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Brittany is only 21 and she began reading Twilight at 17, not long after the books came out. As she read, she began to feel more and more like Bella. The true book description of her, eerily resembled her, rather than Kristen Stewart in the movie. At the age of 12 her parents were both tragically killed in car accident, and her older sister Karen had to take care of her. 3 months before our story take place, Karen and her husband Jim were also killed in a car accident, leaving Brittany to take care of her 9 month old nephew Joseph. And this is where our story begins!


**Any references to actors, characters of the Twilight Saga, as well as Stephanie Meyer herself, are not mine. I own none!**

Thank you and enjoy!!!




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NEW READER...........................  Love it . keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 6

Brittany was even more confused as they pulled up the long gravel driveway. It did seem familiar to her, yet at the same time, she felt like she was in the book Twilight. She was actually, since everything written was based on her, and her love for Joseph.

The house up ahead was tall, just like it was in the books and movies. But it was different. Light blue, with white shutters, small windows, with long chocolate curtains hanging over them. "This isn't like the book," she whispered, as she stepped out, and stared up at it. "We had to change it up. You know Emma, she loves decorating," Amy laughed. "Emma," Brittany thought aloud, "That's Esme." Amy gave a nod as she walked around the car at a human's pace, and led both Brittany and Stephanie up the steps into the house.

Inside, Brittany expected the whole family to be waiting there. Bright colors, and even a piano. Instead, she was met with furniture covered in sheets, and a silent house. "Where is everyone?" She asked. "We all went into hiding when the town became a tourist attraction," she said, shutting the door behind Stephanie. "Ignore the mess. Kind of hard to keep it clean from dust when no one has been here in several years," Amy giggled. "Make yourself at home. I have to run upstairs and grab some money, then do some shopping. There is nothing in this house for us to it," she laughed then, grabbing her stomach as she did, "I mean, nothing for you 'humans' to eat." 

Amy was up the stairs, and out the door before they knew it. Stephanie removed the sheet from the couch and set down. Brittany explored the house, hoping memories would return. Things other than the books say.

She walked up the stairs, and almost laughed when she spied the collage of graduation caps on the wall. She stared at them for a moment, then reached up and touched them, closing her eyes as she did. She stood like that for a moment, then sighed. Just as she opened her eyes, Stephanie was standing beside her. She gasped from surprise. "What are you doing?" Stephanie asked. "I don't know. I guess I'm just hoping to remember this place. I know your books like the back of my hand, but those aren't my memories," Brittany said as she lowered her hand, and headed further up the stairs.

Stephanie was right behind her, every step of the way. Brittany opened a door and stepped in. It was Carter's office. "Scary isn't it?" Stephanie asked. "What do you mean?" "I mean, look at this place. I had never stepped inside this house, when I wrote those stories. It's so scary how Laurent knew this place, 'like the back of his hand'," Stephanie said, repeating what Brittany had previously said. "I felt like I had walked in to a dream the first time I entered this house. Well, the town all together," she added with a laugh. "If you don't mind, may I explore alone?" Brittany asked, changing the subject and hoping she would go away. "Oh, of course," Stephanie said as she left the room, slowly closing the door behind her. Brittany breathed a sigh of relief, then stared around the room.

It was like any normal home office. A desk, filled with papers, a lamp, and a picture frame. Filing cabinets, with plaques and awards seated atop them. Brittany walked around the desk and stared at the picture. It was a young woman, pale skin, a smile that could light up a room, brown hair with dark eyes. "Emma," Brittany breathed as she grabbed the picture. She had hoped that holding her picture, and saying her name would trigger her memories, but none returned. She set the picture down and headed back towards the door. Just then she looked up, and saw a giant painting. "Can it?" She whispered to herself. In the painting was four men, all dressed as though they were from another time. "It is," she smiled. She stared at it a moment longer, unsure of which was really Carter, then grabbed the door and walked out.

