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Brittany is only 21 and she began reading Twilight at 17, not long after the books came out. As she read, she began to feel more and more like Bella. The true book description of her, eerily resembled her, rather than Kristen Stewart in the movie. At the age of 12 her parents were both tragically killed in car accident, and her older sister Karen had to take care of her. 3 months before our story take place, Karen and her husband Jim were also killed in a car accident, leaving Brittany to take care of her 9 month old nephew Joseph. And this is where our story begins!


**Any references to actors, characters of the Twilight Saga, as well as Stephanie Meyer herself, are not mine. I own none!**

Thank you and enjoy!!!




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Sounds very interesting! Write more please.

Chapter 1

Brittany stared out the window, of the small coffee shop and watched as a little red neon drove by. The drivers mouth was moving as she sang along to the music playing. For a moment, Brittany couldn't help but wish she was her. Young, free, and without a care in a world. She gave a sigh as she turned to face the small crowd making a noise around her. Only three booths were filled, and two people set up at the bar. She grabbed her receipt book and walked behind the counter. "Welcome to the Pecan Shack. How may I help you?" She asked, with a forced smile. The man looked over the menu, then set it to the side. "I'll take a piece of your famous pie and a cup of coffee," he grinned. Brittany gave a nod, then went to work fixing his coffee, and grabbing the pecan pie, which they were in fact, famous for.

As the day wore on, customers came and went, until it was time for Brittany to help clean and lock up for the night. Once cleaning had finished and Courtney locked the door, Brittany climbed in her car and headed down Main Street. Though the radio was low, she could still recognize the song playing. It was country music. An Trace Adkins song, called Every Light in the House is on.

She turned in to Sam and Henry Adams driveway, and gave the horn a quick honk. Sam came out smiling, with a small little bundle in her arms. She opened the back door quietly, and lowered the bundle into a car seat. "He's been out of it for about an hour now," she whispered, then kissed Joey on his head. "See you tomorrow sweetie," she whispered, and he gave a sleeping sigh. She waved at Brittany, then closed the car door, and walked quickly back to her house.


Once Brittany reached home, she took Joey inside, tucking him snug in his crib. She brushed her fingers through his sandy blonde hair and stared at him. He looked so much like her sister Karen, though he had Jim's nose. Though three months had passed since she got the terrible news of her sister and brother in law, she still teared up as she stared at the sleeping baby.

Forcing herself away, Brittany retreated to the kitchen for a snack when the phone rang. "Hello?" She said, trying to hide the lump rising in her throat, unsuccessfully. "Hey, you okay?" Came a male voice from the other end. "Yeah, just staring at Joey again," she forced a laugh as she curled up on the couch. "Well, maybe you shouldn't look at him!" The male caller joked. She gave a laugh, this time more real. "Jeremy!" A chuckle came from the other end. "Now that's what I wanted to hear!" He stated. Brittany sighed and stared down at the book on the coffee table. Twilight. "So how was your day?" Henry asked. "It was a day. Just work. Demanding customers, walking constantly. The usual," she mumbled as she reached for the book and traced the letters with her finger. "I hope to see you tomorrow night. We still got plans for our date, don't we?" He asked. "Oh, yes. Of course. How could I forget?" She lied, knowing she had. "Good, just checking. Now you get some sleep, hun!" The phone went dead then, something Brittany had come to expect.

She put the phone down and opened the book. Reading Twilight, and half of New Moon, was something she did on many occasions. Though she had read all four books in the saga, Twilight and most of New Moon seemed as though she had lived it, or even dreamed it before. The rest seemed as though it was made up. Twilight seemed so real to her, she just couldn't help but read it, every chance she got.

Brittany soon fell asleep, the book slowly sliding out her lap. She fell into a deep sleep, visions of people who looked familiar, though she couldn't place, came in and out of her head, finally turning into a real dream. She was in a hotel, an old looking one, as though it were from a western. She sat on the edge of a bed, tears streaming down. "Why are you leaving me?" Her voice croaked. "Tonya is my true love," he stated standing by the door. He resembled Edward Cullen. More like the books version than the movie. "But Edward!" She cried, though she wanted to call him Joseph. "I'm sorry, I have to go!" he said, then opened the door to the room, revealing Tonya Denali standing on the other side. "I will be there for you, if you ever need me," he stated before closing the door behind him. The next seen quickly put Brittany in a cabin that was on fire. Outside, there were people fighting, one in particular, who favored Jacob Black, but again she didn't wish to call him that. Bryan is what she thought instead. As she screamed, the man tried to make his way to the cabin, though he was unsuccessful. "Edward!" She screamed, though her mind kept telling her to yell Joseph. Out a side window, she made out a figure, but before her mind could sum up what or even who it was, the wall came crashing down, and she was scooped up in his arms. It was him, there to save her as promised.

