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Im·mi·nence: something imminent; especially : impending evil or danger


I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.




The endless halls were dark, but it didn’t matter much.  Both of us could see.  And so could the dark hooded strangers behind us.  Their red eyes, although they were the same shade as mine, seemed even more intimidating.

They ushered us down the hall, standing so close it felt as though I could stop and have them run into me.  The tiny one, I had forgotten her name, walked ahead of us.  She stopped in front of two thick, heavy wooden doors, pausing to turn and glare at the two of us before throwing them open.

A man stepped forward to greet us, holding his hands out to the both of us and smiling.  His long black hair hung to his shoulders, his red eyes were intimidating yet friendly.  They held the wisdom and experience of someone who had seen it all.  We each took a hand and he sighed.

“My name is Aro.  Welcome to Volterra.”








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I would've commented earlier but my dad stole my laptop. So, I'm using my iPad.
Please post more soon!!

poor Ian :( he sounds sooo sad :(

I'm starting to write chapter 12 today, but I can't promise it will be done today,.

I'm trying my hardest! 

Thank yo for your... patience? (;

I'll update as soon as possible!;D

Great chapter...I love your story and can't wait to read your next update!
Chapter 12
         I slammed my bedroom door and plopped down onto my bed, shoving my face into my pillow.  I felt the tearless sobs break through my lips at about the same time the door knob shook.  I smelled Rachel in the other side of the door and I growled.  She reacted quickly; she freed her hand from the knob and walked into her room.  When I heard her door close, I started sobbing, again, into my pillow.
         I heard a knock on my door.  "Go away, Rachel!"  I yelled into my pillow.
         The door knob shook a few more times before creaking open.  I had the door locked, how did she get in?
         I heard the footsteps come closer, but I didn't even bother to lift my head.  I stopped my sobs and screamed into the pillow.  When I felt better, I stopped screaming and pushed the pillow so hard against my face, is ripped and feathers flew everywhere.
         I groaned and pressed my face against the mattress, instead.
         I felt a hand stroke my hair and the crystal clear voice break through to me.  "I'd hate to be Rachel right now."
         I lifted my head and smiled.  I sat up and grabbed Alec's hand.  "You don't know the half of it."  I whispered, leaning against his shoulder.
         "Do you want to talk about it?"
         He could tell something was seriously wrong.  I had answered too quickly with fear in my voice.  Luckily, he sighed and let it go.  "Okay.  What would you like to do today?"  He said while plucking a few feathers out of my hair.
         "I could use some fresh air." 
         He stood up and held out his hand.  "Let's go."
         "Let's."  I agreed, grabbing ahold of his hand.
         We walked down to our alley.  Even though the thought of an alley still sends shivers down my spine, I felt perfectly safe when I was with Alec.
         We started pacing back and forth through the alley, as we did the first time we had come here.
         "You're very tense."  He commented.  "What's wrong?"
My eyes shot up to his face.  "I'm just..." I'm just leaving and never coming back.  How could I tell him that?  I couldn't.
         "You're just… what?"
         I shook my head.  "I... It's about what Rachel told me.  It made me angry... nervous?  I guess."
         I knew the question that was about to come.  "What did Rachel tell you?"  And there it was.
         "Um... nothing.  It was something about our human lives.  You wouldn't understand." 
         He could see straight through my lie.  "I can tell when you're lying.  It's not that hard to figure you out.  Especially since I've been around you for about six months.  That's long enough to know every detail about your personality."
         "No it's not."  I retorted.  "It's not nearly enough time... not even for a vampire.  Because everything could change in an instant and someone... or something could-" I realized I was rambling, so I cut myself off.
         "Could what?"
         I'm just digging myself into a deeper hole.  "Disappear..." I whispered.
         Alec's eyebrows furrowed and he squeezed my hand.  "Can you promise me something?"
         "Anything."  I said without thinking.
         "Promise me that you won't disappear."
         I sighed.  I had to lie.  It was the only thing I could do.  If I told him the truth, he could get hurt, or worse, tell the guard.  And the first thing the guard would do is, without hesitation, kill me.  So lying was the only option.  "I promise."  I whispered, looking away from him.  I couldn't lie to his face.  Not when I cared so much for him.
         "Good."  He nodded and he pulled me into a hug.  "I don't think I could stand losing you."
         I lightly wrapped my arms around him and nuzzled my head into his chest.  A spot I would be willing to stay forever, if it was possible.
         "We should get back."  I mumbled.
         He nodded and, once again, grabbed for my hand.  It was a routine for us now.  We started walking and made it back in only a few minutes.  He walked me down the hall, to my room.
