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Hey guys!!! This is my new fan fic, it has nothing to do with Twilight but I'm hoping you guys will like it! Here's a sneak peek...



I was trapped. Everywhere I looked a hostile vampire waited for me to make the wrong move. But right now I didn’t care for my life, even in this deadly situation. The only thing I cared about was getting to the most precious thing that has ever walked the face of this earth.

If he survived and somehow made it home safely I wouldn’t mind death. Even the painful death that awaited me now.

Maybe death wouldn’t be so bad. When you’re dead no one can hurt you. I’ve been hurt much too many times both physically and mentally. Thinking of this death didn’t sound so bad, peaceful even. At least it would put me out of my misery.

I hoped the few people who loved me wouldn’t miss me too much. I was certain everyone would miss the person I was trying to save much more if he didn’t survive. I had to try my best to make sure he made it through this. No matter what it cost me.

I braced myself as my attackers closed in fangs extended, their blood red eyes shining with thirst.


*WARNING Contains some violence



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As I had predicted Nick had a full schedule and even though the teachers nor the principal recognized him, they couldn’t say anything because his name was in the school’s computer. Did I mention that guy was a wiz with computers?
While I was listening to my iPod I passed Nick in the hall. I smiled at him and he returned it, nodding his head in my direction.
Eliza, who was standing next to me, looked at me questionably.
“I know him,” I said shrugging. Eliza said something but I didn’t hear because I still had my headphones on.
“What did you say?” I said pulling my headphones out of my ears.
“I said, how do you know that guy? I’ve never seen him before.”
“I don’t know he’s in a few of my classes,” I said trying for nonchalance.
“Oh,” Eliza said looking unconvinced.
We made our way to the lunchroom and found Nick sitting in a corner by himself. I felt sorry seeing the poor guy out of his element. Nick was never a school kind of person. Always friendless and alone. I didn’t want that to happen to him again so I motioned for Eliza to follow me and sat down across from Nick.
“Hey,” I said smiling at him.
“Hey Kas and Kas’s friend,” Nick said looking Eliza over. I rolled my eyes at him. He was obviously interested in Eliza by the way he was looking at her. A guy would be crazy not to be attracted to Eliza. She was drop dead gorgeous.
“This is Eliza. Eliza this is Nick,” I said introducing them.
“Hey,” Eliza said with a weak smile. She noticed the way he was looking at her too and she was obviously not interested. Guys chased her all the time and I could tell she was tired of it. I don’t think she’d even ever had a boyfriend. But who am I to judge, I’ve never had one either. Of course I did have an excuse being half leech and all.
“Eliza, huh? I like it, very old fashioned. What’s your last name?” Nick asked Eliza. I frowned at him. He was going to look her up later on his computer and find out pretty much everything about her. Yes, I know very stocker-ish, but well, that’s Nick. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now but I’ll tell you anyway. Nick’s never had a girlfriend. Ever.
“Boatwright, Eliza Boatwright.” Eliza was looking a little uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t blame her. Nick is pretty creepy especially when he’s asking you for personal information. I prayed he wouldn’t ask her for her social security number next.
Thankfully he just nodded and took a bite of his cheeseburger. Eliza looked at me a little freaked out. I mouthed sorry at her and shook my head in Nick’s direction. He pretended not to notice and stared out the window looking like he was interested in a bird perched on a tree.
I was going to have a serious talk with him later about not freaking out my friends. Well more like friend since my only normal friend is Eliza. My social life is horrible as you can imagine, what with all the vampire Hunting I do.
lol there will be plenty of vampire butt kicking in the chapters to come you can trust me on that!! ;)
I'm really liking this. Keep it up.
really good pl keep me updated hope nick dosent freak eliza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yhis is my first time reading and it's really good :)
Keep up the good work =)
thanks glad to have a new reader! :)
So, are you going to work on a Chapter 6?
yep it's in the process right now!
That's cool. Can't wate. :)
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stalker in the house!!!!!!!!!cool!this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep going!
Nick and I were scoping out the perimeter of the school just before the bell rang, signaling the end of the day. So far there was nothing.
“I guess you scared em off Kas,” Nick said as kids starting pouring out of the school.
“I doubt that. Don’t forget, vampires are smarter than they look. There could be some watching us this very second,” I said looking around, half expecting to see a vampire baring its fangs at me. Nick did the same looking worried.
“Make sure you keep an eye out. Don’t trust anyone,” I told Nick still looking around me.
“Kasandra, those are two of the most important Hunter rules. I know that already. I do it everyday of my life.”
I sighed loudly, “I know Nick. I’m just tense, I don’t like the idea of having vampires running around my, I mean our school. It’s the only normal place in my life.”
Nick looked at me sympathetically. “I know this is a hard life, Kassy.” He surprised me by calling me Kassy, only Jack and Bobby ever called me that. He continued not noticing my surprise. “But this is the life we live, whether we like it or not. Vampires killed our loved ones and we took the oath to kill as many of those leeches as possible to avenge our family.”
It’s true, I did take an oath. We Hunters don’t have like our own secret society or anything like that but we do have an oath. We run into each other every once in a while and even sometimes team up. About two centuries ago a group of Hunters decided to make up an oath and its gone through the ages, making its way to today’s Hunters:

I devote my life to slaying demons
Avenging those who have lost their poor souls
Creatures of the night shall pay
For by my hand, your destruction shall come
I shall now and forever shall be a Night Hunter

