The Twilight Saga


Set in the 1920’s-30’s-40s ish era.

the research and timing is a little dodgy I know - sorry! - but go easy on me :)

Discussion: Prologue

Pg 1: Chaps 1, 2

Pg 2: Chaps 3, 4

Pg 3: Chaps 5, 6

Pg 4: Chaps 7, 8

Pg 5: Chap 9 (pt 1)

Pg 6: Chaps 9 (pt 2), 10

Pg 7: Chap 11

Pg 8: Epilogue

Pg 9: -

Esme, who we all know. (28 yrs old)

Charles, Esme’s second husband, who she married after her first husband died in WWI because she didn’t have the money to look after her kids (40)

Alice, Esme’s daughter from her 1st marriage. Required to act as a young lady. Esme feels her daughter has had her childhood stolen. (11)

Edward, Esme’s son from 1st marriage. He gets most of Charles’ attention and money as he is the heir. (9)

Emmett, Esme’s 2nd son, conceived in 1st marriage but born in 2nd (infant).

Carlisle Cullen, town doctor, (29)

Vanessa (Nessie) Cullen, (11)

Jasper (Jazz) Cullen, (9)

Rosalie Cullen (infant)



Esme’s point of view:

It was late at night, and I was working by candlelight, trying to cook my husband’s dinner. He was probably at the pub. The fool: didn’t he understand that we didn’t have the money for this? My stomach twisted and writhed with hunger at the smell of pork and rice; it was the richest meal anyone had had all week, but what little meat we could afford was reserved for Charles, and sometimes Edward.

My son, Edward, was the only heir to Charles’ estate, but though it is true that he got most of Charles’ attention and love, if you could call it that, Charles didn’t take well to any of my children, as none of them were by him. Of course, Charles was trying to conceive his own child with me, but I refused to let it grow. I just couldn’t bear to bring another life into this horribly grey existence. Every morning, I chewed bitter herbs that discouraged conception. Luckily, Charles was more content going to the pub every night than going to a doctor to see what was wrong with his infertile wife.

I looked beside myself to Alice, who is dutifully preparing the pork she knows she won’t get a taste of. She arranged it on her father’s plate and turned away from me to get the rice, but I could see that she wanted to cry. She was holding it in for my sake. Poor girl. She deserved better than this. I crept over to Charles’ plate of pork and tore off a little piece. Alice turned around and saw me offering it to her, and her face went ghostly white.

"Oh, mother!" she breathed. "You mustn’t! He’ll beat you if he finds out!"

"He won’t find out," I said. "And if he does, I’ll say I had to eat some because I want to make his new son healthy and strong."

"But mama, you’re not carrying, are you? I thought those herbs-"

"The herbs are working fine, dear, but Charles doesn’t know I take them. Now come on, quickly, before he gets here."

Alice smiled at me, and I saw her once constant sparkle of life return. She took the pork from me, popped it in her mouth, and smiled when she saw me smiling. I pressed a finger to my lip as I heard Charles’ friend’s motor car pull up outside. Alice did the same to show she understood, and scampered off to her room.

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I dunno!
FIRST, you write an amazing fan fiction!
THEN you make me love it, before it's even really begun.
and NOW you have ANOTHER banner by me!!!
I had a better one, but I forgot to save it >.br />

thanks guys :) and i love the banner!
Love it!!! = )
SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but now I'm afraid for Esme..........
I just reread it.....I love Alice! I really do! She's adorable! poor girl! But nwo I
m sad because i think...if i know your writing well enough I know what's oing to happen next. *tears*
i dunno. i might surprise you :)
wow! i love it! write more soon please! =)
OMG YAY! LOTS OF COMMENTS! all my readers r awesome :)
okaay time to sober up...

