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Preface: I needed to get out of this blackness. My eyes finally opened, relieving me from this nightmare. Everything became clear, and I stared at the two before me. I finally saw who the beautiful voice belonged to. Like his voice, he too was beautiful. He had light brown hair, impossibly pale skin and something that caught me off guard: his brown-red eyes. A mixture of emotions zipped through me, fear, hope, sadness, happiness, and pain. I stared deep into his eyes, feeling strangely reassured.

Chapter One

Alice’s POV

I couldn’t wait for tonight. I was so excited, I was thrilled beyond belief. I was even getting a little restless. That NEVER happened to me. Not to a vampire. I spent the entire afternoon searching the future, my special gift. I searched my family’s future, especially my half-vampire, half-human niece, Renésmee’s. I was pretty sure she was going to say yes to the proposal that awaited her tonight, but unfortunately, I couldn’t see her in my visions. She was a blind spot as was werewolf/shape-shifter Jacob, her hopefully-to-be-fiancé or any of his wolf pack for that matter. Not being able to see them was a pain, but I was learning to cope with it and it was beginning to be manageable.
I had seen my mind-reading adopted brother, Edward, talking to his wife, my favorite sister-in-law, Bella. They were talking about Jacob asking him to marry Renésmee, and if that was okay with her. She said it was okay. I was suddenly filled with anticipation. I was dying to ask Renésmee if I could plan her wedding. I already had run a mental picture of my entire layout. It was going to be perfect, of course. All of my weddings were.

Slowly, the hours ticked by. My entire family had gone hunting. I was the only one that stayed behind. I knew that as good as an actress I was, I would not be able to hide my excitement. Besides, I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone. Edward knew what was going on, and told the rest of our family that I needed to finish some designing projects (which was partly true, I hadn’t finished Emmett or Jasper’s wardrobes). Jasper didn’t want to leave me, but I argued and told him he needed to hunt. For a fraction of a second, he looked like he suspected something was going on (he knew me well), but shrugged it off. Reluctantly, He gave in.

I had managed to pass the time planning the wedding. I had almost everything laid out and fitted just right and then re-fitted again, when my eyes focused on what was neither the past nor the present: the future. Suddenly, I saw Rosalie and Emmett, my other adopted siblings, driving to an orphanage. I smiled. They finally had made up their minds to adopt a child. Even before Rosalie had been transformed into a vampire, she had wanted a baby of her own, but vampires could not change in anyway, therefore, could not get pregnant. That left Rosalie desperate. So after many childless years they decided to adopt. I searched for specific information about the future member of our family (boy or girl, blonde or brunette etc.) and when they were going to announce it to us. I was thrilled. I was going to have another niece!

Esmé’s POV
Chapter One (Continued)
We were just finishing an exciting hunting trip. Jasper, Edward, Bella, Renésmee, Jacob, Carlisle and I had finished up and were waiting for Emmett and Rosalie. Jasper was getting anxious, and wanted to get back to Alice. So did I. I loved having my family together, and missed every second when we weren’t. I didn’t like seeing Jasper so worried. “Don’t worry, Jasper. Rose and Em will be here soon enough. Alice is perfectly fine by herself.” Jasper mumbled something I couldn’t understand, and then he gave a big sigh and sat down rather flustered and nearly crushed the boulder under him. I smiled. I turned to my adopted son, Edward. Any sign, yet? I thought. He shook his head in response. “No.” He said un-emotional. Then 2 seconds later, his face grew from un-emotional to awareness. “They’re coming. Emmett tried a new technique he has wanted to try on a grizzly. It took them awhile to find one, and even longer to master the technique.” Edward informed us. “How many grizzlies did they try this technique on?” Renésmee questioned suspiciously, putting emphasis on “technique”. “13.” He replied, with a hint of annoyance. Jacob moaned. I started wondering on how many cubs they had left motherless when Rosalie and Emmett burst into the clearing. “Took you long enough!” Jasper snarled. “Hey guys! Guess what! We tried that technique you showed me, Jasper. We caught 13!” Emmett said enthusiastically. “Remind me never to give you advice again. Let’s go already! Jasper demanded. Emmett looked surprised at his reaction, then looked at Rosalie and shrugged. Carlisle gestured for my hand, and I slid my hand into his, Emmett grabbed Rosalie’s, Edward took Bella’s and Renésmee already had hers into Jacobs’s, and we were off.
I spent our time running, thinking about each of my family members. I loved them so much. My husband, my adopted children, my granddaughter, even Jacob, who wasn’t exactly in our family –yet. Every one of them was unique in their own way, special. My thoughts turned to Bella, a shield, a mental defense, who came into our family, brightening up Edward’s life, put meaning back into it. I will be forever grateful to her for that. Edward. My talented, mind-reader son, kind, generous and not only that, he was a marvel when it came to piano. When he played his piano, it was like painting the sunrise for me, so beautiful. Edward interrupted my thoughts. “Remind me to paint you another sunrise when we get home.” He whispered smiling. He could read my thoughts. I beamed at him. Carlisle looked at me questioningly. I mouthed the word “piano” at him and he immediately understood. He knew me, and he also knew what Edward’s playing meant to me. My husband, Carlisle, my other half, the reason of my existence, my entire world and my true love. He was sweet, kind, handsome, generous, compassionate, gentle and loving. I squeezed his hand, and he squeezed it back. A gentle smile was on his face. I was blessed to have Carlisle. I turned my attention to my beautiful Rose and fun-loving Emmett, a perfect couple, two halves of a whole. It might not seem that way, but it was. She needed him and likewise he needed her.
I next turned my attention to Alice and her Jasper. They came to us out of nowhere and we adopted them as we had Rose, Em and Edward. Alice could see the future based on people’s decisions. Jasper could change your emotions. Jasper was in a way a complete opposite of Alice. She was artistic, bright and cheerful; he was shy, quiet and experienced. I loved them both terribly. My granddaughter, Renésmee, who looked like I could be her older sister, was Edward and Bella’s daughter. Also, my namesake, my name combined with Bella’s eccentric, gorgeous mother, Renée, who I got to know at the wedding. Her Jacob, a tall, kind young man, who hopefully would join our family soon. I already loved him as if he were my own. I had difficulty finding wrong with my children, I loved them so much. It was a joy to be able to call them my own.
We arrived at our home at twilight. I felt secure in a way, in the comfort of my own home, with all of my family. There was this reassurance that everything was going to be okay, but there was something different about tonight. There was excitement in the air.

