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Preface: I needed to get out of this blackness. My eyes finally opened, relieving me from this nightmare. Everything became clear, and I stared at the two before me. I finally saw who the beautiful voice belonged to. Like his voice, he too was beautiful. He had light brown hair, impossibly pale skin and something that caught me off guard: his brown-red eyes. A mixture of emotions zipped through me, fear, hope, sadness, happiness, and pain. I stared deep into his eyes, feeling strangely reassured.

Chapter One

Alice’s POV

I couldn’t wait for tonight. I was so excited, I was thrilled beyond belief. I was even getting a little restless. That NEVER happened to me. Not to a vampire. I spent the entire afternoon searching the future, my special gift. I searched my family’s future, especially my half-vampire, half-human niece, Renésmee’s. I was pretty sure she was going to say yes to the proposal that awaited her tonight, but unfortunately, I couldn’t see her in my visions. She was a blind spot as was werewolf/shape-shifter Jacob, her hopefully-to-be-fiancé or any of his wolf pack for that matter. Not being able to see them was a pain, but I was learning to cope with it and it was beginning to be manageable.
I had seen my mind-reading adopted brother, Edward, talking to his wife, my favorite sister-in-law, Bella. They were talking about Jacob asking him to marry Renésmee, and if that was okay with her. She said it was okay. I was suddenly filled with anticipation. I was dying to ask Renésmee if I could plan her wedding. I already had run a mental picture of my entire layout. It was going to be perfect, of course. All of my weddings were.

Slowly, the hours ticked by. My entire family had gone hunting. I was the only one that stayed behind. I knew that as good as an actress I was, I would not be able to hide my excitement. Besides, I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone. Edward knew what was going on, and told the rest of our family that I needed to finish some designing projects (which was partly true, I hadn’t finished Emmett or Jasper’s wardrobes). Jasper didn’t want to leave me, but I argued and told him he needed to hunt. For a fraction of a second, he looked like he suspected something was going on (he knew me well), but shrugged it off. Reluctantly, He gave in.

I had managed to pass the time planning the wedding. I had almost everything laid out and fitted just right and then re-fitted again, when my eyes focused on what was neither the past nor the present: the future. Suddenly, I saw Rosalie and Emmett, my other adopted siblings, driving to an orphanage. I smiled. They finally had made up their minds to adopt a child. Even before Rosalie had been transformed into a vampire, she had wanted a baby of her own, but vampires could not change in anyway, therefore, could not get pregnant. That left Rosalie desperate. So after many childless years they decided to adopt. I searched for specific information about the future member of our family (boy or girl, blonde or brunette etc.) and when they were going to announce it to us. I was thrilled. I was going to have another niece!

Esmé’s POV
Chapter One (Continued)
We were just finishing an exciting hunting trip. Jasper, Edward, Bella, Renésmee, Jacob, Carlisle and I had finished up and were waiting for Emmett and Rosalie. Jasper was getting anxious, and wanted to get back to Alice. So did I. I loved having my family together, and missed every second when we weren’t. I didn’t like seeing Jasper so worried. “Don’t worry, Jasper. Rose and Em will be here soon enough. Alice is perfectly fine by herself.” Jasper mumbled something I couldn’t understand, and then he gave a big sigh and sat down rather flustered and nearly crushed the boulder under him. I smiled. I turned to my adopted son, Edward. Any sign, yet? I thought. He shook his head in response. “No.” He said un-emotional. Then 2 seconds later, his face grew from un-emotional to awareness. “They’re coming. Emmett tried a new technique he has wanted to try on a grizzly. It took them awhile to find one, and even longer to master the technique.” Edward informed us. “How many grizzlies did they try this technique on?” Renésmee questioned suspiciously, putting emphasis on “technique”. “13.” He replied, with a hint of annoyance. Jacob moaned. I started wondering on how many cubs they had left motherless when Rosalie and Emmett burst into the clearing. “Took you long enough!” Jasper snarled. “Hey guys! Guess what! We tried that technique you showed me, Jasper. We caught 13!” Emmett said enthusiastically. “Remind me never to give you advice again. Let’s go already! Jasper demanded. Emmett looked surprised at his reaction, then looked at Rosalie and shrugged. Carlisle gestured for my hand, and I slid my hand into his, Emmett grabbed Rosalie’s, Edward took Bella’s and Renésmee already had hers into Jacobs’s, and we were off.