Chapter One:

“Edward, would you care to say grace?” I offered. He cleared his throat and stood up proudly to lead the prayer.
“Dear Lord, we thank You for the food on our table and the clothes on our back. We thank You for blessing us with Your love. Thank You for Mommy and Charles-” Alice elbowed him.
“Father,” she hissed the correction. Charles raised his eyebrow at me suspiciously, though he kept his head bowed.
“Charles isn’t my Daddy,” Edward objected.
“Our daddy is gone, Ed,” Alice said, getting to her feet too and attempting to hug her little brother. He pulled away. “Charles is our new daddy.”
“He’s not! He’ll never be my daddy!” Edward stormed out of the room, and Charles and I both leapt to our feet. Edward was standing in the entryway, but hiding his face: I couldn’t tell if his expression was cheek or fear. Alice’s eyes discreetly flicked from me to Charles to Edward and she sunk uncomfortably back into her chair.
“KEEP YOUR CHILDREN UNDER CONTROL YOU STUPID WOMAN!” Charles roared, slapping me across the face so hard I feared I had broken my jaw – I’m certain I almost did. Charles stomped off upstairs, leaving his precious pork steaming at the head of the table. Alice stared up at me with frightened eyes, like a rabbit having heard the hunter’s dog. Edward crept back into the room looking very forlorn.
“I’m sorry Mommy,” he mumbled.
“Apologise to your Father,” I ordered half-heartedly. I sat back down as Edward plodded upstairs to speak to Charles, and started feeding Emmett.
“I’m sorry too, Mama,” Alice whispered. “Perhaps Charles would not have noticed if I hadn’t made it so obvious.”
“It’s not your fault, Alice,” I told her, keeping my eyes on Emmett’s face. He looked as though he was about to cry. “Actually, I’m glad you do not consider Charles your father. He doesn’t deserve a beautiful girl like you.” I turned to smile at her, and Alice blushed deeply at my compliment and pushed a forkful of rice around her plate. Suddenly, she gasped.
“Oh, Mama! I forgot to pick up more of your herbs today!” she cried in a hushed voice.
“Don’t worry yourself. You can get them tomorrow on the way back from Mrs Eaton’s place.” Mrs Eaton was Alice’s piano teacher. She was an elderly lady, and needed lots of help around the house, so Alice paid for her lessons in housework. Mrs Eaton was kindly and gentle and Alice really enjoyed her time over there. I was glad of it.
Alice nodded and put one finger to her lips. I did the same to show I understood and a moment later heard Charles’ footsteps coming down the stairs. Edward followed, hanging his head, but as far as I could see he was unharmed.

