The Twilight Saga

chapter 1 (Gabby POV)
I sat in the backseat of the car with my window rolled down, letting the slight wind caress my cheeks. We're driving to Aunt Viv's beach house to visit for Spring Break and the traffic along the beach it currently bumper to bumper. I sighed and pulled my headphones on, turning the music up full blast. I watched as people run around the beach or simply sit there, I noticed a small dog being followed by a herd of small children. It seemed very proud of itself. The sun was beating down through the window so I shed my jacket and it felt wonderful. I looked like the adopted child here because the rest of my family was so pale, it was a bit eerie. My parents never went outside when it was sunny, and they always home home right after dinner.

I got bored after watching for a few minutes and pulled my notebook from my bag. I wrote poems or stories in here and I wanted to go over some things I've written. One story was about a girl who was kidnapped and found herself in a dark room. The people there brought more and more prisoners and they were all eventually killed, but not her. One day when they were beating her there was a loud crack and she screamed and writhed in agony. Apparently they broke one of her ribs. The man sent in his younger assistant to fix her bones before anything else could be hurt. The young man walked into the cell and instantly fell in love with the girl, he helped her to escape and they ran. They ran until they couldn't run anymore and were caught. The cruel people didn't kill them, right away. They tortured them endlessly.

"Gabby? Gabby!!"my mom yelled though it was muffled through my headphones.

"What?" I turned down my headphones.

"We're almost there maybe about another hour." she smiled.

"Yay." I said sarcastically and turned the music back up. I stared out the window for almost an eternity when I noticed a guy walking down the street. He was tall, dark hair, light eyes, very tan, no shirt, and 17 so about my age. He looked around at people and chuckled to himself at the traffic. He turned to me and stopped dead in his tracks. He stared at me like someone had just seen God, basically. I pulled out my mirror and checked for any flaws. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary and when I looked up he was sitting on a nearby bench. I was very curious as to what this guy wanted.

"Mom can I go hang at the beach?" I asked.

"Sure, you know where the house is right?" she replied.

"Yup." I got out of the car, grabbing my bag. I walked towards the guy who suddenly got up, smiling, and started walking.

"Hey." he said.

"Hi, um, why were you staring at me?" I asked.

"Does that mean anymore than you were staring back at me?" he grinned.

"So you were staring?" I demanded.


"Why?" I questioned.

"Am I not allowed to marvel at a pretty, no scratch that, beautiful girl?" he asked.

"No, I'm just wonderin- wait. You think I'm beautiful?" I felt the blood rush into my cheeks, no doubt they were a bright crimson.

"Yeah." he nodded.

"But you don't even know me." I protested.

"Then how about I get to know you? What's your name?" he sat on a log and patted the spot beside him.

"Gabby." I sat down.

"Gabby, I'm Seth." he stuck out a hand. "Now while I explain this to you keep in mind that none of this is normal at all." he started. "Now my family is part of the Quiluete tribe and we supposedly came from wolves. So now the gene can be passed through generations and now I have the gene. Do you think I'm crazy yet?" he paused for a response. I processed this information carefully. So this guy is part wolf?

"Wait so you're part wolf?" I repeated aloud.

"Well kinda. I can change into one, but not like during a full moon. I can sorta choose when." he explained.

"OK, go on." I nodded.

"And when a wolf meets his 'soul mate' he imprints on her. Imprinting is like when all your ties holding you to everything are suddenly cut and reattached to her. One way to describe it is a much more powerful love at first sight." he finished.

"So you're basically eternally in love with me?" I concluded.

"Yeah." He grinned.

"I don't know if I should be creeped out or flattered." I said.

"So do you wanna hang out tomorrow? Here?" he asked.

"Sure, I'm staying right.... there." I pointed at the house about a mile away. I shivered slightly as the ocean breeze blew over me and I realized I left my jacket in the car, Seth seemed to notice.

"Another wolf thing, we're our own sun." his smile widened as he slung his arm over me. I sat there awkwardly until a voice filled me with relief, but also annoyance.

"Gabby! Mom wants you!!" my older brother Austin called halfway from the house.

"I gotta go." I began walking towards Austin.

"Wait! What's your number?" he asked.