I spent our time running, thinking about each of my family members. I loved them so much. My husband, my adopted children, my granddaughter, even Jacob, who wasn’t exactly in our family –yet. Every one of them was unique in their own way, special. My thoughts turned to Bella, a shield, a mental defense, who came into our family, brightening up Edward’s life, put meaning back into it. I will be forever grateful to her for that. Edward. My talented, mind-reader son, kind, generous and not only that, he was a marvel when it came to piano. When he played his piano, it was like painting the sunrise for me, so beautiful. Edward interrupted my thoughts. “Remind me to paint you another sunrise when we get home.” He whispered smiling. He could read my thoughts. I beamed at him. Carlisle looked at me questioningly. I mouthed the word “piano” at him and he immediately understood. He knew me, and he also knew what Edward’s playing meant to me. My husband, Carlisle, my other half, the reason of my existence, my entire world and my true love. He was sweet, kind, handsome, generous, compassionate, gentle and loving. I squeezed his hand, and he squeezed it back. A gentle smile was on his face. I was blessed to have Carlisle. I turned my attention to my beautiful Rose and fun-loving Emmett, a perfect couple, two halves of a whole. It might not seem that way, but it was. She needed him and likewise he needed her.
I next turned my attention to Alice and her Jasper. They came to us out of nowhere and we adopted them as we had Rose, Em and Edward. Alice could see the future based on people’s decisions. Jasper could change your emotions. Jasper was in a way a complete opposite of Alice. She was artistic, bright and cheerful; he was shy, quiet and experienced. I loved them both terribly. My granddaughter, Renésmee, who looked like I could be her older sister, was Edward and Bella’s daughter. Also, my namesake, my name combined with Bella’s eccentric, gorgeous mother, Renée, who I got to know at the wedding. Her Jacob, a tall, kind young man, who hopefully would join our family soon. I already loved him as if he were my own. I had difficulty finding wrong with my children, I loved them so much. It was a joy to be able to call them my own.
We arrived at our home at twilight. I felt secure in a way, in the comfort of my own home, with all of my family. There was this reassurance that everything was going to be okay, but there was something different about tonight. There was excitement in the air.

As soon as everyone was together, in various places in the living room, Jacob cleared his throat. We all turned. I saw Alice squirm, out of the corner out of my eye. What was Alice nervous or excited about? I dismissed the thought. Jacob got down on one knee in front of Renésmee. Renésmee’s face was full of surprise and delight as he told her how much he loved her and if she would marry him. She said yes! Everyone started clapping and congratulated the two. I was so happy for them. I cried tearless sobs with a smile on my face. “You okay, Grandma?” Renésmee asked me with just a hint of worry crowding her overjoyed face. I nodded. I gave her a hug as did everyone else. It was a happy evening for all of us. Alice was talking wedding plans with Renésmee, Bella and I when her face went blank. We all stared at her when her face didn’t come back to normal. Jasper was by her side in an instant. “Alice?” He asked, worry on his face, as was on mine. I looked at Carlisle and then at Edward. Is she alright, Edward? What’s happening? I thought at him. A second later, her face came back to normal. “Alice, what did you see?” Jasper demanded. Alice and Edward looked at each other, then at me. “Looks like we’re going to have a new member in our family.” Alice declared. Everyone was stunned. “Who?” We all asked at the same time.

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Here it is: Chapter 14: Guest!!!!!

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Chapter Fourteen
Alice’s POV
I am Ada. I need your help.