As soon as everyone was together, in various places in the living room, Jacob cleared his throat. We all turned. I saw Alice squirm, out of the corner out of my eye. What was Alice nervous or excited about? I dismissed the thought. Jacob got down on one knee in front of Renésmee. Renésmee’s face was full of surprise and delight as he told her how much he loved her and if she would marry him. She said yes! Everyone started clapping and congratulated the two. I was so happy for them. I cried tearless sobs with a smile on my face. “You okay, Grandma?” Renésmee asked me with just a hint of worry crowding her overjoyed face. I nodded. I gave her a hug as did everyone else. It was a happy evening for all of us. Alice was talking wedding plans with Renésmee, Bella and I when her face went blank. We all stared at her when her face didn’t come back to normal. Jasper was by her side in an instant. “Alice?” He asked, worry on his face, as was on mine. I looked at Carlisle and then at Edward. Is she alright, Edward? What’s happening? I thought at him. A second later, her face came back to normal. “Alice, what did you see?” Jasper demanded. Alice and Edward looked at each other, then at me. “Looks like we’re going to have a new member in our family.” Alice declared. Everyone was stunned. “Who?” We all asked at the same time.

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"but they both had the hearts of servants?" please explain

loved it though it was sweet!
Thank you :) It's their personalities. They both dedicate their lives to helping other people. Valina is the village helper. When someone is sick, she's nursing them. When someone's hungry, she feeds them. Carlisle dedicates his life to saving people at the hospital :) Sorry, I didn't make my statement more obvious :( My bad..... Thank you for reading!!!!!!
ohh kool
hmmm... very nice
I loved it.
Absolutly terrific.
The wolverine is a nice touch. :) :)
Keep on writing you're a great writer.
At the risk of being tarred and feathered, :) is that the end? It's a nice way to tie things together if it is. :)
No, it's not over yet :) I still plan to write more about Ada's super power and another certain character of the story.........
Yea!!!!! :)
That certain character wouldn't happen to be Gabe or Seth&Amanda would it? ;)
(If you don't want to give away your future plot line that's ok.) :) ;)

I really (really, really) look forward to the next installment. :) :) :)
I don't want to give away too much... and Seth and Amanda will be appearing frequently :) The certain character will appear at the end... Hmm... maybe I'll give you some clues and see if you can figure it out :) More will be coming soon!!!!!!
The next installment: Chapter 18: Concert.

I'm trying something different, this time. I hope you like it.

By the way, all songs belong to Tenth Avenue North :) An incredibly awesome band.....

I hope you like the chapter.......

