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This is just an idea. Bella and Edward both comes from rich families and their parents were good friends. And they agreed that...Edward and Bella marry each other!!! But the problem is they barely knew each other. Edward lives in New York and Bella lives in LA. Edward, Emmett and Alice are the Cullens. Bella, Jasper and Rosalie are the Swans. Bella and Alice are best friends.

Bella and Edward will soon be entering a married life full of...CHAOS! and they will soon find out that they have feelings for each other hidden beneath the anger and irritation they feel towards each other.!

Parents: Carlisle and Esme
Emmett-- famous football player
Alice (adopted)--fashion editor, vogue
Edward--CEO of their bigtime automotive company
Money Status: Super Rich (they own a few automotive and jewelry companies)
Social Status: Popular

parents: renee and charlie swan
Rosalie-- famous supermodel
Jasper-- CEO of their big time Electronics company
Bella-- beauty editor, vogue
Money status: super rich (they own a major electronics company and a few branches of clothing stores)
Social Status: Popular

Of course with the money and fame, they have looks, talents and brains too.

(* so, what do you think?? please tell me if I will post this or not. I dont know if some of you have the fanfics with the same storyline as mine but I can assure you that I have originality and have not copied yours. The characters are of course owned by Stephenie Meyer*)

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oh kylie that was too short, but that's ok hehehe
love it, as usual hehehe
u know i love you, hehehe

love it
Edward is such a guy!
Keep going
i love it
great chap post soon!!
i loved it cant wait to hear more babes =D

Chapter 8

Edward POV

"Edward, man. That's sick. real sick." Tyler said.

"I know." I said. Tyler is one of my buddies. I just tod him about my marriage with Bella.

"Wow, man . dont you want to...sort of...know if she likes you.?" Tyler asked. Bella...liking me? wow. never thought of that.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked curiously.

"A test, man. To see if she does like you or not." I agreed. We went through all sets of plans. We both agreed on one plan which I think would work.

"Bella?" I called her in my Blackberry.

Bella POV

I am beginning Edward. Great. Im falling for a guy who I barely know, who I've lived with for a few weeks and who happens to be my husband.

It was 1 o clock when my Berry rang.

"Hello?" I said.

"Bella?" Oh, It was Edward. That smooth, velvety voice is too recognizable. Even on the phone.

"What's up?" I said
"Bella, Im at work and I...need to tell you something." He said
"Spit it out."
"Why don't you just prepare dinner and make our house look nice. I will confess something to you." He said. Confess? what in the world will he tell me?
"I dont understand..." I said. Its true. I really dont. He's acting weird.
" Its.. I'm beginning to fall for you..for real... I'll be there at 6...please." He said. He sounded a bit shy...
"'kay fine." I said. He hung up. He's falling for me? I totally feel the same way. I m really happy

four hours later...

It's already 6. Edward's not yet here. I did what he said. The dining room looked fabulous. I jazzed it up a bit. I cooked dinner too. But its 6 already. Damn. I knew I shouldn't have fall for Edward's call.

seven pm...eight pm...nine pm...ten pm...eleven pm

11pm. It was trick. I was so dumb. I even dressed up. I sat on the chair of the dining table. I buried my face in my hands ...

"Bella?" I looked up. It was Edward. I didn't speak. " Bella. Im, sorry. I didnt know you would actually do it."

"Do what Edward?" I said my voice shaking.

"It...was a test Bella, to see if you...sort of.. liked me..." Edward said nervously. And then it hit. I felt anger flowing in my body

"WHAT? It was a F****** test? You're sick!!" I said. I felt the tears in my eyes. " A test... Edward, you filthy, stinking... I CANT BELIEVE I WAS A FOOL TO EVEN LIKE YOU! you know, to tell you the truth... I was beginning to like you. AND I REGRET IT!!! I REGRET IT UNTIL I DIE!!" I said with anger.

I sobbed harder. Edward stood there, thunderstruck. staring at me. I ran up to our room and locked up. I was sobbing so much. I did everything he told me to... I dressed up, cooked...and then I found out it was a plan...a stinking plan... I heard the door open... I pretended to be asleep. Edward sat beside me in the bed.

"Bella, Im sorry. I didn't know I would hurt you like that, Im truly sorry. You deserved a lot better than that... and while you were yelling at me... I was sort of...falling for you. I know its weird, but... maybe that's what they call karma..." He said and he kissed my cheek. I fell asleep quickly after that.

I woke up, dazed. Was what I heard last night a dream?... no, it wasnt. yeah. I found myself calling Jessica, my close friend from work.

"Hey, Jess." I said

"Bella? what's up...its so early.." she said. I told her everything that happened last night. I cant help to cry. I told her what I heard.

"Really? he did that?" She said in a disgusted tone.

"So what should I do?"

"Hmm...Seduce him.. Always make sure you look more gorgeous... You now how to play it, Bella. You know how to seduce a guy.Make him fall for you...more. The fact that you'll never fall for him anymore because of what he did, when you are that hot...will kill him, Bella." Jessica said

"wow. Thanks Jess. gotta go." I said. i hung up.

I never expected this but...I smiled. Jessica's words were music to my ears.

Because that's exactly what I'll do. I will seduce him and make him regret everything.

Get, ready Edward. This is gonna be a lot more fun and bumpy than I expect it to.

POOR EDWARD BOY!!!..he must be looked soooooooo cute n hot when he did shy *sighs* *day dreaming smiles*

OMG! that was so GOOD!!! LOVE IT!
post more! and update me on every chappie...
i really LOVE it! thanks!
Post more soon!
POOR Edward, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!


WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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