* * * * *

Early the next morning, once Charles had left for work and Edward for school, Alice set out for Mrs Eaton’s. As usual, I was kept on my feet; washing and cooking, dusting, stitching and looking after Emmett all day. When Edward came home, and had time to show me his work and do some of his reading, I knew something was wrong. Alice should have been back by now. It was nearly four o’clock. I grabbed Emmett and took Edward by the hand, and took them straight next door.
“I’m sorry, Mrs Mead, but something rather urgent has come up,” I said, trying not to panic. “Would you mind looking after the boys?”
“Of course not, Mrs Evenson,” Mrs Mead said with a toothy grin. Edward laughed. Mrs Mead took Edward and Emmett inside, already talking about what goodies she might be able to find for them. I was lucky to have such kindly neighbours.
I rushed off to the doctor’s practice as quickly as I could. It was an archaeic building, with a small car and carriage lot and an even smaller garden out the front, surrounded by a low wall. Alice and another girl were hopping around this wall in their matching boots and dresses. The only way to tell them apart from here was that Alice had spiky dark hair, while the other girl had smooth brown hair.
“I had fun today,” Alice said, jumping off the wall when she caught sight of me. “I really must be going. Mother is worried.”
“Have you got my things, Alice?” I asked.
“Oh, heavens! I nearly forgot again!” Alice cried. “Well, I didn’t forget, exactly. There’s this man staying with Mrs Eaton. He’s the new doctor. He’s a bit disorganised though. He keeps calling me Annie. He doesn’t know anyone’s orders yet, and I couldn’t remember the specific ones you needed, so he was trying to find them for me.”
“He’s my Daddy,” the other girl announced proudly, skipping up to me and offering a handshake. I took it, and then she and Alice returned to their game around the garden while I wandered inside the doctor’s practice.
“Hello,” I said to the receptionist. “Is the doctor free?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
I thanked her and headed down the hallway, very nervous all of a sudden. I knocked on the big wooden door at the end of the hall, and heard somebody cry out from the other side.
“Coming!” he called; a young man. I heard something break, and something else fall over, but the door was nevertheless pulled open by a young man in a white medic’s coat, wearing a cheerful smile. He raked his hand through his blond hair, which had been messed up in his effort to reach the door, and breathlessly apologised.
“Sorry about the mess,” he said, ushering me into the only empty floor space in the office: every other surface was covered in stacks of files and papers and strange jars. “You must be Mrs Evenson. Your daughter talks a lot about you.” I blushed as the doctor gave me another crooked smile.
“All good I hope,” I replied nervously. “Apparently she’s been playing with your daughter, Doctor…um, sorry, I don’t seem to recall your name.”
“Oh, forgive me! I’m Doctor Cullen. Carlisle Cullen.” He tilted his head as if tipping a hat to me, and I managed a small curtsey. My heart was fluttering in my chest, and my face felt hot. I hoped he did not notice. When I straightened, I asked for my herbs.
“I’m sorry, I’ve found the list but I don’t have them here,” he said. “If you would be so kind as to pick them up…I should have them for you this evening…” he scribbled down an address – Mrs Eaton’s address.
“You’re staying with Mrs Eaton?” I wondered aloud. “You don’t look like a son…is she renting rooms out or something?”
“Not exactly…I’m her son-in-law, actually. Well, I was, I guess.” He started choking up then, and had to look away.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” I apologised quietly. Mrs Eaton’s daughter had been a nurse in the Great War: she was accidentally shot and killed. “Maria was a wonderful lady.”
“She was,” Dr Cullen agreed sadly. “My daughter Nessie is the only one who really remembers her. Jasper knows she used to exist. He’s too young to know the story – he’s only nine, for goodness’ sake! I don’t know how Rosalie will turn out, growing up without a mother. I don’t know how to raise girls.” He laughed half-heartedly and looked out the window – half obstructed by papers – at our two girls playing. He shook his head a moment later, cleared his throat and turned back to me.
“I’ll have your herbs ready tonight, Mrs Evenson,” he repeated, holding the door open for me. I contemplated saying something, but the sadness in his eyes was overwhelming. I turned and left in silence.
i love it! can't wait for more!
Awww.... So sweet!
I have to admit, Carlisle sounds SO hot! *faints*
Oh, and: I. HATE. CHARLES.
I hope the bastered get's locked away/dies! GRRRRRRRRR
Got it?
special note to Mrs Sky Cullen: wow i seem reeeaaaally good at making u hate ppl. and yes, i will hurt Charles just for you.

not in this chapter though.
this one just makes me want to shoot him through the head.

Chapter Two:

