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The family is coming back together, and life is returning to normal...but are the Cullen's really in control of the situation? The answer, of course, is no.

You think you're in control?

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I never realised how exhausting a day on this island could be. It was only mid-afternoon and, despite the fact that we hadn't been walking for very long, my feet ached with every step. Carlisle quickly noticed my lagging behind and offered to carry me back to the house. I quickly accepted, of course, and soon enough he was filling the enormous bathtub with all manner of perfumes and salts.

"You are an angel," I murmured, sinking into the water and taking a deep breath of the mixture of scents. It was not as strong now as it had once been - I missed that - but it was still soothing. I shut my eyes and slid deeper, so that I was almost up to my chin in the wonderful warm water.
"Would you like me to leave?" Carlisle offered.

"No, you're fine." Why waste concentration speaking when I could let my mind wander with this glorious relaxation? I rested my head on the edge of the tub and waved my arms through the water. I relished the feeling of the current over my skin; it was so much easier to appreciate the water's softness with human skin.

Carlisle's quiet chuckle joined the multitude of soft and calming thoughts in my head.

"You're purring," he told me quietly. I pictured the smile on his face, and I smiled too; I was glad my happiness mad him happy. I told him so, though my speaking function was somewhat numbed by the tranquillity of my mind, and he kissed my forehead and told me that my existence made him happy.

In that image of peace and contentment, Carlisle and I spent almost an hour in the bathroom, talking to each other about all kinds of things. We seamlessly avoided anything related to the last two years of our lives; such thoughts made this peace impossible. That was one of the reasons I loved this island; it was the perfect piece of paradise in a turbulent and sometimes cruel world. No matter how bad things got, Isle Esme made it better; you could forget the world. You could truly relax, be honestly and totally happy: the perfect sanctuary. I climbed out of the tub and pulled a towel around myself, blushing as I felt Carlisle's eyes track me to the door. Before I could say anything, he started reciting one of Shakespeare's most well-known sonnets -and one of my personal favourites.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

and summer's lease hath all too short a date.

Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines

and often is his gold complexion dimmed;

and even fair from fair sometimes declines

by chance or nature's changing course untrimmed.

But thy eternal summer shall not fade,

nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st.

Nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade

when in eternal lines to time thou grow'st

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,

so long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

I felt myself tearing up as the sonnet progressed; by the end I was sobbing.

"Esme, what's wrong?" Carlisle crooned, wrapping his arm around my hips and drawing me closer to him.

I buried my face in his neck and cried.

"Thy eternal summer shall not fade...nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade," I choked. "I don't want to leave you, Carlisle. Ever. I don't care if it's not for a hundred years."
"Esme, we've discussed this," he said quietly, holding me at arms' length. "I don't want to try and change you until I'm certain it will work. I have seen werewolves die from vampire venom - only a few, but it does happen - and I don't want that happening to you."
"But I'm going to die anyway!"

"Not that way!" Carlisle insisted. "Trust me, it's torture only the strongest of hearts would get through. Yours has been dormant for ninety years, then forced to work hard, then crushed and pierced,
and then forced to keep up a huge wolf. Your heart is as loving as ever, my dear, but physically I don't know how well it will hold up. I'm sorry, but I can't even consider that until I find out more."

"Then lets find out!" I begged. "Hook me up to something, take some blood samples, I don't care!"
"Esme, calm down," Carlisle soothed, drawing me into a hug. "I don't know enough about werewolves to help you, but when we get back to Forks we'll go to the ISS and Sylvia can help. I'll be there the whole time, I promise. We'll sort this out. I'm not going to let you go without

a fight, trust me."

"I do," I promised, lifting up my head.

Carlisle smiled, brushed a lock of hair out of my face and kissed me.

"Come on dear, the boat for the mainland is leaving soon. Don't want to miss the plane back," he said, once we had pulled apart. The drama of moments before was pushed to the back of my mind as I raced upstairs to finish packing: I couldn't wait to see my family again!

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sorry it's so long between updates guys, but I'm working on about a zillion ffics at the moment (go to TotallyTeamCE's profile at that's me) and so...yeah. really sorry. Immortal Child is on haitus until I get an inspiration with which to sort out the knot I've tied it into. Oops.

Sorry the words are kinda all over the place this text box thingy's being spazzy and I really really gotta go so I can't fix the formatting properly! soz!



Chapter Thirteen:



I crouched and snarled, but it was useless. Faolan laughed at me like I was some little pup. It probably didn't help that, at my largest, I was two thirds his size. Right now, I was concentrating on staying small - less than half Faolan's size - in the hope that I could slip away. Jace bore his teeth at Faolan too, but like me, remained at his smallest - though I could see on his face the effort it was taking. When stressed, it took more concentration to stay small, as it suited our flight instinct better than the natural fight instinct.


Faolan grabbed Jace by the nape of the neck: with a yelp, my companion was tossed into a nearby tree. I was next, I knew, but there was no time to run before the huge, heavy jaws clamped around me. Faolan crushed my ribs, and I yelped in agony before he dropped me onto the floor.