I had recited the oath on my first slaying. I had run into an older Hunter and she made me recite it before I killed the vampire I had captured. Her name was Susan and I still talked to her every once in a while even though she lived out in Illinois.
I looked at Nick. “I know I took an oath. I’m a Night Hunter and I always will be, no matter what it costs me,” I said firmly holding my head high.
“Now that’s the Kasandra I know and sometimes like,” Nick said grinning.
I rolled my eyes and punched his arm.
“I’ll see you later, I have to go pick-up Bobby. Jim and Kate are both working late today.”
“Alright, see ya Monday, Kas.”
I turned and walked to the parking lot. I had actually brought my car to school today because I needed to get Bobby before five o’ clock, the time the day care he stays at closes.
When I got to my beloved Ferrari I found people gawking at it like they had never seen a sports car before. Okay, well they most likely haven’t, but still it’s rude.
I pushed my way through the miniature crowd and got in the car. Even when I turned it on the crowd didn’t leave.
I rolled down my window and shouted, “If you don’t move I’ll run you all over!”
After that they dispersed quickly. I never kid and they knew it. I wasn’t lying about running them all over. Like I said before, I have anger management issues.
It didn’t take me long to get to Bobby’s day care. My car was really fast and I was an expert on avoiding police cars. Hunter’s hate police interference, especially when you’re about to make the kill and a policeman comes and ruins the whole thing. To them we’re the bad guys. If only they knew.
As soon as I was out of my car I saw Bobby waving at me violently behind the glass window of the day care. His arm was practically a blur. I laughed and waved back. From behind him I saw Mrs. O’Malley, the day care instructor. I smiled at her and she smiled back. She turned to get Bobby’s bag the same time I reached the door.
“Kassy, Kassy!” Bobby said throwing his arms around me.
“Hey, little man!”
“Where’s mommy?” Bobby asked me.
“She and Daddy both have to work late today, so it’s just me and you kiddo,” I said picking him up.
“Yay! Can we order pizza?” Bobby asked excitedly.
“’Course we can! I’ll even make us some sundaes.” Bobby loved sundaes. Kate didn’t let him have them often because Bobby’s messy and over half of the house has white furniture. Not a good mix as you can imagine.
“Yay! Sundaes!” Bobby squealed excitedly clapping his hands. I laughed at his bubbly-ness. Another thing I loved about him, he was always so happy and excited. He was the only thing that kept me from becoming one of those depressed emo kids- not that there’s anything wrong with them. Actually I was very much like an emo kid except that I wasn’t depressed and I didn’t cut myself.
Mrs. O’Malley came over with Bobby’s things and handed them to me.
“Thanks,” I said taking it.
“Oh, your very welcome,” she said in her Scottish accent. “I just love having Bobby here, he’s such a joy!”
“I know exactly what you mean,” I said laughing, hugging Bobby closer to me.
“We’ll see you Monday, Mrs. O’Malley.” I waved and turned to leave when something caught my eye. A man was standing across the street staring right at Bobby and me. His eyes were a strange shade of violet. Then in a blink of an eye he was gone. I stared at the spot he was standing thinking he would somehow reappear, but he didn’t.
“Is something wrong Kasandra?” Mrs. O’Malley sounded worried. I was still standing in the same spot right in front of the door of the day care.
I snapped out of it and quickly reassured her. “Oh, yeah sorry I just saw something. We’ll be leaving now.” I smiled and quickly went to my car.
I put Bobby in the car and pulled his car seat out of my trunk. I was not going to put my five-year-old little brother in a sports car without some safety measures. I didn’t know what I would do if any harm came to Bobby.
I strapped him in in the backseat and then got into the drivers seat.
“Kassy?” Bobby asked as I made my way into the street.
“What were you looking at right now?”
“I saw some man that looked weird,” I said truthfully. He did look weird. Just thinking about him gave me the creeps.
“Doesn’t Mommy always say not to judge a book by its cover?” I smiled at Bobby through my rear-view mirror. He was very advanced for his age.
“Yeah, I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me Bobby.”
“You’re welcome,” Bobby said swinging his legs on his seat.
When we got home I ordered a pizza for me and Bobby and rented us a movie. I also made the sundaes I promised Bobby I would make. Bobby had a lot of fun throwing sprinkles at me that night. It was hard to clean up later but it was worth seeing Bobby so happy. It was one of the best Friday nights I’d had in a long time. Yes, I know that’s pretty sad.
Jim and Kate didn’t get home until around nine o’ clock at night but by then Bobby was fast asleep. Let me tell you it’s not easy getting a five-year-old on a sugar rush to go to sleep.
“Thanks for watching him Kas,” Jim said when he sat down on the couch, looking exhausted.
“It was my pleasure. I love watching Bobby,” I said smiling.
“Nonetheless, it’s real generous of you to always watch Bobby when we’re busy,” he said.
“It’s the least I can do,” I said biting my lip. The Johnson’s gave me a home and so much more. Babysitting really was the least I could do.
“Kasandra, you don’t owe us anything you know,” Kate said softly. “We love you as if you were our own.”
Tears suddenly filled my eyes. I wiped them away before they could pool over. I hated crying, it made me feel weak.
“Thank you, really. For everything,” I whispered.
“It was our pleasure,” Jim said smiling.
I smiled and went upstairs to my room. My life wasn’t perfect- nowhere near perfect- but my family was. I could proudly say my name was Kasandra Johnson. I would always miss my old family but my new family could help fill the holes in my heart.
haha don't worry i'm already working on the next chapter! it's going to be pretty shocking :)


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