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Hey guys!!! This is my new fan fic, it has nothing to do with Twilight but I'm hoping you guys will like it! Here's a sneak peek...



I was trapped. Everywhere I looked a hostile vampire waited for me to make the wrong move. But right now I didn’t care for my life, even in this deadly situation. The only thing I cared about was getting to the most precious thing that has ever walked the face of this earth.

If he survived and somehow made it home safely I wouldn’t mind death. Even the painful death that awaited me now.

Maybe death wouldn’t be so bad. When you’re dead no one can hurt you. I’ve been hurt much too many times both physically and mentally. Thinking of this death didn’t sound so bad, peaceful even. At least it would put me out of my misery.

I hoped the few people who loved me wouldn’t miss me too much. I was certain everyone would miss the person I was trying to save much more if he didn’t survive. I had to try my best to make sure he made it through this. No matter what it cost me.

I braced myself as my attackers closed in fangs extended, their blood red eyes shining with thirst.


*WARNING Contains some violence



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a part of having a anger magement isseus its nice to non that she still treats his brother good
lol yea Kasandra could never get mad at Bobby she loves him too much :)
Wow. It just keeps getting better and better. You're a really good writer.
another great chapter! looking forward to the next!
thanks glad to have a new reader! and thanks again for the amazing banner!
wow.. this is REALLY good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick came up to me, frowning a few minutes before school started.
“Hey, what’s up?” I asked him.
“Where’s Eliza?” he asked ignoring my question.
“She already went to class, she’s always early. Eliza’s such a nerd,” I said with a laugh.
Nick didn’t seem to find that amusing.
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked him.
“How much do you know about your friend, Eliza?” Nick asked yet again ignoring my question.
“I know that she’s my friend and a really great person,” I said defensively. I didn’t like the way Nick was questioning me about Eliza.
“That’s all?”
“We don’t pry into each others business. I’m sure you can understand why I wouldn’t want her prying into my personal life.” I said my eyes narrowing.
Nick eyes mirrored mine and said, “Well maybe you should start.”
“And why would I do that?” I said folding my arms across my chest.
“Because I looked her up and I can’t find her anywhere. She’s not a United States resident and apparently she’s not from Canada either.”
I frowned along with Nick. If Nick couldn’t find her than she must not be a resident. Nick could find anybody on the computer. He could easily hack the governments database and find someone’s file.
“So you think she’s an illegal or something?” I asked.
“I doubt that, but it’s possible she could be German what with the blond hair and blue eyes.” Nick looked like he was in serious thought. After a about a minute he finally said, “Ask her where she’s from, find out as much as you can and if she’s lying then she must be up to something. I don’t know what but there has to be a reason she’s hiding personal information.”
“You don’t think she’s in, like the witness protection program or something like that?” I asked not wanting to believe that my best friend was a liar.
“No, the network I hacked would have told me that,” Nick said shaking his head.
“Alright I’ll try to find out as much as I can,” I said unwillingly.
The bell rang and Nick and I went our separate ways.
After first period I met up with Eliza for study hall.
“Hey,” I said a little nervously.
“Hey Kas!” Eliza said cheerfully unaware of my nervousness.
“Erm, Eliza?” I said slowly.
“Yeah?” she replied turning her head to look at me.
“I know this completely random and all but, um, where are you from?”
Eliza seemed to stiffen for half a second, then as though nothing had bothered her she said, “Oh I’m from a small little town in Connecticut.”
“Oh, is that where you were born?”
“Yeah, I used to love it there but then we moved up here when I was about ten,” Eliza said not meeting my gaze.
Chagrin filled me, she was lying to me which meant Nick was right, I really didn’t know anything at all about my so called “best friend”.
“Why the sudden curiosity?” Eliza asked me.
“I don’t know just curious that’s all,” I said forcing a smile on my face.
“Well you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat,” Eliza said her face taking on a dark expression that I’d never seen on her before. Quite frankly it kind of scared me.
I had no response to that so I started doing the homework Mrs. Rodriguez assigned us.
I avoided Eliza the rest of the day still not believing that my only friend had something to hide. My life can’t get any better can it?
