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Im·mi·nence: something imminent; especially : impending evil or danger


I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.




The endless halls were dark, but it didn’t matter much.  Both of us could see.  And so could the dark hooded strangers behind us.  Their red eyes, although they were the same shade as mine, seemed even more intimidating.

They ushered us down the hall, standing so close it felt as though I could stop and have them run into me.  The tiny one, I had forgotten her name, walked ahead of us.  She stopped in front of two thick, heavy wooden doors, pausing to turn and glare at the two of us before throwing them open.

A man stepped forward to greet us, holding his hands out to the both of us and smiling.  His long black hair hung to his shoulders, his red eyes were intimidating yet friendly.  They held the wisdom and experience of someone who had seen it all.  We each took a hand and he sighed.

“My name is Aro.  Welcome to Volterra.”








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Chapter Ten

I was out with Rachel until four in the afternoon that day.  It was Saturday and we have different patrol schedules.  I didn't like the weekends because the only patrols I had were with Rachel and Felix.  No Alec.
On the bright side, tonight was when we were going on our date.  I couldn't keep my mind off of it.  On the other hand, I wished it wouldn't happen at all.  Like I said to Rachel, the more I like him, the more likely I am to stay.  And I do not want to stay.
At four, Alec and Jane were supposed to take mine and Rachel's places.  They would be out until seven.  Our date was at eight so the time frame gave me four hours.
When Rachel and I reached the long hallway, I started sprinting.  I got to my room and threw open the door, slamming it behind me.  I heard Rachel grumble something about how "happy" she was for me, in a very sarcastic tone.
I laughed and untied my cloak, throwing it on the bed.  I walked into my bathroom and stripped.  I turned the nob on the shower and waited for the water to get hot.
When the bathroom was filled with steam, I stepped into the shower.  It really wasn't necessary, but it made me feel... cleaner and it gave me time to think.  As if I didn't have enough time already.
When I was content with my cleanliness, I turned off the water and stepped out onto the little black mat.  I wrapped a towel under my arms and heard a knock at my door.  "Come in!  I'll just be a minute!"  I yelled, knowing whoever it was could hear me.  I figured it would be Rachel.
I towel-dried my hair, brushed it, and pulled it up into a ponytail.  When my hair was up, I walked out, the towel still wrapped under my arms, and saw Alec sitting on my bed.  I screamed, clutching the towel closer to me.  "What are you doing here?!"  I whispered, loudly.
"I... just stopped by to say... hi.  Nice outfit."
I looked down and my eyes went wide.  "Oh.. just perfect."  I walked to my closet and grabbed a shirt and pants.  I walked back into the bathroom and slammed the door, glaring at Alec before the door was completely closed.  Even after the door was shut, I was still glaring in his general direction for a few moments.
I slipped on the clothes and threw the towel onto the floor.  I was very messy when I wanted to be.  And today, I didn't feel like being a neat freak.
I re-opened the door and looked over to Alec, who was now lying on my bed, his hands behind his head, a huge grin on his face.  "I thought you would never come out."  He joked.
"I was actually thinking about sneaking out the window."  Even when I was mad at him for scaring me, I couldn't keep the smile off my face.  I walked over to my bed and sat as his feet.  "You didn't answer my question."
He raised his eyebrows, the grin getting wider.
"Why the hell are you here?!"  I shouted, unable to not giggle while I said it.
"I told you.  I stopped by to say hi."
I shook my head.  "Shouldn't you be on patrol with your sister?"
"No.  Demetri is covering my shift today."  He paused.  "I thought we could start our night a little early."
"Oh...  So what did you have in mind?"  I moved myself so I was lying next to him and I propped myself onto my elbow, looking into his crimson eyes.
"How about a hunting trip?  You haven't been out for awhile."
"No.  I'm fine.  Don't worry about it." I had completely forgot about the burn in my throat until he brought it up.  But I couldn't hide from it forever.
"Fine.  I'll let it slide this time."
"Thank you."  
It was silent for a good 10 minutes.  Rachel broke the silence by barging in the door.  Her face calmed when she saw me.  "Good.  It was too quiet.  I thought... something was happening.  She pointed a finger at Alec.  "I'm watching you."  
I laughed and Rachel walked out of the room.
"That was... awkward."  Alec said.
