The Twilight Saga

Noon it's about a girl who's accidentally changed by the Volturi, who want to kill her, but an unexpected friend helps her... Demetri, he takes her to a safe place before the Volturi kill them both.



Chapter 1: Travel.


I had spent more bland and boring night of my life, my parents had been wearing the mask of mystery on their backs over a week, what I say one? Rather more than a month, bored as usual, I decided to go to my room.

-Agathe - my mother said after peering through the doorway-¿I can go? -

-Yes - I said, do i have option I thinked somewhat irritated, she had the mask on, but now it was as a barrier metal covering her entire face.  He approached, was dressed as usual gray sweat pants, pink tee, sandals ... but there was something unusual ,she was holding something in her  hand,  an envelope, as where you save some money to repay a loan.

- Aggie, your birthday is in three days and did not know how to celebrate ... and I know you like Europe, so ... Hmm ...

- Mom will give you an aneurysm, you like please talk at once?

-Okay - she said, all trace of irritation left of me, her okays were a joke the best comedian, I rejoiced the day, just by listening - Let's go to Italy for your birthday.

I feigned happiness, I knew that birthday was a vague pretext for one of the many business trips of  my dad, but what the hell, being happy was much better than sadden by the fact that my parents did not bother to ask me my preferences.

- Well, Agathe - Mama said - Pack your things, we must be at the airport at three o'clock.

- In the morning!? - Perfect, a journey of many hours, plus a wonderful day without sleep, what more could you want?

- Well, Agathe What more do you want? - Asked thinking he was happy because I was going to Italy for 'holiday', yeah right , i would soon be sitting on a leather chair in a tight black dress waiting for dad had just chat.

- Nothing, it just ... never mind, you give me a few minutes? I have suitcases to prepare.

- Of course, hurry.


I sighed, I wanted to notice my anger, but they did not even turned to me and ignored me all the way to the airport, I weighed several options to avoid that trip, like drowning with a Dorito, or fake an asthma attack that i does not had, but I failed, they thought I was hyperventilating with excitement.

The trip to Rome was uneventful, unfortunately. The airport was packed to arrive, of course, Rome in June, I connected the headphones to my I Pod and put a random song, The Edge of Glory, to be precise and started to sing.

-There´s no reason you and me should be alone, tonight yeah baby tonight yeah baby.

I was elsewhere when something interrupted my song:

-Mathew - my mom said to my dad - Slow down! Remember that the car is rented.

-Shut up, Genevieve - Dad said. he hated mom criticized his driving since she sent us all to hospital after stamp us into a building.

-All right - was the simple answer.

-Mommy, Where do we go? - Elaine asked, my sister.

-We are going to see some friends of your dad to Volterra.

- What!? - I said, the irritation took part of me, made me put a tomato red of anger, - What a way to celebrate my sweet sixteens are a treacherous, I knew this would happen did not we were going to Rome, again, to Rome to celebrate my birthday?

- Agathe, put in our shoes ...

- NO! - I shouted angrier than a few seconds ago - i will go to the stupid meeting but then then I will go home! , I will go home to regret being born! 

 The rest of the journey passed in silence, just as the meeting was exactly how I envisioned: Extra black dress set, extra-high-heeled shoes, sitting on a black couch in a narrow rock-walled office. We spent hours there What was not planned this torture never end? The answer is yes ... to become something worse