"I'll give it to you tomorrow. Just go to the house!" I ran off. I'm not sure what to make of this Seth guy yet. I kept thinking as I pushed open the door to greet my family.


a/n tell me what you guys think, if I should keep ir or not. Thanks!(:

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lol i loved it please update soon please please

Love it post more soon

chapter 4 (Gabby POV)
I shook my head and went to take a shower. It usually clears my head so I can think straight. I let the hot water run over me, loosening my tense muscles. Jacob and I have always had some kinda of connection and with Seth, well, I just met him. Ugghh being in love takes too much. I missed the relationship I was in before I came here.

I was dating this guy Shaun, he was my best friend ever since I had first met him. Like one time in kindergarten this one kid had laughed at me because I had butterflies on my shorts. I told my mom not to make me wear them but, whatever any way, Shaun pushed him off the slide for me. It was kinda funny at the time. So last year when we came back to school Shaun seemed much more... Attractive. I too, changed. I kinda went through an emo stage in high school. Shaun helped through it though, he convinced me to stop hurting myself. The day we first kissed we were at an old park, sitting on the swings. He said he would always love me, no matter what. About a week later he went missing and I never saw him again.

A single tear fell from my face as I got out of the shower and the steam surrounded me. I got dressed for bed and lay there for a few minutes on the sleeping bag on Em's floor, before I knew it I had slipped into unconsciousness.

Have you ever had a dream when you wished that you never had it? That's what my dream was about that night. I was walking through the woods, they were quite familiar and not really scary. I saw a clearing in the trees up ahead and headed for it, when I had passed it there was a small park. Somewhere deep inside of me, I felt a bad feeling surrounding it. Like if I came here, it would cause me pain. But, being the fool that I am, I walked forward. I sat on the creaky swing and closed my eyes, I tried imagining that Shaun was back. That he was right there next to me, like he never left. I pretended I could still here his voice, like his scent still lingered beside me. I opened my eyes and beside me sat Jacob, smiling down at me. My mouth hung open and I swiftly closed it, how had Jacob found my small hideaway? I was just about to ask him when his face twisted, it changed into Seth's. I jumped back in surprise, I wanted to reach out and touch him but I couldn't figure out how to move my paralyzed limbs. I opened my mouth to greet him and ask the question I had failed to ask Jake when this face too contorted and switched features. It was Shaun this time, but there was a huge difference. His eyes. They were blood red and his smile was not like the two before him, it was creepy and scary. I jumped off the swing and ran into the woods, away from the one I had missed so much. That wasn't Shaun. It was something inside of him, that is not the Shaun that left me. I glanced behind me to see the evil grin spread wider as he lunged and tackled me to the ground. His razor sharp teeth were at my throat when I sat upright, panting.

I looked all around the room, my heart beat gradually slowing. Just a dream, I told myself. It was nothing, Shaun is probably dead by now. M stomach knotted as I thought that. Okay nevermind, he's probably with his mom. Yeah, that's better. He's been found and his life is back on track. When I get back I'll see him walking down the halls with some girl and everything will be okay. I kept repeating 'Just a dream' in my head as I curled up into a ball. I saw out of the window that it was still dark but some light was showing. I checked my phone and saw that it was around three A.M. Also there was a text message from five mintues ago, that's probably how I woke up, it was from Jacob. It read: We need to talk, now. Meet me in the woods behind Embry's house. Why would he need to talk to me this early? I shrugged and got up, I grabbed a jacket and some sneakers and quietly left the house. I walk ed a few feet into the woods and was tackled to the ground. I closed my eyes, hoping this was part of my dream. When I opened them again I saw Jacob's smiling face.

"Hey." I grinned.

"Hey, I really need to talk to you. It's about Seth, and you, and me." He started. I nodded for him to go on, he reached out to take my hand. I grabbed his and we walked for a bit. "Gabby, I like you. And I know you like me too but this is wrong. I can't hurt Seth like this, he's like my brother. You know?" he said.

"I know." I sighed, "I know I'll eventually learn to love Seth."

"Thanks for understanding."

"Yeah, so I guess I have no choice in all of this." I shrugged and turned to go back. I walked a few inches when Jake stopped me.

"Wait! You can choose, but I would prefer you choose Seth. The other reason I won't date you is because I might imprint too. That would hurt the both of us." He explained.

"What?" I asked.

"I haven't imprinted yet and when I do I'm gonna love that girl. I don't want to hurt you any more than I already have." Jacob shook his head.