"Don't... worry about... her.  She's always been... a little... protective."  I said between giggles.  
Alec smiled and grabbed my hand.  Again with the contact.  Every time he touched me, it felt like my skin was on fire.  It wasn't uncomfortable, though.  
"Do you want to go for a walk, now?  My room is boring."  I asked.
"Sure."  We both sat up and walked out my door.  
I released his hand for a second to tell Rachel I was going out, then quickly grabbed it again.
We had to put on our cloaks so we wouldn't "make a scene" in front of the humans.  We walked down the hall and out the huge, wooden double doors, into the sunlight.  
Alec led the way down the road and into a dark alley.  The alley brought back bad memories from the night Rachel and I were changed.  But I knew I was safe Alec.  
I removed my hood, as did he.  "I hate wearing these things."  I mumbled.
He shrugged.  "You get used to them after a few hundred years."  He smiled and we walked down the alley.
When we reached the end of the alley, where it met sunlight again, we turned around and started our path back and forth in the shadows.
After our fifth lap through the dark alley, he stopped and pushed me up against one of the surrounding walls.  "Is this some sort of payback?"  I asked.
"I wouldn't call this payback."  He whispered, before touching his soft lips to mine.  When he pulled away, I was breathless.  I rested my head against the back of the wall and sighed.  
I felt the smile pulling at the corners of my mouth as I met his eyes again.  He cupped his hand around my cheek and kissed me again.  Once... Twice... Three times.  But the third kiss lasted.  He didn't pull away, he deepened it.  
I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist, pulling me closer.  Our breaths were ragged and if my heart was able to beat, it would be fluttering like a hummingbird's wings.  
He pulled away and smiled.  "Wow."
"Wow."  I agreed.  "Does this mean... we're sort of... together now?"
"I would think so."  He whispered, kissing me one more time, before pulling away and grabbing my hand again.  "We should head back."
I nodded, unable to speak, and pulled the hood of my cloak back over my head. 
The walk back was silent.  It wasn't awkward silence, though.  It was a time-to-gather-your-thoughts silence.  
We made it back in a few minutes and he walked me back to my room.  "You're welcome in, if you'd like." 
"That's okay.  Jane has been looking for me.  I should go."  
I nodded and he quickly kissed me again before disappearing down the hall.  
I didn't bother going into my room, instead, I ran into Rachel's.  She was lying on her bed with a book in her lap.  
"How did it go?"  She asked, without looking up from her book.
I didn't say anything.  I sat by her feet and stared at the picture she hung of us on her wall.
"So...?"  She asked again, this time, looking up.  "What happened?"
I shrugged, making her less interested.  "We... talked."  I smiled as I said "talked" and she knew something was up.
"Kimberly?  Did he... kiss you?"
"I think we both played a part in the kissing."  I joked.  "So yes. And no?  I kissed him, too."
Her jaw dropped.  "Okay, this is even bigger than the date!  Kim, that was your first kiss!  Ever!  I never thought I would see the day when you found the right guy."
"Oh.. Thanks!  That's comforting.  My best friend thought I was going to die alone!"  I rolled my eyes and looked back at her and smiled.
"You wouldn't have died alone!  I would have been there!" She grinned.  "He kissed you more than once.  Didn't he?"
I nodded.  "Five individual kisses and one... long kiss."
Rachel's eyes went wide.  "Wow.  He really likes you!  Okay.  What exactly happened?"
I laughed and shook my head.  "Is nothing sacred?"
"Not to your best friend!  Now, tell me.  How did it happen?"
I rolled my eyes... again.  "We went on our walk and he led me to this... dark alley."  I saw her shudder at the thought.  "And we walked up and down the alley for awhile.  We didn't want to go out in the sun.  The hoods really bug us.  So after about the fifth cycle of walking, he stopped and pushed me against the wall.  I asked if it was payback for me pushing him against the wall yesterday..."
"What did he say?!"
"Hold on!  Gosh.  I'm getting there!  So, I asked if it was payback and he told me, 'I wouldn't call this payback.'  Then he kissed me.  End of story."
"That's... so... cute!"  She squealed.  "I'm so happy for you!"
"Thanks."  I whispered.  "I'm going back to my room now.  Is that okay with you?"  I joked.  I walked out her door and into mine.  I picked a book off the bookshelf and started reading, although; I was too preoccupied with my thoughts to pay any attention to the book.

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I'm glad you all liked it!  It's my all time favorite chapter... SO FAR!