I saw that she really did need our help. It concerned the Volturi. Then she noticed the rest of us. The relief was gone. Carlisle stepped forward. “This is my family. My wife Esmé.” Esmé came and stood at Carlisle’s side and said, “It is very nice to meet you, Ada.” Carlisle continued. “Our children, Emmett and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice, Edward and Bella and their daughter, Renésmee and her fiancé, Jacob.” Everyone except Bella, Nessie and I nodded at Ada, when their name was introduced. Bella smiled; Nessie waved and I, seeing that she would like me, skipped up to her and gave her a hug, then I skipped back to my place with Jasper. She was surprised, but let it go. It was a good thing Amanda was with Seth, where she spent most of her time anyway, much to Seth’s delight. Ada eyed Nessie, and Jake hugged Nessie close. Ada wrinkled her nose when she smelled him. “Ugh! What is that smell?” She almost choked. Emmett laughed out loud. “Jake’s a werewolf.” I explained. She didn’t seem upset by the thought. Jasper was controlling her mood. I saw Edward planning to tell me something in the future. She was almost terrified of Jacob. Ada didn’t want him here and Jacob was feeling very uncomfortable. As if her not wanting him, was pushing him out of the room. Ada didn’t have a pleasant look on her face. “Okay, I’ll go.” Jake said uncomfortably, as if he could sense her discomfort. He walked out of the room pulling Nessie with him. I suppose he didn’t want Nessie’s half-human self near full-vampire Ada. “You said you needed my help?” Carlisle offered, gesturing to the couch. We sat down as she did. “What seems to be the problem?” He asked. “I’ll start at the beginning. About a month ago, I was found unconscious in a forest in Europe by a vampire named Matthew.” When she said ‘Matthew’, fear, passionate love, happiness and sadness hit her tone. “He brought me to a cottage where he and an older vampire took care of me. I’ve been living there ever since.” She stopped then started again, forcing herself to continue her story. “A little over two weeks ago, I went to a river to collect water, there a wolverine chased me.” She was trembling with fear now. I understood why she had been so scared of Jacob. The word, “werewolf” must have set her off; probably too close to “wolverine” that she could manage. Esmé, who was sitting next to her between her and Carlisle, put her arm around her in a comforting gesture. I nudged Jasper and Ada was in control of herself again. “To save myself, I jumped into the river and went through violent rapids; then everything went black.” She stopped and continued. “I was unconscious for two whole weeks. I woke up in a cave, separated from the river by an opening underwater. I left the cave and went straight to my home; no one was there, except for a mountain of missing flyers of me and a date that showed I had disappeared two weeks before, a world map with areas where they would be looking for me, and a letter to Mrs. Smith from Matthew.” She broke off. “You love him.” Jasper told her. I suppose he could feel the love around the way she said his name. She nodded. “With all my heart.” She continued. “The letter said if he couldn’t find me, he was going to the Volturi to die.” She put her hands over her face. Jasper was struggling to keep her emotions in check. Carlisle was still perplexed. “Where do I come in? How do you know me?” He asked her. Ada looked up at him. “The same day I went to the river, I discovered a secret underground room under the cottage. Mrs. Smith told me that’s where she hid during vampire hunts; kind of like a WWI bomb shelter. Anyway, she had a room filled with her paintings down there. One painting in particular caught my eye. It was a painting of the Volturi and you. She told me about you, your way of life; that you were the most compassionate and caring vampire on earth.” Edward cut in. “She wasn’t too far off.” He agreed. I came up with a brilliant idea. I dashed upstairs to Carlisle’s study and took the famous painting of Aro, Caius, Marcus and Carlisle in the Volturi Castle and brought it downstairs. “Was it like this?” I chimed. She was stunned. “It’s the same one.” She stuttered. “Who is the artist of the painting you saw?” Carlisle asked, suspiciously. “She made us call her Mrs. Smith, but that was just an alias for the locals. I don’t know her real last name; her first name is Valina.” Her beautiful voice rang out. She would be a wonderful singer. Maybe I could persuade her to sing for us. Ada continued. “She was an artist for the Volturi while you were there.” Ada informed Carlisle. “You know Valina?” He asked her. “Who’s Valina?” Bella asked confused. Edward was the one to answer. “She was Carlisle’s closest friend when he was in Volterra. She painted for them for years. Aro saw in her great potential when they first met, so he invited her to live with them, to learn how to paint.” “She was the most talented artist I have ever met.” Carlisle cut in. He pointed to the painting I was holding. “That, was painted in the first few months she was there.” He said proudly. “Amazing.” Esmé sighed in awe. The painting was a work of a master not of one that had only been on the job for a few months.