"Jake, I'm good with pain." I took both his hands and looked into his eyes.

"Just, please talk to Seth before you decide." he dropped my hands and left. I sighed deeply and trudged back to the house, I snuck back in and layed back down. Why must my life be this abnormal? I drifted back asleep and didn't wake up again until Embry had 'accidentally' dropped a bottle of water and it spilt on my face. My face must have shown my annoyance because his smug smile wavered for a second.

"You know the couch is really tempting right now?" I grabbed a towel and dried off.

"Good." he smiled and pulled his shirt on. "So let's go." he got up and stretched.

"Where exactly?" I asked coping his movements.

"Port Angeles. The four of us are going, it's pretty far so we're gonna get breakfast and go." he said.

"Ok get out and I'll get ready." I nodded. As I pushed him out he mumbled something about getting kicked out of his own room. I changed into a comfy pair of jeans and a tee because it looked like rain. I ran down the stairs, barely greeting my parents as I closed the door. I hopped into Embry's car where he was waiting impatiently.

We stopped along the way to pick up the guys and then we started for Port Angeles. I kept stealing glances at Jacob and Seth through the mirror. Jacob was looking down at his lap , trying not to look up. Seth however, grinned every time I looked at him. It was getting warm in the car so I rolled down the windows and let the wind tousle my hair. As we arrived in Port Angeles I marveled at the stores, we didn't have stuff like this is Iowa. We got out at a McDonald's and ate lunch before walking around the stores. The guys sighed and rolled their eyes each time I dragged them into a girly store and hid their faces when guys passed by.

"If you don't wanna be embarrassed, then leave. I can hang out by myself." I said.

"OK but if you end up dead, we can't be blamed." Embry laughed before leaving. I looked at random clothes and danced around stores like a crazy person. People often stared at me and pulled their children away.

As I left one store and began walking towards one down the street I noticed it had gotten dark. I was ready to go home so I dug through my purse to find my cell. I couldn't find it and realized I had left it in the car. I saw that the store next to me was one I had passed when I was in the guys. I stood on a bench and saw the McDonald's we ate at earlier, it was maybe a few miles away. The street I was on was too crowded so I crossed to the other which was very empty, just then I had noticed it. This was the 'ghetto' side of the street, that's why the people avoided it. I decided it would be quicker so I walked swiftly, trying not to get noticed. I walked past an alley and heard footsteps behind me so I quickened my pace. As I did I saw the guys walk out of a store up the street. I ran over to them and nearly tripped over my own feet, only too late did I notice that... It wasn't Embry and the guys.


a/n sorry it took too long to update :( but please enjoy and comment!:)

Wow LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv it
Love it post more soon and keep me updated please

love it Gabby!

love itttttttttt

write more soon!!!!

chapter 5 (Gabby POV)
I had accidentally walked right up to some guy who looked scarier than Freddy Kruger. I made it look like I was going into the store they were at, as I looked up it was a tattoo parlor.I walked in, waited until they were out of sight and booked it for the golden arches in the distance. As I ran I could feel my lungs and legs aching for me to stop. I took a break and walked at a normal pace again. I was really tired so I sat on a bench for a while. I closed my eyes to rest and I heard a car pull up, my eyes immediately opened to see Em, Jake, and Seth holding in their laughter.

"Shut. Up." I slammed the car door getting in. As soon as the car door shut their laughter filled the car. I rolled my eyes and waited out their giggles until they had tears flowing down their faces. "You guys are jerks." I stuck out my lower lip.

"We're sorry Gabby." Seth patted my arm and smiled down at me. His smile caused my heart to flutter, he seemed to have noticed because his smile widened. I was feeling kinda sleepy so I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I heard some whispers and tried to make out what they were saying.

"I tried to talk her last night but she wouldn't listen." Jake said.

"About?" Seth questioned.

"Her. How it's better to be with you because I'll leave her some day when I imprint." Jacob sighed.

"What did she say?" this time Embry asked.

"That she's good with pain and stuff. I asked her to please talk to Seth before she decided to do anything." Jake re-capped our talk last night. I slowly fell asleep after that, vaguely aware that they were talking about me. I had the same dream as last night, the one with Shaun and Jacob and Seth. I knew right away that it was a dream and I tried to wake myself up before the end but I couldn't. I kept running though I already knew what was next, Shaun tackled me again and then I woke up. I was being shaken awake by Seth whose eyes were full of worry.