Chapter 2: Bleeding


Upon returning, mom and dad were arguing, I do not know why, because i was listening to a song and anger blocked my senses, i had taken advantage of my long stay in the office to take my awful tight dress and now had a pair of jeans and a black sweater turtleneck, had heeled shoes but I did not care. Then everything happened very quickly, in three parts, the time when dad looked away from the road to hit mom in the face, the moment where Elaine and I screamed with fear and huge truck hitting the vehicle, reducing it to nothing . I was saved miraculously and left the car, but not before seeing the corpses of my mama, my dad and Elaine, my little Lala, hugged my leg and was bleeding,  I checked her pulse twice, but could not get anything, she was gone. I left the car, kissed Elaine's lifeless head and took my bag, was all that i had , i was an orphan and had no one to turn to. I wandered, and got to the place where i was last time, Volterra. All the streets of Volterra, -except a few streets- were narrow and rocky, perfect for a dwelling of insects, but a nightmare for an American accustomed to every luxury, I rwould realized it would not have been without food for more than two days, was very sore, thanks to my broken leg, but I had bandaged with a blouse I had in my bag always carried with me, my passport was in the back pocket of my pants,just in case if I lost the bag. Had had enough, the sweater that i was wearing at birthday, itched and had lost the shoe across the street, had blisters on my feet and my body would not hold more. I went to a strange place, was in front of a beautiful fountain, but I didn't  noticed her beauty, I just wanted to go there, I felt that there was my ticket home, so I went. Inside, I began to run down several corridors, got out and went up several stairs and ran into an elevator, I pressed the button down until the top floor .It had a hall, and a receptionist, the hall was calling me, the receptionist told me that I stop and a little voice inside me screaming that if I was crazy, I did not care anything and went (rather rushed) into the hallway, entering, there were three men sitting in three elevated thrones were very pale, as if you never leave even to the supermarket, I shuddered at the sight, their eyes red, I thought I was hallucinating from hunger, then smiled the middle

- Who are you? - Asked me, his red eyes seemed covered by a thin membrane.

-Jones-A-Agathe- i said - sir, I need help, I have no one, my parents and my sister... my Lala - broke to mourn, which apparently marveled the blonde - they were killed several days ago and I n ...

- Did they die? - Asked the blonde, he was fascinated - why do not you join the club with them? - Gave me a wide smile that showed his teeth, very white - Demitri, Felix! At that time - no more than three seconds - two men appeared, also paler than those who sat on thrones, and grabbed me so hard I could not free myself, I felt like they were crushing my bones, then they dragged me into a little room and seconds later they were sucking my blood, I noticed that the smallest did it with less intensity, suddenly said:

- She's dead.

- No, she's not ... listen to her heart.

- Felix she's dead, let's go.

- Okay, I think ... I have not heard anything.

Felix left, but Demitri, gave me a look of pity and threw a piece of paper, but the pain was unbearable and I could not open it, read out only four words:

''Do not scream, Agathe''

I tried to obey but my throat felt as if burning. Had I known that turning sixteen I was going to happen to me, I would have stayed with fifteen for the rest of eternity. The pain was burning inside, unbearable heat and had to suffer in silence, I could not scream, unless i want to find me, I went into a pile of people who apparently had the same fate as me. Spent time, days? ¿Months? ¿Weeks? Who knows, I only knew that suddenly, the fire went out, and I leave the stack in stinking of dead, but there was something different about me ... I could see even dust particles emanating from the dead and soil was wonderful. But there was something that disturbed me the note, the note of Demitri, was there, right where I had left, I opened it was a long letter, I was intrigued when I opened it, said:


We have no time, yes we have, I decided to stop this, I don't want to keep killing people, I contacted someone who might help us, or rather to help you you, I will look for you by when you have finished your transformation, there are many things to explain, I'll do when we're gone, all that i will say is that you're a vampire, I assure you it was not my intention, I just could not see you die, I felt an instinct to protect yourself, sure you will wonder when I will go not be long and remember ... Do not scream Agathe ... Under any circumstances


- V-Vampire? - I mumbled, I was shocked, how could I be a vampire? That explained the red eyes of the guys, the speed of Demitri and Felix ... and their strength, if they could do that, it meant that ... I could too. Suddenly, something interrupted my train of thought.

- Agathe? - Was the voice of Demitri - Are you there?

- Yes - I said - Demitri,  what happened to me, tell me, why my throat is burning?, Why my skin is so white? Why am I a Vampire?

- Agathe there is no time, we must go with Aro, Marcus and Caius, and let them know that we are leaving i not want to get into trouble flee.

- Who? - I asked

- Aro, Marcus and Caius, are, so to speak, our royalty, the vampires ...

I shivered, men on the thrones were king of the vampires. I hated to use that word, vampire, were the main characters of my worst nightmares, always the thought of black, like Aro, Marcus and Caius. Suddenly, Demitri, interrupted my thoughts.

-Let's go.


