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Thanks ull soon find out.


"Lia,your mom called,she says you should stay for dinner 'caus she has an important meeting and won't be able to make it home in time.Okay?"Mrs.'Cullen' called to me from downstairs interrupting my conversation with her supposedly vampire daughter.
"Okay."I answered her before turning my attention back to the vampire sitting stone still infront of me.
"So can I ask you another question?"I asked Alice.
"Why are you telling me this?"
She sighed and stood to her feet then taking casual graceful steps she approached me.She sat on the bed beside me and began what seem to be a very long story.
"Well you see vampires are immortal which means we're not..."
"I know what immortal means I'm not an idiot you know."I interrupted her.
"Would you please stop interrupting."she snapped at me like I was being a naughty child.
"But I only interrupted once,"I argued "and you just stearted anyway "
After shoshing me she went back to her story "Anyway,because we are immortals it means we cant reproduce,so we have to find other ways to continue or line of defendants,even though we practically never die.So we decided that we should bite,our venom like poison in a way, or a virus it tames it time and spread through the human body destroying and perfecting every thing in its path until it reaches the heart,Wich is normally the last remaining organ in the body that still moves.Eventually that becomes frozen too.Thats how people become immortal."
"Auk what dies this have to do with anything? "
"Your interuppting"she sang to me."now that you've given me the chance to continue I will.My family was a large one,my dad Carlilse created us all well except for Bella and Renesmee,Edward created Bella and Bella had Renesmee, before she became a vampire ofcourse.My family consisted of Esme,Carlilse,Rosalie,Emmet,Edward,Bella,Renesmee,Jacob,Jasper,and me."
"Wait,are they all vampires?"
"Your interupting,and no Jacobs a werewolf and Nessie's part human 'cause Bella had her when she wad a mortal,and Edward was her father,but he was a vamp.
"But the Volturi didn't know she was part human,and they have rules stating that anyone under seventeen is unillegable to become a vampire.So they came to punish us for disobeying the rules.They didn't even give us a chance to explain,they just came right in and ripped all our heads off.Well almost all our heads four of us survived.Jasper,Carlilse,Esme and me."
She paused for a while and then continued "I had a vision right after that.A vision of the future,in the vision My family was alive and we were fighting again only this time we weren't fighting alone we had others with us and you were there too only you weren't human you were one of us,and we weren't fighting invthe same place we were at Bootstrap,the Volturi palace."she then stopped suddenly then turning to look at me she said
"Aum Lia can I ask you a question?"
When I nodded yes she proceeded
"Will you join us?'
"Wait let me get this straight,"I said jumping up off the bed and standing on my feet"you want me to join you and become a vampire.? "I asked not quite sure I'd heard right.
As she nodded Carlilse opened the door as if he'd been there the whole time
"Not just to become a vampire but to fight too."he said
I stood there frozen in place,why did nh life have to be so complicated.

Awe, this was a good chapter, I just hate that it ended! I hope you update soon, I am curious as to how Lia deals with all of the stress she is being put under. Update soon please! ;)

Ofcourse ill update soon thanking fr the the way Im supposed to order a trailer soon u kno

I can't wait for the next update!

My trailer shop is closed for now, I need time for work, school, health issues, family, and writing my fan-fiction, so it will be a while before I can finish the orders I already have. But I will eventually reopen. It's just a little over whelming with so many orders, it would be a lot easier if I had a second person to help edit. I'll tell you when I reopen. ;)


Ohh why do they want her so much. What talent does she have?

That is a hard thing to be asked to do for a friend. Give up your human life and then fight for your immortal one.

Great chapter


u'll soon find out.

thanks fr the comment remember to keep me posted on your fan fiction too.ok

As I stood there frozen in place I felt my stomach do a cartwheel.I didn't want to let down my bestfriend but what about my mother.I couldn't leave her 'cause if I did it would break her heart,my dad had walked out on her and my younger sibling had died of premature birth.I was all she had left.I couldn't leave her,could I?
NO!I couldn't I'd made her a promise,a promise that I would go to collage and become a laser and give her a better life,a happy life at that,I wouldn't let her continue to live a sad life.The thought of someone asking me to give her up to help them,even if they were my best friend angered me.I mean if I become a vampire I would have to stay away from her right?So I don't end up sucking her blood or some thing like that.
"You want me to give up my life ti help you get your life right?"I asked making sure my voice was calm and under control."Well,I'm sorry but I don't think that will happen."
I finished right before I stormed out,glaring at Mr.Cullen whostoon frozen like statue in the door way.I stompmed down twenty steps ran into the entrance hall and all the way to my house.As soon as I got in I ran to my room and curling up in a ball I began to cry.
I really wanted to help Lad A-K-A Alice,but if I did I would have to leave my mom and if I didn't they'd never get back a family.How could I live with myself if I prevented that from happening.
The purple I-Phone in my pocket started to vibrate.Annoyed,I took it out and read


Without thinking about it I typed back


But as I pondered it I wondered was that really my final dicision?

Thanks. I cant tell u what will happen next but i can promise its gonna be good


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