for her things. Fifteen minutes later the rest and Angel’s things were in the room and Angel was busy packing Bella’s things away into empty boxes. It was just after four when Angel was done packing and unpacking. She sat on the bed and looked around. Her things replaced her cousin Bella’s things. Angel had collapsed all the boxes and stored them in the attic when she had taken Bella’s old things up. And now she rose to sit at the desk and work on her computer.

She plugged in her headphones, turned on her music and opened her story. Then started to type the hours away.

Charlie wasn’t much of a cook so ordered a pepperoni pizza for dinner that night. He went to the base of the stairs and called for Angel. When she didn’t come her called again, when she still didn’t come he walked up to her room. The steps groaning under the pressure of his body. He opened the door and didn’t see Angel on her bed.

“Angel?” He turned his head to the right and saw Angel at the desk her head resting on her arms. He head was turned away from him and he saw she had headphones and walked over to her. He reached out to grab her headphone when Angel shifted. She bumped into his hand, she turned to face him and pulled down her headphones.


“I ordered a pizza, would you like to eat?” Angel removed her headphones.

“I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Okay.” Charlie left and Angel saved her story, and closed down her computer. She stood when images flickered before her eyes. She was in the woods, without her cast on and her eyes were glowing green like a cat’s. Suddenly there was a man in front of her his face bank and his eyes glazed over, like her was hypnotized. He dropped to his knees and she walked over and crouched down in front of him then tilted his head to the side. Then she abruptly suck her fangs into the man’s neck. Angel gasped and blinked she shook her head then went downstairs.

Charlie was watching sports and Angel sat on the couch writing on her laptop when the doorbell rang again. Angel looked up as Charlie stood to answer it. Angel returned her attention back to her computer as he talked to whoever was at the door. A minute later Charlie came back in holding Wal-Mart bags and Ms. Culver was following him into the kitchen. Angel looked up and set aside her laptop and slipped her arm back into the sling.

“I came to drop off some school supplies for you. Since you start school tomorrow.”
“I thought I started Monday.”

“Tomorrow is Monday. We got here Saturday.”

“My days must be messed up.” Angel helped take her things out of the bags and write her name on them. She put them in her backpack and went upstairs to take a shower. After she had wrapped her cast in plastic she turned on the water and undressed noting the bruises along with the cuts and scrapes marking her body. She stepped under the spray of the water and closed her eyes.


“Someone’s in Forks.” Everyone looked at Carlisle as he walked through the door.

“How do you know?” Emmett asked.

“Ryan Reynolds’s body was found in the forest about two miles out of town.” Edward answered after reading Carlisle’s thoughts.

“This is obviously a newborn.”

“If this is a newborn then it won’t take long before the Voulturi step in.” Jasper quietly added. Alice sat on the couch quietly as everyone talked. An images flashed before her eyes.

“What do you see?” Jasper’s voice asked her quietly.

“A girl, about fifteen…” The Cullen’s waited patiently as Alice explained what she saw. “She’s in town again at the diner.” The Cullen’s were off.

“Jacob, stay and watch Renesme?”

“Sure. I’ll tell Sam about the newborn.” Bella jumped into Edward’s Volvo and everyone drove off. When they arrived at the diner a few people were there.

“Let me go in first.” Jasper said then exited his car to walk into the dinner. Jasper looked around he saw a teenage girl in jeans and a leather jacket talking to the waitress.

Edward, I need your help. The next thing Jasper knew Edward was next to him.


“The girl talking to the waitress.” Edward concentrated on her but then shook her head. She’s human. The girl must have left on our way here.” Edward concluded. They walked back out to their family and shook their heads.

“We should keep looking. She might show up somewhere else.” As the Cullen’s pulled away to search the newborn watched them go with a smile on her face. She had blocked herself from being see or her thoughts heard. They had no idea she was there, watching their every move. She was about to lure a helpless boy out of the diner to feed off when she heard them show up. She left the boy alone and rushed out.

“Hmm, looks like they’ll know if a bite anyone.” The newborn jumped down from her perch at the top of a tall fir tree and ran. When she got into town she switched to jumping from tree to tree. When she stopped her was at the edge of the parking lot to the hospital; she smiled. The Cullen’s wouldn’t find her now.

Love it



As her alarm clock went off Angel groaned.

“I so don’t want to go to school today.” But nonetheless she got out of bed and turned on the light closing her eyes when the light hurt them. She also rubbed her head, had she hit it last night? Dismissing the thought she dressed in textured barley extended-tab twill pants, a solid cool white mandarin collar top, and white patent Mollie shoes. She then donned on her ring and a twenty-four inch gold chain necklace. Angel styled her hair into her usual curly style again then gasped her jacket and backpack. She put then back down and took off her sling, she wouldn’t wear it until she had to leave later. She tiptoed into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She then tiptoed down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Charlie still slept in his room when Angel left the house. With her bag slung over one shoulder and her jacket zipped she locked the door behind her and walked down the steps. She was planning to walk to the high school when a car pulled up in the drive.

“Hey Angel, can I give you a ride?” It was Bella she was dressed in a pale periwinkle short-sleeve pin tuck popover, jeans and matching flats.

“Sure.” Angel got in the passenger side then waited as Bella drove her to school.