At that moment, Brittany woke up. The sound of Joey crying in his crib caused her to focus. She rubbed her eyes, then stretched. She went to the nursery and grabbed up her nephew. "It's okay honey," she cooed as she took him to the kitchen. The visions and scenes in her dream seemed so real, she could not forget them. 

Okay! So, I didn't exactly state how chapter 1's ending, and chapter 2's beginning added up. I forgot to mention, it was quite early in the morning, b4 the sun even rose, when Joey woke up, which got Brittany off the couch. And after she fed him, changed him, and laid him back down, she crawled into her own bed! Okies, now you can read chapter 2! lol

Chapter 2

The sun beat through the curtains onto Brittany's face. She gave a moan and crinkled her nose, as she pulled the covers over her head. "I don't wanna get up!" She cried out softly. But a low wine in another room told her, she had no choice. She gave a sigh and threw the covers back. Then stepped into her house shoes as she rubbed her face. "Aunt Brit-Brit hears you honey," she cooed out to him. She expected his adjustment to life without his parents would be hard on him, but it went smoother than expected. At his age, a baby depends on his parents for everything, especially his mother and when that figure is removed from his life, even for a moment, it can be traumatic. But Joey adjusted well.

Entering Joey's room, Brittany smiled big. "Good morning sunshine," she said, causing him to giggle and stretch out to her. He had began standing with support, just a month or so earlier, and Brittany loved seeing him do it. She pulled him into his arms, and set to work getting them both ready for their day.

An hour later, Brittany was pulling in to the restaurant, just as Adam came out the door. "Oh, good. You're on time," he smiled. "I usually am," Brittany stated, as she shut her car door. "Well, Courtney didn't make it home last night, plus Angela called in sick, so I need you to cover for both of them," he said as he turned and headed back inside. "Wait, Courtney didn't make it home? How do you know?" She asked. "Well, her husband called to ask if she fell asleep in her car again, and as you can tell by looking around the parking lot, her car isn't here," he said, gesturing with his hands. "But doesn't that worry you?" Brittany asked, concerned for her friend. "People skip out on work all the time, plus they have family call in and make up excuses. She's probably lounging around the house with him as we speak," he said, then went inside, leaving Brittany standing there confused.

She knew it wasn't like Courtney to just skip out on work. Though being a waitress doesn't pay much, Courtney needed all the money she could get with her husband being sick and all. She then brushed it off, hoping Adam was right.

As the day wore on, Brittany couldn't help but think of Courtney, wondering where she was and if she truly was okay. She never noticed the young woman to sit down at the bar. "Welcome to the Pecan Shack," she stated with a smile, as she handed her a menu. "Thank you," the woman smiled back. Brittany had to look twice as she realized who she was. "Oh my God! You're her! My favorite writer in the whole world! Stephanie Meyer!" She giggled excitedly. The woman blushed, but gave a nod. "That's me," she practically whispered. "I have read all your stories! The Twilight Saga being my favorite! Well, basically the first one, and half the second one. But don't get me wrong, they are all good!" She laughed. Stephanie just gave a nod. "I'm sorry. Here I am rambling, and you must be hungry. What can I get you?" Brittany asked. "Well, I hear the pecan pie is excellent here," Stephanie stated. "It's the best pie around!" Brittany said as she quickly rushed off to get her a piece. 

"Here ya go! On the house," she said, knowing of course it would come out of her pocket, but she didn't care. "Oh, your so sweet, thank you," Stephanie said, pleased. Brittany placed a napkin and fork down and waited for Stephanie to take a bite. "Wow, this really is good!" Stephanie said, enjoying it. Brittany smiled, "Glad you like it. So, what brings you to a small town like this?" "Actually, you do," Stephanie stated, with a serious look on her face. Brittany stood there. Unable to move or speak.