         I turned to look at him when we reached my door.  "Are you free to come in this time?"  I asked, smiling.
         "Actually, yes."  Alec brought his hand up to caress my cheek, then he leaned down and our lips connected. 
         Involuntarily, my arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer, not that I was complaining. 
         I felt my back being pushed up against my door, and I could've sworn, that even though my heart doesn't beat, it was about to pop straight out of my chest. 
         I felt a loud gasp before I felt the searing pain.  I only had time for a quick glance at Jane before crippling to the ground in pure agony.  I tried to scream, but it only came out as a low grumble.  "P-Please.... Stop!"  This had been the first time Jane had ever used her gift on me.  I always avoided her so there was no reason for her to hurt me... but now there was.
         "Jane!  Stop!"  I heard Alec yell before the pain cut off for a moment.  I moved my head and inch off the floor to see Alec's hand wrapped around Jane's neck, and Jane pushed against the far wall. 
         I took in a deep breath.  "Stop fighting!  You two are supposed to love each other!"  I yelled.
         Alec pushed his hand harder against Jane's neck, and then let go, rushing over to me.  He wrapped his hands under my back, pulling me up off the floor and carrying me to the comfort of my own bed.  But I wasn't comfortable, regardless.  I could still feel the remnants of the pain spark through me.  It wasn't nearly as painful as it had been, but enough to keep me off my feet.
         "I'm so sorry."  Alec whispered, taking my hand.
         I shook my head.  "N-No.  It's f-fine.  You c-couldn't of known th-that she was s-standing there." 
         "You're still in pain?"  He asked, confusion and… worry filling his tone.
         "Y-Yes."  I screamed when the pain got worse.  Jane was standing in the doorway.
         My vision blurred, and I could barely hear, my focus was mainly on the pain.  I couldn't see or hear what was happening, all that was registering in my mind was the fire blazing through my body.
         I heard a low sound, before I, barely, saw Alec's face next to me again.  If Jane wasn't hurting me anymore, why was I still in such excruciating pain? 
         I pursed my lips before another scream could escape, but instead, my muffled scream came out as a low whimper.  What did I do to deserve this kind of pain?  Nothing...
         My lips parted and I felt the gasp of air pass through.  "M-My... I-" I took another gasp of air, but when I went to part my lips again, the unwanted scream forced its way out.
         Alec's eyes widened.  There was nothing he could do.  He couldn't stop the pain, and the pain wasn't stopping itself.  "She's gone.  I watched her walk away.  How can you still be in pain?"  The worry in his voice hurt me, in a different sense than the pain I was feeling now.
         "It's... not as... b-bad as it was..." I whispered, holding back yet another scream.
         "Hang in there.  It will go away.  It has to."  He whispered, squeezing my hand.
         An hour passed and I was still in pain.  Not nearly as much as before, but a few little prickles burnt through me.  Alec had gotten me to stand up and I was physically capable to walk around, but the pain still lingered. 
         I took a few deep breaths and when I exhaled, the remaining pain disappeared.  I gave a sigh of relief and smiled.  "That was horrible."  My voice was exhausted.
         "All the pain is gone now?"
         I nodded.  "Yes.  All the pain is gone... But that was the worst experience-" I furrowed my eyebrows.  "The second worst experience I have ever had."
         "What was the fir-" I raised my eyebrows at him.  He had gone through it, too.  "Oh.  Yeah, being changed is much worse."
         I rolled my eyes and couldn't help but smile.
         "I think it would be best if we... stayed in here for awhile.  Out of the sight of my sister."
         "Yeah, probably."  I giggled and stood up, grabbing a book off the shelf.  A book I had read so many times.  My favorite book.  The one Rachel had given me.  I sighed. 
         I walked back to my bed and sat next to Alec.  "You actually have time to read?"  He joked.
         "Rachel gave me this book."  I whispered, resting my head on his shoulder.  "She gave it to me when I was... in a bad place, I guess.  I had been going hunting less often and it was the longest I had gone.  The only thing I did was read...  I had read all the books that came with the house the three of us were staying in."  I chuckled and sighed.
         "How long?"  He asked, serious.
         "How long did you go without hunting?"
         "Uh... a few weeks... about a month, I guess." He nodded and grabbed the book. 
         "You like this book?"
         "It's my favorite."  I smiled.
         "What is it about?"
         "Why don't you read it?"  I joked, nudging his arm.  I took back the book and placed it back in its place on the shelf.  "It's a very good book."
         "I will... sometime."
         I pointed a finger at him.  "I'm holding you to that."
         "You do that."  Before I could blink, he had his lips against mine.
         I smiled against his lips and wrapped my arms around his neck, his around my waist.  I leaned into him, pressing myself closer.  I couldn't help it.  He was mine... for now.

