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This is just an idea. Bella and Edward both comes from rich families and their parents were good friends. And they agreed that...Edward and Bella marry each other!!! But the problem is they barely knew each other. Edward lives in New York and Bella lives in LA. Edward, Emmett and Alice are the Cullens. Bella, Jasper and Rosalie are the Swans. Bella and Alice are best friends.

Bella and Edward will soon be entering a married life full of...CHAOS! and they will soon find out that they have feelings for each other hidden beneath the anger and irritation they feel towards each other.!

Parents: Carlisle and Esme
Emmett-- famous football player
Alice (adopted)--fashion editor, vogue
Edward--CEO of their bigtime automotive company
Money Status: Super Rich (they own a few automotive and jewelry companies)
Social Status: Popular

parents: renee and charlie swan
Rosalie-- famous supermodel
Jasper-- CEO of their big time Electronics company
Bella-- beauty editor, vogue
Money status: super rich (they own a major electronics company and a few branches of clothing stores)
Social Status: Popular

Of course with the money and fame, they have looks, talents and brains too.

(* so, what do you think?? please tell me if I will post this or not. I dont know if some of you have the fanfics with the same storyline as mine but I can assure you that I have originality and have not copied yours. The characters are of course owned by Stephenie Meyer*)

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Write THIS!! PLS!! update me..
ok. I'll post it ASAP.
dont worry. I wouldn't. Jacob's mine already.
Please continue this!!! And keep me updated.. I really want to know the upcoming chapters..

Esme POV

"Hi Renee. You still look youthful as ever." I said as Renee and I met at my villa.
"So do you Esme" Renee replied. Renee was my longtime friend.

Renee and I chat for a long while. We talked about the partnership of Cullen Enterprise and Swan Incorporated. Our two companies. We also talked about our famous and busy kids. My son Edward is the CEO of our company, Emmett was a famous football star and my daughter Alice is the fashion director of Vogue magazine. While her daughter Bella is the beauty director. I heard they were best friends. Rosalie was a supermodel, with her looks, you cant deny she would be set for that career and her son Jasper was the CEO of our company. Then it hit.

"What about arranged marriage?" I suggested
"Yes. that's the solution, though I hate to do it. But what if they like each other right?" Renee replied
"Yes, who do you think is available?" I asked
"I think I want my Bella to marry one of your sons. It's been long since she had a boyfriend. She just uses fashion as a distraction." renee said cheerfully
" and I want Bella to marry Edward. Edward's been behind that desk for a long time. He needs to live life to the fullest."
" So, Edward and Bella?" Renee asked with a smile on her face.
"Yes.!!" I said, almost shouting. I was overjoyed. I couldn't think of a better woman for Edward. Bella being sweet, beautiful and graceful would make a perfect wife for my son.
" How are we going to tell them?" Renee asked deep in thought.
I was thinking when an idea hit me.
"A party. Im gonna host a party and announce it to the world." I said. I liked the sound of that.
it's short. I know. its just the prologue. Im posting the chapter 1 and 2 later.
uh-oh this wont end well.......
Kylie thanks for telling me about this story I love it!
this is good, i have an arranged marriage (NO JOKE) so i can relate to any resentment...:( / :)
omg... that must REALLY suck
can u plz update me and add me as a friend?


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