The Twilight Saga

In this particular fan fiction, yet another by MikeLover<3

Isabella Swan the beloved protagonist from the Twilight series is back but in a new way. What happens if Edward never came back, Bella never took that jump that changed her life forever. Bella goes to school and gets the most terrible call. What was the call? What happens to Bella? Read this and more in my all new fan fiction ;

Nothing Gold Can Stay 




I walked the dark corridor with two murderous animals at my sides. Yet I felt happy, like I was finally whole again, where I was supposed to be. With the people I was supposed to be. This is where I belong.

One of the beasts sauntered toward me a smile on his face.

It happened so fast, darkness engulfed me and I slipped into unconsciousness.




Chapter One - Part One

The end of the end



I woke up screaming; yet again I couldn’t escape the dreams even with Jake.

It had been nearly a year and I still awoke every morning to my screams. Charlie didn’t even wake up anymore, it had become something natural, and that’s not a good sign.


I got up and went into the bathroom and pulled my hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of my face. I lazily walked down the stairs in my pajamas; I got out some Cereal and milk and ate one cheerio at a time. After I was done, I cleaned the bowl and put it away.

I walked back up the stairs and changed into a red blouse and dark wash skinny jeans I topped that off with some black low converse.

I walked into the bathroom, brushed out all the knots in my hair and brushed my teeth, after my morning routine was done I walked back down stairs more lively than the first time this happened. I slipped on my jacket that still after a year and a half felt more like a biohazard suit than a jacket.


Today I was going to Jakes like I do everyday, but first I had to go to school.

I arrived in the parking lot early, yet again. I picked a spot close to the entrance so I could get out of this hellhole as soon as I could after school. I walked by where he used to park that shiny silver Volvo, the lump in my throat rose and I found myself running inside, away from the memories.


My first class was Biology, I tried desperately those first few months to switch out of this class because of him, but of course there was no way possible that I could. I eventually took to sitting where he sat. I sat close to the window and placed my hand where he put his so many days ago when it was my first day at school. Tears ran down my face like every other biology class I had after he left. This school was my own personal hell. Every class, hallway, room made me think of him. I now sit at his old table by my self, sometimes I don’t eat and pretend he did change and I am a vampire, while I sit there alone, then I get up for class and I’m back to boring depressed miserable human Bella.

No one talks to me anymore not even Mike! Angela would but I think my depression frightens her.


The classes passed by slowly, I was in the middle of PE when my teacher called my name “Bella Swan! You have a phone call at the office!” He said and motioned towards the door. I dropped the volleyball I currently had, thank god he saved me from serving. I ran out the doors and ran to the office.


“Hey, they said I had a call?” I asked


“Y-yes… here Isabella.” She said back to me looking solem, she left the room and gave me a small smile.


“Hello, this is Isabella Swan.” I said just using the name on my birth certificate to prevent confusion


“Hello Ms. Swan, this is Forks general hospital calling, I am afraid I have some terrible news.” The receptionist said


“What is it? Is Charlie OK?” I asked frightened


“Yes, your father is fine dear. But I am afraid your friend by the name of Jacob Black has been injured and is in critical condition, it is imperative as said by the legal parent of said person that you report to the hospital immediately.” Said the monotone voice

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wow she left?

no no no...and the window?

i feel bad for charlie now

Please post more soon.
Yeah she jumped outta the
Love it

keep me updated
omg this is so good
Hey everyone,author here.


Just here to apologize, I don't want to be one of those writers that updates once a month.

I had exam's all week last week so I had to study and this weekend I have time for NOTHING. 


So I will be working on the new chapter monday. It'll be up probably wednesday, if I had enough time to finish it.

Awesome! keep me updated!


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