The Twilight Saga

What would happen if Bella Swan woke up in Vegas after celebrating her graduation from her intership at Seattle Grace Hospital. She finds herself married to a man that she doesn't know. Join them on their journey to find out that they are soul mates. But when someone wants him, will Bella do anything to get him back or lose him forever?


had this one made for when Jessica comes into play


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Most girls dream of their father's giving them away to their prince charming on that one special day. Then having that Father and Daughter dance while all of the guests watch and say how beautiful she is and just how much they fit together. Well that didn't happen to me. Bet you are wondering just what I mean? Well I went to Vegas to celebrate the fact that I am a doctor now with my two best friends Rosalie and Angela. We were going to do the whole party till you drop thing but I remember being at one club and they went to dance with a couple of men out on the dance floor. I was getting my drink but a man said "Well Darlin' let me buy you a drink then we can dance the night away." I was about to say yes but a man said "Brother, I wouldn't want to send some pics to the evil little pixie that you are getting married to." The blonde man's face lost all color and he said "I need to sleep so I am heading back to the hotel." He left and the other man was like the Greek God Apollo himself.

This man was about six foot three and was about one hundred seventy pounds. He had a very strange color hair it was a mix of brown and a copper color. He smiled adn said "Can I buy you a drink?" I must have given him a strange look so he said "I promise that I don't have a woman waiting for me back at home. That was my brother Jasper and he is getting married next week to Alice Brandon. Enough about them. Let's go party and because we are only in Vegas once." I smiled and we partied for some time before he said "Let's get out of here and find some where else to party." I smiled and said "Wait what is your name?" He laughed and said "I am Edward and you are?" I walked over to where he was and said "My name is Bella." He smiled and said "The name does you justice. Now come my beautiful Bella."

That is the last thing I remember before waking up the next morning and I wasn't in my own room. I sat up and rubbed my hands on my face and I felt something on my left hand that wasn't there before. I looked at my hand and I saw a very beautiful ring on my hand. I was getting ready to scream when I heard a slight moan. I looked over to my right and I saw that the guy from last night was in bed with me. What did I do last night? Then it hit me that I.... can't.... be... no that can't be I mean...I just can't be .....
wow i lov it !

Bella Swan

girlfriend that was just so awesome. especially throwing that Alice part in there. love it simply love it.
thats a cool twist but i love it please tell me that there will be more
write more
write more
write more
different...but i like it
i will have more up in a few days
can u keep me updated please?
plzzz plzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzz POST MORE SOON!!
n plzz tell me when u do?!!


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