Chapter 3

"Excuse me?" Brittany asked, when she finally found her voice. "I meant your place. The Pecan Shack. I was told it was a great place to stop in and have a bite," Stephanie smiled, though Brittany saw a flash of fear in her eyes. "Oh, yes. Of course," she said, forcing a giggle, "The restaurant." 

Brittany gave a sigh, then went to work filling the salt shakers. The whole time she moved about the restaurant, she could feel eyes on her. When she looked over at the bar, Stephanie Meyer would quickly look back down at her pie, and shove another piece in her mouth. Brittany thought it odd, though the woman made it clear it was the Pecan Shack, she really felt the first statement was more true than anything.

Later that day, after Stephanie's third piece of pie, they were the only ones in the restaurant. Brittany was sweeping, when Stephanie began to speak. "You know, I wasn't going to continue the story." She poked at the crust with her fork, staring down at her plate. "What do you mean? Brittany asked, as she stood still, leaning against the broom. "After Edward left Bella, I was gonna leave it at that," she sighed. "So why did you continue?" 

Stephanie set there quietly, not answering her. Brittany gave up on waiting for an answer and went back to sweeping. Suddenly, Stephanie talked. It was a low whisper, something Brittany almost didn't hear over the straw broom scraping the floor. "They made me." Brittany stopped, unsure if those were the right words. "What?" She asked, whispering as well. But before she could get an answer, a young woman entered the restaurant. 

The woman was short, very skinny, and extremely beautiful. She was pale, with dark black pixie like hair. "Welcome to the Pecan Shack," Brittany said as she looked up. She had to look twice, for the woman who entered, looked eerily familiar. Almost like Alice, from Stephanie's story, but much more beautiful. "C-can I get you anything?" Brittany asked, as she placed the broom in a corner, and went for a menu. "Just coffee," the woman sang out in the most beautiful melodic voice she had ever heard. Yet, had she heard it before? It sounded familiar.

The woman seated herself a couple of seats down from Stephanie at the bar and Brittany placed a hot fresh cup of coffee in front of her. "Would you like cream or sugar?" She asked, smiling sweetly at the young woman. "No thank you," she replied in her sing song voice. Brittany nodded, though she couldn't help but notice the mood change in the room or how Stephanie suddenly became shifty in her seat.

"So, what were you saying?" Brittany asked, hoping to pick up the conversation. "H-how much do I owe you?" Stephanie asked. Brittany noticed shakiness in her voice and stared at her. Though Stephanie tried to hide it, fear was in her eyes. "I told you, it was on the house," Brittany giggled, trying to lighten the mood. "But I got three of them, I should pay something," she said, struggling for words. Brittany realized, Stephanie's gaze hadn't left her plate, since the other woman walked in. "No, of course not! A celebrity such as yourself? I wouldn't think of charging you!" Brittany laughed again. "Th-thank you," Stephanie said, grabbing her purse and heading for the door.

"Was that Stephanie Meyer?" The woman asked. Brittany smiled, "Yes, it was." "You two seemed to be in a conversation. What was the topic?" She smiled sweetly at Brittany. "Oh, nothing really. Just her books. I'm a big fan of the Twilight Saga. She seemed pleased to hear it, though I know I'm not her only fan," she sighed. "That's it?" The woman asked, seeming too interested in a meaningless conversation. "Yes, pretty much," Brittany said, as she went back to sweeping. The woman gave a nod.

"I hate to seem rude, but, Miss, it's closing time. I'm going to have to ask you to leave," Brittany said. The woman smiled sweetly at Brittany once more, as she slid out of the chair, touching the floor without a sound. "How much for the coffee?" She asked. "It's 0.90." The woman tossed a bill on the table and went outside. 

Brittany finished sweeping and headed over to the bar, to grab the plate and cups. When she reached for the woman's cup, it was completely full. Brittany started thinking, and realized, not once did the woman reach for it. "How odd," she mumbled under her breath, "Paying for something she didn't even drink." She washed up the dishes, and grabbed the $5.00 the woman tossed on the table. She rang up the coffee, then headed for the door, with the change in hand.