Chapter Eighteen
Alice’s POV
“It’s almost time!” I sang. Everyone was seated in chairs facing Edward’s grand piano. “Get ready! Here they come!” I yelled as I took my seat next to Jasper. My excitement was overpowering. Edward, Matthew and Ada were coming down the staircase in our house in Forks. They were going to give us a concert. Matthew was carrying a guitar in one hand while holding Ada’s with the other. They each took their places on the raised flooring near the piano. I had spent the entire afternoon, making sure that they looked presentable enough to give a concert. “Really, Alice. Is this all necessary just to play a couple songs?” Edward chided me earlier that afternoon. “Yep!” I chimed. Practicality never really got a hand in my life. Ever since we got home from Leskia, Edward had spent every second he could with Ada, working on her songs. The first song began.
I could see that Edward wasn’t going to play right just yet, so I focused my attention on Matthew’s playing on the guitar. It sounded superb, the way his fingers brushed the strings while his other hand held them in place just right. Yet nothing could upstage the voice we were about to hear.
Desire, is burning in my mouth
Like a firefly lightening up the sky
My heart is aglow, oh
I feel you burning up my soul.

I’m a shipwreck
A sailor lost at sea
You’re a tidal wave,
Crashing over me.
I’m caught in your current but I sink in
Drowning peacefully.

I’m crying out, “Come rescue me, Love!”
Like a child needs a nightlight in the dark
Light me up, I’m love lovesick for
Just one touch
You’re all I need
But you never seem to be
Matthew surprised the rest by joining in.
I’m Romeo
Desperate for your love
I’d scale these gardening walls
Just to see my rising sun
See what light breaks softly through
It’s love that I never knew.
Ada was like an entire symphony in one voice. Melodious and harmonizing every note. Matthew sang well for a male vampire. They sang the chorus over again. They sounded beautiful together, like I was actually seeing what they sang. The song ended. The room was full of applause. Ada looked lovingly at Matthew for the tiniest second before Edward started the next piano intro. It was sweet, yet passionate. Soft, yet fast. Matthew joined him with the guitar while Ada gave a dedication. “To my Beloved.”
The song continued sweetly, but rapid changes came and went throughout the song. They reached the chorus.
You’re my Beloved
Lover, I’m yours
Death shall not part us
It’s you I died for
For better or worse
Forever we’ll be
Our love it unites us
And it binds you to me
It’s a mystery.
Matthew joined in for the rest of the song. Whatever Ada sang, it seemed to reflect her love for Matthew and at the same time my love for Jasper. He must have felt my mood change because he squeezed my hand tightly. I saw Esmé lean into Carlisle, putting her head on his shoulder. She hummed the song in tune to the music. Jake and Nessie were already in each other’s arms. Emmett had his arm around Rosalie. They were as close as they could be while still sitting in two chairs. Seth was holding little Manda while they listened to the music. Bella never took her eyes off of Edward playing. He didn’t even look at the keys; he had eyes only for her. I looked at my Jasper, who was already gazing down at me and I sang softly with Ada, but to my Jasper, my beloved.
They continued through the song; Matthew sang the bridge.
Won’t you let me make you my bride?
You will drink of my lips and you’ll taste new life.

They continued happily through the chorus one last time, Matthew and his new wife, Ada, more in love than ever. Jacob and Renésmee were to be married tomorrow on the beach. We Cullen’s, were given special permission to be on Quileute land for the special occasion. The werewolves, their imprintees, and all the humans we invited were coming to the wedding. They would also be there for a short after-party on First Beach. Afterwards, we would have a werewolf-free reception (except for Jacob) for all the vampires we invited at our home:
The Denali’s: Tanya, Kate, Garret, Carmen and Eleazar.
The Amazon’s: Zafrina, Senna, and Katchiri. Huelin and Nahuel were joining them.
The Irish: Siobhan, Liam and Maggie.
My Jasper’s friends, Peter and Charlotte were invited too.
Benjamin and Tia were coming from Egypt. Apparently there was some tension built up with Amun and Carlisle. Enough, that Amun and Kebi would not be coming to the wedding. Carlisle was disappointed.
Of course, Valina would be coming too.
Ada and Matthew had decided to stay with us for now. They moved into the house Esmé had designed months ago when I first had my vision. The house fit perfectly, as did all of Esmé’s houses. She already had a house built for Jacob and Renésmee in La Push. It was to be a surprise. Sam had gotten the approval of the elders for us to enter and build on Quileute land. Seth, Leah, Quill and Embry were all in on it. I even let them help with the building and the decorating. I figured the more it smelt like werewolf the better. Leah Clearwater even helped. Who knew she had an artistic side in decorating? She hardly spoke to me and followed orders well. I appointed her second-in command. Surprisingly, we often saw eye to eye on things, even though we thought the other smelled bad.
Ada and Matthew’s wedding went perfectly. They both insisted on getting married as soon as possible. Now, I was focusing on Charlie and Sue’s. I wonder who would come next.

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ooo! i liked it!!!! that was nice :D keep it coming! can't wait to read more!
yay awesome as i expected sweet songs romantic moments awww
I love this chapter. You did great. Can't wait for the next chapter.


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