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Night Fall (PG 13) this is the story of Jacob after breaking dawn

Hi I wanted to write a story about Jacob after Breaking dawn. I have started it off with Bella's point of view to set the story. This is my first attempt at fan fiction, I know my gramma is terrible and the story is probably rubbish but I wanted to have a go as I had an idea for a story. The rating is PG-13 at the moment I will re rate it if I continue with the story and I feel it is too much. Please give me your comments. I know this is rubbish compared with so many talented writers on here.....

Here goes!


It wasn’t going to be long now. I couldn’t help but feel sad a few more days and we would be leaving Forks. It was funny how I had once hated this Town and now I didn’t want to leave.
Edward had tried to make me feel better as he always did but there were so many good memories here. Leaving Charlie would be the hardest thing but we had already made plans to come back in the summer. It was just never going to be the same.

I watched the sky outside the sun had set. It had been a beautiful sunny day which was a rarity in Forks. Edward, Renesmee, Jacob and I had all gone out for a trip to our meadow it had been the first time we had taken her there. She had loved it. Jacob had raced her through the woods until they reached the clearing both laughing and joking as they went. Edward and I watched as Renesmee picked wild flowers making them into daisy chains, it was funny to see Jacob helping her. It was nice to feel the warmth of the sun on my face as I lay in the grass listening to the insects chirping, I closed my eyes remembering the human moments I had spent here when Edward had first shown himself in the sun to me. When I opened them Edward was next to me leaning over smiling watching me sparkling in the sun. He had leaned in to kiss me taking my breath away. “You’re so beautiful” he said and kissed me passionately before I had a chance to protest. I was going to miss our meadow

“Momma” Renesmee was sitting on Rosalie’s knee she looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes.

“Yes my darling?”

“Why do you look so sad?” she was now by my side pulling at my skirt
I came away from where I had been gazing out of the window she expertly jumped into my arms.

Edward had of course heard our daughter and appeared in the doorway.

“Mummy’s fine sweetheart I’m not sad, everything is fine” she smiled her angelic smile and curled herself into my arms nestling into my hair she was satisfied with my answer.
Edward wasn’t so easy.

“Darling?” Edwards arms were now around us both, how I never tiered of his touch. He didn’t say anything more his topaz eyes said everything. He wanted to know what was wrong but didn’t want to upset Renesmee.

“Daddy” Renesmee held out her arms she wanted to be held by her father. The perfect picture, they were too stunning too perfect my heart would have swelled if I could still feel it, watching them together, my husband and my daughter. God I still couldn’t get used to saying that. It made me smirk. How things had changed

Edward looked puzzled; it drove him nuts to not know what I was thinking. Although that was one of the things he loved about me.

“We should take Nessie…. I glared at him he knew I hated that nickname.
“Renessmee back to the cottage, it’s getting late” He smiled his crooked smile and kissed me on my forehead, sending shivers down my spine. It was if I could almost tell what he was thinking. A wave of desire washed over me.

Yes it was nightfall. My favourite time of the day, it was when I knew we could be alone together, Edward and I. Living with the rest of the Cullen’s wasn’t very private. Having the cottage was perfect. A gift, one of the best things I had ever been given, besides Edward and my daughter of course.

We began to say our good byes to leave when Alice jumped in front of the door
“Wait” She looked at Edward worriedly. His eyes were on hers as he read her mind

“Who is it?” he asked under his breath

“I can’t tell, but she’s not human”

“What are you talking about, Who?” I hated it when they did this, having conversations, Edward reading her mind and Alice seeing visions.

“A vampire,one of us?” I asked

“I believe so” Alice answered her face still worried

“Don’t you recognise her?”

“No” Edward answered this time, but I could tell he was puzzled
“No, I don’t think so”

“What is she doing, What’s the problem?”

Everyone was now in the room. Carlisle was by Alice’s side.

“What can you tell us Alice?”

