The Twilight Saga

If you've ever read Twilight then you know Bella Marie Swan Cullen's life. But never once is her cousin mentioned. This is her story.

This is Angel Swan's story and how not everyone's life is so perfect. Angel is sent to live wiht her uncle Charlie when her parents are visously murdered by a  vampire intruder in her home. She is forced to leave her boyfriend Robby behind and her friends. All becasue of some stupid vampire.




“Goodnight Mom. Night Dad.” Angel said to her parents as she kissed them goodnight.

 “Goodnight honey.” Her mother replied.

“Goodnight sweetheart.” Her father complied. Angel then walked up the stairs and shut the door behind her as she entered her room. She reached for her shoulder then slipped the strap down then repeated the process for the other strap of her dress. Finally she slipped out of the dress and into her white silk flannel pajamas. She went into her bathroom and brushed her teeth then crawled into bed a minute later, falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Angel jerked upright as she heard a crash. She pushed the covers back and flung her legs over the side then crept to the door. She slowly reached for the knob and twisted it. She stepped into the hall and saw her parents’ door was ajar. Angel’s body relaxed. One of them must have gone downstairs for a late night snack. Angel walked to their door to see who it was when someone grasped her from behind and a creepy voice started to talk behind her.

“Here you are. Your parents wouldn’t want you to miss this.” Angel shrieked and found herself pushed roughly towards her parents. They were tied up and struggled to free themselves to hold Angel. “Aww.” The intruder purred.” One big, happy family. I want to play too.” The man’s eyes turned red and he reached a wispy hand for Angel. Her father put his arms around her protectively the intruder laughed.

“Oh you pathetic mortals. Don’t worry I have plans for you as well.” The intruder continued to reach for Angel. She latched her arms around her father’s neck.

“Don’t let him get me, Daddy.” She cried.

“I won’t.” Her father tightened his grip on his daughter when the intruder ripped Angel from his arms.

“Daddy!” Angel cried as she fought to free herself.

“Angel!” Her parents cried back as they fought their restraints. The man defiled Angel in front of her parents. An act Angel found both painful and embarrassing. Once the man was done with her he tossed her aside then preformed the same act to her mother. Her father meanwhile screamed for him to stop but the man wouldn’t because Angel’s father couldn’t do a thing to stop him. Afterward the intruder opened his mouth and fangs protruded from his mouth. He forced Angel to watch as he drained her parents dry. He dropped her father’s body carelessly, walked over and knelt in front of Angel.

“And now the desert of my three coarse meal.” Angel spit in his face and the man cursed.

“Allez vous tuer vous merde tête.” The man smiled

“Feisty. You know I like my woman with a little fire. You’ll do just fine for me.” The man then bent her head at a painful angle and bestowed the ultimate kiss. Pain was the last thing Angel felt before darkness crowded in.



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Too short, hahaha. Good thing Robby arrived just in time to save Angel. So Angel will become a vampire now or was he stopping the transformation?
completeing it the bad vampire in the begining left her unfinished and if a vmapire istn't finished they will go crazy and be a mindless body only wanting blood
I love Robby's dedication to Angel
so do i i based him off my boyfriend robby he's a real sweet heart



Angel’s eyes opened and she recognized the familiar scent of Robby’s woodsy cologne. She smiled then opened her eyes. Robby was lying next to her his arm draped over her back as she faced him. Robby tightened his hold on Angel and she smiled at the feeling of being in his arms again. The smell of his cologne surrounding her. And his breathe mingled with hers. Angel curled closer to him and saw him smile. She reached her index finger and ran it down his face. Thinking that he was just a fragment of her imagination.

“You’re staring.” Robby whispered and Angel smiled.

“No, I’m not.” She whispered back defiantly. “I’m studying a piece of art.” Robby opened his eyes then claimed Angel’s lips for a kiss.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Dido. How’d you find me?”

“I stopped at your uncle’s house he told me you were here and here I came.”

“I’m glad.” Robby’s smile disappeared and Angel’s followed. “What’s the matter?”

“How do you feel?”

“My head hurts a bit.” Robby tucked his finger under her chin and lifted her gaze to his.

“I wasn’t too late.” Robby’s smile returned.

“What do you mean?”

“What did you see before you blacked out?”

“What do you mean? I saw blood, and people dead in my arms…” understanding dawned upon Angel. “Did I do those things?” Robby looked away and nodded.

“But not on purpose. The man who broke into your home he was a vampire. He changed you…improperly.”

“So I’m a vampire. And you’re one ’cause that’s how you know all this?”


“Ok, well. That is just…weird.” Angel said as she sat up. Robby did the same and thought Angel was hate him.

“I’ll understand if you won’t want to see me anymore.” Robby said turning to stand and tuck his hands in his pockets. Angel turned to him with a confused look on her face.


“I thought you would hate me now.”