Brittany completed her tour of the house, with no memories returning. She was a little sad as she reached the kitchen, and stared at the back door. She was suddenly reminded of two things at once. The cabin Edward and Bella called home, that was a mile behind the house, and the cabin from her dream. "Could it be the same one?" She asked herself aloud. She didn't give herself time to reply. She opened the door, and began running.

Chapter 7

Brittany collapsed onto a fallen tree, breathing heavy. "Man," she said, taking some breaths, "I long a mile...was." She was a little surprised at herself for not falling. As clumsy as she is, her own shoes could have easily taken her down.

After catching her breath, Brittany looked around, wondering how much further this cabin was. Just then, she spied in the distance, an opened field, and what looked to be the cabin. She stood, and walked slowly towards it at first. As it became more visible Brittany smiled. "It is the cabin!" She shouted and ran.

Brittany stood outside of it, unsure if she should enter. She slowly raised her hand and placed it on the door knob. She felt like she was in a slow motion film as she turned the knob and pushed the door in. 

The interior of the little cabin smelled of mildew and a hint of burned wood. Brittany knew she was in the right place, though the cabin looked as though it had never been burned. A small fireplace was against one wall and Brittany walked up to it. An urge drove her to reach up inside of it, placing her hand on the front wall, and sliding it around. She didn't know what she was looking for, until her hand hit paper. She pulled out a bundle of letters, and stared at them. On one side of the folded bundle, it was blank. The other had writing, that Brittany couldn't make out in the dim lighting inside the cabin. 

She stepped outside, and looked at it in the light. Once her eyes adjusted, she saw her name, then a note. 'In case you forget.' A small string had the bundle tied together. She placed the package inside her jacket pocket and turned to head back inside.

At that moment, someone grabbed her arm. "What are you doing here?!" A male voice growled. Brittany turned around to be face to face with the Jacob from her dream. It was Bryan. "W-what?" She mumbled, unsure if he even had his memories of her. Instead of repeating himself, he reached inside her pocket, and pulled out the letters. He released her arm and stared at her, his face softening. "Do you remember?" He asked. She was relieved he remembered, but shook her head. "I dreamed of this cabin. I never knew I put those letters there. Something just told me to feel for them," Brittany said, knowing she could trust him. "What happened to me? What happened with Joseph? Why did they take my memories?" Brittany asked.

Bryan gave a sigh, and set down on the ground, still staring at the letters. "It's kind of complicated," he said. "I think I can understand," Brittany said, as she set down beside him. "If you had just got with me, and left that leech alone, none of this would have happened!" He shouted.  Brittany bit her tongue. She had an urge to cuss him out for insulting Joseph, yet she knew he was right. "What happened?" She asked him softly. "Well, I'm gonna start by saying that scar you have on your wrist didn't come from a bike chain," he said, forcing a chuckle. Brittany looked down at her wrist. She never thought to compare it to the one Bella got in the story from James. "I wasn't there to protect you," he added, as he reached out and traced a finger along the moon shaped scar. "It happened before you became a wolf. At least, that's what I read," she said. "Yeah, it did. But once I became a wolf, I promised to always protect you! To never let him hurt you! And unlike what the book said, I became a wolf long before Edward left Bella. I became a wolf when those three vampires came to town," he said, looking into her eyes. Brittany knew he was referring to James, Laurent, and Victoria.

"What happened the night I lost my memories?" She asked. Bryan sighed again, "That morning, Joseph took you to the local hotel. He figured that if he left you in a more public setting, that Victoria would leave you alone. Especially since he had been seeing Tonya behind your back. You begged him to stay, but he left you there anyways, promising you, he would always be there if you needed him. When he left, you came to my house crying. You told me you were worried that he was going to try something with your memories, and you knew I was the safest person to write them with. You knew Amy couldn't see us together, and you promised me to stay far away from him. After they were written, you wanted them in a good place where no one could find them.