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`wow that was great! i wonder if they will leave with alec or not leave at all.. :D update soon!!!
Chapter 11

Even though I technically couldn't sleep, figuratively, I tossed and turned all night.  I knew Kim was at a dilemma; now would be the best time to drop the bomb, and tell her we couldn't leave. Her and Alec were together… so to speak.  She wouldn't be so quick to say we could leave now.  Despite the fact that I thought Alec might follow us, if we ever did leave, what if he wouldn't?  He would know our plan… he would know exactly where we would be going, if they hadn't been able to guess.  We probably wouldn't even make it out of Volterra before they caught up to us… hours after we had finally decided to leave… we would end up dead. Besides, life here wasn't so bad… we had nothing to compare it to, but still.  If I ignored the nagging voice in the back of my head, that constantly told me the Volturi was not a nice group of vampires, It was easier to see the good that came from staying put. Vampires died.  There was nothing we could really do to change that.  Our species argued, and fought.  We held grudges more than any human could dream of.  All of these things led to fighting.  And when we fought, we fought until we couldn't. The Volturi; the guard and the leaders, did not fight amongst themselves.  And no clan dared to fight against us.  No clan had a chance to… We were safer here than we could ever dream of being anywhere else.  Unless we screwed up… Leaving, definitely counted as screwing up. I made it through the night.  And through my patrol with Felix.  Jane, on the other hand, took a little more work.  She saw how… bothered I was today, and was testing my limits.  She rambled about the Immortal Children.  Telling me how they had come about, and how hard it had been to dispose of them. "You should have seen their faces… it was horrible to watch them being ripped apart…" at least she showed some bit of emotion towards the poor toddlers. I'm going to kill her. "Even Felix was having a rough time with it.  He's so violent… it was odd to see him saddened by them…" I'm going to kill her. "Oh, and-" "Jane!" I roared.  Putting my hands to her shoulders, and throwing her into a wall that made up the alley we were in.  I was only inches away from her face.  She was too stunned, even to use her talent on me.  "Shut up." I hissed.  "I don't want to hear another word come out of your mouth.  Do you understand me?" she nodded once, growled, and slithered out from underneath my arms.  We walked in silence for another hour, before meeting up with the others.  Kimberly picked up on my mood almost immediately.   "Did you find out anything else interesting today?" "No." "Lazy day?" she asked jokingly. "Nope." "What's wrong…?" I sighed.  We were out of the hearing range of the other vampires.  So I had no excuse to keep quiet.  I had to tell her… "We need to talk about leaving…" "I know, we need to leave soon.  I think we should-" "No, Kimberly.  We can't leave.  Not soon, not ever." "What do you mean?  You said yourself we-" "I shouldn't have… I don't like it here either, Kim, but think about what it would do to them!  We would bring the Volturi down on them, and they're already on the hit list!" "But-" "Kimberly… we can't." "Then why did you do the bet?  So you could lie?" "I know it makes you happy!  I just want to make you happy!" "So what, you don't even think he likes me at all!" "No, Kim!  I know he likes you it's just… what if we tell him?" "What do you mean?" "What if we tell him, and he doesn't come?  Then what, huh?  He runs and tells the others, because that's what we do, then we don't even make it out of the city because they catch us!" she didn't say anything.  She just glared at me.  "I mean, hell Kimberly, we don't even know where they're at!  It never said in the records where they actually lived!" "How hard can it be to find them!" "Hard.  Especially when everyone else in the Volturi knows where they are, and can beat us there!" "Why don't we just ask?" she asked quietly, defeat clear in her voice.  She saw now, that we couldn't leave. "If that isn't a huge giveaway, I don't know what is…" I sighed, and walked to sit by where she was sitting.  She scooted away from me.  "I'm sorry, Kimmie, I know how much you wanted this." "My name isn't Kimmie." she grumbled. "Come on, don't be like that." "Are you kidding me?  Rachel, you just told me everything I wanted was impossible.  You drug us into this mess, and have made it so that now, we can't ever leave!  I don't want this for the rest of forever!" she shook her head and punched the wall behind us.  "I don't want to be stuck wearing the same clothes and doing the same exact thing for a million years!" "Eventually we'll be able to leave… eventually we'll have gained enough of their trust, that if we ask to leave, they'll let us." "And how long is that going to take?" she asked sarcastically.  "I'm not going to wait around for 500 years for you to decide we're able to leave, Rachel!  I'm just not going to do it!" "And what if they don't want us in their family, huh?  What are you going to do then, force yourself on them?" "They'll let us join!" "How do you know?" she stood up and growled at me before taking off into the dark.  I sighed, and stayed put, knowing it would be better if I didn't run after her. I finished my shift, then made my way back.  Once I made it back I tried to talk to her again, but her door was locked.  When I had tried to open it, she growled at me.  I sighed and went back to my room.