Once outside, she turned and locked the door, putting the parking lot behind her. "I just wanted to meet her!" She heard a female voice. "She is none of your concern. You could have put us all in jeopardy by coming here!" Another female voice shouted back. Brittany turned and looked, to see Stephanie and the woman, arguing under a street light, at the edge of the parking lot. They too, turned and looked at her. She began walking slowly towards them. "Are you talking about me?" She squeaked out.

Omg this is really good!!!!! ^_^ pls keep going!

Well, first off, the first chapter was put up back in October. Second chapter was done a few weeks ago, and third chapter was done a few nights ago! lol So, they don't get done back to back. And what do you mean, "be my editor?" and nice to meet you Piper! I started this site a few years ago myself, BUT, had some issues with  how they did things here, so left, losing my greatest story called, "Bella Swan Montgomery." It was really good, and completed. I even had a Book 2 on it, but it wasn't finished yet. I had my own group in here too, which was really popular, and so very cool! But the ppl that run the site, didn't like it apparently, and now I don't even see where someone can start groups. Anyways, I'm back now, and don't plan on leaving again. :)

Thank you for the offer, but it's okay. I'm pretty good at editing my own work. I don't like changing things cuz then I confuse myself. Plus, I think you just wanna be able to read it b4 everyone else! lol j/k Anyways, plz continue reading this! I'm loving it myself. I don't ever write the story then copy and paste. Summer Rain is the only one I do that with, but that's cuz I was I was writing it while I was away from this site. Here is the link if you ever wanna check it out.

Chapter 4

Stephanie looked at the ground, unable to meet either woman's gaze. "Ma'am, this conversation is none of your concern," the beautiful dark haired woman said. "Oh, of course," Brittany said, feeling silly that Stephanie Meyer would want to ever meet her. 'Why would she, anyways?' Brittany thought, 'I'm a no body.'

Brittany walked to her, car, just as she heard the woman gasp. She looked up, and watched as Stephanie Meyer, grabbed her arms. "Amy, are you okay?" She asked, sounding worried. "She found her," Amy whispered, just as Brittany started walking closer. "Found who?" Brittany asked, starting to get nervous. "Victoria. She found you. She is here. She came for you," Amy said. Brittany dropped her purse. "What? Victoria? As in, Victoria, the bad vampire from the books?" She asked. Just then Stephanie spoke, "They aren't just books."

Amy relaxed then, and sighed. "She had been following me, and I didn't know it. She knew I would lead her to you. I brought her here," she said. "W-what do you mean? 'They aren't just books?' You mean, I feel so familiar with them because..." Brittany trailed off then, slightly confused, and slightly afraid to say what she was thinking. "You're Bella," Amy said, as though she read her mind. "No! I can't be Bella! I was born and raised as Brittany!" She shouted. "You're not really Bella, but the character was based after you," Stephanie said. "So then, Amy, you're Alice?" Brittany was confused, as shock raged through her. Amy gave a nod.

"And you lead her to me? But Victoria died in the third book. She died in Eclipse!" Brittany shouted again. "Only book one and the beginning of book two is real," Amy said. "But, then. What of the rest of it? Brittany asked, suddenly remembering what Stephanie told her. She walked quickly up to Amy. "You made her. Why did you make her write those other books? Why did you have her continue the story, if it wasn't real?" "I didn't make her!" Amy stared at her sternly. Brittany looked at Stephanie. "They didn't make me," she said. "But you said inside, THEY made you!" Brittany was beginning to get more confused. "Laurent and Victoria did. They wanted to make you think they were dead. They wanted your memories to return, this way you would come out of hiding for them to kill you," she said. "But how? They were 'dead'. How could a lie like that, make me remember? Didn't they know, once I remembered, if this is even real, that I would remember they are alive?" Brittany asked. "To be honest, I think they were hoping you would let your imagination get the best of you, feeling that maybe you were Bella, and you needed to find Edward, and go searching for him. By the time you remembered, they probably thought it would be too late," Amy said. "You mean Joseph," Brittany whispered. "You know?" Amy looked puzzled. Brittany shook her head, "Not really. I've just had some strange dreams, that's all. And I don't see him as Edward, I see him as Joseph."

Amy looked almost like she was going to smile. "Did you dream of me?" She asked. "No, though when you walked in, I felt like I was staring at Alice," she smiled at her. Amy gave a nod, "I figured as much." 