"So we brought them here. We were followed by these vampire's that Victoria had created, and didn't know it. I told you to stay in the cabin, and not come out. The other wolves joined me as we fought. Joseph and the other's showed up to. At some point, one of the vampire's knew they couldn't get in the cabin, so they thought they would draw you out. So they set this place on fire. I heard you screaming for me, but I couldn't come. I tried to come for you Brittany. I really did! But I couldn't. I heard you yell for Joseph, then you were quiet," Bryan stopped for a moment, and rubbed his eyes. Brittany waited patiently for him to continue.

"Later that night, I went to your house. Your dad kept saying he never had kids, and didn't know what I was talking about. I burst in past him, and looked around the house. The bedroom you and your sister shared, was every sport's fans dream! There were all kinds of poster's and everything. The closet was filled with a lot of jerseys. It wasn't the same. He threatened to tell my dad, but I ignored him and left. I went to see Joseph and I asked him what happened. And I promise, I kept those thoughts of what we did here, to myself. They never came to surface for him to hear. But I demanded him tell me where you were. He just promised me you were safe. Tonya came prancing down the stairs with this smile on her face, like they had all killed you or something. I was really upset for a long time, Brittany. And I thought I would never see you again, but here you are," he smiled, then pulled Brittany into his arms. "I missed you so much," he whispered into her hair.

hey Fioya, First 2 chapters of my story is up

love ur story keep me posted!!!

Chapter 8

Brittany tried to wiggle out of Bryan's grasp. A part of her wanted to stay, but something in the back of her mind, told her to move. Just then, her cell phone rang. She leaped out of Bryan's arms and answered it, clearing her throat. "H-hello?" She said. "Oh my God! Brittany, I've been so worried about you!" Jeremy said, sounding both relieved and angry. Brittany stared down at her phone. She realized she never even checked to see who was calling, she just answered. "I'm fine," she said, as she placed the phone back to her ear. "Your boss called this morning. He said your car was in the parking lot. I called Sam and she said you told her something came up. Brit, she said you seemed scared," he said, his voice softening. "No, I'm fine," Brittany repeated. "Then where are you? Someone woman came by my house last night, demanding your location. I told her you were suppose to meet me for dinner, but didn't show up," he told her. Brittany smacked her forehead. "Dinner," she mumbled. "Who was the woman?" Bryan whispered, as he ease dropped on the call. "Who was that?" Jeremy asked, plainly hearing a male voice.

Brittany pushed Bryan away. "Just the TV. I'm out of town. I had business to attend at the last minute," she said. "What? You're a waitress. Waitresses don't have 'business'. Especially at the last minute. Where are you? What's going on? Are you in trouble?" He asked. "Ask about," Bryan began, but Brittany fanned him away and turned around. "I'm fine. I can't explain at this moment what's going on, but I promise, I'm not in trouble. Now, what did this woman look like?" Brittany asked.

Bryan stepped up to the phone and Brittany placed it on speaker. "She had curly hair and she was extremely beautiful. Her voice. Man, her voice," he said, trailing off. "Jeremy, focus! I need more details than that!" "Hey!" Jeremy shouted, then the phone went dead. "Jeremy? JEREMY!" Brittany shouted. She looked down at her phone, then with a sigh, placed it back in her pocket. "He described Victoria, you know," Bryan told her. Brittany nodded, "I know."

"Can I have my papers? I need to get back to the house, before Amy finishes shopping," Brittany said. "You mean those people are back?" He seemed raged. "No, just Amy. The others didn't want to come. Or wouldn't." "That's still one too many," he told her, as he placed her papers back in her hand. "What do you think these will do for you anyways? Do you think they will jog your memory?" He asked. "I don't know. But at least I will know everything from my point of view. Instead of what was written in some book," she told him. He gave a nod. "At least let me walk you back. These woods aren't safe," he said. "I'll be fine. Victoria isn't here. You heard what Jeremy said." "Yeah, but Laurent is still out there some where. He could be here." "That's true," she whispered.