"Gabby!" He wrapped his arms around me. When he finally let go I looked at him,puzzled. I looked out the window and saw that we were parked at a gas station. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just a nightmare." I nodded.

"I'm glad. You were like freaking out, it was scary. You kept screaming for me." he smiled at the last part.

"Why are we stopped here?" I asked. I noticed Jake and Embry inside buying some soda and stuff. "Never mind." I chuckled. The atmosphere was very awkward as we sat there.

"Jake told me about your talk last night." he said quietly. I sighed remembering what I heard before drifting asleep.

"Oh." was all I managed. I really didn't know what to do. I still had feelings for Jake, but they weren't as strong as before. And I was developing some for Seth too.

"If you wanna be with Jacob I can totally understand. Don't worry about my feelings getting hurt, I can take it." he sighed sadly and his eyes were full of sorrow.

"Seth, it's only fair I give you your chance too. Since we didn't get our date tonite how about tomorrow? You come pick me up at four and we go hang out?" I offered. This seemed to cheer him up because the smile returned to his face and he nodded excitedly. Jacob and Embry hopped back in the car, their arms full of snacks. I laughed at them and we finished our ride home.

When we eventually got there it was around 6 I was tired so I went straight to bed. I couldn't get the dream out of my head so I decided to check a few e-mails. I turned on my laptop and started up the internet. I had to connect to Embry's internet connection so I went downstairs to ask him what the password was. I was halfway down when I heard a conversation I was sure I wasn't supposed to hear.

"Listen to me, mutt," my dad's voice sounded so...evil, "you tell your friend to stay away from her. She'll never love him any way."

"Not if we can help it." my mom's was scarier than dad's because of how seductive she was trying to be.

"You guys aren't allowed on our land. Be glad we haven't thrown you off yet." Embry spat at them.

"Oh but you can't do that, can you? You can't hurt a wolf's imprint." I could almost hear the grin in Austin's voice.

"I said I would throw you off. That means you three, Gabby can stay here." Embry headed for the stairs and I ran back to his room. I sat on the floor like I had been there the whole time.

"Hey Em. What's your internet password?" I asked as he walked in. He was still fuming.

"My birthday." he plopped onto the bed. "Ah dammit! I have patrol tonight!" he sighed and headed for the window

"Wait! Can I come?" I questioned. He hesitated for a while. He seemed to be deciding whether it was worth it or not to piss off my parents.

"OK, after I jump, count to five, then jump." he instructed. I did what he said. I imagined we were cliff diving again except this time I landed on a pile of fur. I opened my eyes to see I was sitting on the back of a huge wolf. It was gray with dark spots on his back, it's eyes were amused as it took in my reaction. I froze for a second. Should I run? Where's Embry?

The wolf began whining at a pile of clothes on the ground. I saw that it was Embry's short and shoes. I then realized that Embry was a wolf too. He kept whining at the clothes so I picked them up. I felt like I should hold on so I twisted my fingers into his fur. He grinned a wolf-ish smile and sped off through the forest. The wind blew my hair back and I could barely keep my eyes open, though I really didn't want to keep them open. I squinted ahead and made out the outline of two other wolves, one way maybe three feet taller than the other. As we arrived to where the other wollves stood I climbed off Embry's back and sat on the ground.

"Let me breathe for a second." I said hugging my knees. The Embry wolf circled around the plopped in front of me. The smaller sandy colored wolf came and rested beside me. It smiled and me as I ran my fingers through it's fur. The taller wolf kept avoiding me, it's fur was rust-colored and it's eyes were pitch black. It reminded me of Jacob, a lot. "OK, I'm really confused. Who is this?" I motioned towards the wolf I was stroking. Embry rolled his eyes as if to say 'Umm we can't really answer'. "Right, you can't talk. I'll just guess. Is this.... Seth?" I asked. The wolf beside me nodded and licked my face. "OK, ew! Seth that was gross." his barking laughter made me jump. "So that's Jake?" This time the russet colored wolf came over nodding, and sat on my other side. I getting very sleepy so I leaned against the Seth wolf and closed my eyes.

The next morning I awoke in my room and there was screaming downstairs. Oh god, my parents heard about last night.


a/n please enjoy and comment!!(: sorry it took so long to update:(

Awesome MOre!! Wow didn't see that coming!!! 


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