The Twilight Saga

In this particular fan fiction, yet another by MikeLover<3

Isabella Swan the beloved protagonist from the Twilight series is back but in a new way. What happens if Edward never came back, Bella never took that jump that changed her life forever. Bella goes to school and gets the most terrible call. What was the call? What happens to Bella? Read this and more in my all new fan fiction ;

Nothing Gold Can Stay 




I walked the dark corridor with two murderous animals at my sides. Yet I felt happy, like I was finally whole again, where I was supposed to be. With the people I was supposed to be. This is where I belong.

One of the beasts sauntered toward me a smile on his face.

It happened so fast, darkness engulfed me and I slipped into unconsciousness.




Chapter One - Part One

The end of the end



I woke up screaming; yet again I couldn’t escape the dreams even with Jake.

It had been nearly a year and I still awoke every morning to my screams. Charlie didn’t even wake up anymore, it had become something natural, and that’s not a good sign.


I got up and went into the bathroom and pulled my hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of my face. I lazily walked down the stairs in my pajamas; I got out some Cereal and milk and ate one cheerio at a time. After I was done, I cleaned the bowl and put it away.

I walked back up the stairs and changed into a red blouse and dark wash skinny jeans I topped that off with some black low converse.

I walked into the bathroom, brushed out all the knots in my hair and brushed my teeth, after my morning routine was done I walked back down stairs more lively than the first time this happened. I slipped on my jacket that still after a year and a half felt more like a biohazard suit than a jacket.


Today I was going to Jakes like I do everyday, but first I had to go to school.

I arrived in the parking lot early, yet again. I picked a spot close to the entrance so I could get out of this hellhole as soon as I could after school. I walked by where he used to park that shiny silver Volvo, the lump in my throat rose and I found myself running inside, away from the memories.


My first class was Biology, I tried desperately those first few months to switch out of this class because of him, but of course there was no way possible that I could. I eventually took to sitting where he sat. I sat close to the window and placed my hand where he put his so many days ago when it was my first day at school. Tears ran down my face like every other biology class I had after he left. This school was my own personal hell. Every class, hallway, room made me think of him. I now sit at his old table by my self, sometimes I don’t eat and pretend he did change and I am a vampire, while I sit there alone, then I get up for class and I’m back to boring depressed miserable human Bella.

No one talks to me anymore not even Mike! Angela would but I think my depression frightens her.


The classes passed by slowly, I was in the middle of PE when my teacher called my name “Bella Swan! You have a phone call at the office!” He said and motioned towards the door. I dropped the volleyball I currently had, thank god he saved me from serving. I ran out the doors and ran to the office.


“Hey, they said I had a call?” I asked


“Y-yes… here Isabella.” She said back to me looking solem, she left the room and gave me a small smile.


“Hello, this is Isabella Swan.” I said just using the name on my birth certificate to prevent confusion


“Hello Ms. Swan, this is Forks general hospital calling, I am afraid I have some terrible news.” The receptionist said


“What is it? Is Charlie OK?” I asked frightened


“Yes, your father is fine dear. But I am afraid your friend by the name of Jacob Black has been injured and is in critical condition, it is imperative as said by the legal parent of said person that you report to the hospital immediately.” Said the monotone voice

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C'monn guys
Hahaha alright, i'll add you.

very nice!

definitely well worth the wait for this...i gotta admit, im not a jacob fan lol so even though I dont wish him dead, i don't wish for him to be with Bella in this either lol

i look forward to ur further posts!

Yeah, I'm not a Jacob fan anymore, lol.


I'll add you so i can inbox u mk?

sounds good!

i look forward to reading the next chapter of your story and just a heads up, i've got my next chapter either half way done or 3/4 of the way done lol but it's being written right now lol


 Chapter One – Part Two



I dropped the phone not bothering to hang up and ran outside, I ran up to my truck hitting my self for parking so far away from the school since the rain was pouring down upon me making me soaking wet by the time I got there. I was still in my gym strip and I was freezing cold but that didn’t stop me he was always there for me so I am here for him.


I got there to see Billy balled up in his wheel chair crying


“Billy!” I yelled and ran over to him


“B-Bella?” he asked and looked up


“Yeah Billy I’m here.” I said stroking his hair in a comforting way


“What happened!” I asked concerned


“He was attacked by a vampire, I don’t know who though, the guys wouldn’t say.” He said in a hushed tone


I stayed there for hours the hospital called and told Charlie and he came and joined out sob session for the whole night. We slept in jakes room and I never left his side the whole night.

The continuous “Beep, beep, beep, beep” of the machine was the only thing that kept me sane, the only thing that new he was still alive.