   "Don't try to run," he recommended. "You won't get far. I'll be back soon."



I jumped when I heard a familiar voice shout.

   "No! Please, I'll come, just leave him alone!" Emily? I ran around the corner, searching for the sound. Snarls and scrapes and the buzz of electricity followed, and then the near-silence returned.

   "She's seen enough, for now," Peter announced in a low, dark voice that was barely his. Almost instantly, the ashen Vladimir and a tall Scandinavian-looking woman with thick grey-blonde hair were at my sides, each taking one of my arms.

   "Peter you're crazy!" I yelled. Clearly this would be my last chance to speak to him for a while. "Accurate
genetic engineering takes years, and millions of dollars, and hundreds of scientists! There's no way you could do this without-"


I was washed through with a brand new horror. My heart skipped a beat. I gasped for air. No, no, it couldn't be. The government surely wouldn't allow this. Especially not with their publically known regime to investigate and manage the supernatural: the ISS was a valiant organisation, so if this awful plot became known, it could destroy our whole reputation...




Peter grinned at me, sauntering down the hallway towards me.

    "You never were a fool, my dear," he complemented. "I thought you'd have figured it out by now. This whole marvelous project is the newest mission of the ISS."



I've never seen Leah like this. She's actually crying. As in, arms-crossed-on-the-bench, hiding-her-face, bawling. Alex sits quietly beside her, and the rest of us stand around like a bunch of dolls while Carlisle and Edward pace back and forth.

    "We're going to have to go there," Carlisle announced at last. "Clearly, whatever is going on in Seattle is being kept a secret, which means that people are going to be against it - otherwise, why hide it?"

    "Blackmail?" Demetri raised an eyebrow. "You, Carlisle Cullen, are suggesting blackmail?"

    "If diplomacy doesn't work...then yes, blackmail. It has proven itself to be an effective weapon in the past. Remember the Wikileaks scandal a few years back?"

 A murmur of recognition passed around the room.

    "We've got a few cameras left over from Nessie's 'growing up' montage," Alice put in. Nessie shifted her weight uncomfortably to the other foot as everyone glanced at her. Despite the situation, I smiled a little: rapidly growing baby Nessie had been rushed around the house, doing all manner of cute things as we created years worth of home videos in a matter of days. Even for a family of vampires, that was a challenge - especially since Nessie had to sleep between it all - so we bought multiple cameras.


Bleary-eyed Emma Rose stumbled into the kitchen then, rubbing her eyes with a tiny fist.


  "Thirsty," she gargled, eyes sparkling innocently at us, completely unaware of the seriousness of the conversation she had interrupted. I was flushed with pride at my little girl. Edward smiled knowingly. Nessie didn't bother moving: Bella and Esme started towards the kitchen simultaneously.


"Grandmas," Nessie muttered, shaking her head as both young grandmothers returned. Esme, bearing apple juice, was splashed with milk; Bella, with her cup of milk, was spattered with juice. Both were smiling good-naturedly as they held out their offerings for Emma. She carefully took both and downed first the juice, then the milk. Wow, she was thirsty.


Satisfied, she sat herself on the floor.


"Daddy?" she asked, reaching for me, flexing her hands open and shut. Thankfully, the Denali living area was big enough to accommodate my wolf form. I phased and knelt beside her, and Emma clambered onto my back (with significant help from her mother). She giggled with joy as I scaled the stairs and took her back to her room.


Nessie lifted Emma's near-sleeping form carefully, and lovingly lowered her into the cot and arranged the blankets around her. She proceeded to move over to the window, press it tightly shut and put as many locks on it as possible. She turned to the side and dragged the bookshelf over as well, sniffling back


"Woah, woah, Nes, what's up?" I phased back, slipping my shorts on with practiced ease, and took her hands away from the wood and she pressed her face into my chest.


"I just want her to be safe, Jake," she whimpered. "I don't know what to do! I don't know how to protect her!"


"Shh, shh," I soothed, patting her back. "I didn't realise you were so worried about this, honey. I'm sorry. But there are heaps of us. Emma is perfectly safe. Nothing will happen to her in this family, I promise you."


"Nessie, sweetie?" Bella knocked on the door. "Are you okay?"


"Yeah...fine Mom," Nessie sniffed, looking up. "Can you guys just leave me and Jake alone for a bit?"


"Okay, sure honey," Bella still sounded worried and a little disappointed, but she obliged. The others quietly resumed the discussion downstairs. Nessie put her head back against my chest and drew little patterns on my belly with her fingers. I rested my head on top of hers and repeated;


"Emma is perfectly safe."


And then the window smashed behind us.

