The Twilight Saga

What would happen if Bella Swan woke up in Vegas after celebrating her graduation from her intership at Seattle Grace Hospital. She finds herself married to a man that she doesn't know. Join them on their journey to find out that they are soul mates. But when someone wants him, will Bella do anything to get him back or lose him forever?


had this one made for when Jessica comes into play


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love it................ they are to cute!
i loved it cant wait for more
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next will be the wedding and then we will find out what jessica is up to
love it!
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Chapter 11


I woke up before my alarm went off. We had to get everything into the car and head to the airport to go to Crete an island off of Greece. I packed everything in the car and then started to make some breakfast and that is what woke Bella up. She came running down the stairs and slid into the kitchen. I looked at her and said "I have already loaded everything up so just eat and then we can leave for the airport." She smiled and dived into the pancakes with eggs and beacon. My parents rented out two jets to get everyone to the island. They had also booked the entire resort for the week leading up to the wedding. Rose my wonderful cousin was even bringing her date Emmett McCarty along with her. They had hit it off during my kidnapping. He was pretty cool and he seemed to treat her the way that she should be treated. Everyone fell asleep sometime during the trip.

We landed and got everything set up for the ceremony. We did things with the family since we would be alone for two weeks. We went out on a boat to see the island and then we settled in for a nice dinner. Bella and I both said 'no' to the usual parties but we had a small party. Alice along with Jasper made us sleep in different rooms. I started to argue but Bella told me that she would be next door. I fell asleep sometime after that only to have Jasper dump a bowl of cold water on my face the next morning. He was laughing and soon my father was laughing with us. We got dressed in some khaki pants with white button down shirts. We were going to be barefoot because this was a beach wedding. Was I nervese? Yes! Was I ready for this of course I was. My dad came to get me and he took me for a walk.

He said "Edward, your mother was happy when she found out that she was having twins and that you both were boys. She knew that there was a slight chance that she wouldn't make it but she was stubborn in the fact that she wanted the both of you. I was sadden when she died but she got to see the both of you before she past. She told me that I was to tell you that you will be happy when you found the right girl and for you not to over think anything when it comes to her. So I agree when I say to follow your heart and your mind will agree with anything." We had walked and talked some more before I had noticed that it was time.

I was standing at the alter waiting for my Bella to come to me. The waves were crashing against the cliff side. I then heard the music but I couldn't focus on anything but my angel walking towards me. Bella was smiling and Charlie was happy as well. They stopped and Charlie put her hand in mine and he said "Take care of my baby girl." I nodded my head and took both of Bella's hands in mine. I mouthed 'I love you' to her and she did the same back to me. The preacher's words where short and simple. He then said "Bella and Edward wanted to speak there own vows." I took a deep breath.

I said "Bella, I thought that you were an angel when we first met but then I woke up without you next to me. I was sadden but then it was fate that you worked with my brother. When we talked and agreed that we would try did my dreams come true. Well I still have one yet to come true. When I was taken the only thing that kept me going was the thought of coming home to you and my family. I love you so much that my heart might explode. I will never make you cry but if you do it will be happy tears." With that I put the ring on her finger.

Bella smiled and said "Edward, you are the most amazing person that I have ever met. You have showed me what it is like to trust a person with my heart. I was heartbroken when you were gone but then you came back and I knew that we have a second chance to be together and I won't let that go." With that we were pronounced man and wife. Everyone partied for several hours


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