i wonder why she was still in pain?

it was a good chapter!



Thank you!(:

And Edith, I should be posting soon... I started writing the next chapter for In The Shadows, but I do have plans this weekend.  It's my school formal(:

I try my hardest to post on it and I'm glad you liked the chapter! ;D

Weird... Please post more soon
Is it because of Kim's gift that the pain stayed??

Hahaha! Yeah!:D

I didn't think anyone would guess, but yes, that is why the pain stayed(:

haha i never would have guessed!

Chapter 12





It had been a week since Kimberly had done more than utter a few words to me.  I knew her, so I knew there was a chance she wouldn’t ever get over what I said.  I felt horrible.

It was my fault we were monsters.  It was my fault we were stuck in Volterra.  And worst of all, it was my fault we couldn’t leave.

The only thing that would brighten my dark mood was Ian.  He was still on his annual family vacation.  As he would be for 3 more weeks.  I met with him everyday now, he told me I was the only one he could talk to about the incident these days… no one else wanted to listen anymore… that I was the only one who understood. 

In all honesty, I probably understood more than he did.

I had taken to shopping, and keeping up with the latest fashions to pass my time.  I went shopping often, and I window-shopped everyday.  It was something that calmed me down, relaxed me.  I found myself worrying too much these days, so I needed something to relax me.  Sometimes, I would shop with Ian.

I was beginning to find, the more time I spent around humans, the easier it was to ignore the pain in my throat.  The easier and easier it became for me, the more worried I got.  I could see how I was getting to close to Ian again.  I was beginning to realize how much of my humanity I was gaining back.  After months of monstrous behavior, I was finally able to look through the immortal part, and see who I had used to be.

I was getting too comfortable with pretending to be something I wasn’t… getting too comfortable with humans.  I wondered if Kimberly was realizing the same thing… I couldn’t be sure.  But, despite the fact that she was mad at me, and despite the thick brick walls between us, I could still hear Kimberly complain to Alec about the burn in her throat.  She saw it as a reminder on what we were, something she hated… she hadn’t kept her dislike of what we were from Alec… of course not.

While Kimberly was always worried about things, I had always been too comfortable… until it was too late.  That attitude was what had gotten me into this mess.  I sighed; what had gotten us into this mess. 

As much as it hurts to think about, it was so easy to forget Kimberly and her unnecessary anger when I was spending my time with Ian.

