The Twilight Saga

What happens when six girls realize vampires are real.?These six girls must all learn the consequences of being a vampire, and for some of them it'll be deadly. The creator of the Colvez Coven and the Newborn Army has raged war upon the Volturi, because they have been in power too long. This vampire will do anything to win, including turning his charge's ten year old sister into a vampire. Then the Colvez's learn the nearly impossible. Stephenie Myer is now a newborn herself after an immortal child by the name of Keiki bit her. The heat is building up, and everyone knows you don't play with fire. Unfortunatly it will be too late for them now that the Volturi has gotten involved. And as midnight passes you shall always know, that vampires exist all around us. Nothing ever really is what it seems.









Midnights Passing

A Twilight Saga Fan fiction Written By; Sackra's Everlasting Eclipse

Note- I do not own any of the characters here except Bailey, Rose, Krystal, and Ally, the rest are Stephenie Myer's. Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight, and I do not!

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Chapter One: Living A Nightmare of Flames

"A lot can change in a year."

I'm sure everyone has at least heard this old famous saying at least once before. Bailey, Rose, Krystal, and I were just a few of these people. At first, like everyone else, we thought nothing of it. That is until we changed into what we are now; monsters, animals, and Vampires. This all started just last year. No, we aren't kidding. This is in fact true, and all this really did happen! It was the day before I would turn seventeen, and I was holding a birthday party for me and my friends. That night as we were talking about the newly released twilight movie New Moon, we heard a loud terrifying screech on the window. Having just talked about vampires and stuff, we were naturally afraid. We, as crazy as it sounded, thought there might be a vampire outside. But, when I went to the window I realized that sometimes joking around wasn't exactly good. A real true to life vampire, with Auburn brown hair, was sitting on the window sill. But, before I could tell my friends about him, he dragged me towards his teeth and bit me with the force of ten sharks. A few seconds afterwords; a new excruciating pain began where he had bit me. At first it felt like my neck was touching a hot pan on the stove, but then it got worse. My whole insides felt like they were on fire- for pete's sake!

"Please, Please stop this excuciating and unendurable pain."

This same thought carried on in my mind for the whole time I was burning. It made me lose track of time. It could've been hours, days, months or maybe even years, since I first started burning. In fact time became irreverent to me as the pain raged onward. Later on, time came back to me, as I realized I didn't have to think of just the pain. I could now clearly recall the last minute of the party, before all the insanely excruciating pain. I could recall the handsome face of the true Vampire who had bit me, and even my friends screaming in horror as he bit me. And then I could see as "he" charged after them. I knew that I was much unlike my friends, for I had not screamed the whole time. This was due to the fact that the venom had paralyzed me, but now I was no longer numb or paralyzed. I could scream again and I most certainly did.

"Guys, are you…aaaaahhhhh…..awake…..ahhhhhh……yet…?"

I screamed these words at the top of my lungs, my words breaking ever so often.This was due to the searing, breaking, blazing pain. A new noise then captivated my attention, and diverted my thoughts for a short time. I had heard a really, really loud reply, that had at the time hurt my ears. It was one of my friends, but it didn't sound like her much for it was overly high-pitched.

"I'm here….ogggggggg….. Ally….ahhhhh…..make it stop please….waaaaaaaa!!!"

I heard Rose scream. I was surprised at this, Rose never got hurt. Did he bite her too? I didn't have much time for the answer though. For the blaze picked up, and seared straight though my heart. And, then, milliseconds later, all the pain vanished, and I opened my blood red eyes for the first time.

