The Twilight Saga


by, taylor snooze

this is my first fanfic! hope you like it!

Night time terror


black panther= Poppy, White tiger=James, Polar bear=Embry, cougar=aphrodite, Wolf=jacob, eagle=abigail.


Damen, Zoey, Eric, Luna, Jarod, Sunflower.

Bad Vampires

Damon, Conrad, Seth, Leah, Frost, Haven.


Jace, Jude, Clary, Shirley, Sam, Paul.



Aphrodite’s POV

 All I remember is the shouts of the council, the screams of the people, and my racing thoughts.

We’ve been found!

We packed our thing to get ready to move, but The Hunters and their allied vampire friends where already come. They came in great numbers, and stormed the front gate, slaughtering the guards posted there.

It was a gruesome sight for a shape-shifting five year old.

As most of the men held the army off, the women and children escaped. The others and I watched as our men were slaughtered and our beloved hidden city burned to the ground.

My dad died. I kept thinking. He was a great shape-shifter.

We kept walking throughout the night till daylight came.


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wow hey i know you already read this part to me but please write more awsome story
Chapter 1:Just the begining
Jarod's POV

It's been eight years since the battle, and we're still homeless. Sometimes I go searching for someone to help us. But always come back empty.
"Where are we going to go?" I ask my mom.
"I don't know but we need to get out of the woods."
"You mean where people are? Oridnary people?"
"Yes, that's exactly what I mean."
I sigh.
I go off to find a quite place, sitting in a tree I think of the battle.
I was sixwhen it happened. My father diedin the battle.
I was into my thoughts i didn't hear Luna as she jumped up beside me.
It startled me so much I fell out of the tree.
"Oh, sorry Jarod."
I looked up at her, she was a pretty black haried girl with stunning blue eyes and delicate features.
She jumped down to see if i was ok.
"Yeah. I'm fine."
"Do you know where we are going to go?" she asked.
"Yeah. The city!"

Jace's POV
I looked around the rubble and dead bodies.
I can't believe they escaped!
I kick the bodies and rubble out of my way as I head towards Clary.
"Do you know where the resst went?" I hissed.
"Not yet, my masster."
"That wassn't the newss I wanted! "
"Sssory. Shall we purssue them?"
"Yess, becaussse thiss iss only the begining!!"
I lost my notes for the story so it will take awhile to rewrite it and type it out! SORRY!
It ends up I didn't lose my notes !!! I left them at my Dad's!!!!!!! SORRY!!!

Chapter 2: Animals?

Ever's POV
"May i go? Please?" I begged ny mom for the ninth time.
"No! Only if you finidh your homework and study for the final!"
I sigh, this wasn't going anywhere.
After storming upstairs and slamming my bedroom door, did i sit down and try to study. Finding it near impossible, I climb out of my bedroom window and head towards the woods near my backyard.
For some reason, I keep thinking of my mom. I'm not allowed to have any fun! Work and studibg is all!
Hit with i feeling like no other, I lookj around.
Scared. Frightened. Angry?
As i'm looking around I see a shape. Taking a closer look I step towards it; a hissing sound caused me to step back and scream.
I turn to run but another one is infront of me. I check my sides for a gap but there are people there too.
I look closer, not people creatures!
Head of a snake but body of a human.
I'm surrounded, now i'm angry.
Do these creatures think they can surround innocent people?
They take a slithering step towards me hissing the whole time.
I step back and scream again.

Poppy's POV
James and I were patroling the areain our animal forms for The Hunters. James is a white tiger and I'm a black panther, anyway we were patroling when we haerd a scream. Then a scent hit us sooo unexpectedly James nearly fell over.
It smelt like year old compost and rotten flesh.
We followed the scent as well as the scream; it lead us to a clearing were there was a teenage girl 'bout fifteen.
With long brown hair and green eyes that turn to brown in the middle.
That wasn't all, she was surronded by The Hunters!
"Let's go!"I growled to James, he grunted in reply.
The girls eyes went huge when she saw us. Not only were there no panthers or tigers there but we were huge.
We growled and snapped our fangs at The Hunters who got too close.
"Kill them too! Just because they don't ssmell good doessn't mean they don't tasste good! Doess it?"
As they pounced at us, James got the one west, I got east. We riped them apart using fang and claw.
The others ran off.
James and I looked at the girl, then at each other, then back at the girl. I was the first to change back to human form.
I gasped.
"Excuse me but what happened to you? You're as white as snow and shaking so hard you might fall apart!"
James transformed too.
"She's right you know. You need to get home!" He said in "Shock"

Chapter 3: Saved by Ever Night

Ever's POV
I woke up, a scream still in my throat.
how did I get to my bedroom? All i remember is big beasts and some kind of creature.
I look at my clock, GOD, almost midnight! For some reason i need to go for a walk.
As i'm going along, I'm hit with another feeliing, the woods i need to get to the woods.
Before I knew it i was in the middle of the woods, and there is a light ahead. I head over there to ask for directions out of the woods. as a get closer the smell gets stronger.
Rotten flesh and year old compost!
I know that smell. Now instead I sneak up to get a closer look.
And try to stifle a scream.Frozen people and the creatures walking towards them. I caught the gleam of a blade;they were going to kill the people.
I should walk away, I think to myself, but I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing there would be dead bodies found! I could have stopped it!
So i do something foolish; I jump out of my hiding spot. Another feeling, fear. Danger. Hatred, and anger. Following my instinct and feeling, I raise my hand at them.
The creatures stop walking towards the people and turn towards me. I saw their forked tounge slithering in and out. Probably tasting my scent.
"Kill her. Then kill the resst!"
I think thats the leader.
The snke people start walking towards me, forked tounge ging in and out. I raise my hand and concentrate on the fire. I didn't notice my palm glowing orange, blue and white. As the fire grows bigger, I concentrate harder. A ball of fire flies from it and lands in my waiting hand.
Then I concentrate on the running stream and the wind blowing my hair.
Soon I have three balls in my hand and more waiting, as they pounce at me I throw the power balls at them. After they stop jumping at me I turn towards the people, take my eyes off the snake people, and throw a fire ball at them. Bad move! As the people begin to thaw , I turn back to the snke creatures and see they have back up and let the leader through.
I guess he had a power of his own.
"Foolish human! Do you real think you can defeat uss?"
"Maybe! That depends!"
I saw a blade in his hands! Danger!!
I took my gaze off him to see that the people were almost thawed. quicker then a cobra he struck my back, creating a long gash almost to the spine! I was on the ground before I knew it. Moaning in pain. He was on my chest, blade in hand atmy throat!
"Now I will kill you! But I have a quesstion firsst, why didn't you leave when you had the chancce?"
"I couldn't leave knowing there was people in danger! Even if they were not normal! Do you think you can go around freezing people and then killing them? Just because you think your not fully human doesn't mean you doen't feel pain! These people feel pain and so do I and SO DO YOU!!! YOU FEEL LOVE AND PAIN JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!!!"
He flew off of me like someone pulled his string. I got up even though my back was burning and blooding like a tap. I had a wind and fire ball in each hand.
"Would you like to be burned or torn apart be wind?" I asked without fear
The leader stepped forward with a snarl then quickly stepped back with a gasp, the other creatures gasped too.
I looked at my right palm whitch had a tattoo one it. It was a dolphin jumping out of the ocean with a sunset behind it. Also had cury lines that act as wind.
"You better go! NOW!!!"
They ran off like one of those beasts where after them.
The people were thaw now and were staring at my in amazment. I caught a native boy's eye and tried to smile but crumpled to the ground pain.
They rushed over to help, then everything went black!!


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