Bryan stood in the edge of the woods, and watched Brittany enter through the back door. She turned and waved him off, then shut the door behind her. Brittany wanted privacy with her letters, so she went upstairs, and set on the couch in Joseph's room. 

She opened the bundle slowly, and began to read:

If you are reading this, then that means they took your memories. I hope this helps, Brittany. Signed, Bryan

Brittany smiled. He must have added a note to it for her as well. She began reading further.

I was only 16, when I fell in love with Joseph McPherson. It was love at first sight. He had light colored hair, and eyes the shade of Amber. His voice was manly, yet I hung to every word that came out of his mouth. His smile made my heart melt and his laugh made it skip a beat. Just hearing my name come from his lips, set my whole body a blaze.

He tried pushing me away, but I felt I had to stay, I had to talk to him and I had to love him. He finally fell under the weight of my love. Perhaps it was a spell I put on him, though I never meant to. But he confessed his darkest secret to me. He let me in to his world and his life. Up on that day, I became a target. The Vatilari wanted me dead, as well as others, for his secret could not only destroy him, but his entire kind. Joseph was a vampire. But not like the movies. He was kind, and gentle and would never take a human's life. I was fragile against him. Like a porcelain doll you never want to give to a small child.

On many occasion's, my body yearned for his touch. And sometimes, he would cave. I wanted to engulf myself into him. When we kissed, it was as though we were one, yet I wanted more. I needed more. My body ached for it, but the vampire in him, would not allow it. He would have to force himself back, before it was too late for the both of us.

He was there to protect me, and save me. Always. I put my life in his hands, because I trusted him. One day, three vampires came after me, and because Joseph laid claim on me, one of the men, James, excepted his challenge, and began to stalk me. To keep me safe, I lied to my father, stating I was staying with a friend from school for a few days. I had enough sharing a room with Karen, and constantly watching sports. It wasn't a life I wanted and I just needed a break. He understood, and though I hurt him, he let me go.

While I was at the McPherson home, my cell phone rang. It was Amanda from school. She begged me to come see her. She said a man was going to kill her if he couldn't talk to me face to face. James got on the phone, and told me to meet them at the other end of town. A mile past the welcome sign, then a mile deep into the woods. Joseph, his father and two brothers were off hunting, getting all the energy they needed for this battle. I stepped down stairs, and tricked his mom and sisters into going hunting too. I told them I knew I would be safe in the house. I assured them, no one would enter. Especially if they thought everyone, or even one of them, was home. They finally agreed, and left.

I jumped in Joseph's car, and left. Driving as fast as I could, and praying no one came for me. I had to save Amanda. Though we weren't close, no one had the right to die in my place.

Just then, the door to Joseph's room opened, and Amy walked in. She smiled at me, "Stephanie said you left the house. I was just checking on you." Brittany smiled back, "I'm fine." She slid the paper's under her and out of Amy's view. "What are you reading?" She asked, walking up and stretching out her hand. Then Amy made a face. "Oh no! You were with the wolves! You did leave the house. Show me now, what you are reading!" She demanded. Brittany sighed and pulled the papers out. "When Joseph left me, the day I lost my memories, apparently, before Aaron took them, I went to Bryan's and wrote down everything about all of you. I found them earlier. In that cabin behind the house and Bryan showed up. I guess he was guarding the letters. I didn't ask for sure, but please give them back. They are my memories and no one had the right to take them!" She shouted as she stood up. Amy looked over them quickly, then handed them back. "Read them, cause I'm sure when the family shows up, and all of this is over, Aaron's going to remove them again any ways," she told her. Brittany's eyes widened. Joseph is coming.

love it keep me posted!!!!!!!!


 this is sooo cool!!!!! lol update pls!!!!!!

I started to the other day, but my mind went blank. I had two lines and refused to use that as my chapter! lol But as soon as I remember what I was doing with this one, I'll post next chappie! lol And I'll send out an email to ya when it's done! :-))

there is no way you can leave it here !!! its so good please please please update :DDD


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