The Twilight Saga

What would happen if Bella Swan woke up in Vegas after celebrating her graduation from her intership at Seattle Grace Hospital. She finds herself married to a man that she doesn't know. Join them on their journey to find out that they are soul mates. But when someone wants him, will Bella do anything to get him back or lose him forever?


had this one made for when Jessica comes into play


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i have been sick with my allergies but i will have some up tomorrow
post more soon keep me updated :) (= <3
i need some ideas for how to end the story
there is two more chapters left
i will have more up in a couple of days
sorry guys but i wont be able to post until next week because i'm moving and wont have the internet until then but i hope to get it back sooner
read this and should have more up soon
I just finished reading this story and liked it.  I hope that you find time to finish it soon.  :-)

great story...i hope u can post soon :D

can u keep me updated plzzz


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