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Hey guys!!! This is my new fan fic, it has nothing to do with Twilight but I'm hoping you guys will like it! Here's a sneak peek...



I was trapped. Everywhere I looked a hostile vampire waited for me to make the wrong move. But right now I didn’t care for my life, even in this deadly situation. The only thing I cared about was getting to the most precious thing that has ever walked the face of this earth.

If he survived and somehow made it home safely I wouldn’t mind death. Even the painful death that awaited me now.

Maybe death wouldn’t be so bad. When you’re dead no one can hurt you. I’ve been hurt much too many times both physically and mentally. Thinking of this death didn’t sound so bad, peaceful even. At least it would put me out of my misery.

I hoped the few people who loved me wouldn’t miss me too much. I was certain everyone would miss the person I was trying to save much more if he didn’t survive. I had to try my best to make sure he made it through this. No matter what it cost me.

I braced myself as my attackers closed in fangs extended, their blood red eyes shining with thirst.


*WARNING Contains some violence



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Thanks for all the replies guys! I'm really glad you all liked the chapter! Wow and this is only part 1!! Can't wait to see you guys' reactions to part 2!! haha!
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep writing pleeeeeeeeeeeease!
You guys' replies inspired me to write the second part of chapter 7!! I hope you like it!! :)

Nick found me on the ground a few minutes later.
“Kasandra! Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Nick looked and sounded freaked out. He had never seen me cry before.
“You’re supposed to be in class,” I said not wanting Nick to know what had just happened.
“Kasandra be serious what happened?” In defeat I told him, this wasn’t something I could keep secret.
“Eliza, she’s…she’s,” I burst into hysterical tears again. I felt like such a girl! All these years of burying my tears gone to waste in just one day.
“She’s what Kas? Is she…?” Nick mistook my tears, thinking that maybe a vampire had killed Eliza or something along those lines.
“No Nick, she’s a vampire,” I said the tears finally running dry.
Nick looked at me incredulously. “Are, are you sure?” he stammered.
I nodded and said, “She’s Princess Elizabeth.”
The look on Nick’s face would have made me laugh on any other day but I was hurting too much to laugh.
Nick picked me up off the ground and looked around us securing the perimeter although he still looked shaken.
“Let’s get you home,” he said. “Did you bring your car?”
I nodded mutely. I had to pick up Bobby again today.
“Bobby,” I whispered to Nick.
“Don’t worry we’ll pick him up on the way,” Nick reassured me.
I let Nick lead me to my car and then put me in the passenger’s seat. Normally I would have objected to letting him drive but I just didn’t have it in me.
It was like I was in some sort of trance. No sound registered and I didn’t see anything. The only thing I could see was Eliza’s face, my best friends face. Her luscious blond hair falling in ringlets around her head and her baby blue eyes looking at me with kindness. Then her face seemed to fog up and when it finally cleared I saw the face of a cold-blooded killer. It was Eliza’s face but her beautiful blue eyes where a bright shade of red that were filled with hatred and she had razor sharp fangs. It was the face of Princess Elizabeth. This seemed to break my trance.
I was instantly aware of being alone in my car. I looked around me and found that I was parked outside the day care. Nick was standing inside arguing with Mrs. O’Malley. I sighed and got out of the car. Mrs. O’Malley wouldn’t give Bobby over to some stranger.
As soon as I was inside Nick and Mrs. O’Malley stopped arguing.
“Kasandra, tell her that I’m not some psycho and that she can give me Bobby,” Nick said glaring over at Mrs. O’Malley.
“Yes, Mrs. O’Malley you can trust Nick. He’s only slightly psycho,” I teased half-heartedly.
“No I will not give Bobby to either of you,” Mrs. O’Malley said putting her hands on her hips.
“Excuse me?” I said taken aback.
“You heard me, missy.”
“Mrs. O’Malley you give me my little brother,” I said getting angry.
“No, I am not at liberty to do so.”
“What do you mean by that?” Nick asked also angry.
“Sir Cardwell told me that if anyone asked for Bobby I am to tell them that they cannot see him,” Mrs. O’Malley said suddenly looking dreamy.
“Nick, what’s wrong with her?” I said looking at Mrs. O’Malley curiously.
“I think she’s been hypnotized,” Nick said astonished.
“Hypnotized? By who?” I asked not satisfied with his answer.
“By whoever this ‘Sir Cardwell’ is,” Nick said.
“Wait I think I’ve heard of vamps with special abilities like that,” I said.
“Yeah, some vampires are created with something unique, whoever Cardwell is must have the power of hypnosis.”
I suddenly felt ice cold. “Mrs. O’Malley, where is Bobby?”
“With Sir Cardwell,” she said staring into space.
I felt as though it was suddenly 15° in the room.
“Oh my God, Nick they took Bobby,” I said hyperventilating.
“Okay Kas, calm down. It’ll be okay, we’ll find him,” Nick said rubbing my shoulders. He turned in the direction of Mrs. O’Malley. “Mrs. O’Malley I need you to listen very carefully, okay?”
She looked at him which meant she was at least listening to him. The hypnosis really seemed to have messed with her head.