Ada seemed annoyed. “Since we have established that there is a relationship between Mrs.…… Valina and you…” She stuttered, continued then broke off again, seeming impatient. She sighed, defeated. “Will you help me?” She begged. “We have had our dealings with the Volturi; but I can’t understand how I can help you.” Carlisle asked, confused. Ada thought for a moment. “Tell me about them, the Volturi.” She commanded. Emmett scoffed. “The Italian mafia.” He said, jokingly. “They’re mafia?” She asked confused. “They’re posers.” Rosalie added. “More of a mixture of both. The Volturi are the ones who make sure vampires keep one rule and that is: keep the secret. If vampires should create a ruckus, in any way exposing us or become a threat, the Volturi eliminate them permanently.” Jasper informed her. He emphasized the last word. He continued, “They have a large guard full of talented vampires that made them unparalleled, until seven years ago.” “What happened seven years ago?” Jasper paused a moment before answering. “The Volturi misunderstood Nessie, Renésmee.” He corrected himself, remembering the newcomer would not know who Nessie was. “They mistook her for an uncontrollable immortal child, a vampire child. She is actually only half-vampire and half-human.” I got bored with his explanation. “They basically wanted us out of the way, but needed a good excuse.” I piped in. She had seemed confused ever since Jasper opened his mouth. “So there are these three ancient vampires named Aro, Caius and Marcus that want power over the world. They have a lot of body guards with super-powers that do whatever they tell them to do. Our family got a little too big for them and was considered a threat to their power-hungry-maniac ego and they found a stupid, invalid reason to come and get us. We called in some friends and they ran away like the cowards they are.” I put it down simply for her. Jasper faced me. “That’s what I just said.” He looked confused. “Not as plainly as me.” I sang. I quickly let go of the painting, gave Jasper a peck on the cheek and grabbed the painting before it had a chance to fall and returned it to its place in Carlisle’s office. “Aro won’t like you saying that, Alice.” Esmé called out to me. “If Aro wants me to join him, he’s going to have to put up with my opinion and a dress code change.” I informed her. Emmett laughed out loud. I heard Edward chuckle. “But can you help me?” Ada pursued. Edward sounded slightly agitated. “What would you have us do?” “Help me stop him!” She almost screamed at him. I pranced down the steps and to my seat between Ada and Jasper. Bella was cringing in pain of the memory of Edward in Volterra. I saw that Ada was going to ask about Bella, so I answered her unspoken question. “Edward went to the Volturi to die too, when he thought Bella was dead, as a human. We were just barely in time to save him.” Ada faced Bella. “Then you know. What did you do?” She asked her. “We went and got him.” She told Ada. Another brilliant idea popped into my head. “Let’s go!” I chimed. “Carlisle, will you come with me?” Ada asked abruptly. “Of course.” He agreed. “Edward, Bella?” He asked. My brother and sister in law glanced at each other and then nodded. Jasper was determined. “You’re not leaving me behind this time, Alice.” I sighed theatrically. “Okay, you can come.” I said with a hint of annoyance in my tone. I smiled at him playfully and squeezed his hand. “Okay, let’s go!” Emmett yelled. Almost everyone in the room except for Ada yelled in different tone, “Oh, no you’re not!” The look on his face was priceless. I laughed, my voice ringing out. Bella was the first one to talk. “Em, you need to stay with and Nessie.” He groaned. “Stay at home and twiddle my thumbs or help a vampire in distress? Oh, there’s a tough decision.” He said sarcastically. “You could put those thumbs to work, folding wedding invitations.” Esmé offered. “Wedding invitations.” Rosalie confirmed. “Manda…” She reminded him. Emmett perked up and seemed determined to stay. His fatherly devotion was evident on his face. He was a fantastic father to Amanda.
Emmett sighed and pulled Rosalie to table with unfolded wedding invitations. “Now…” I almost started telling him the proper procedure on the wedding invitation folding when I stopped and turned to Esmé and Rosalie. “You know the drill.” I assured them. They smiled and nodded. Emmett began folding. “Say hello to the Italian creeps for me.” Emmett ordered us. “We will.” I chanted. Jake and Nessie walked into the room and were informed of our plans. “So we leave for five minutes and already you’re planning a trip overseas?” Jake asked. Edward nodded. “What took you so long?” Jacob smirked. He walked to the invitation table and began folding with Rose, Em, and Esmé. Nessie stayed and hugged us all goodbye, even Ada. “Good luck!” She whispered in her ear. Then she skipped to the table where her Jacob was. “Wait!” I commanded. Edward read my mind on what I was going to do and groaned. “We’re going to save a misinformed vampire and you think about what we’re wearing?” Edward asked me. “Yep.” I ran upstairs and grabbed a clean outfit for the entire travelling clan, ran downstairs and gave it to them. “Alice will be Alice.” Edward sighed. Bella hugged him reassuringly. “If we’re going to confront the Italian mafia, we might as well go properly dressed.” I looked at Emmett, quoting him. Everyone obeyed me. Bella guided a bewildered Ada to somewhere where she could change, explaining when it came to clothes, I was not to be meddled with.
About five seconds later, everyone was changed and ready to go. I made plane reservations to London and from there to Florence where we would drive to Volterra. We were driving to Seattle in my Porsche and Edward’s Volvo. Jasper and Carlisle drove, oddly enough. It was getting dark. There won’t be anyone for 42 miles. I thought at Edward so he could tell Carlisle. We turned off the lights and floored it. Ada was in the backseat staring out the window, into the blackness. She whispered, “What if we’re not there in time?” What if, indeed.
