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Hey guys!!! This is my new fan fic, it has nothing to do with Twilight but I'm hoping you guys will like it! Here's a sneak peek...



I was trapped. Everywhere I looked a hostile vampire waited for me to make the wrong move. But right now I didn’t care for my life, even in this deadly situation. The only thing I cared about was getting to the most precious thing that has ever walked the face of this earth.

If he survived and somehow made it home safely I wouldn’t mind death. Even the painful death that awaited me now.

Maybe death wouldn’t be so bad. When you’re dead no one can hurt you. I’ve been hurt much too many times both physically and mentally. Thinking of this death didn’t sound so bad, peaceful even. At least it would put me out of my misery.

I hoped the few people who loved me wouldn’t miss me too much. I was certain everyone would miss the person I was trying to save much more if he didn’t survive. I had to try my best to make sure he made it through this. No matter what it cost me.

I braced myself as my attackers closed in fangs extended, their blood red eyes shining with thirst.


*WARNING Contains some violence



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omg!!!!! dis is sooooooooo kool
post more soon
sounds really good write more soon please.
Thanks to all those who commented i appreciate it! But I don't wan't to post chapter one until i get more readers please get people to read my fan fic! :) ♥♥♥
Write more sounds so interesting!
ooooooooooooooo.... WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plz write more it sounds really intereting

School. The bane of my existence. Seriously can anything get anymore boring? Especially to someone who knows more than the mediocre teachers here at Washington High. I knew everything they had to offer by the middle of my sophomore year.
I’m not exactly what you would call a “normal teenager.” Heck I’m not even fully human. You see I’m half vampire. Something about myself that I completely detest. Vampires are disgusting, cold-blooded murderers. That’s why I’ve devoted my life to killing as many as those leeches as I can.
“Hey Kas,” Eliza, my best friend said as she sat down next to me. Her tray was overflowing with food. Where she put it all was a complete mystery to me. Eliza had a figure any girl would kill for. To top it all off she was blond- strawberry blond with baby blue eyes that were deeper than the ocean.
“Hey,” I said smiling at her. I was the exact opposite of Eliza. I was in shape but not quite as curvy as her with charcoal black hair and eyes so green they resembled a cats.
“How was Social Studies? I heard you guys had a pop quiz,” I asked Eliza.
She rolled her eyes at me and said, “Please, I wouldn’t even call that a quiz. It was more like a warm up.” I smiled to myself. Eliza was every bit as smart as I was and she was only human. It made me feel less of a freak around her. Too bad I was a freak.
I knew she had a pop quiz today because I heard some guy talking about it across the hallway. I have hyper sensitive ears that could hear a pin drop from two blocks away. It’s one of the few vampire traits that I inherited.
“Aren’t you going to eat?” Eliza asked me as she noticed I had no food in front of me.
“I’m not really hungry,” I lied. Truth be told I was starving but I had a lead on a vampire that was supposedly in town and you can’t kill a vampire on a full stomach. Trust me.
I planned on tracking the leech after school while I was at “soccer practice.” That’s where my adoptive parents think I go everyday after school. I needed a cover story so that they didn’t get suspicious. My little hunting trips can sometimes take a few hours. But it really depends on the vampire. If they’re inexperienced and sloppy they’re easy to track, but if they are experienced then that’s when things gets hard.
Eliza started to scarf down her food next to me and I laughed.
“Seriously Eli where do you put it all? You’re like a bottomless pit,” I said picking up a Twinkie rapper and throwing it on her tray. She merely shrugged and went back to eating her feast while I stared longingly at her pepperoni pizza.
When lunch ended I said bye to Eliza and headed off to World Literature, one of the few classes that I actually enjoyed. If anything can make me happy it’s Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I first read it in my Junior year and I’ve read it at least nine times since.
As I was crossing the field I heard something move in the bushes. I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew it wasn’t an animal because it sounded much too large. I spun around scanning the bushes. There was nothing in plain sight but that didn’t prove anything. Someone could easily be hiding behind the bushes.
I reached into my book bag looking for my stake. It isn’t that hard to kill a vampire. They’re really just as vulnerable as we are. Although a human wouldn’t stand a chance against one because they’re tremendously strong and fast. Only we Hunters have the skills to do this job. We have trained ourselves to fight vampires. I was a special Hunter with extra skills because I was just as strong and just as fast.
Darn it where is it!? I couldn’t find my stake anywhere! Great, the one time I forget to bring it to school is the one time I really need it.
The bushes ruffled again and my head snapped up, my body tensed prepared for battle. A rabbit hopped out of the bushes and ran off into a little hole near the fountain that held a statue of George Washington. I laughed at my own stupidity.
“You’re losing it Kasandra,” I muttered to myself.
I started to walk away as I heard the bell that signaled I was late for class. Then suddenly I was on the floor with a knee stuck painfully into my chest.
“Where is the princess!?” a scratchy high-pitched voice growled in my face.
“Wow dude tic-tac alert. Seriously have you smelled your breath lately?” I wrinkled my nose in disgust. His breath smelled of sewer grime mixed with onions.
“Do not mock me!” He slapped me across the face.
“Big mistake,” I growled. I wrestled my arm free and punched him in the nose. As he staggered back I kicked him in the stomach and he fell to the ground. It was my turn to hold him down.
“Okay why don’t you make this easy on yourself and tell me what it is you want and who this princess is,” I said glaring at him. He actually had the nerve to laugh in my face.
“I will never tell you anything, vermin,” he replied looking at me with disgust.
“Vermin? Who are you calling vermin, leech!?” I said angrily punching him in the nose again. He cried out in pain and I smiled cruelly.
“What kind of human are you!?” he demanded of me. “You reek of vermin but you are as strong as a vampire.”