I was walking to Calculus when I saw Eliza arguing with some man. For some reason that man looked familiar. I tried to put a name to him but just couldn’t.
But I forgot all that when he attacked Eliza.
I ran as fast I could to Eliza and the man. Eliza may have lied to me but she was still my friend and I wasn’t going to let anything happen to her.
When I reached them I threw the man across the courtyard with all my strength. And when I say “all my strength” I mean all of my strength as in my vampire strength. His back hit the stone wall with a SMACK and he fell to the ground.
“Eliza are you okay?” I said picking her up off the ground.
“I’m fine. Kasandra how did you do that?” Eliza looked at me with wide eyes.
“She was able to do it because she’s a mutant hybrid,” I heard a voice say from behind me. I whirled around to find the man that should have been dead from the hit alone, standing straight up looking at me.
“What are you talking about?” I said incredulously. How did he know what I was?
At that second I recognized him. He was the man that was staring at me and Bobby the other day. I also noticed that he had glowing red eyes. The purple I saw the other day must have been him trying to cover up the red eyes with blue contacts, resulting in the strange shade.
“Oh I think you exactly what I’m talking about Kasandra,” he said with a sneer.
“Oh I think not,” I said mimicking his sneer.
“Do not lie to me. I saw you attack and kill Luca. Although I’m not one to complain. He was excruciatingly aggravating and I quite frankly found his death amusing.”
I looked at him in disgust. He found someone’s death amusing? It didn’t take me long to find out what this guys personality was like.
“You disgust me,” I snarled.
“You shouldn’t be one to talk mutant,” he snarled back.
“Who told you?” I demanded.
“It didn’t take long to figure out,” he said baring his fangs at me.
“Really? I figured it would take someone like you years to figure something like this out,” I said mockingly.
“Enough of your foolishness,” he growled. “Princess come. Your father is waiting,” he said looking at Eliza.
I looked at her in utter shock.
“Elizabeth?” I said looking at her as if she were a complete stranger. Her face looked pain.
“Yes,” Eliza whispered unable to look at me.
“Eliza, you’re…you’re one of them?” I said tears threatening to spill over. I wiped them away angrily. This was so not the time to cry.
“Aw, the poor mutant is crying,” the man mocked.
“Shut up you leech!” I screeched about to lunge. I didn’t care I had no stake or even a pen. I just wanted to take my anger out on the stupid blood-sucking leech.
“Kasandra, stop! Abel, silence,” Eliza said with an authority in her voice that made me cringe and stop mid-lunge.
Abel shut up at once bowing to his princess.
“Kas,” Eliza said sadness in her voice.
“No, no don’t talk to me. You’re no different than any of the others,” I said the tears back. I fought them back as best as I could.
“Kasandra please,” Eliza seemed to be on the verge of tears herself.
I started to back away from her, shaking my head.
“Just go. Go back to wherever you came from,” I choked trying to put as much venom in my voice as possible. Against my will the tears started to spill.
Eliza was crying along with me, but I didn’t care she had lied to me. Made me believe that I actually had a friend that wasn’t a Hunter, someone normal. It was all a lie. But I couldn’t kill Eliza. I just couldn’t. I had already made up my mind that I was going to let her go free.
She motioned for Abel to come.
“I promise you that no vampire will ever come within one-hundred miles of this school, Kas. I’m so sorry, about everything. I had to lie, believe me on that. You’ll always be my friend. I’ll miss you,” she said sounding just like the three-hundred year old woman she really was.
And with that she was gone. I couldn’t take it anymore I crumpled up into a ball and cried my eyes out like a little baby. My only friend was a vampire, my family was dead, and I was a mutant freak. And then to top it all off it started to rain, and I was outside. Great.
As I was balling my eyes out I felt so stupid for not realizing it sooner. All the signs were there. Eliza was beautiful, smart, athletic, pale all the traits of a vampire. I had even heard of vampires that hid among humans by eating human food. It somehow changed their eye color from crimson to the color they were supposed to have. No wonder she ate so much, I mused.
aahhh...i knew it!! poor kas, her only friend ended up being a vampire!! please keep me updated!!! i love the way you write, and the idea is just SO awesome!! loved it!!
aww poor Kass she found out her best friend is the vampire princess

It's sad that eliza had to leave :(
Keep me updated :)
I knew Eliza was Princess Elizabeth!! I feel bad for Kas but I think she should have listened to what Eliza had to say. Afterall, Kas was lying to her too about being a hybrid and a vampire hunter. Can't wait until you write more!


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