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Okay here's Chapter Fifteen!!! Enjoy, my beloved readers!!!!! :)

Chapter Fifteen
Bella’s POV
By some miracle, all six of us made it onto that plane. Alice did something illegal to get Ada through without a passport on the flight to London Heathrow International Airport. It was fascinating to watch.
We had the whole first class to ourselves. Alice probably had something to do with that too. The other first-class passengers seemed uncomfortable with us there and they all requested to be seated in the coach class. We didn’t mind. Carlisle was curious about Ada’s transformation process. The funny thing was she had no clue what he was talking about. She couldn’t understand what he meant by ‘transformation’. “You know; the process of being turned into a vampire.” He explained. Ada was still confused. “But I’m not a vampire. I’m human.” Jasper almost laughed out loud. It was a good thing Alice saw it coming and clapped her hand over his mouth in time. We all turned our heads. Alice subtly handed her a mirror and asked if she had seen her reflection since the river. She replied no. She gasped out loud when she saw herself in the mirror. Her eyes were blood red. “How could you not know that you are a vampire, supersonic speed, empty head, dull memories, enhanced physical abilities?” I asked in disbelief. “It sounds to me more like you’re talking about steroids.” She disagreed. Jasper found something more important about newborns to discuss. “Have you snapped yet?” He asked Ada. “Snapped?” She asked, confused. “Have you thrown a temper tantrum recently?” Alice offered. “No, am I supposed to?” She asked. “That could be a problem. Yes, most newborn vampires do.” “He means every.” Alice told her. She had a puzzled look on her face. “What’s a newborn?” Ada asked. Just then a stewardess came down the aisle, making sure we were buckled up and ready for landing. Jasper whispered, “Later.” He stored his tray table and pulled out a magazine before landing.
Ada’s POV
Chapter Fifteen (Continued)
We managed to survive two planes and two airports. There were so many humans around, it was uncomfortable. I didn’t want them near me; they strangely moved away from us. It was probably their subconscious’s telling them that we were up to no good. My burning rage to save Matthew kept me going. It beat off my burning rage to quench my thirst. I was scared of the Volturi; but anxious to get there. Our last plane landed in Florence and we stole two cars, much to Carlisle’s disapproval. Edward and Alice drove this leg of the journey. Along the way, Alice and Jasper answered all my questions in detail about newborns. In better words, Jasper explained; Alice translated. Apparently, I would be stronger than “mature” vampires for a year, as they called them. They were still getting over the fact that I hadn’t snapped, hunted or even acknowledged the fire in my throat. Sure, I knew it was there; it hadn’t left me since I went unconscious. I remembered my nightmare in perfect precision. Before that, it was a little foggy; not enough to keep me from remembering it, but strong enough to keep me from remembering it in perfect detail. Bella had told me that the more I thought of my human memories, the clearer they would become and they would stay with me longer. Alice couldn’t remember anything from her human years. Jasper was changed during the Civil War, and changed Esmé, Emmett, Rosalie and Edward in life or death situations. What captivated me more was Bella’s story. She met the Cullen’s while she was still human, fell in love and married Edward, became pregnant with Nessie and almost died giving birth to her before Edward changed her into a vampire to save her just in time. I was impressed. A question that had been bothering me came up. “But… who changed me?” I asked them. Alice’s expression as she answered me was apologetic. “We don’t know.” So my past would always remain a mystery to me, like Alice’s, except I could remember the last month of my humanity; Alice could not. Maybe one day, my past would end my misery of not knowing, maybe.
When we were in sight of the ancient castle, I was mesmerized in the beauty of it. It was almost out of a painting I had seen. Oh wait, I probably had seen the same scene in one of Valina’s paintings. It was still hard getting used to the fact that Mrs. Smith’s name was not what she had told me it was. I guess I had suspected it all along.
We passed through the ancient gates. I heard Alice murmur, “Déjà vu.” Jasper squeezed her hand. I looked away. The squeeze brought waves of pain. The thought of never being able to squeeze my Matthew’s hand was like a flying dagger to my heart. Jasper immediately let go, and I felt strangely better. I guess I had a look on my face that reflected my thinking, because Jasper answered my unspoken question. “I didn’t want you feel pain.” “How?” I dropped off, too confused to speak. “Jasper is gifted, Ada. He can feel your mood and control your emotions.” Alice explained. This news surprised me. It was hard for me to grasp that a vampire could have super-natural powers that normal humans didn’t; I was still learning though. “Can you do that too?” I asked the cheerful Alice. She shook her head. “No, but I can see the future. Rather, what might be; it changes depending on the decisions people make.” She explained. My curiosity spiked. “Does the rest of your family have super powers too?” Jasper responded this time. “Edward, Bella and Nessie do. Edward can hear thoughts, whereas Nessie transmits thoughts through touch. Bella is a mental shield. She can block Edward from reading her mind.” “And block Nessie from transmitting thoughts?” I confirmed. Jasper shook his head. “We think she flipped both Edward and Bella’s powers. Edward reads; Nessie tells. Bella blocks; no one can block Nessie. It’s actually quite interesting.” Alice rolled her eyes at me. I smiled. “Here we are!” Alice chanted happily. Fear shot through me; nervousness took over. Then, in the same second, it was over: Jasper at work. “Thank you, Jasper.” I breathed. “You’re welcome, Ada.”