“I’ll ask the questions around here parasite,” I said narrowing my eyes at him. All the vampires I’ve killed have asked me that question. It wasn’t exactly something I liked to talk about and there was no way I was going to tell one of them.
“Who sent you?” I demanded shaking his shoulders. He merely glared at me his lips a tight line on his face.
I smiled a cruel, bloodcurdling smile.
“Fine if that’s the way you want to play.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out my pen.
“A pen!? You’re going to get me to talk with a pen!?” He laughed in my face again this time longer and more demented. I glared at him while I covered his mouth with a piece of cloth that I ripped off his shirt.
“For your information this is a BIC pen,” I said then jammed it into his right shoulder. He screamed in agony although it came out muffled because of the cloth I had tied around his mouth.
“Now do you want to talk?” I asked him with a grin on my face. He gave me a murderous glare that made him look like a demon straight out of hell. This was intensified by his ruby red eyes.
“Fine,” I shrugged. “You’re only making this all the more painful for you.” I pulled my pen out of his shoulder and this time I jammed it into his leg. Another scream of pure agony escaped his lips.
“Okay I’ll talk,” he muttered. His words came out obscured.
“What was that?” I asked sweetly untying the cloth from his mouth.
“I said I’ll talk!” he said breathlessly.
“That’s better,” I said taking the pen out of his leg. He winced and cried out a little. Before my eyes the little hole that I created closed up and disappeared. He was healed. The hole on his shoulder was gone too. Vampire’s healed rapidly fast which made them harder to kill. I had this trait too but it took longer for me to heal completely.
“Okay so who sent you? And throw in your name too unless you want me to keep calling you leech.”
“My name is Luca. And the King has sent me.” My body became rigid.
“The King?” I whispered in disbelief. King Olaf was ruler of all vampires and also the creator. I had one of the King’s minions! I could use little Luca here to get to the King. Killing the Royal Family would be a huge blow to the vampire world.
Of course I would need a little help, I still had to get past all the vampires guarding their precious King. I wasn’t the only Hunter in the area. I was just the most skilled. I had a friend a few hours from here…
Luca obvious to my distraction pushed me off of him headfirst into the floor.
“Ow,” I complained getting up and rubbing my head.
“Vermin,” Luca spat. “Easily distracted. Just another reason that you are only used as food.”
“Why are you here Luca?” I asked him getting into my fighting stance.
“Why should I tell you, you filthy-” Luca was abruptly cut off by me landing another punch in his nose.
“Would you stop doing that!?” Luca screeched clutching his nose. It was definitely broken, but it would be intact in a few seconds.
“Don’t call me vermin,” was my only response.
We started circling each other me with my pen in hand and Luca with his hands outstretched, ready to use them as claws. He made the wrong move of trying to lunge at me. I caught him mid-jump and slammed him against the brick wall of the school building.
“Okay let’s try this again,” I said holding Luca by the collar of his shirt. “Why are you here?”
“I am here to find the princess.”
