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Preface: I needed to get out of this blackness. My eyes finally opened, relieving me from this nightmare. Everything became clear, and I stared at the two before me. I finally saw who the beautiful voice belonged to. Like his voice, he too was beautiful. He had light brown hair, impossibly pale skin and something that caught me off guard: his brown-red eyes. A mixture of emotions zipped through me, fear, hope, sadness, happiness, and pain. I stared deep into his eyes, feeling strangely reassured.

Chapter One

Alice’s POV

I couldn’t wait for tonight. I was so excited, I was thrilled beyond belief. I was even getting a little restless. That NEVER happened to me. Not to a vampire. I spent the entire afternoon searching the future, my special gift. I searched my family’s future, especially my half-vampire, half-human niece, Renésmee’s. I was pretty sure she was going to say yes to the proposal that awaited her tonight, but unfortunately, I couldn’t see her in my visions. She was a blind spot as was werewolf/shape-shifter Jacob, her hopefully-to-be-fiancé or any of his wolf pack for that matter. Not being able to see them was a pain, but I was learning to cope with it and it was beginning to be manageable.
I had seen my mind-reading adopted brother, Edward, talking to his wife, my favorite sister-in-law, Bella. They were talking about Jacob asking him to marry Renésmee, and if that was okay with her. She said it was okay. I was suddenly filled with anticipation. I was dying to ask Renésmee if I could plan her wedding. I already had run a mental picture of my entire layout. It was going to be perfect, of course. All of my weddings were.

Slowly, the hours ticked by. My entire family had gone hunting. I was the only one that stayed behind. I knew that as good as an actress I was, I would not be able to hide my excitement. Besides, I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone. Edward knew what was going on, and told the rest of our family that I needed to finish some designing projects (which was partly true, I hadn’t finished Emmett or Jasper’s wardrobes). Jasper didn’t want to leave me, but I argued and told him he needed to hunt. For a fraction of a second, he looked like he suspected something was going on (he knew me well), but shrugged it off. Reluctantly, He gave in.

I had managed to pass the time planning the wedding. I had almost everything laid out and fitted just right and then re-fitted again, when my eyes focused on what was neither the past nor the present: the future. Suddenly, I saw Rosalie and Emmett, my other adopted siblings, driving to an orphanage. I smiled. They finally had made up their minds to adopt a child. Even before Rosalie had been transformed into a vampire, she had wanted a baby of her own, but vampires could not change in anyway, therefore, could not get pregnant. That left Rosalie desperate. So after many childless years they decided to adopt. I searched for specific information about the future member of our family (boy or girl, blonde or brunette etc.) and when they were going to announce it to us. I was thrilled. I was going to have another niece!

Esmé’s POV
Chapter One (Continued)
We were just finishing an exciting hunting trip. Jasper, Edward, Bella, Renésmee, Jacob, Carlisle and I had finished up and were waiting for Emmett and Rosalie. Jasper was getting anxious, and wanted to get back to Alice. So did I. I loved having my family together, and missed every second when we weren’t. I didn’t like seeing Jasper so worried. “Don’t worry, Jasper. Rose and Em will be here soon enough. Alice is perfectly fine by herself.” Jasper mumbled something I couldn’t understand, and then he gave a big sigh and sat down rather flustered and nearly crushed the boulder under him. I smiled. I turned to my adopted son, Edward. Any sign, yet? I thought. He shook his head in response. “No.” He said un-emotional. Then 2 seconds later, his face grew from un-emotional to awareness. “They’re coming. Emmett tried a new technique he has wanted to try on a grizzly. It took them awhile to find one, and even longer to master the technique.” Edward informed us. “How many grizzlies did they try this technique on?” Renésmee questioned suspiciously, putting emphasis on “technique”. “13.” He replied, with a hint of annoyance. Jacob moaned. I started wondering on how many cubs they had left motherless when Rosalie and Emmett burst into the clearing. “Took you long enough!” Jasper snarled. “Hey guys! Guess what! We tried that technique you showed me, Jasper. We caught 13!” Emmett said enthusiastically. “Remind me never to give you advice again. Let’s go already! Jasper demanded. Emmett looked surprised at his reaction, then looked at Rosalie and shrugged. Carlisle gestured for my hand, and I slid my hand into his, Emmett grabbed Rosalie’s, Edward took Bella’s and Renésmee already had hers into Jacobs’s, and we were off.
I spent our time running, thinking about each of my family members. I loved them so much. My husband, my adopted children, my granddaughter, even Jacob, who wasn’t exactly in our family –yet. Every one of them was unique in their own way, special. My thoughts turned to Bella, a shield, a mental defense, who came into our family, brightening up Edward’s life, put meaning back into it. I will be forever grateful to her for that. Edward. My talented, mind-reader son, kind, generous and not only that, he was a marvel when it came to piano. When he played his piano, it was like painting the sunrise for me, so beautiful. Edward interrupted my thoughts. “Remind me to paint you another sunrise when we get home.” He whispered smiling. He could read my thoughts. I beamed at him. Carlisle looked at me questioningly. I mouthed the word “piano” at him and he immediately understood. He knew me, and he also knew what Edward’s playing meant to me. My husband, Carlisle, my other half, the reason of my existence, my entire world and my true love. He was sweet, kind, handsome, generous, compassionate, gentle and loving. I squeezed his hand, and he squeezed it back. A gentle smile was on his face. I was blessed to have Carlisle. I turned my attention to my beautiful Rose and fun-loving Emmett, a perfect couple, two halves of a whole. It might not seem that way, but it was. She needed him and likewise he needed her.
I next turned my attention to Alice and her Jasper. They came to us out of nowhere and we adopted them as we had Rose, Em and Edward. Alice could see the future based on people’s decisions. Jasper could change your emotions. Jasper was in a way a complete opposite of Alice. She was artistic, bright and cheerful; he was shy, quiet and experienced. I loved them both terribly. My granddaughter, Renésmee, who looked like I could be her older sister, was Edward and Bella’s daughter. Also, my namesake, my name combined with Bella’s eccentric, gorgeous mother, Renée, who I got to know at the wedding. Her Jacob, a tall, kind young man, who hopefully would join our family soon. I already loved him as if he were my own. I had difficulty finding wrong with my children, I loved them so much. It was a joy to be able to call them my own.
We arrived at our home at twilight. I felt secure in a way, in the comfort of my own home, with all of my family. There was this reassurance that everything was going to be okay, but there was something different about tonight. There was excitement in the air.

