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I just needed to know. Had I made the right decision by leaving? All I knew was that I would never place her in a dangerous situation ever again. Jasper’s attack had opened my eyes. She would never be safe with me or my family. I also was sure of the love that would always stay in my heart; she still was the only reason for being. 


I heard them from a distance, her laugh sounded almost happy. There was just a tiny rough edge to it, but that would also fade when given time. I could see that he would be good for her, I could hear him screaming out loud the love he already felt for her. It took me everything not to show myself. I felt a pain deep inside: a pain that would have broken my heart if I had a thumbing heart. Once more I realized that she had changed everything around and about me. 


Once more I looked back, just a little more time and she would realize that her future was with this boy, Jacob. I started running, and for the first time, I felt how it was for Esme when she cries.


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Chapter 1

‘She answered with an annoyed voice; I knew she still didn't like me.

"Leah...Jacob imprinted yesterday...Hmmm... Could I come to your place? Just to put my mind at ease and make some decisions. I won’t bother you for more than a week. Please? ... Melly will come, too."

She told me it was okay if it was for only a week. I finished the conversation and went back into the house. Before yesterday it had been my home; my home where I had been happy with Jacob and Melody, our little daughter. Last week we had celebrated her first birthday. Not that she looked like a one year old, but still we had a wonderful day. My dad and Billy where there, of course as well as the wolf pack members and Angela with Ben. Melly had loved every single present they had given to her.

I was happy that Melly was sleeping while I was packing two bags and a suitcase. I looked around and everything reminded me of the happy moments. Jacob had built this house himself with the rest of the wolf pack. He had started building right after I had accepted his marriage proposal. So by the time we were married it had been finished and I had to admit it, I had loved it from the very first moment. Now I just felt lost in it.

I had seen it on Jacob’s face that something really bad was going on. As always, I took the wrong conclusion by thinking that Dad or Billy had been involved. Oh my, was I mistaken. He told me that he had met this girl at Seth’s place, a niece of sweet Seth, how ironic. He had done his best not to give into this feeling towards her, but just like Sam and every other wolf pack member, he had lost the battle even before it had begun.

And me, I had once more lost, because no matter how I would come out of this mess, between Jacob and I had changed. Billy had been confused, but somehow I had felt his approval for this. My dad had taken my side, of course, when I had called him to ask if Melly and I could come over to his place. He had called Billy and Jacob; he knew some of the legends but not the whole story, not the imprint part.

I had not heard anything, maybe I was too busy with my thoughts, but all of a sudden I was aware of someone watching me. I turned around and looked into Jacob’s familiar eyes.


I stopped him right there. I shook my head and turned back to the bags. I was nearly done.

"I'm going to stay at Leah’s place for a week. I'm taking Melly with me. You've got my number and Leah’s, so you can always call. I need some time to think." I turned around. "Jacob, now everything has changed. It can never be like before, friends.... I'll try to figure out a way to live close enough, but Forks is out of the question and so is the reserve. We will be safe at Leah’s place, so no worries there."

He just stood there with his sad eyes. I knew it was not his fault, I knew he couldn't change the fact that he imprinted, I knew... But I felt so lost and for the second time I felt betrayed, betrayed by someone I loved.

I carried the bags and suitcase to the car, one by one. Jacob sensed I didn't want his help this time, and went back in for Melly. She looked at me with her bright green eyes and hugged me. I gave her to Jacob and went out so they could have a moment to themselves.

Our little Melody, known as Melly to most people, with her bright green eyes and long curly brown hair reminded us of what had once been my path. Whenever sunshine touched her hair, it had this bronze shine..Her olive toned skin was what she had from her dad. But how long would I-would we-have her in our lives?

I took out my phone and called Carlisle, I would stop by his practice before going to Leah’s.

Chapter 2

Before I could knock on the door, Carlisle opened the it to let us in. He smiled and hugged me saying he was glad to see me again, and then turned to Melly. She already knew what was coming, her monthly check up. When she was born, Carlisle came over to Charlie’s place every day. After 4 weeks, it was every week and then after a half year, it was every month. She was still growing faster than any normal child; she looked like a five year old rather than a one year old child, but it had slowed down a bit. Still I worried a lot. Carlisle said that he knew of stories about half-bloods, but Melly was vampire, werewolf, and human all in one. So nothing like anyone had ever seen before.

I still remembered that day like yesterday. I had been eight months pregnant and was on my way to visit Charlie. It would be my last visit, and the next time, Charlie would come to the reserve. Charlie had already opened the front door when it happened: Victoria's attack. She grabbed me by my arm and pulled me into the woods. Just before we disappeared I could hear Charlie’s scream. I had wondered if he had seen Victoria; she had moved so fast when she had grabbed me.

When she finally came to a hold, she had turned around and smiled. She had looked so happy, like she saw the most beautiful present just in front of her. I did not start running or screaming, I just stroked my belly; my little baby that would be lost just like I would at that moment. My eyes had been closed when I had felt her teeth sinking into my neck, and just when all started to turn black, I had heard a familiar high voice .... Alice is all that I had whispered before I had hit the floor. The next thing I knew was that I was in the Cullen’s house, screaming and fighting against another pair of teeth and Alice taking my hand and stroking my hair. She had whispered that I needed to lie still for my baby. Carlisle would do anything to save us both.

And he did save us both, he sucked out the venom and made sure I had no other injuries. The baby was behaving normal, its heartbeat had been normal, just like the sonogram. He gave me his phone number and told Alice to drop me off at the border. Apparently she had already called Jacob.

While we drove to the reserve, she told me that she could not see me most of the time. She only saw me when I went to Forks, Charlie’s, or somewhere else than the reserve, but from the moment I decided to go back, I disappeared again. She had been so worried about me all of this time. So I told her about the werewolf pack. She didn't like not being able to see me, but she understood that it was my home now. She gave me one last hug before I got out and drove off.

Before I had time to turn around, I had been surrounded by the wolf pack. Jacob changed back and looked at me. I had been shocked; he had this glance of disgust in his eyes and something else: accusation. I started talking about Victoria and that she had almost killed me as well as the fact that Alice had showed up with Carlisle and that they saved me and the baby. I demanded him to take me home, I needed to call Charlie. I knew that either Alice or Carlisle had called him to say I was alright and home now. I saw some jaws drop, a pretty hilarious sight when it happens to a big wolf, but I hadn't been in the mood for humor. Sam told me he would take me home and so he did. He changed and carried me home, he pleaded to go easy on Jacob. I just turned around and entered, I really needed to call.

In the end Jacob came home and I forgave him, as always.
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