The Twilight Saga


Set in the 1920’s-30’s-40s ish era.

the research and timing is a little dodgy I know - sorry! - but go easy on me :)

Discussion: Prologue

Pg 1: Chaps 1, 2

Pg 2: Chaps 3, 4

Pg 3: Chaps 5, 6

Pg 4: Chaps 7, 8

Pg 5: Chap 9 (pt 1)

Pg 6: Chaps 9 (pt 2), 10

Pg 7: Chap 11

Pg 8: Epilogue

Pg 9: -

Esme, who we all know. (28 yrs old)

Charles, Esme’s second husband, who she married after her first husband died in WWI because she didn’t have the money to look after her kids (40)

Alice, Esme’s daughter from her 1st marriage. Required to act as a young lady. Esme feels her daughter has had her childhood stolen. (11)

Edward, Esme’s son from 1st marriage. He gets most of Charles’ attention and money as he is the heir. (9)

Emmett, Esme’s 2nd son, conceived in 1st marriage but born in 2nd (infant).

Carlisle Cullen, town doctor, (29)

Vanessa (Nessie) Cullen, (11)

Jasper (Jazz) Cullen, (9)

Rosalie Cullen (infant)



Esme’s point of view:

It was late at night, and I was working by candlelight, trying to cook my husband’s dinner. He was probably at the pub. The fool: didn’t he understand that we didn’t have the money for this? My stomach twisted and writhed with hunger at the smell of pork and rice; it was the richest meal anyone had had all week, but what little meat we could afford was reserved for Charles, and sometimes Edward.

My son, Edward, was the only heir to Charles’ estate, but though it is true that he got most of Charles’ attention and love, if you could call it that, Charles didn’t take well to any of my children, as none of them were by him. Of course, Charles was trying to conceive his own child with me, but I refused to let it grow. I just couldn’t bear to bring another life into this horribly grey existence. Every morning, I chewed bitter herbs that discouraged conception. Luckily, Charles was more content going to the pub every night than going to a doctor to see what was wrong with his infertile wife.

I looked beside myself to Alice, who is dutifully preparing the pork she knows she won’t get a taste of. She arranged it on her father’s plate and turned away from me to get the rice, but I could see that she wanted to cry. She was holding it in for my sake. Poor girl. She deserved better than this. I crept over to Charles’ plate of pork and tore off a little piece. Alice turned around and saw me offering it to her, and her face went ghostly white.

"Oh, mother!" she breathed. "You mustn’t! He’ll beat you if he finds out!"

"He won’t find out," I said. "And if he does, I’ll say I had to eat some because I want to make his new son healthy and strong."

"But mama, you’re not carrying, are you? I thought those herbs-"

"The herbs are working fine, dear, but Charles doesn’t know I take them. Now come on, quickly, before he gets here."

Alice smiled at me, and I saw her once constant sparkle of life return. She took the pork from me, popped it in her mouth, and smiled when she saw me smiling. I pressed a finger to my lip as I heard Charles’ friend’s motor car pull up outside. Alice did the same to show she understood, and scampered off to her room.

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