We approached the ancient inner castle. Alice, Edward and Bella showed us the way they came years ago. We stopped when we saw a Volturi guard. Carlisle spoke to him and the guard escorted us to a large, lavishly furnished room, there was a receptionist that greeted us and we sat down, while the guard told Aro of our coming.
The guard returned and beckoned us to follow him. He led us to an even grander room that was a hundred times more exquisite than the first room. There three wooden thrones, each with one vampire seated upon it. The one to the right had ashy blonde hair and looked displeased at our coming. I instantly dislike him. The vampire in the middle looked like the leader; he seemed politely interested in us. I guessed he was Aro. The last vampire, Marcus or Caius, seemed bored. No emotion or feeling betrayed his face. He looked like he was there because he wanted to. Deep loss seemed to glow from him. I felt sorry for him. “Ah! My dear Cullen’s, what an unexpected surprise! He said cheerfully, getting up from his throne. “What do you want?” The ashy blonde growled at us. My annoyance with him grew. “Caius.” Aro chided. “Is that any way to treat our guests?” He seemed embarrassed by the other vampire. “Carlisle, Edward, lovely Bella, and Jasper and… Alice!” Aro almost was beside himself with pleasure at the sight of Alice being here. He faced me. “And who is this, Carlisle?” Carlisle stepped forward to introduce me. “Aro, Caius, Marcus this is our new friend, Ada” “Welcome to Volterra, my dear friends and I’m delighted to meet you…” He dropped off and stepped forward to take my hand. Aro grasped it with both his hands. He finished his sentence as if he knew me my entire life. “…noble…happy Ada.” He said flirtatiously. That was funny. I didn’t feel happy. He let go. “Ah! But tell me, what brings you to my home?” He faced Edward and Carlisle expecting an answer. When he asked the question, it seemed like he already knew the answer. Carlisle was the one to speak. “Ada asked us to accompany her to speak to you. Has a vampire named Matthew come to see you?” Aro thought for a moment and responded. “Yes, a young man came but a few days ago, seeking a most unpleasant fate.” His manner seemed unapproving. I couldn’t contain myself any longer. “Where is he? What did you do to him?” I shouted, moving at Aro. Vampires appeared, not a few short steps behind him. Carlisle caught my arm, restraining me. Aro’s face did not change. “Do not alarm yourself, newborn. We did not deliver the fate he desired.” He tried to console me. It didn’t work. I needed my Matthew now. The past week’s heartache poured freely through me all at once. I became furious with Aro. I knew I had no reason to be. Rage filled me. I felt a growl building in my throat. Even Jasper couldn’t control me now. Alice screeched at me. “Ada, no!” But it was too late. Instead of springing at him, I channeled my hatred automatically into a place I didn’t know I had. Without touching him, Aro flew backwards thirty feet. He landed on the steps leading up to the thrones. The granite marble steps cracked under him. Marcus and Caius stood up. I was on the floor instantly, agonizing in pain with two well-built vampires holding me to the ground. The pain stopped, but the vampire didn’t. They continued crushing me to the floor. I focused my anger on them, even more than Aro. They went spiraling into the air away from me. “Ada, stop it!” Alice commanded me. I calmed down. Bella rushed to me, coaxing me back. “Calm down! Relax; take a deep breath.” Bella told me calmly. More vampires were getting ready to charge at me. Aro was already on his feet with a cloaked figure not inches apart from him. He lifted his hand, stopping the oncoming vampires. He looked confused and curious all at the same time. “Tell me, how did you do that?” Aro asked me. “How did you send almost 30 feet backwards, without even touching me?” Aro asked again. I was stunned. What had happened in the past 5 seconds swirled around me. I was just as baffled as he was. A million possibilities ran through my brain. Aro was still waiting for my answer. Edward replied for me. “She doesn’t know. She’s as dumbstruck as the rest of us.” He said plainly. “You mean none of you knew she had this ability?” Aro asked them suspiciously. He walked to Edward with a crowd of vampires walking with him. He took Edward’s hand with both of his. “None of us did.” Carlisle answered him. “We just met her yesterday afternoon and she is only days old.” He continued. Aro let go of Edward’s hand. Aro seemed awestruck. “So young; yet so powerful. Just think of her potential. Think of how well she could contribute to our cause.” I was intimidated by his words, but comforted to know he was talking about me. Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming urge to want to please them. I had the burning desire to follow them and serve them. I wanted to join the Volturi.