But no matter what I thought about, I couldn’t forget the fact that Ian’s girlfriend was still missing in his eyes.  It was hard to look at him every day and know I could say the one thing that would make him happy again.  Make him laugh again.  But also know that, the one thing that would make him happy would also end his life… just like mine had been ended.  What would he think if I told him the truth?  Would he think I was nuts?  Would he think I was trying to be funny, and never speak to me again?

Or, would he believe me?  Would he ask questions… questions that I couldn’t answer?  Would I have to leave out the detail of what I had become… or would I be able to trust him with the biggest secret of my life?

There where too many questions to be answered.  And too many answers to each question.  Every time I simply thought about what he would do, my mind became cluttered with so much information I couldn’t think straight, or walk straight.

I was having a hard time concentrating on anything lately.

The two biggest questions on my mind… were also the two that scared me the most.  What if Ian found out about what I had become on his own; what would he think about me if he ever did…?

And, When, not what if, but when would Kimberly leave?  She had promised me that she wouldn’t leave without me… but that had been before I had shot down the few remaining dreams she had left.  As of now, though, I had a hard time believing she wanted to go anywhere with me, even if it meant we were going to find the Cullen’s.

On the outside, it seemed like I had accepted the fact that Kimberly and I weren’t friends anymore… when, on the inside, I still hoped that she would forgive me.  But I knew she wouldn’t like it if I intervened… so as of now I kept to myself.  The only way I knew she wasn’t gone yet, was because I could hear her talking to Alec every night. 

Every night I grew more and more fond of Alec, simply because he was another reason to keep her here.  But every night, after I heard Alec leave her room, I knew she was thinking about how to get away.  Every night Alec left, was another night closer to never seeing her again.

These were the same things I thought about everyday as I walked to mine and Ian’s normal meeting spot.

Today was no exception.

I sat down at a table that belonged to a small café that was tucked up in the shadows of the giant clock tower.  I unwrapped the scarf I was wearing from around my neck and stuffed it into the giant purse I had bought a week ago.  I took off my leather gloves set them beside me on the table.  My large sunglasses stayed securely on my head, covering my eyes.

I ordered a piece of tiramisu to be courteous while I waited.  I took a few bites, and when no one was looking, spit the cake back out onto the ground for the birds to eat.  No one ever noticed. 

He finally showed up then, wearing a pair of slacks that had clearly been bought in Italy and a green shirt with the Eiffel tower on it.

“Nice shirt.” I teased as I stood up to peck him on the cheek.  He believed it was a customary gesture in Italy, but really it was because it was as close as I could get to him.

“My mom wouldn’t give me change to go do laundry in the hotel’s laundry room.  And she wont let me call up room service to wash it for us… so for now I’m wearing fashionable pants,” he pointed down the his slacks dramatically.  “And a tourist shirt.” I laughed.

“Don’t forget the flip flops.” He looked down and sighed, as if he had forgotten they were on his feet.

“I look like an idiot.”

“I can fix that… those are your pants, right?”

“Yeah…?” I nodded, and kneeled down grabbing ahold of his slacks right below the knee and ripping them.  I repeated the process with the other leg.  For effect, I stood back to make sure the sides were even, even though I knew they were.  He looked down, awestruck.  “How did you do that?”

“Easy.” I mumbled, pushing him down into his chair.  “Stay there, I’ll be right back.” I ran across the street to the little boutique that sold items in style in Italy.  I grabbed one of the zip up sports jackets that were so popular among men, a pair of fancy leather slip on shoes, and a pair of sunglasses.

I was back to the café in 10 minutes.

“That was fast.” He muttered, looking at the bag.  “What is all that?”

“This,” I held up the bag.  “Is for you.”  I made him stand up, then handed him the jacket, and put the shoes on the ground for him to slip on.  Then topped it off with the sunglasses.

“I don’t even want to know how much this all cost…” I smiled and handed him the receipt.  His eyes grew huge at the sight of it.  I stood on my toes so I could read it, and bit my lip.  I hadn’t realized there were that many zeros on the cash register…  “I-I…”

“Don’t worry about it.  I owe you anyway…”

“For what?”