Chapter Two

The final moment


I awoke in the middle of the night, the solid “Beep, beep, beep” had slowed down.


“Oh god no.” I said quietly


“Jake! Jake are you awake! It’s okay I’m here honey” I said I never realized how much I loved him, his beautiful flawless russet skin, his beautiful white smile. He was my rock, the only thing that kept me here, my glue, the only thing that kept me together, and my sun, the only thing that made me happy in my dark blue cloudy world.

I couldn’t loose him, I knew I would never run right again, like an old car repaired I would never return to my true glory I would never run perfect again. He was my one and only love and it took me to see him dying that made me really truly realize it.


“Bella?” He asked his voice croaking and strained as the beeping slowly crept to a complete stop


That brought the tears “Yes baby I’m here” I said grabbing his hand


“I have to leave it’s time now.” He said and I began to bawl.


“Jake, Jake who-who did this to you?”


“Victoria.” He said barely making out the words


I gasped “Jacob Black, I love you.” I said crawling in beside him on his small hospital bed


“As I love you, Bella. Promise me one thing?”



“Never forget me.”

He said and the machine stopped and all I could hear was the sound of his death, the noise of the machine only finalized what I wished wasn’t true.


I lay there for hours by his side, his body slowly cooled down from its normal temperature. There’s one thing werewolves can’t live through, vampire venom.


I vowed then in that small hospital room beside my deceased love that I would find and kill Victoria. Even if that meant leaving behind my whole life, I would kill her.

There was only one person, who could and would help me now,

Aro. as much as I said i didn't like Jake....him dying wasn't something I expected though now he can't stand between Edward and Bella..but now she's going to Aro? Is she insane? Great, now she's gonna become a vampire, they're gonna try to make her feed on human blood and if Edward ever shows up, he's gonna feel stupid and she may not take him back!  These are of course, my theories but it only means I'm that anxious to see what you post next!

until then..

Phew, I'm glad Jacob's dead. Now, Bella can focus on what really matters... EDWARD! Please post more soon <3
No shes not insane, but I cant explain her reasoning until a later time.

Chapter 3


Two days later was Jake’s funeral I bawled, why did it have to him why my Jake why couldn’t it be someone else? I know that sounds kind of not fair but this isn’t fair! He never did anything he’s was just a kid.


After the funeral I drove home in the pouring rain with Charlie in the passenger seat


“Listen Bella I just wanted you to know if you want to move back to your moms ju-“ I cut him off


“No dad. I don’t want to move back to Moms.” I said sourly


“OK Bells.” I could see the pain in his face


I pulled into the driveway slammed the door and went inside as fast as I could. I hung up my ‘biohazard suit’ and went into my room.


I slammed my door and sat on my bed and cried.


“Bella this isn’t going to do you any good.” I said to myself

“Just pack, get a cab and go to the airport it’ll be fine.” I lied again to myself


I needed to go to Volterra it was the only way. But what if Aro made me stay there with them as one of them? What would happen? What about Charlie and Renee!

To many questions, not enough time.


I picked out all the clothes that were on top of the piles in my old pine dresser.

As I shoved them in my old duffle bag that had once held my very scarce “Forks wardrobe” when I first joined Charlie in this small two-bedroom house a sudden thought occurred to me.


How will I get out?

Surely, I couldn’t just walk out the door. Charlie is still awake and if I see him again without being angry with him I might chicken out and stay here without anyone able to protect me.


There was only one way out, the window.



I sat there on the windowsill duffle bag in hand looking uneasily down at the dark yard below me. I had never been a very active person or a terrible teenager; I had no experience what so ever in climbing trees or jumping out windows.

I thought about how Jacob would have done it, of course he was a werewolf so I had to think of how a clumsy human would do it.


I dropped my bag on the lawn as it made a quiet thump.

Looking at the tree just centimeters away from my hand quite visible from the light in my room and the help form the moon. I grabbed onto the branch closest to my hand, I grabbed farther in where the branch was steadier and pushed myself from that onto the trunk of the tree where I had very little foot room, being uncomfortable I jumped out of the tree.


I let out a small screech as I hit the ground and instantly covered my mouth and froze on the lawn as I heard Charlie’s couch creak as the weight shifted.


He walked up the stairs slowly


He called on the stairs


“Honey are you alrig-“ he said and instantly cut himself off as he opened the door to see no trace of me


“BELLA!” He called louder and walked to the window


I ran to the protection of the house and pushed myself up against the siding hidden in the shadows


“Bella! Bella where are you? BELLA!” He called out into the night.


Although I think he knew his questions would never be answered, and he let a few tears escape.



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