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"Mom I'm home"
I shouted abounding my arrival home from school like I always did.I dumped my bag on the floor infront of the door and then hurried into the sitting room with my sneakers still on.My honey brown chocolate fur cat strolled in the room gracefully with a dead mouse dangling from her mouth.
"Hello Snickers,"I greeted her "Did you catch that for mommy?Did you? "
She jumped off the floor and onto my lap,then dropping the mouse she gave an affectionate purr.Normally. I would have pulled her into a hug but in the current state of union with the dead mouse on my lap its reeking odor hitting me in the face I jumped up an d shrieked
Just then the phone rang and I hurried to get it.
"Heeyyy,"a familiar voice said.It was Alazne' my all time best friend.
She had recently moved into town and had only been here for a month when we became best budd's .Her father was a doctor and he and his wife were looking for there dream house so they moved around a lot.
"Hey Laz,what's up? "I asked
"I'm great "she answered "Hey listen can you come over for a sec I have some thing to tell you."
"Hold on let me ask mom."
I covered the reciever with the palm and bellowed to my mom asking her permission.She polked her blond out of the laundry room and nodded because her mouth was full of clothespins.
"Thanks your the best "I said while uncovering the receiver.
"I'll be there in a sec 'k "I told Laz.
Because her house was two houses away from mine I didn't take my bike,instead I just simply walked.

* *

I was lying on my stomach listening to Alazne' babble on and on about how much she detested Chemistry.It wasn't untill she called my name that I started to pay attention to what she was saying.
"I have a secret to tell you."She said sounding nervous.
"I'm listening"I said casually.
"Well its complicated."
"I can keep up."I assured her after all I was the smartest girl in the year
"'K.Do you remember how I said my parents have been looking for there dream house for a long time? "
"Well they have."She explained,"They've been looking for three hundread years "
I starter laughing hard,I held my gut and shook my head.
"Is this supposed to be joke 'cause its really funny,three hundred years I mean your parents don't even look twenty."
I waited for her to start laughing with me but she didn't.
"Lia, I'm not not kidding." She said "I'm one hundred and fifty year old and my parents a both over a millanium old."
I wanted to say something,to interject, but I was speachless.So she continued.
'There's a reason we've been looking so long,there's a reason we move so often,there's a reason we don't age.The reason,we're vampires."

Really! Ofcourse ill keep you posted.Keep me posted on yours too ok.


Hi Dr T Mad,

I enjoyed reading this first chapter and I'm looking forward to more.

I'm looking forward to finding out why Alazne told Lia.

Keep going!

Best wishes


Oooh this is thrilling. I'm very impressed! And I like the way Alazne explains about her parents looking for a dream house for three hundred years. lol 

Update me please :)

My spine froze what?My best friend a vampire.Was the world coming to an end here I mean vampires don't exists they cant they don't this had to be a joke or even a prank.My eyes searched the room for hidden cameras.No nothing looked out of place.
"Nice prank."I said ta Alazne' "Really funny you almost fooled me for a sec"
I laughed expecting her to laugh with me,but she didn't.She just sat there and stared at me like I wasn't getting the point.It was then I realized the horrible thruth.She was telling the truth vampires did exists,and my best friend was one.
"Lad?Your not kidding are you?"My voice was a whisper now.
"No."was her reply."I'm not.Its true and I need you help that's why I told you.Their gonna kill us their commingled in two weeks..."
Wowwowwowwowwow slow down.Who's going to kill you?"I asked my voice a mixture of concern and grief.
"The Volturi"was all she said.But that was all I needed to hear although I not a clue what the word ment my blood ran cold.
When she said those words her voice was coated in fear and that angered me I've never heard fear in Alazne's voice before because she never was afraid of anything.The thought of anyone or anything causing Laz fear had seemed impossible to me,until now when the fear was so plain in her voice.
I wanted to know why she was so afraid of these people she had tagged 'The Volturi'.So ofcourse I asked her who the were.
"The leaders,they control the vampire world.their like our government they make and enforce the rules.They keep our secret and they punish
"Their a family of five and have about a thousand gards.There thousands of melanium years old and they have talent, some vampire's have talent some don't but they do.That's why their coming for us well not us my parents.I have a talent that they want but my parents are standing in the way of them getting it so their coming to take them out of their way."
"What's your talent"I asked curious.
"Before I tell you that I think Ill tell you my real name.It's. Alice.Alice Cullen,and I can see the future."

"Alice?"I asked not quite sure if I had heard correctly.She smiled and nodded although I was mad at her I couldn't help but smile too.I mean yeah she lied to me twice but she was still my best friend.

i just don't love this...

i love you too -laughing-




   I can feel the  suspense building :) update soon plllease!

Sure I mostly update on satires when I have free time.

Continue reainv n ull find out.=>


No I'm wondering what a human can do to help Alice?

I liked your description of the fear in Alice's voice.

Great chapter, keep it up!

Best wishes



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