“I can’t quite tell, it’s very blurred but she is coming to see us”

“Is she a threat?” Emmett asked “Cause we can take her out” he laughed and punched his fist into his hand. Emmett liked any excuse for a fight

Jasper looked pained, as always he hated strangers

“I.. I , she stammered I don’t think so, I’m so sorry I’m not being very helpful, Its just so hard to see”

“But, she’s coming to see us?” Rosalie asked as she stood in front of Renesmee, as if to protect her.

“Yes, she will be here in a few minutes”

Edward’s face was full of concern. He held onto our daughter tighter. She stirred in her sleep, softly muttering to herself. He knew more than he was saying. Alice knew more. I would not be lied to; they didn’t need to keep protecting me now.

“Edward, tell me!” I must have shouted, as everyone turned sharply to look at me.

“There’s nothing to tell my love, don’t worry. Take Renesmee upstairs and wake Jacob, we might need him” Edward handed me our daughter.

“If there’s nothing to worry about then why do we need Jacob? I’m not a fool” It drove me mad when Edward still thought of me as a fragile human he had to protect.
“I’ll take her” Rosalie snapped “But we don’t need that stupid dog, I can protect her myself” she went to grab Renesmee

“No Rose, it’s fine I can take her, but you’re not leaving me out of this” I growled at Edward

I went upstairs in a flash; this vampire speed came in handy I didn’t want to miss out on what was happening downstairs.
I stomped into Edward’s old bedroom. Jacob had been resting in here, he didn’t like the smell much but Carlisle insisted that he had somewhere to stay now that he was always at the house. It felt strange being in the room all of Edwards belongings were now in our cottage all that was left was his old couch which Jacob was now spread across snoring loudly. The rest of the room was full of clothes strewn in piles across the floor, some kind of engine part that looked like it belonged to a motorcycle, and lots of plates and cups. It was your normal teenage boys room. Although Jacob was not your normal average teenager.
Disgusting I thought as I tried to step over the mess.

He didn’t really fit on the couch his legs hung over one end, his huge right arm was behind his head whilst the other one dangled down the side. He wasn’t wearing a shirt so his toned muscular chest was on full display. I shook my head he did look good.

One of Jacobs eyes opened he smiled and let out a big stretch
“Hey, How’s my favourite girls?” he was now sitting up with his arms held out to hold Renesmee.

I was hoping he hadn’t noticed me admiring his chest, that would be embarrassing.

“Annoyed” I replied through gritted teeth.

“What’s up? is the happy couple having problems?” he chuckled to himself as he cradled her.

“Shut up Jake” I snapped. He was so annoying sometimes, although I had to smile.

“Someone’s coming, and Edward is acting all weird”

“Who?” he asked

“Some vampire, a stranger”

“Take Renesmee, I’ll find out” Jacob was about to give her to me when we both heard the roar of a motorcycle pull up outside

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thanks guys i will try and write some more tomorrow :-D
Thanks.. xPlease Hurry.. :-)
I second that thought!!
Oh do write more. It is really good! I want to know what happens next!

Sorry this is so short but I am having issues with time at the moment I am so grateful you guys are enjoying this it means so much to me :-D

Part 1

It was the sunlight that woke me from my deep sleep it always did in this house. Edwards old room was mainly all window with no curtains I suppose he didn’t have much of a need to shut the light out if he never slept. I really needed to get a bed for this room the sofa was so comfortable I had to drape my legs over the arm at one end and then twist my neck so that it would fit on the cushion the other end. Esme did want to buy me a bed but I was being stubborn and told her I didn’t want one.
I stretched out my body, my bones did their normal morning ritual of clicking back into place. I suppose I should have a shower I thought, I couldn’t remember the last time I had one I didn’t want George to think I was some disgusting smelly creature (apart from my usual wolf smell that vampires hated).
I searched around the floor for something to wear Alice had given me a few clothes she had told me they were Emmetts cast offs but I knew they were new I was much taller than him. I picked up a t shirt and sniffed it, it smelt ok I liked this one it was navy blue and had a retro picture of a eagle on the front. It made me look a bit like a rock star with my long hair and dark blue jeans. I admired myself in the mirror for a while my biceps were looking pretty impressive and my abs were very well defined not bad I thought I wondered if George liked muscles?
After some time of posing in front of the mirror I glanced over at the clock on the shelf and to my surprise it said 12am. It couldn’t be, I couldn’t have slept for all of that time? I must have missed Nessie’s breakfast I normally fed her in the mornings?
I ran out of the room and down stairs there was no one around they must have all gone out. Just as I was about to run out of the back doors I heard a voice.