As soon as everyone was together, in various places in the living room, Jacob cleared his throat. We all turned. I saw Alice squirm, out of the corner out of my eye. What was Alice nervous or excited about? I dismissed the thought. Jacob got down on one knee in front of Renésmee. Renésmee’s face was full of surprise and delight as he told her how much he loved her and if she would marry him. She said yes! Everyone started clapping and congratulated the two. I was so happy for them. I cried tearless sobs with a smile on my face. “You okay, Grandma?” Renésmee asked me with just a hint of worry crowding her overjoyed face. I nodded. I gave her a hug as did everyone else. It was a happy evening for all of us. Alice was talking wedding plans with Renésmee, Bella and I when her face went blank. We all stared at her when her face didn’t come back to normal. Jasper was by her side in an instant. “Alice?” He asked, worry on his face, as was on mine. I looked at Carlisle and then at Edward. Is she alright, Edward? What’s happening? I thought at him. A second later, her face came back to normal. “Alice, what did you see?” Jasper demanded. Alice and Edward looked at each other, then at me. “Looks like we’re going to have a new member in our family.” Alice declared. Everyone was stunned. “Who?” We all asked at the same time.

Hope you liked it!!!

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Awsome chapter. Can't wait for the next chapter. Post more ASAP.
Absolutely amazing! Really good writing. I so did not see the transformation coming. Great twist. Write more real soon.
Questions, were the humans really catching up to the vampires? Or were the vampires just running really slow and having some fun? Does the first part of chapter twelve mean Gabe will meet the Cullen's too? And is Ada going to find Matthew again?
Thanks again, Carlie :)

Answers: Let's just say the humans were close enough that Maria's coven could hear/smell them. They were probably going slow and taking it easy, and because of it, they had to make up for it. Silly vampires! Never mess with humans with pitchforks... lol..... He might turn up eventually in Forks....... ;) Oh yes, most definitely. I couldn't bring myself to write a story where two lovebirds lose each other and then not be able to sing to each other again :( That would be extremely sad....... But! Under which circumstances, you will have to wait and see!!!!!!
cant wait for nxt chapter. can u send me the link when u post the nxt chapter?
can u send me the link for chapter 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 plz?
All you have to do is click the "First" button at the bottom of the page. That'll take you right to Chapter 2. Then, click "Next" and that should take you to the next chapter and so on. Thanks for reading!!
And here's......... Chapter Thirteen: Discovery!!!!!
Hope you like it!!!!!!!

Chapter Thirteen


Alice’s POV

Nessie and I had returned from our shopping expedition and were making the final plans on the wedding. Nessie was more into the details and process than Bella was. It was decided. I would be the maid of honor. I was ecstatic, of course. Leah and Rosalie were to the bridesmaids and Amanda was to be the flower girl. Seth was to be the best man, while Quill and Emmett were to be the groomsmen. Rebekah and Rachel would be coming too. All the werewolves were to be invited along with their imprintees and Billy, Charlie and Sue, who I saw were soon going to be engaged. As soon as I was done planning Nessie and Jacob’s wedding, I’d have to start on Charlie and Sue’s.

