The Twilight Saga

Story Line~

She is Beautiful, she is a princess, and Aphrodite is her favorite goddess, but something in Isabella of Sparta just itches for more out of life. Unlike her prissy sister, Annabella, she takes no pleasure in weaving and embroidery. And despite what her mother says, she's not even close to being interested in being married. Instead, she wants to do combat trainning with her older brothers, go on heroic adventures, and be free to do what she wishes and find out who she is.


  Not one to count on the gods---or her looks----to take care of her, Isabella sets out to get what she wants with steely determination and a sassy attitude. And while it's that attitude that makes Isabella a few enemies---such as the self-proclaimed "Son of Poseidon," Theseus---it's also what intrigues, charms, and amuses yhose who become her friends, frim the famed huntress Rosalie to the you priestess who is the Oracle of Delphi.

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Sounds interesting! You should definitely write it. :)


Cool thanks.

Cool :)

Thank you.

Sounds really interesting please continue.


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