The Twilight Saga

What would happen if Bella Swan woke up in Vegas after celebrating her graduation from her intership at Seattle Grace Hospital. She finds herself married to a man that she doesn't know. Join them on their journey to find out that they are soul mates. But when someone wants him, will Bella do anything to get him back or lose him forever?


had this one made for when Jessica comes into play


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you will just have to wait and see just who was in his place
will u plz keep me updated
i love the chapter!!!!
keep me updated
love shauny
i luv it
i luv it

Unknown pov

How dare Carlisle take our son from me. He keeps on saying that I am not his mother and that she had died giving birth to them but he is clearly in denial about that. Carlisle was very mad when little Edward was taken but he doesn't know that it was me who took him. Luckily Edward doesn't remember that because I would be in some serious trouble if he had back then. It took me some time to track them down only to find that Carlisle had remarried and that Edward and his brother Jasper call her mommy. I went to try to get my old job back taking care of the boys only to find that Carlisle had moved them. It took me fifteen years to finally track them down. Jasper has married and moved to Seattle, Washington. But what they didn't know is that I have them followed at all times so I can know where my little Carter is. I don't understand why Carlisle changed his name but I will make him go by his new name soon.

I was heading to his house here in Dallas when I noticed a 'For Sale' sign in the yard. How could I have missed this so I had my PI track him down. Two days later he called back saying "Ma'am, he moved to Seattle, Washington. He lives in Lock-wall Apartments. But you also wanted to know about anything out of normal with him." I told him to move on. He said "Well I think that he is seeing someone because I spotted him going out with a young girl. I will try to see if I can find out anything on who she is. I will call you with any new information that I find." I was mad so I also found out that he had a partner name Demetri. So did some research on Demetri and found something that I could use against him to force him to help me with getting my little Carter back.

I called to my friend in Rome, Italy to make sure that they had the house ready for our visit. I know that he will be very stubborn when I go to take him but I just hope that he will come willingly when he realizes that I am his mommy. I go to this Demetri and he answers the door. He said "Hello how can I help you?" I smiled and said "Yes you will help me or you will never see her again." I showed his the picture of someone that he loved so much. He moved out of the door and said "Why me? What have I done to you?" I laughed and said "Nothing but you will help me take my son back because his father had taken him from me years ago. I want to be with my son again but he has been brainwashed into thinking that he is someone else." Demetri looked up at me and said "If I help you will you let her go and promise not to hurt her." I told him that I wouldn't hurt her. So I told him who I wanted.

He at first didn't want to help me but when I reminded him of the person that I had he then agreed to help me. I waited until Edward left his place and then I picked the lock and went in. He had pictures of his family on his wall and then I noticed one picture of him and a woman in Vegas. They got married. That just won't do. He can't be married because he will only have room in his heart for me his mother. I walked around and noticed that he has grown into a very handsome young man. He looks just like me and a little bit of his father. Maybe when I can remind him of who he really is then we can talk his father into coming to live with us. I know that soon I will have my little Carter back with me and that nobody will ever come between us again. I take a couple of his pictures to put into our new home. I call my friend again just to make sure that everything and it is ready now just to wait for the right time to take him home.
write moreasap
can't wait for more.
the unknown person is craze!!
i dont know what to say
ellaryne this is turning into a story of stories. i gotta say it is wonderful. lol gotta have more.


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