“Hey Jake”

As I turned around George was standing in the doorway to the kitchen
She was wearing a short green dress that floated over her slender thighs the dress had buttons down the middle they were buttoned all the way up to her chest where it laid open at her cleavage. The dress was complimented with a denim jacket and on her feet were biker boots. She looked amazing the green of the dress made the colour of her hair really stand out. She was smiling at me with her eyes sparkling.

“Good morning, or should I say good afternoon Mr sleepy head”

“Hi, yes I don’t know what happened I don’t normally oversleep I need to go and see Nessie”

“She’s gone out with everyone they all went hunting I said I would stay and wait for you, they didn’t want to wake you”

“Oh right” I suddenly felt very left out I couldn’t understand why I had slept for so long I normally woke up on time every morning I never missed Nessie for breakfast.

“So what do you want to do?” George walked towards me her hips swayed from side to side she was mesmerising to watch.

“err I err don’t mind” was all that I could say

“How about we go out on my bike you said you wanted a ride then we could go for a hunt afterwards?” she suggested

“I should really find the others I feel bad that I over slept” my thoughts were back to Nessie how could I not see her

George’s face looked sad her smile had gone and a small frown appeared I didn’t want her to be sad.

“Well I suppose we could go for a quick ride then they will probably be back by then”

Her frown immediately disappeared she came towards me

“Great” she screamed “thank you”

And then before I knew what was going on she gave me a big hug and kissed me. I couldn’t breath the room started to spin I felt very dizzy no I wasn’t going to……..

The next thing I knew I was lying on the floor I looked up at the ceiling I was aware that there was a cushion under my head.

“Jake oh my god are you ok?” George’s voice sounded as if she was under water. I turned to look at her she was knelt to the side of me looking very concerned I tried to get up but my head went all dizzy again so I put my head back down on the cushion.

“What happened?” I asked

“one minute you were standing up the next you were on the floor, how do you feel?”

I rubbed my head all I could remember was George asking me to go out for a ride on her bike and then. Oh yes it was all coming back to me she hugged and kissed me. How embarrassing I fainted I actually fainted from her kissing me. I sat up slowly her hand was on my back

“Be careful go slowly” she said as she rubbed my back

That really wasn’t helping I could feel the burning deep inside and my heart began to beat faster.

“I’m fine” I said as I stood up, she got up with me and held my arm.

“Really I’m fine” I said sharply and pulled away from her I didn’t want to faint again
this is great plz keep writing
OMG! Is she 'influencing' Jacob? She doesn't know about the imprinting! Someone should tell her!

I hope Jake realizes before its too late!

Good chapter! Keep going!
Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really good. PLEASE please please please please write more. I absolutely love it.


lol...and lol some more...and now rofl.....and rofl some more....lolllllll......

Funny parts:

1. My bones did their morning ritual of clicking back into place ( i don't know why that was so funny to me but it was)

2. "err, I err don't mind" LMBO! JAKE? SPEECHLESS? HAHAHAHAA!

3. Jake fainting. Classic. I love it! lol!

P.S. Just one little correction...if you meant he woke up late, it should be 12pm...because its like 9am, 10am, 11am 12pm, 1pm...ya know? Okay, just wanted to point that out. :-)

Omg George kissed him and he likes her oh no!!!!