“For keeping me company…”I murmured.  He started to say something, then stopped short, staring behind me at something I couldn’t see.  But I didn’t need to turn around to know what it was, all I needed was the nice gust of wind that came from behind me, bringing with it the all two familiar smells of two all too vampires.

I sprang up from my chair, almost knocking it over in the process.

“Can you not let me have any peace anymore?  It’s bad enough you’re always in my thoughts because I feel guilty, and then you show up here!” I small growl managed to find its way out of my lips.  Ian’s eyes grew wide at the unnaturally animalistic sound.  He took a step back and stopped when his back touched the table.

“Aro sent me to find you!” she spat, her strawberry-blonde hair fluttered in the slight breeze.  She looked from Ian, back to me with hatred in her eyes.  “And you better hope you haven’t told him too much, Aro wont be happy with that.”

“I’ve told him nothing!”

“Well he sure seemed to recognize me!”

“Kimberly?” the voice came from behind me, I turned to see the full recognition flash across his face.  I let my head fall forward in shame and defeat.  My cover had been blown.  I looked back to face Kimberly, and actually saw a look of guilt cross her face

“He didn’t know…”

“No.  I told him my name was Isabella.” He was suddenly there, by my side.  He grabbed ahold of my thin sweater and spun me around to face him.  His eyes wild with confusion and hope.

“R-Ra-Rachel?” I bit my lip and nodded.  Why lie to him now?  By the time word got back around to Aro that I was in the middle of a semi-relationship with a human I would be dead anyway, so why avoid the unavoidable?  I turned to find that Kimberly had left, there was a piece of folded up paper lying on the ground where she had been standing.  I walked over and picked it up, Ian shadowed my movement, staying as close to me as possible.

I sighed and turned to face him… turned to face all my fears.



“It’s really you… isn’t it?”

“Yes…” to my surprise he didn’t ask any questions.  He took both of my hands in his, and squeezed them.

“Why did you lie to me?”

“I didn’t know what else to do… I figured it would be easier than trying to think up a way to explain everything…” he raised his eyebrows.

“Are you going to explain everything…”

“I can’t… it’ll get you and me both into trouble…” he seemed to be in his own little world when he spoke next.

“All the blood… the mess from your stuff getting thrown around… there was blood on the wall of the theater.  The police said they thought you had been thrown up against a wall… you should be dead!”

“Sometimes I wish I were… you have no idea what I’ve been through these last few months… things are-“ I cut myself off, reminding myself not to say too much.  “-different.” He looked down at his watch and sighed.  I knew it meant he had to leave, but I didn’t want him to.

“You can’t tell them about me… I mean… about the real me.  Okay?”

“I guess…” he put his hand under my chin and lifted it up so he could see my face.  It was dark enough now, that he couldn’t see my eyes.

I knew what was coming, and I knew it would hurt, but I couldn’t stop him.  He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine quickly.  Fire ripped through my throat and I gasped, my hand flying up to my throat as if I could cool the flames from the outside.

“You-you can’t d-do that!” I gasped.  I got control of myself before I continued.  “Just trust me, it’s not a good idea.  I can handle hugs, but that was too much.”

“I don’t understand…”

“For now you don’t have to understand it… just trust me.” A smile spread across my lips, and I pulled him into a hug.  “You better go… it’s getting late.” 

“You’re right.” He hugged me closer again, and kissed my forehead.  “Good night… Rachel.” He grinned and winked before walking away.  I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face as I spun and picked my stuff up off the table and began my walk home.  I walked slowly, savoring the moment.  I reached into my pocket to read the note Kimberly had left for me, and felt my mood spiral downwards as I read her note.

And you said I was going to get us killed.

The note reminded me, despite the fact that I was getting aspects of my old life back, in the end, I was still nothing but a monster.


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