"Now, what I need to know is," Brittany began, "If Laurent and Victoria set you up to write this, where does The Cullen's come in at?" She asked. "Well, first off we aren't the Cullen's. Though, we have used that name in the past, and second, when the first book got around to us, we realized what was going on, but by then, it was too late. All four books were written. We contacted Stephanie, in hopes to stop future books on us. That's why her book from Edward's point of view, was put on hold," Amy said. "But Stephanie said information on it, was leaked out," she stated. "No, that was a cover," said Stephanie. Brittany gave a nod. "So now what?" She asked.

I like dis story

thank you! :)

Chapter 5

Brittany rode quietly, staring out the window of Stephanie's car. Though she tried to hide it, Brittany was smiling. Amy drove like Edward did in the story, very fast, and yet, graceful. She was very aware of her surroundings.

Brittany gave a sigh, and stared down at her phone. Amy assured her that Joey would be fine with Sam and Henry. Brittany called earlier, from the parking lot, and let them know something came up. Same seemed pleased to be able to have Joey over night. It had been a long time since he had slept over.

"It doesn't make sense," Brittany whispered. "What doesn't?" Amy asked, taking her eyes off the road, to stare at her. "I've never been to Forks," she said. "Actually, you have. Your sister Karen moved you there, right after you turned 16. That's where she met Jim. She just wanted a fresh start for the both of you," Amy smiled. "But why don't I remember?" She asked as she stared over at her. "Well, you obviously know from the stories, that vampire's have gifts. Emmett's gift wasn't mentioned for a reason, and that's because it was to make you forget. His real name is Aaron and he does not use it without permission from Carter," she said, staring back at the road. "Is Carlisle, Carter?" She asked. "Yes," Amy told her.

"So, why did he make me forget? In the story, Bella went crazy for months! And what was the point of continuing the story, even after Victoria had died?" Brittany was filled with so many questions, and she needed answers. "Joseph asked him to and I don't know the point of making Bella go crazy," Amy said. "I do," Stephanie whispered in the back seat. Brittany turned around and stared at her. "Because, if you 'think' you are Bella, and go in search for your 'Edward', wouldn't that be considered crazy? I think Victoria figured, you may think you are already crazy cause he left you, so it wouldn't matter," she said. I turned around and looked back out the windshield. "I have been saving my money. I planned to visit Forks one day. I mean, the books have made it such a tourist attraction, and I figured there was no harm in it," Brittany said. "There is more harm than you know," Amy stated.

The sun was beginning to rise, as the sign stating 'Welcome to Forks' came in to view. Brittany felt as though it was all a dream, and she would soon wake up. The clouds over head, were just as dreary as described in the book. Brittany felt at home, though she couldn't recall ever living there.

The small diner on the corner, the local high school, the sporting goods store at the edge of town. Brittany recalled each of them from the stories, but none from memory. "In the story, the sheriff is Bella's father. My parents both died when I was 12," Brittany whispered. "That's where you are wrong. The sheriff, whose name is William Montgomery, is in fact your father," Amy told her. 

Brittany's heart began to pound quickly, and breathing became hard. Amy pulled over and stared at her. "Take slow breaths hun, it will all be explained shortly," she said. Brittany shook her head furiously. "You can keep the memories of Joseph. You can keep the memories of me living here, but how in the hell could you take my memories of my father?!"  Before Amy could answer, Brittany stepped out of the car and began walking away, shouting the whole time. "You said my sister and I moved here, for a fresh start! How can it be a fresh start if one of our parents isn't even dead?!" "Brittany!" Amy shouted, suddenly standing in front of her. "It was a fresh start! Your father DID already live here! You were born in San Francisco! And your parent's divorced when you were 2. Your father stayed in contact with you through out the years, and when your mom and step father died in a car wreck when you were 12, Karen took care of you! But she could only do so much, so you both moved in with your father when you were 16. The only way to get him to let you go, was to blame him for your mother leaving him," she told her as she held Brittany's shoulders. "That happened in book one," Brittany said in a low voice. "But in reality, it happened after Joseph left you," Amy said. "So why remove my memories? Why remove him? Does he remember me?" Brittany asked. "I told you, each question will be answered in time. Now, it's not safe on this road, we must go!" Amy said, suddenly seeming worried.

"Why is it not safe?" She asked. "The wolves will be coming," Amy whispered as she began pulling her to the car. "It's not safe outside," she added. 


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