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A different ending to New Moon changes everything!!!!


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I just needed to know. Had I made the right decision by leaving? All I knew was that I would never place her in a dangerous situation ever again. Jasper’s attack had opened my eyes. She would never be safe with me or my family. I also was sure of the love that would always stay in my heart; she still was the only reason for being. 


I heard them from a distance, her laugh sounded almost happy. There was just a tiny rough edge to it, but that would also fade when given time. I could see that he would be good for her, I could hear him screaming out loud the love he already felt for her. It took me everything not to show myself. I felt a pain deep inside: a pain that would have broken my heart if I had a thumbing heart. Once more I realized that she had changed everything around and about me. 


Once more I looked back, just a little more time and she would realize that her future was with this boy, Jacob. I started running, and for the first time, I felt how it was for Esme when she cries.


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I like where this story is going.......until you post again
Thanks you 2!!!! Will do :)

Great incredeble story!

thqankx for the update..althogh i c im a little late hahe



PS:Write as soon as possible thanx

You're welcome ;)

Thank you!!! And will do :)

Another story I need to work n. Almost vacation so will have more time or just need to make time :)


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