“Robby, I’ve been reading vampire books for years. I’m not going to hate you. I would have figured it out on my own sometime soon.” Robby turned to where he faced Angel.

“Will you spend the rest of forever with me? My father can make it to where you can live with us. Adoptive papers and stuff.”

“I would love that.” Robby kissed Angel then drew back and took her hand in his.

“As you wish.”

“You’re quoting that guy from Princess Bride.”

“And I’m loving you at the same time.” Robby kissed Angel again with all the happiness in his heart as did Angel. “You know what?”


“Did it hurt?”

“When I fell from heaven?”


“No, because you caught me before I hit the ground and hurt my wings.” Robby smiled and Angel retuned it. They had all the time in the world to be together.

“Why wouldn’t I want to see you. You’re my soul mate. And now we can be together forever like we always planned.” Angel said as she wrapped her arms around Robby’s shoulders.

wow first to comment

great story plz write more soon :)


Karli Cullen

*NEW READER* I love this. Post more soon, please!
that last part was amazing keep it up

Last chapter!!!!!!


That summer…


“Where’s Angel, mama?” Renesme asked after she swallowed a bite of cotton candy.

“I don’t know, we’ll have to find her.” Bella replied.

“Renesme!” Edward and Bella looked in time to see Emmett and Rosalie run forward and hand their daughter a stuffed animal.

“Thanks, Uncle Em and Auntie Rose.” Renesme laughed as she hugged her stuffed lion. She then handed it to Bella who put it in the stroller with the others.

“Hey guys where do you think Angel is?” Rosalie asked

“We don’t know?” Edward replied. “Where is everyone else?”

“Somewhere. Who knows?”

“We do!” Alice said as she skipped up to them with the rest of the Cullen’s in tow. They turned when they heard people clap and cheer.

“I wonder what’s going on?” Esme wondered.

“I think a band is playing.” Sure enough when they stopped at the edge of a crowd there was a band setting up. Apparently back from a break. A girl in a bright yellow sun dress, her hair in ringlets down past her shoulders.

“We’re going to slow it down a bit so all you couples out there take a brake and find you significant other.” The girl looked back at the band and nodded then the music started. “I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me.” The girl started to sing the slow version of Every Time We Touch by Cascada. All the Cullen’s started to dance and Edward danced with his daughter and wife in his arms. It was so sweet on the warm, sunny, fragrant, day in July. A chorus started to sing with the lead singer as well and it was pure heaven. The band continued to play other songs such as Like a G6, Shut up and Drive, and Bad Reputation.

“Ya’ll come back tonight for the fireworks, thank you.” It was about four o’clock by then and another band stepped up to play. The band was Vampire Weekend and they started to play Jonathan Low. The last band stepped down and walked towards the Cullen’s.

“Glad you guys could make it. I see those glasses work.” Angel greeted them.

“Glad to make it, Angel. How have you been?” Carlisle inquired.

“Very well actually.”

“I see you arm is better.” Esme commented.

“it turned out as soon as I woke up the next day after I broke my arm it healed over night so once we got back here I had it removed. I hope you’re coming back for the fireworks tonight the school choir is going to perform.” Robby laced his arms around Angel’s waist and kissed her cheek.

“And Angel got the solo for one of the songs.” Robby boasted.

“It’s nothing really. We’ll se you later then? We’re going to enjoy some of the rides we’ve been performing most of the day.”

“Sure.” Jasper answered quietly. The Cullen’s bayed goodbye as Robby and Angel left them.

It was later that evening and the lights to the rides flashed to raise a customer’s curiosity. The choir was setting up on the performance stage and people gathered round to listen as they waited for the fireworks to start. Renesme jumped up and down in an attempt to see and Edward chuckled. He grasped his daughter in mid jump and lifted her on his shoulders.

“It that better?” He asked her. Renesme clapped her hands and laughed.

“Thanks Daddy!” She shouted with glee.

“Welcome everyone.” A man in a suit and black hair greeted into a microphone. “ Now as we await for the fireworks to start the White Plains High School choir has prepared a few songs to sing. Enjoy.” The crowd clapped and Angel stepped up to the microphone. She took a deep breathe then the music started.

“Let wind blow, let fire burn…” Then song she sang was touching. And her voice was the sweetest thing anyone could have heard. The song she sang was Angel’s song by Chloë Agnew. The choir joined in which added to the affect of the song. Everyone assumed it was for the fallen soldiers of their country. When she was finished the crowd broke into applause. The choir sang other patriotic songs and then the first fireworks went off as the last song ended.

It was then that the world fell into place. Angel lived with Robby after they graduated from school and they had a baby girl…they named her after Angel’s mother Charlette. The Cullen’s lived happily as well. Renesme stopped aging until she looked about eighteen like her mother.

Angel now lives with Robby and Charlette in Ladysmith, Wisconsin; as a novelist. Her husband Robby teaches history at the local high school.



The End













love it


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