“Did Sir Cardwell tell you where he was going?”
“And was he with anybody?” I blurted. I had a bad feeling that Eliza wasn’t done betraying me yet. She was with that man, Abel his last name could very well be Cardwell.
“Why yes he was. He was with a lovely young lady, about your age,” Mrs. O’Malley said staring off into space again.
I felt as if I had been hit by a truck. Pain washed through me. It was Eliza, she had taken Bobby from me. Then suddenly the pain was washed away with anger. Eliza was going to pay. I should have killed her when I had the chance.
“Creatures of the night shall pay, for by my hand, your destruction shall come,” I recited the lines of the oath looking at Nick.
He nodded and a quiet understanding passed through us. We weren’t going to rest until Bobby was found and his kidnappers killed. Even if it was that backstabbing Princess Elizabeth.
“Mrs. O’Malley,” Nick said turning to her once again. “did Sir Cardwell say where he was going?”
“Yes, yes he did. He told the young girl that they must return to their home at once.”
“Which is…?” Nick prompted.
“Galesburg, Illinois I believe. The girl said she didn’t not want to return to Galesburg. And the only Galesburg I know of is in Illinois”
Apparently Abel didn’t do a good job with his hypnosis. It was obvious he never told Mrs. O’Malley to keep her trap shut about who took Bobby and where they were heading. I guess vampires aren’t all that smart after all.
“That’s not too far by plane,” I said.
“And where are we supposed to get the money to go by plane?” Nick asked frowning.
“My allowance.” His eyebrows rose up in surprise.
aahhh!!! they took bobby!! aaww...i love that kid!!!
its good keep goining
Wow, that's crazy. I can't belive that they took Bobby. Keep up the good writting. : )
thts really cool i didnt see tht one coming plz keep me updated!!!!!!!
yay new reader! welcome to the Night Hunter world! lol :)
I'm in shock! Didn't see that one coming!! I still can't believe Eliza would do that . . . and why do they want Bobby? To capture Kas or is there something else going on? can't wait for more!!
omgomgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t believe the Johnsons give you eighty dollars a week,” Nick said for the third time.
“For them that’s pocket change,” I said unable to sit still on the plane. We should be there in about two hours not including the time it will take us to get through airport security. Nick and I contacted a few Hunters we know in Illinois and they should be waiting for us when we arrive.
“What’s taking so long,” I practically shrieked. The attendants were strolling down the aisles taking their time asking people if they wanted anything, and the pilot seemed to be taking his time too seeing as we were still on the ground.
“Kasandra, calm down. We’ll find Bobby,” Nick said patting my shoulder. I pushed his hand away a little too forcefully.
It was a long ride, well for me anyway, but we finally made it. Once we got through security and all, we found a bunch of Hunters waiting next to two very nice silver Porsches. We Hunters like fast cars. Among those Hunters was Susan, the first Hunter I ever met.
“Okay so you’re sure that Galesburg is their secret city?” asked one of the Hunters in a low voice when we reached them. I wasn’t familiar with him so he must be one of Nick’s friends.
“Not one-hundred percent, but we’re pretty sure. That’s where they’re taking the Princess,” Nick said. “Kasandra, this is Nate.” Nick pointed to the him and I tried to smile and failed miserably.
“So it was your little brother those monsters took?” Jade said. She was one of the Hunters that I called. I didn’t know her that well but we needed as many Hunters as we could get.
“Yes, and I’m not going to stop looking until he is found. And I’ll kill anything in my way,” I said loud enough for all the Hunters to hear. I was glad no people were around this particular section of the airport.
The Hunters nodded.
“We will not rest either,” Sasha said stepping out of the group. “Am I right?” She turned to face the Hunters and they saluted her in the standard Hunter way, by putting their right fists in front of their hearts. Sasha smiled satisfied.
“Alright, let’s go,” I said. We piled into the two cars and we barely fit. Jade ended up sitting on Nate’s lap. She didn’t seem too thrilled about that although Nate was grinning like an idiot.
We arrived at Galesburg a few minutes later. There were humans around but no vampires.
“Where are all the vamps?” Jade asked elbowing Nate in the ribs because he tried to put his arms around her.
“I don’t know,” I said looking out the windows.
We drove nonstop for about an hour when we finally saw something. It was a huge steel gate about fifteen feet high. We stopped just outside of them and tried to see if there was anything behind them. The other Hunters weren’t able to see anything but I could see a large silhouette of something way out in the darkness. Night vision was another trait I inherited.
“Let’s climb over it,” I said.
“Are you crazy? What if it’s like electric or something and it shocks us as soon as we touch it?” I looked down to see a very young Hunter about thirteen or fourteen looking a little scared. I didn’t blame her.
“Okay who let her come?” I asked the Hunters angrily. Why would they let such young Hunter come on such a dangerous mission!?
“She insisted on coming,” a Hunter in his late twenties said. I think his name is Brad.