:O, omg! NO!!! NOT EMMA!!! grrrrrr
YOU STOPPED THERE!!!!! WHAT ABOUT EMMA, IS SHE OK?!!!!!! Poor little girl. I thought it was absolutely adorable when she came in because she was thirsty! SO CUTE! =] I really hope nothing happens to her.....
i know. I'm horrible aren't i? :)
yes...and you're smiling about it...

what should I be doing? a practice history test! what AM i doing? entertaining the muse that ( many weeks?) has suddenly decided to seize my brain. This is the second update today! whew I'm on a roll. Check out SonicTeamCE on for more stories (also likely to be benefitting from this flood of inspiration)


Chapter Fourteen:




"Jake?" I called. He'd been up there for ages, which was well and good under normal circumstances - he had a family after all - but we had some more immediate concerns. We had to find out what was going on in Seattle. We had to get Seth back. The others were probably with him, too. If they were collecting werewolves - whoever 'they' were - we must be next. We're going to run out of fighters if they keep picking us off like this!


I wiped furiously at my eyes, but they kept burning and tears kept coming and words remained stuck in my throat by lumps of fear for my brother. He never was a fighter. He was one of those turn-the-other-cheek types. I guess he got it growing up around me, seeing how my bitterness had taken all of the joy out of my life, except him. However he got it, though, it was going to get him killed!

   "Leah, we'll get your brother back," Alex promised. "They haven't beaten us yet, and they won't-"

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell off the seat. Carlisle all but dove towards us and caught her just in time. He lay her on the ground and pulled a small dart from her neck. He held it up and, examining it, frowned.

"What's wrong with her?" Esme asked. Suddenly, she collapsed too. There was the same kind of dart in the side of her neck: about an inch and a half long, red with green tiger-style markings.

   "They're poisoned," he breathed. "I don't know what with. Leah, don't make any sudden movements. I suggest you get behind the counter before-"

 He was cut off by a sharp pain in my neck. I felt strangely weightless and then everything went black.



 I flew up the stairs to Emma's nursery and prepared to kick the door down, only to find that it was already hanging from one hinge. Inside, it was empty.


"JACOB!" I called as loudly as I could. Nobody responded. "NESSIE! NESSIEEEEEEEEE!"


Still no response, but in the corner of my eye, a flicker of shadow. I whipped around. A girl was standing there, smiling simply, looking just a little frightened. I recognised her...but from where? I dug through my human memories and found her.


 She nodded.

   "But you're..."

 In a flash, she was right in front of me. Her red eyes flashed silver, and it was as though someone had suddenly shot me full of anaesthetic. My limbs went numb. I felt myself falling, but after that, everything was gone - black, silent, empty.




Carlisle was frowning as he worked over Alex, Leah and Esme. They all had terrible fevers, but they were sleeping like the dead. Their hearts are slower than I've ever heard a living heartbeat, he commented with concern. Despite their hot skin, their cheeks are pasty white...yet, no cold sweat?


There's another person upstairs, Jasper noted. Jake, Nessie and Emma are gone. It's someone else. Bella's a little freaked out - oh, no, calm now. Okay. That's a little weird. You should go check on her. I'll keep an eye out down here.


If I had blood, it would be running cold. Nessie, Emma, Jake and now Bella? I hurried up the stairs, anxious to see that she was alright. I baulked at the face staring at me, apparently in awe, from Emma's doorway.

   "Edward! How wonderful to see you again!" Aro cried, clapping his hands together enthusiastically. I scowled. His track of thoughts was all over the place...not that that was unusual for Aro...


Look at me.


Just like when someone calls your name, you just can't help but look. That was a mistake of mine. Aro's red eyes flashed silver, and my last conscious thought was; I knew something was wrong.





Demetri and I shared a glance.

   "Is it just me..." I began.

   "Or is it too quiet up there?" He raised an eyebrow.

 Carlisle sat back, examining the three blank faces in front of him.

   "Something strange is definitely going on here," he announced. "Alice? Anything?"
   "Nope. No obvious blockage, but nothing is coming through." She sounded annoyed with herself. Jasper kissed her forehead gently and she sighed, returning to her scouting efforts without further comment.

 Demetri seemed to be watching something upstairs, as if he could see right through the floor. Electricity tingled in my fingers; I was automatically preparing to defend myself. I was still wearing the suit the NSS scientists gave me, but it was deactivated. Good. I don't want them interfering with my defenses; that's the last thing I need at a time like this.


 "Carlisle..." Alex groaned as she sat up, propping herself up with one arm and pressing the other to her forehead. "What happened?"

Leah moaned quietly and coughed as she came to, rolling onto her side.

   "Oh man. What was that? My head feels like it's been run over by a boat."

For once, there was no flicker of desire to go into great detail about the darts he had found. In fact, Carlisle barely recognised that the girls were awake. He stared at Esme, who showed no signs of stirring.

"Carlisle, we should get out of here," Demetri warned, now alternating his attention between the almost motionless Cullen leader, and the invisible threat somewhere above us. Demetri could tell exactly where. Judging by his posture, which Jasper matched, it was getting closer.


"Carlisle." His tone was more demanding this time. "We have to get out of here right now."

omg, whats happened!?

not telling


ps - I'm smiling about this too :)


I'm a new reader and I can't wait to see what happens !!!!!!!!!!! This fanfic is sooooooooooooooooo good.


glad you like it! XD thanks for commenting Sam


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