The Twilight Saga

its been a really long time since i posted a story on here, been really busy. but now i am back! and with a brane new story.


its an edward and bella story (of course) edward is a big time jocky and the most popular guy in school, hes alil conceited and shallow.


bella is a no one, except for her only friend mike she basically is a loner.

she has been in love with edward for 6 years but he doesnt know she exists.


can bella reach up outta of her shell and be finally noticed?

can edward drop his player ways and finally notice a kindred spirt in bella?


heres the intro


I see you

in a crowd, but you never see me

i see your warm smile, your perfect face.

your glowing green eyes.

i see you.

but you dont see me

you never do

i would be standing by the lockers, you would pass right by.

to your buddies and her standing by

oh how i want to feel your warm touch on my skin

to feel your warm breath upon my neck.

oh how i want you to desparently

notice me.


*whatcha think? should i continue?* let me know :)

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you should deff write it ,it sounds awesome plz keep writin


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