“Yeah, I can take care of myself. I don’t need anybody’s help,” she said stubbornly.
“What’s your name?” I asked her.
“Hayley, and for the record I’ve tracked and killed about seven vampires all by myself.”
“Okay, whatever you can stay but you better be careful. I don’t want to have to save your butt when I‘m trying to find my brother,” I said sternly. Okay that was a little harsh but I didn’t care at the moment.
Hayley glared but kept her mouth shut. Wise of her.
I climbed the fence and the Hunters followed.
As we got closer to the giant silhouette I could see that it was a castle. I felt as though I had some how gone back in time to the early sixteenth-century. They actually had guards in front of the castle along with horses.
“I think we’ve found Olaf,” I whispered to the Hunters.
“No doubt about that,” Brad said.
“How do we get in?” Hayley asked.
“We’ll need a distraction,” Nick said from beside me.
“We can do that,” Susan said motioning to herself, Jade, and Nate.
“Okay, while they distract the vamps we’ll sneak in,” I said. “But you should take more than just three Hunters, Susan. Take Brad along, he seems like he can take at least two vamps by himself,” I added grinning at him. Brad was a pretty big guy.
He laughed and said, “Three actually.”
“Stop kidding around you guys! Let’s go,” Hayley hissed impatiently.
“You’re a feisty one aren’t you,” I asked.
“Just come on!”
I looked at Brad and he shrugged. Hayley obviously always got her way.
“Alright you guys ready?”
They answered me with the Hunter salute.
I nodded and we split up.
The Hunters and I waited in the darkness as Jade, Susan, Brad, and Nate went to set up the distraction.
We had been waiting for a few seconds when I heard Jade scream, “Hey leeches over here!”
The vampires reacted immediately, they were obviously trained well. They charged at her faster than a bolt of lighting. But they never made it to her because about half a dozen stakes came literally out of nowhere and hit most of them in the chest. The remaining few tried to run for help but Jade threw more stakes that hit them in the back. There was dust everywhere.
“Let’s go,” I said as more vampires came running out of the castle.
We made our way through the dust swiftly and silently. Once inside we found ourselves out in the open. Not somewhere you want to be when you’re trying to hide. We had stumbled into a large foyer with a ceiling so high I had to crane my neck to see it.
“Not good,” I said as two female vampires walked in.
“Intruders!” one shouted.
Those were her last words because Hayley had whipped out a stake and thrown it straight into her chest. Nick followed her lead and staked the other vampire.
“Nice arm, kid,” I said to Hayley.
“I used to play baseball,” she said shrugging.
“Let’s go,” Chris the other Hunter we brought along said.
We avoided as many of the vampires as possible so as to not draw attention to ourselves.
“But father it’s just not right!” I stopped dead in my tracks. That was Eliza’s voice. I had the Hunters follow me as I peeked through a doorway.
“Keep watch,” I whispered to Chris. He nodded and took out his stake.
Again I peered into the room that I heard Eliza’s voice in. It was the thrown room. I could see King Olaf on his thrown although I couldn’t see his face. Sitting next to him was Queen Cecilia, his wife.
“Elizabeth the strange half breed must be destroyed. It has become a Hunter therefore it is a liability to our kind.” Oh no. They were talking about me. That stupid vampire Abel must have told half the castle about me by now.
“Did they say something about a half breed Hunter?” Nick asked dumbfounded.
I ignored his question feeling sick.
“But she’s my friend,” Eliza whimpered.
“You are a princess Elizabeth hence you are not allowed to have friends, only your wonderful family.” Olaf spread his arms out wide as if he meant to hug Eliza but then he dropped them to his sides.
“I wasn’t a princess while I attended Washington High and she was my friend. I hurt her. Your little minion Abel hypnotized me into helping him kidnap Bobby. He should be beheaded for such an act. Hypnotizing the princess, ha!” Eliza was obviously peeved that Abel had hypnotized her.
“I gave Cardwell permission to anything in his power to get you to come home. You were always stubborn, if hypnotism is what it took to get you home then he had every right to do so.”
Eliza was infuriated. She was about to say more but then another vampire entered the room.
“Your majesty, we have intruders. The Hunters have penetrated our walls. There are several servants missing and we have found dust at their posts.”
Queen Cecilia gasped and put her hand to her dead heart.
“I want guards at every corner. Double the guards where we have the infant boy, and when you find the Hunters bring them to me,” King Olaf said angrily rising to his feet.
The vampires started to scatter, yelling orders. We had to get out of here quick.
“We have to go, hurry,” I said.
But they others wouldn’t move. They were looking at me strangely, almost as if I had a deadly disease that they might catch if they got too close to me.
“Come on you guys what are you waiting for?” I asked exasperated. There were vampires running around looking for us and they were standing around practically asking to get caught!
“You’re the half breed,” Nick said looking hurt.
awsome chapter cnt wait for more!!!


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