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Chapter Sixteen
Ada’s POV
I wanted to join the Volturi……
I was about to ask Aro, if I could join them, when my rushing desire to serve the Italian mafia, as Emmett had put it, was completely gone. It was as if a wall had been put up to block it. Block. Was Bella shielding me from the Volturi? Did they have a power that made me want to join them? I thought in my head. I saw out of the corner of my eye, Edward’s head nodding slightly. He was answering my questions.
I turned to my original question, calmer this time. “Where is my Matthew?” I asked Aro unemotionally. He looked disappointed. He suddenly perked up a little bit. “He is well. Maybe we can come up with some sort of agreement….” He trailed off. “Agreement?” I asked confused. “Yes, we could arrange a meeting. We would be honored for you to join us.” Aro let the bait sit. He was blackmailing me. I suppose he was expecting the “People binder” gift to be influencing my decision. If I was under the spell, I would have jumped at the opportunity. Seeing no answer, Aro continued. “Think about it.” He signaled for one of guards to usher us out of the room. So that was his game. I couldn’t see Matthew, unless I joined the Volturi. I slumped into Bella who was already half-carrying my stunned body. Carlisle came around to help lift some of the weight off of Bella. I had nothing left in me, emotionally or physically. We were lead to another wing of the castle; it was out of hearing reach. There were chairs, statues and beautiful paintings decorated the room. A couple of them, I noticed were painted by my adopted mother, Valina. We sat down on the chairs while Carlisle and Edward took a look at me. Edward spoke first. Edward spoke first. “She’s emotionally drained and unstable.” “I could have told you that.” Alice chided exasperated. Edward ignored her. “He’s blackmailing me.” I accused. Nobody acknowledged my statement. “You’re very lucky to be alive, right now, Ada. No vampire has ever snapped in front of the Volturi and lived to tell about it. You’re fortunate that Aro found your gift interesting enough to him to stop them from killing you. He must want your gift badly.” Jasper told me. I was numb. “I’d rather be ungifted and dead then being so close to my love and not being able to see him, to know he’s still alive.” I informed him. “He’s alive.” Edward informed me. “The Volturi were debating whether or not to kill him, when we arrived. They have no reason to kill him, until he eventually makes a scene or starts attacking them; which he eventually will do if they should decide not to kill him. On the other hand, they have no reason to keep him alive, until now.” He dropped off at those last two words. I put my hands over my face and moaned. “What now?” Bella asked. Nobody answered her. Carlisle was pacing the room. “How could Aro do such a thing?” He asked perplexed to no one. Bella and Alice turned to glare at him. He ignored them. “I have never seen Aro flaunt his power quite this way, so openly.” He corrected himself. “Maybe Aro isn’t quite recovered from that one winter.” Jasper suggested. “Most likely.” Carlisle agreed. “Do we leave? Do we stay?” Bella asked again. No one knew the answer.