We were in one of the final wedding detail arrangement meetings, when I had a vision. It was about the mysterious visitor. “Esmé?” I called out of nowhere. She was at my side instantaneously. Jake, Nessie and Jasper were already looking at my blank eyes. Bella, Edward and Carlisle weren’t far behind. “Our visitor, she is coming. It is official now, the decision has been made.” I told her. She looked excited. “Is she a vampire?” Bella asked, confirming. “Yes, she’s running fast, very fast. She’s hurrying, she’s scared. She needs our help.” “Do we know her?” Jasper asked me. What I saw perplexed me. “She knows Carlisle, apparently. She keeps repeating, ‘I have to get to Carlisle, I have to get to Carlisle.’ Over and over again.” I told him. “What is her name? What does she look like?” Carlisle asked, this time. Jasper placed a pencil in my hand and slid a blank piece of paper in front of me. I started sketching her face. It was hard to try not to get her with such a depressed look on her face. “She looks so sad and scared, poor thing.” Esmé sympathized. I guess I drew what I saw. “I’ve never seen her before.” Carlisle studied her face. The face in my vision grew sadder and sadder. It’s okay, you’ll make it. I tried to console her; it didn’t work. The saddened face grew to despair.

Matthew’s POV

Chapter Thirteen (Continued)

It had been days now. 15 days, 19 hours, 17 minutes and 32 seconds to be exact. I had to something that was at least a little bit more productive than being paranoid about her, so I counted time. Even time couldn’t keep me from blaming myself. Why did I have to go to town that day? Why didn’t I just go with Mrs. Smith when she went to check on her? I would never forgive myself for this.

Mrs. Smith and I, after extensively searching the spot where the she dropped the bucket, covered Africa, all of Europe, Australia, most of Asia and all the oceans except for the Pacific. This was my last trip out to find her, and then I would go to the Volturi, to die.

My thoughts kept wandering to her, seeing her was like my rising sun with her soft brown wavy hair and pail red lips, my heart got crushed again and again at every thought of her, but I refused to let her go. If I knew who left her to die in those woods, when I first saw her, I would go after it instead. I was just afraid I had done that to her.

I had left the note to Mrs. Smith. I hoped she would understand. I think I had just covered Area 37, England and was returning, when Mrs. Smith found me. She said she found something and led me to the river where Ada had disappeared. As far as we could figure, the water barrel was empty, so she went to get some water at the creek. We went to her favorite spot and found the bucket, her scent and wolverine scent. It must have chased her into the water downstream, because that’s where her scent dropped off. Mrs. Smith led me to a place five whole miles downstream. She pointed to a spot in the water, there, caught on a root was my love’s scarf. I dove for it, Mrs. Smith diving after me. There was a short tunnel that led into a cavern. I grabbed the scarf and swam in. Mrs. Smith followed. My head surfaced and I immediately caught her scent, and her blood. On a rock was my beloved’s blood. She must have hurt herself drifting in and caught her scarf on the root. I caught something else, vampire. Familiar vampire had been here and finished her. I was enraged and overwhelmed with grief. My beloved was dead. There was no purpose for me, I was meaningless. My heart had already been crushed and thrown away. I wanted only one thing: death. Death would take away my pain, my suffering. Mrs. Smith would never kill me; my old friends would never do it. If I could somehow displease the Volturi, they would kill me. I would go to them.

I dove out of the cave, going straight to Italy, to my death.

Alice’s POV

Chapter Thirteen (Continued)

We were all waiting for her arrival. I was on all-alert mode now. I kept searching for info about this girl. It was killing Jasper. He would feel my mood and my mood reflected hers, agony, despair, immense grief. He refused to leave me though. She would be coming tomorrow late afternoon, near sunset. We were all anxious to meet her, to find out what her problem was, to her help her.

It was almost time for her scheduled time of arrival. She had no idea where she was going, but I saw that she would recognize vampire scent and that would lead her here. “Anytime now.” I announced to my family. Wedding planning meetings had been postponed for the time being.

I was trying to fish as much information about her as I could get. How old was she? What was her name? Did she know how to dress? Little things like that. From her behavior, she was acting several centuries old, she had extreme self-control and was focused; but her eyes were of newborns. This fact puzzled Carlisle and Edward. “She just caught our scent.” I informed Carlisle. “She’ll be her in 30, 29, 28, 27…” I started the countdown. Everyone was motionless with anticipation. Edward could read her mind now. “She just keeps thinking that she needs to get to you, Carlisle.” Edward told him. I saw her turn on our driveway. “She’s here.” I said excitedly. Two and a half seconds later, she walked up the front porch and hesitated. Her future was blurry as she decided what to do. Edward nodded at Carlisle. Carlisle went to open the door. She was surprised, almost scared to see him. “Welcome, won’t you come in?” He asked her politely. She stepped inside, cautiously. “Are you Carlisle Cullen?” She asked him timidly. “I am. What can I do for you?” She seemed relieved. “I am Ada. I need your help.”
Good chapters. Can't wait for the next.
this is a great story line you have going on good work.. Just wondering if you could do Edwards POV its will be great to know what others are thinking while we get his point of view
I really like that idea, thembelihle. I'm writing a sequel to Nightmares, and maybe I'll try Edward's POV with that. Sound good?
Absolutely awesome!!! Love it. (As usual. ) :) :) :)
Thanks so much for answering every bodies comments. Us readers appreciate it.
Love the lovebirds analogy. Thanks again and please write more real soon. :) :)


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