Now my best friend hated me.  Great.  At least I knew she was safe,  I knew she wouldn’t be hurt or possibly killed because we left.  I reminded myself over and over as I walked to the library, at least she was safe.  At least she was safe…
The library was empty, as always.  No one ever came here unless they were new.  Everyone else already new the history, had lived through it even.
After an hour of sitting and reading book I had already read, I was bored again.  My mind drifting back to my argument with Kimberly.  I checked my watch; 7:30.  Plenty late enough for me to take a “jog”.  I darted back to my room and changed into pair of black sweats, and a black pull over hoodie.  I laced up a pair of black jogging shoes, and piled my hair up into a ponytail.  Topping it off with a pair of dark tinted sunglasses.
I didn’t stand out at all from the humans out and about  today.  They were mostly tourists and local teenagers and young adults out for a night of fun.  Aro didn’t mind that we interacted with humans, to an extent.  We didn’t interact too much, simply because we couldn’t handle it.  If we stood too long next to a particularly good smelling human… it would ruin our secrecy.
We would be on high alert in the weeks to come.  St. Marcus day was coming up, and people were already pouring into the city to celebrate.  The celebrations usually began a week or two before the actual holiday, and would last for a week or so after.  In my opinion, it seemed like an excuse to get off of work for many of the humans who lived here.
Honestly, there really was no reason to celebrate the holiday, seeing as to it was celebrating the removal of vampires from the city.  Truly, though, there were more vampires here now than there ever had been.
But for now, there were mainly high school students out on break for their holiday season.  Which made it easy to blend in.  I walked around, bought a few books to read since I no longer had any more history books to read in the library.  
I found myself sitting on the corner, tucked away in my alley reading.  I had seen many people do this here; it seemed like it was a tradition, reading on the street corner.  So I wouldn’t stand out anymore than the little old lady down the street that was reading a romance novel.
I was just getting to an interesting part when a voice, coming from across the plaza caught my attention.  It confused me though, the voice had sparked a memory in my head, but it was fuzzy.  And extremely hard to focus in on.
I tucked my book into the pocket in my hoodie, and stepped out into the plaza, trying to look casual as I tried to find the owner of the voice I seemed to recognize.  I had been watching the clock tower as it tolled out the time, when I heard it again.  Almost silent compared to the bellowing chimes that rang out from the ancient clock.
“What’s the matter, kid?”
“She looks like Rachel.” The man said sadly.  At the sound of my name I turned to see who had said it, an impulse reaction.  He was walking in my direction.  I gulped in a deep breath and held it.
“Would your name happen to be Rachel?” he asked in Italian.  It was rough, but understandable.  I gave him my best confused look I could muster.
“No, my name is Isabella.” I replied back using the most common Italian name I could think of.  I didn’t want him to know I recognized him, though all I recognized was his voice… and his eyes.  I didn’t know his name.
“You look like an old friend of mine, and exact copy almost.” He smiled sadly again.  “She had darker skin than yours… her voice was different too.”
“If you miss her so much, why don’t you visit her?” I asked in English, figuring it would be easier for him if I did.  He didn’t seem to notice the change.
“She’s been missing for 6 months.  She disappeared along with her friend.” The realization hit me then; he was talking about Kimberly and I.
“What was the other girl’s name?” I asked, trying to keep my voice politely curious.
“Kimberly.” He mumbled, confused by my interest.  It had been 6 months!  I hadn’t been keeping track… I hadn’t known how long we’d been gone.  I had almost forgotten about my parents, my family…  When I thought this, it was almost as if the thought had opened a door in my head.  Getting rid of some of the thick fog that prevented me from seeing my old human memories.
The thoughts provided me with a name.  Simple, plain, and familiar.  
“What’s your name?” I asked quickly.
“Ian.” I smiled sadly, knowing that I had once loved the man in front of me.  And here he was, standing in front of me, without realizing who I was.
“Ian…” I repeated.  “I like that name very much.”
“Thank you…” he mumbled, embarrassed.
“Your welcome.” I said stepping forward, and holding my breath while I hugged him lightly, and kissed his cheek.  “It’s very nice to meet you.” I lied.  I had already met him.  “Welcome to Volterra.”


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