Carlisle was still pacing the floor, murmuring to himself. Jasper, Alice and Edward were just sitting there, watching Carlisle pace like a caged tiger. Alice would occasionally turn to me and smile or hold my hand in a comforting gesture. I was leaning against Bella for support. She was still trying to console me. Edward spoke out loud; I didn’t realize at the moment that he was answering Carlisle’s unspoken question. “He knows her weaknesses, Carlisle. He knew that blackmailing her would have a greater chance at winning her over.” Bella looked like she was reliving a fragment of her past. “Haven’t we been over this before?” She asked confused. I interrupted her. “How does he know my weaknesses?” I asked slightly irritated. “Aro has a talent like Edward’s, except much more powerful.” Carlisle explained. “With but a touch of his hand, he can read everything you have ever thought.” Carlisle continued. I understood now why Aro had seemed eager to hold my hand. “What can the rest of the Volturi guard do?” “Marcus can read the ties between people. There is a tracker named Demetri, Chelsea can tighten or secure ties between people. The agonizing pain you felt was made by Jane. She can create the illusion of the worst pain imaginable.” Edward informed me. Ha! What I felt was so not the worst pain imaginable. What I was feeling right now was the worst pain imaginable. Hers would be a pain reliever. I was torn between the Volturi and Matthew. If I joined the Volturi, I could see Matthew. If I didn’t join them, they would kill my love. The pain increased. This pain was ten thousand times more potent than my burning nightmare. It wasn’t fire; it was lava. Lava was pouring out of my heart destroying everything it touched; not leaving ashes as did the fire. I tried to concentrate on something else, something sweet. “But the pain stopped. Why did she stop hurting me?” “I shielded you, Ada.” Bella told me. Edward continued. “Jane’s twin brother, Alec, can cut off your senses, leaving you vulnerable. Renata, Aro’s personal bodyguard can create a physical shield, like yours, except the shield only causes you to forget why you were going in that direction and it redirects you.” He dropped off as a guard entered the room and told us Aro was waiting for us. We followed him back into the luxurious throne room. Aro was standing, waiting of us. A muscularly-built vampire stalked into the room. He looked familiar in a way. I couldn’t quite place him. “Bella! How nice to see you again.” He greeted Bella then took his place behind Aro. “Felix. Always a pleasure.” She said sarcastically, returning the greeting. He oddly reminded me of Emmett. The only distinction was that one was a passionate father, despite his massive appearance; the other looked like a killer on steroids. Felix looked at me and his blood eyes widened. “You!” He exclaimed in unbelief. Aro turned to him. “You know her?” Felix regained his composure. “Yes, Master. She was the human that got away from us. She put up the biggest fight I’ve ever seen. We chased her into a forest in northern Europe. She was in such bad shape, we thought she was dead. We couldn’t find her. She did not want us near her, so strong-willed.” He finished with a smile on his face, bowed slightly. “You were bested by a human?” Aro asked in disbelief. Felix’s smile vanished. His smile turned up on my face. I glanced at the Cullen’s. They all had small smiles on their faces. The idea amused them too. I had bested the Italian mafia’s biggest vampire as a human. “If I didn’t smell the blood in her or hear that clumsy heartbeat, I would say she wasn’t human. We left her in pretty bad shape.” He defended himself. He said the last sentence almost in disbelief, almost trying to reassure himself. Doors slammed open. “You did that to her?” The beautiful voice almost shouted at Felix. “I thought I told you to stay downstairs.” Felix muttered disgusted, glaring at the voice. The voice was enraged. “Peace, friend.” Aro reassured him. I knew that beautiful voice. I would know it anywhere. I faced the love of my life and wept for joy. He looked awful though. Like a human who hadn’t slept for a year. I didn’t care. His face was still the most handsome I had ever seen and besides, I was in love with him. “Matthew.” I breathed. He faced me. He looked like he was overwhelmed. He smiled at me. My destroyed heart instantly turned to butter than molded back together with Matthew’s name on it. My shattered heart had found its owner and we would always be together. Happiness glowed from me. I was sure I had enough joy to overwhelm every single vampire in the room, including the unemotional, Marcus. I ran to my Matthew. He was alive! He wasn’t going to kill himself because of me. He ran the few short feet to me. We collided into each other. The sound of our impact was so great it managed to crack the massive crystal chandelier that hung in the center of the great room. I hadn’t noticed it till then. The chandelier shattered to the floor in a gazillion pieces. I didn’t want the falling crystal disrupting our moment, so I channeled all my joy into the same place I did when Aro flew backwards. This time I formed it into a perfect bubble around us, letting the crystal bounce off of us. Aro was awestruck again. Caius and Marcus stood up again. Alice was grinning ear to ear. Jasper was serious and sullen as usual. Carlisle looked amazed; Edward amused while Bella was smiling softly.
Alice’s POV
Chapter Sixteen (Continued)
After everything had settled down and the chandelier had been picked up and the floors cleaned, we said our goodbyes. Ada and Matthew apologized for the broken crystal. Aro had failed epically in his malicious scheme; but let it go graciously. Aro and Caius were not happy with us. Aro invited Edward, Bella, Jasper, Ada and I to join them one last time in effort to control some new talent; but he was refused. We started to leave, when I wheeled around, remembering my promise. “Emmett sends his regards.” I said quickly. Strangely, Marcus was the one to acknowledge me. He nodded slightly. Then he did something if I hadn’t seen it before hand would have made my jaw drop to the floor. “Farewell, Cullen’s, Ada, Matthew. Safe travels. Greetings to the rest of your family.” Carlisle, Bella and Jasper were astonished, but kept walking. Italian Creeps. I thought. Edward smirked as we left the castle.

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