“So how’s you stay so far.” Angel gave her a look that said ‘you got to be kidding me’.

“Wet, and tiring. I didn’t plan to get this either.” Angel said as she moved her broken arm.

“I didn’t expect a lot either when I first came here.”

“Like getting married?”

“Yes, but I wouldn’t trade Edward for anyone in the whole world.”

“How old is Renesme?”

“A few months.”

“She looks older than that.”

“She grows fast. Hey, I wanted to know if you would like to meet the rest of Edward’s family. You’ve already met Edward and Carlisle, and Esme has been wanting to see you.”

“Who’s she?”

“My mother-in-law. But she’s very kind to everyone. Even before I married Edward she considered me a part of the family. Well here we are, why are you here this early?”

“Early bird gym. Although I don’t think I can do much. Thanks for the ride.”

“I’ll pick you up later alright?”

“Yeah, bye.”

“Bye.” Angel got out of the car and walked up to the gym. She opened the door and heard a few people playing basketball. They were cheering each other on. When Bella got into view of the gym she smiled. Hot, buff, shirtless guys. But she had Robby waiting for her. When the guys saw her they whistled and hollered. Angel smiled and went into the girls’ locker room. She found the teacher and knocked on the open office door.

“Hi, you must be Ms. Angel Swan.”

“That’s me.”

“Well I can give you a lock and you can pick out a locker.”

“Do I need to participate?”

“We are in the swimming unit. So I’ll let you sit it out. Go pick out a locker and go to the pool.”

“Thanks.” Angel answered when she was handed a lock.

“You’re welcome.” Angel then left the teacher and picked out a locker near the door so she could get out quicker. Angel sat on a small set of bleachers as everyone swam in the pool. When class was over she made her getaway so she wouldn’t run into anyone. Angel walked into the main office and saw a woman standing at the desk with a name plate telling Angel that woman was Mrs. Cope. A few minutes later Angel walked out of the office with her schedule and a paper that all her teachers had to sign.


“I know where it is. I can take you ’cause I have that class. I’m Carolyn by the way.” She held out her hand and Angel shook it.

“I’m Angel.”

“You’re new here right?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Hey, um, is your family the Cullen’s?”

“No, why?”

“Well, everyone has been saying that because of how your dressed. But it’s not bad, infact I’m in envy over your clothes. Where did you get them?”


“So where are you from?”

“White Plains, New York.”

“You’re a long way from home.”

“Yeah I just want to get back there.”


“My entire life is there.”

“Well I hope you’ll like it here.” They entered the classroom and Angel took a seat next to Carolyn. Angel was in the line for lunch when Carolyn popped up next to her. “Hey do have anywhere to sit?”

“No.” It was now that Angel got a good look at Carolyn. She had blond hair and blue eyes, unlike Angel’s red hair and green eyes. Her nose was long and straight and her face was rounded. She was Angel’s height and wore a simple pink t-shirt, with jeans and sneakers. When they had gone through the line Carolyn led Angel to a table where am few others were sitting.

“Carolyn who is this you have here?” A boy asked her. He had brown eyes with black hair and a short crooked nose.

“This is Angel, Dan.”

“Hi.” He greeted to Angel. Carolyn introduced her to the other students at the table. As everyone talked Angel ate quietly, her mind filled with her friends in White Plains. What were they doing? Were they thinking about her? Would they call and talk to her? Angel had those thought running through her head for the rest of the day and up until Bella picked her up.

“How was school?”

“School was school.”

“Well we should get you changed.”

“Why?” Angel asked as they pulled out of the school parking lot.

“You are going to meet Edward’s family today. I hope it isn’t to over whelming.”

“No, not in the least. I just don’t know what I’ll wear.”

“What you have on is fine. But we should stop back at Charlie’s I have to go to the bathroom and you can fix yourself a quick lunch.” Bella turned her Ferrari into Charlie’s drive then snatched up her purse and walked up to the house behind Angel. Bella reached up for the spare key and unlocked the door. They walked in and split into their own directions. Bella sighed when she shut the doors to the bathroom and looked in the mirror her contacts were gone. She opened her course and popped in another pair. She then smelled blood. She was about to go investigate when Angel called her telling her the phone was for her.


“Bella, someone broke into the blood bank at the hospital last night. Carlisle thinks it’s the newborn.” Edward murmured.


“This newborn has a gift they can alter minds.”

“You mean like control them?” Bella whispered.”

“Yes. They took control of the few staff members and had them change the records for the number of blood bags. Btu when Carlisle looked over the security footage it was like no one was there.”

“Ok, we’ll talk about it later. I’m about to head over with Angel.”

“We’ll be waiting. Love you.”

“Love you too. Bye.”

“Bye.” Bella hung up the phone just as Angel came back into the room to put a plate in the sink and grasp a bottle of water from the fridge. “What’s that face for?”

“Some one broke into the blood bank last night and they aren’t shown on the camera footage.”

“Who said that?”

“Edward. Well come on lets go I could hear Esme in the back round.”

She walked into her first hour class and her teacher greeted her happily and told her to pick any open seat she wanted. Angel picked a seat in the back to avoid curious eyes. Her second hour journalism class she did the same but when she looked at her schedule she saw her next class was French. She asked the teacher where the class was and a girl stopped next to them.


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