Everything around me, around us, was just so lucid and apparent that it was almost unbelievable. I discovered that I could hear everything around me, even down to the scattering of the tiny insects around us. I could also see everything such as; the tiny microscopic bumps in the wood, the dirt spots on everything, and even the flawlessness of my friends faces. All around us was beauty and sweet smells. Everything had changed, even our voices, they all were higher- and we were paler. But, there was also somethin' else that I couldn't put my finger on yet. I was definitely thirsty. My throat was drier than mid day in a place with no water. But, I wasn't thirsty for water, in fact by brain and instincts told me it was nauseating and repulsive. I knew know what I truly wanted, but it sickened me badly. I wanted blood. And, specifically human blood, my body would do anything to get it, and I couldn't stop myself. I looked over my shoulder for Bailey, Krystal, and Rose. And, saw that their eyes were showing the same crazed thirst that I now had. We all knew it was wrong, what we were about to do, but we couldn't stop ourselves this was what our bodies needed. And, we were going to get it- no matter what the costs. We all then nodded to each other so fast that a normal human would never have seen it. And, then, we were off in a flash to a camping site not too far off.

"Hey, Ally, how about you search toward the east and we search toward the rest for some food."

Krystal- the smallest and the most petite and silent out of the four of us, told everyone in a hushed voice. I obeyed her (even though I hated to), and went the way that she told me. And, of course, I got a meal, but I also got one more unexpected thing. A vampire and a human stepped out of the light misty rainforest, that was around us. The vampires pale and marble like-skin sparkled in the light of dawn. But, the human looked completly oppisite, standing next to the gorgous vampire. The human was female, and she had tan skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. But, the boy or male vamp was pale, had brown hair as well, and he had handsome gold eyes. Then, out of no where, before I could even charge, attack, bite, or sniff the human...they attacked me.














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Chapter Two: A Rose's Time Of Burning

I looked over my shoulder and realized something with a terrible jolt of fear. Our joke wasn't exactly a joke anymore, and now there was a handsome stranger attacking my best friend. Now I know what you're thinkin'... what friend would let anyone attack her best friend. But, you see I barley had any time to stop him. After he sank his perfect pearly white model teeth into my sandy brown haired friend; he ran over towards me. He was so stinkin' fast, and he seemed like a mouse-brained hummin' bird for crying out loud!!! I was still staring at him, and his perfect rounded baby face features, when he sank his own teeth into me. His teeth in my neck may have hurt like a sharp serrated knife at first, but soon a new different pain set in. This type of pain felt more like being burned alive- than anything else.

The pain at first wasn't too bad it was more like sticking your hand in boiling water or something. But, soon, the pain grew much, much worse, and it felt as if my whole body was burning from the inside out. I had broken my arm once and even though it had hurt like nuts back then... I would take a million broken bones now. It hurt that bad! It felt like I was in a never-ending nightmare filled with pain. What did I do to have to go to a place where bad people go? I wasn't bad even if I didn't always do what I was supposed to. What did I do to deserve this?

It could have been a thousand years or twenty minutes later, when time began to mean alot more to me again. I kept hearing screams, but the pain was still so bad that I couldn't hear them over my own agonizing screams.

"Guys, are you…aaaaahhhhh…..awake…..ahhhhhh……yet…?" I heard Ally's agonizing scream above my own. Wierd, Ally always tries not to scream in front of us, cause she never wants to bother us. I decided to answer here, cause otherwise she might get worried or something.

"I'm here….ogggggggg….. Ally….ahhhhh…..make it stop please….waaaaaaaa!!!" I screamed in agony towards my friend out of pain. Then completly out of no where my heart raced onward. And, the pain, crazy as it sounds increased even more. Then it got so bad, that I jumped up, and tried rolling around on the ground several times to stop the pain. The whole time I was rolling, I had my eyes sealed shut afraid of what I might see when I woke up. Seconds later the pain just stopped along with my heartbeat. I sat still for a few minutes, before I allowed my eyes to slowly stutter open.

Once my eyes were opened I noticed that I could see every little thing very, very, clearly. I could even see the pretty little dust particles that were around us- even in the dim light of dawn. My throat felt drier than the sierra desert. So, when Ally all of a sudden headed towards a campsite not to far off- I followed. I also noticed that Krystal my short petite dark black haired and once green eyed friend followed her, along with Bailey my tall and brown haired and brown eyed bestest friend.