Lol great work, keep it up!
Yes do keeep writing please please please! and write really soon also if you dont mind it has been bugging me about not knowing what will happen next!
OMG this is absolutly amazing!!!! best fan fiction ever!!! please write MOREEEEE

Part 2

“I think I need some air I will have to give you a rain check on that bike ride”

I didn’t wait for a response as I left out of the back door into the garden I couldn’t stay here. It was good to get out of the house my thoughts became clearer. Whenever I was around George my mind felt muddled and confused it was as If I could only think of her. How could this be as I was already in love with my Nessie she was my imprint, my love?

I hadn’t realised but I had been walking for a few hours deeper into the woods that stretched out beyond the Cullen’s, I hadn’t even phased. I was just about to turn back when I realised I was being watched. Without my Wolf senses I couldn’t see who or where I was being watched from I could just feel it. I crouched down and pretended to do up my lace on my tennis shoe and tried to sneak a look around. Whoever it was they were definitely behind me in the dense group of trees. I stood up and stretched and let out a loud yawn then I sped off running sideways in a different direction. If I could run fast enough I thought to myself I could phase without being seen. Just in front was a group of bushes that grew down into a small dip in the trees, I leapt down and ripped out of my clothes when I landed I was on four paws. I growl escaped from my throat as I turned to see who had been following me. I sniffed the air the smell was familiar; the sound of snapping twigs and the crunching of leaves came from the bushes behind me. I sprung up through them and landed with thud on top of my spy.

“Jesus Jake!” a familiar voice yelled

With a sudden realization I looked down to see George laying beneath me I had her pinned to the floor. Even with her hair now covered in leaves and mud on her face she was still beautiful. She looked annoyed but I could tell she wasn’t this was a game. I bent my wet nose down and pressed it against her neck and then gave her face a long wet lick. She shrieked with laughter

“Hey get off me you big wet stinking dog, and there I was all worried about you”

If I could have laughed I would have instead I just continued to sit on her and pant with my big tongue dropping out to one side.
She watched me intently staring into my eyes and once again I started to feel strange. I got off of her and went back to the bushes and phased back only to remember that I had ripped all my clothes before, they now lay in tiny shredded pieces on the floor. There was no way I could walk back out of there naked.

“Jake are you ok?” George asked as she started to walk towards the bushes where I was hiding.

“YES” I shouted “don’t come any further”


She answered her own question when she saw me hiding behind a tree

“ah oh I see you’re naked!” she giggled as she said this

“Yes and I don’t have any clothes left, so it would be really great if you could leave so I can phase back and get home”

“That must happen all the time when you phase?”

“Well I normally try and take my clothes off before I phase and I tie a pair of shorts to my hind legs but I wasn’t expecting to be sneaked up on”

“I’m sorry about that I just wanted to make sure you were ok, you looked terrible and you left in such a hurry I was worried about you”

She was inching her way closer to the tree and then moved in vampire speed so that I didn’t see her come up behind me.

“Very nice Jake do you work out?”

I turned around slowly making sure I my hands were hiding my modesty
She was stood with her head turned to the side with one hand was over her eyes and her other hand was holding out her jacket.

“Don’t worry I won’t peak you can tie this around your waist”

I shuffled forward and grabbed her jacket quickly trying to fashion some kind of apron around my waist. I thought the fainting was embarrassing but this was worse.

“Look George I really am fine you don’t need to keep following me I am coming back”

She turned and looked at me her hand shot up to her mouth as she tried not to laugh.

“Thanks!” I snapped

“No Jake I am sorry it’s just the jacket it looks so funny it looks as if you are wearing a skirt”

“This day is just getting better and better!”

“Oh god I really am being a pain I’m not trying to be if it’s any consolation you have a great body”

I felt my cheeks go red as she said this, she looked into my eyes and I swear I could hear a small growl from underneath her breath. She quickly looked away.

“I’m going to leave you in peace, I am sorry Jake I didn’t mean to startle you I’ll see you later”

Her eyes suddenly looked full of pain and before I could say anything she was gone


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