Chapter 3: Ticket to Home


We walked the same corridors through which I had run, in my human life, to get where were the Volturi, the temple was a perfectly polished white, human being awkward, I would have fallen like the first time I went, on the sides of the thrones, there were more vampires, like guards, including one who caught my attention, a blonde, pale complexion like the others, but a beauty that surpassed any model. Her eyes were burgundy, but she would captivate you with her innocent looks, I wondered if she really was.

- Aro - Demitri started - I found a survivor in the room of the dead. It's a ... girl, so to speak.

I Looked at him and a small smile curved her lips.

- A survivor? - Said the blonde in disbelief. - It was very discreet, even heard the beat of her heart.

- Well, Agathe ... What shall we do with you? - Aro said, what he was planning? kill me again?

- In fact, Aro - Demitri interrupted him - I had told you I wanted to leave Italy, so I could take her with me, and taught her the rules and the consequences of failure of such ... What do you think?

- I see ... But this girl could do me the honor to give me your lovely hand? - What? - I asked.

Demitri nodded to encourage me so i lend my hand to him. He touched and got concetrated.

-Oh... i see-  He said.- Poor Elaine, i guess we had to think it twice, before... you know...

-What?- i said. Demitri looked at me - You bastard! What had you did? Why?!

- Your daddy had a few outstanding issues, Poppy - Said Caius - Sorry, but we don't give any second chances.

I got angry, i got furious, i got as angry as the Devil  so i ran to Demitri. Then the blondie said.

-The Poppy wants to play... Let's show her the playground.

Suddenly, a fire tongue lick my veins, like when i was transforming but i keept stood up and said.

-No... Let's both play... i want you... to feel this... PAIN!

She started shaking and she fell to the floor. The vampires looked at me.

-Let's go-said Demitri.

We started running, fast, it was amazing so i started giggling histerically, i tried to cry, cause i was sad, but i couldn't, so i started talking to Demitri.

-Why i can't cry?

-Your body don't have water, or blood, it only haves... venom -  He looked at me to see my reaction.

-Oh... and what Aro did when he touched my hand?

-He read your mind, that's his... special gift.

-And what is the gift of the blondie?

-Jane? - Jane. The name of my second biggest enemy. After Aro of course.- She can burn you from inside... By the way, what had you did to her?

- I don't know, i got angry and i looked at her.

-Yeah, but what had you told her?

-I don't know... i want you to feel this pain.

Demitri's face changed, he was surprised now, like when you get in your surprise birthday party.

-A copier... - He mumbled-

- A copier?- I asked. I mean in my life i had many nicknames, such as bubble, tweedledee and jewel but never Copier. It was the ugliest.

- That's your gift, you can take the power of another vampire and twice it... Amazing!

Great! now i was a vampire copy machine.

Demitri stoped in the airport and bought our tickets. My pasaport was in the pocket of my pants, (thanks God), so Demitri gave me  contact lenses and stole two bagpacks from a taxi. Then we got in our plane.

The flight was long, i guess so, but i didn't got tired, it was one of my vampire skills, never getting tired. I was thirsty, very thirsty, and i was with all those humans with fresh blood, Demitri stoped me and told me that we were almost there. I had to change my contact lenses, cause the venom burned the first... and the second ones.

I started looking through the window to the beautifull moon, and i realize something... The Volturi wouldn't let me alive.



Chapter 4: A Helping Hand


We got down of the plane, like when we got in: Gorgeous. One of the things that i loved the most of being vampire was the idea of looking beautifull every single minute. No more bad hair days, no more hair growing like grass in springtime on my legs. But the thirst didn't gave me a chance of admiring myself, so i hold my neck.

-Hold on Agathe- said Demitri - We'll eat by the night.

-Good- i said - Cause i will bite you if you don't give me my food.

He hold my hand and we got out of the airport. We started running through the Seattle's streets and i was kind of confused.

-Demitri, where are we going?- i asked

-We're going to hunt, before leaving you with a friend.

-Hunt. Great.

We got into the woods and started looking for a prey, he shown me how to hunt. We found a group of hikers and eat them, one by one until no one remainded. I cleaned the blood of my upper lip and Demitri congratulated me.

- Great, now we can say goodbye to the human blood and go with the Cullens.

-With who?





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sure! i'll continue it!

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Just writed chapter 3!!!!

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