Alice and I hurried home to find Charles already waiting in the doorway. He looked so horribly drunk; eyes glazed over, hair and clothes askew, and a suffocating stench of all kinds of alcohol. He moaned something when he saw us, and Alice and I simultaneously froze.
“Alice, go help Mrs Mead prepare dinner for the boys,” I ordered softly.
“But Mama-”
Alice looked warily between Charles and myself, and scampered off next door. I drew a shaking breath and stepped up to Charles.
“Is a woman not allowed in her own kitchen?” I asked, careful with everything about my posture, tone and words: the kitchen was the woman’s realm, but it was still in the man’s house.
“You’re late,” Charles grumbled, stepping reluctantly aside. I kept a straight face as I passed him, and headed straight over to the stove. “Where were you?”
“Talking to a friend of mine,” I replied, keeping my eyes on my hands as I pulled a pot from the overhead cupboard and put it on the stove. “Alice was playing with a friend of hers, so I decided to stop in.”
“Who is he?” Charles demanded, grabbing the front of my shirt and pulling my up against himself.
“W-what makes you think it was a man?” I asked, trying to sound curious but failing. My cover was well and truly blown.
“I saw you,” he growled. “I saw you with that doctor fellow. You’re not his, Esme, you are mine. You gave yourself to me, remember?” Charles took a step forward, but when I tried to escape I found I was boxed in by the stove. Charles grabbed the back of my head, and kissed me so forcefully for so long I feared I might have to inhale the awful, contaminated air he breathed. I realised something was hurting my hands, burning them…I had put them on the stove!
Before I could stop myself, I cried out in pain. It came out as nothing more than a whimper, a moan, but Charles jumped back with a mischievous grin on his face. I clawed the bench for the butcher knife, feeling as though a predator was about to charge at me, but a moment later Charles cut my shoulder with it, slashing through my chemise and underclothes. I could feel the blood trickle down my arm.
“You’re a wild one, aren’t you Esme?” Charles challenged, though his breathing was heavy and his eyes crazed; and he says I was the wild one? Charles grabbed my forearms viciously and forced himself on me again, tearing most of the buttons off my shirt.
I heard a knock at the door, and Charles froze. I felt my body go limp and slip to the floor with relief before I could pick myself up.
“Whaddaya want?” Charles demanded slurpily.
“Oh, excuse me, but I was wondering if Esme lives here?” came a familiar voice. I silently groaned: Dear God, please tell me this is not really happening!
“Yeah she does. What’s it to you?”
“I came to bring her-”
“Oh, Doctor Cullen, good evening!” I cried, desperately trying to make myself look respectable as I edged Charles aside to answer to Dr Cullen: if Charles found out about those herbs, I had no doubt he would quite literally throw me to the wolves.
“Mrs Evenson, I came to bring you your…” I shook my head ever so slightly and glanced at Charles. Carlisle looked at him too; I think he could see my point. “Your daughter’s hair ribbon. She left it with Vanessa.” He pulled a thin pink ribbon, wrapped around something, from his pocket and held it out to me. The ribbon was not Alice’s. He knew that too – he had to gesture a second time before I realised that the package was disguised.
“Thank you, sir,” I said, curtseying and looking down. Carlisle shifted uncomfortably, looking me over. He noticed the bruises, apparently.
“It’s nothing,” I told him. “Charles was trying to help me get the pot down from the high cupboard, but I told him I could do it myself. I dropped it, and now it’s dented, maybe even broken. That’s why he’s irritated; we don’t have all that much money to be spending on pots every time I go and break one.” I laughed to punctuate my story, and Carlisle seemed to accept it, though he had his doubts.
“It was good to see you, ma’am, sir,” he said, tipping his hat to each of us. With that, he turned and left. Charles pulled me back into the house, and dragged me upstairs.
“Lucky. Five minutes,” he grumbled, shoving me into the ensuite bathroom. I almost collapsed on the side of the bath, and quickly unraveled the ribbon from the package; it was my herbs, as I had expected, but there was a short note with them.
Sorry for the unexpected visit, but Valerie – you know her Mrs Eaton - has the worst headache. She asked not to be disturbed. I hope you understand, I could not encroach on her hospitality by asking her to put up with an extra voice and set of footsteps. This should last you a month ~ Dr CC.“I don’t like to be kept waiting, Esme, you know this. Neither does my boss, who I’m meeting at the pub when I’m done.”
“Coming,” I muttered, trying to smooth out the bitterness in my voice: it would mean endless trouble for the children if Charles threw us out. I slipped the dress off my shoulders and stepped out of it, and Charles hauled the door open and grabbed me, ripping out a handful of hair.
Save me! I wanted to scream – but of course, as always, I was silent.
Okay, somebody is going to PAY for this...
*Grabs axe from behind back*
Charles... GRRRR
*Runs over to his house, heals Esme's wounds and tells her to get with Carlisle already!, then runs upstairs, and chops Charles into tiny little pieces, and burrying them in different places all over the world!!!!*


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