“The princess? What princess? I thought Olaf’s daughter, Helena was safe and sound sitting on her thrown of torture.” Helena Huntington, Olaf’s daughter was in charge of all trials and decided the punishments of the guilty. She never held a fair trial. She enjoyed torturing people and she always declared them guilty even if the evidence said otherwise.
“Not Princess Helena, Princess Elizabeth. Although you probably haven’t heard of her,” Luca said sneering.
In fact I had heard of her. She was supposed to be a myth. Legend had it that she ran away from home in the late 1800’s because she wanted more power and her father wouldn’t give it to her. So she escaped and no one had seen her since. Elizabeth was also supposedly Helena’s twin.
“Don’t lie to me Luca,” I snarled.
“I’m not lying. Princess Elizabeth is no myth and my sources have tracked her to this location. She is hiding and I have come to bring her home.”
“Well your sources are wrong. There are no vampires at Washington High. I’ve made sure of that.”
“Perhaps it is you that is wrong. We vampires are masters at disguises,” Luca said with a revolting smile.
“Right, how hard is it to find a bloodsucking leech with red eyes and fangs,” I scoffed.
Just then the bell rang and kids started pouring out into the hallways. I cursed under my breath.
“Bye Luca,” I said. I grabbed my pen again and this time I lodged it into his heart so fast he didn’t have time to react. He exploded into a puff of dust around me. I coughed hysterically and moved into fresh air.
“God, I hate when that happens,” I said still coughing covered in vampire residue. When you kill a vampire they turn to dust as you’ve just learned. I sighed. I just lost a great lead to the King’s mysterious castle. It was well hidden from humans. Rumor has it that the castle is at the heart of a city made up entirely of vampires. No one knew it’s location. Except of course, vampires.
On the plus side I no longer had to go vampire hunting after school. I guess the vampires were coming to me now.
“Hey Kasandra!” I heard Eliza yell from across the field. I turned around in time to see her running up to me her books clutched to her chest.
“Why are you covered in dust?” she asked eyeing me.
“Oh, I uh…fell. Yeah I fell,” I stammered.
“Klutzy Kasandra,” Eliza said smiling and shaking her head. I smiled too. That’s the nickname that Eliza came up for me in tenth grade, the grade I met her in. It’s not easy being a Hunter. It comes with a lot of broken bones and bruises. Everyone thought I got these injuries from playing soccer.
Eliza and I headed to calculus, one of the few classes we has together. For me and Eliza math was an easy A. I was always good at math even back when I was fully human.
I was instantly filled with sadness as I remembered being human with a family that loved me as much as I loved them.
Eliza, noticing my sudden grief looked over at me and said, “What’s wrong Kas?”
“Nothing that I can fix,” I said with a sad smile.
Eliza didn’t have time to question me further because we had reached our classroom just as Mr. Velazquez had started his lecture.
thankz! i appreciate it!
oh!! this is rlyy good!!
keep up the good work:]
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ohh it sounds really good you can sure write plz keep me updated


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