"Hey, Ally, how about you search toward the east and we search toward the rest for some -food" Krystal told me and all of us in a hushed musical-like voice. I decided that I would just go along with it, and I was glad I did. Cause I got to "eat" a deer and it was delicious. I liked it except for the fact that my clothes got all nasty, and I decided that it might not be the best idea to go home and get them. It might not be the best idea to eat my parents and my two sisters Mary and Bree. Anyways, as I was finishing off my deer, I caught a whiff of a human and a vampire. The human made my throat ache. A few seconds after I caught the whiff of human, they came out of the rain forest. The male vampire was extreamly pale, (even for a vampire) with brown hair, and handsome gold eyes. The delicious smelling... as in food... human was tan with dark hair and coco brown eyes. Then suddenly, they attacked my friend and I. Before I could even enjoy a meal of delicious cake-like human. What a day...
Chapter Three: When The Flames Die Down

"Hey, Krystal did you hear that?" I asked my short pixie like short brown haired and green eyed friend. I was only asking her that question, due to the fact that I could've swore I heard a loud screech on the window.

"Yes, Bails. I heard it to what was it?" She asked me, while raising her eyebrows in confusion.

"I don't know, Krystal. Hey, why don't we have Ally check it out for us?" I suggested out loud to everyone. To my absolute amazement my sandy haired and blue eyed friend agreed to it. Yet, the whole time I had the he-bee jeebies. And, it wasn't until the handsome, dark brown haired boy attacked my friend- that I realized why. Seconds later he even attacked my other blonde haired and blue eyed friend- Rose. I was prepared to drive a knife or any weapon I could find, when he attacked me. Yet, he ran over to me with the speed of a jet airplane, and grabbed me with as much force as a full grown alligator. I had absolutly no chance of escape when he bit me.

The pain of the bite itself wasn't too bad. It was sorta like being poked by a giant needle, or being stung by a mega-sized bee. After he bit me the real pain kicked in. It was so bad that all I could think of were ways to kill myself, so that the pain would sease to exist. But to no avail. Everything I did would not and could not stop the raging agony of my blazing body. After awaile I just shut my eyes, and fell asleep into my last nap ever. When I awoke I found that I could think more clearly. I could remember the face of a human girl... a girl that the others probaly had not seen. I wondered to myself what she was doing with "him", and why he hadn't turned her yet? Was she his companion, his pet, or worse his meal? Then I wondered if he had eaten me, and if that was why I suddenly felt like I was on fire? I wondered especially if he had eaten us or turned us. And if he had turned us... was there some way to stop the transformation. Cause I sure didn't want to become a blood thirsty monster like him. I also thought about my best friends.

Some time or a lot of time later... the pain just stopped. I woke up and realized that we were it was nearing dawn, and that we were in some rainforest. The same rain-forest that I recognized from Stephenie Myer's "Twilight" books. I knew right away that we were in Forks. Soon my friends started heading towards some campsite where a bunch of tasty humans were. As soon as I had awoken, I had automaticaly known what I was. Me and my friends had become creatures of myths and legends... we had become vampires. Yet, soon as we were running at the speed of sound, I smelt them- our creators. Soon they attacked Rose, Krystal, and Ally before they could attack the tan and dark haired female. But, they didn't attack me. Instead as my friends were busy hunting near the campsite again- they approached me.

"Hello. My name is Maxwell Alexander Maxwell. But you can call me Max or Alex. Which ever you like is fine with me." I smiled and reached out my hand in a show of gesture. Luckily Alex took it, and I introduced myself to my "creator".

"Nice to meet you, Alex. My name is Bailey. And those three girls over there hunting our my friends. The blonde haired, blue eyed one is Rose, the sandy brown haired, and blue eyed one is Ally, and the short dark haired, and green eyed one is Krystal." I told him, and I watched as he nodded his own head and smiled. Soon the girl took a small step away from her vampire boyfriend Alex.

"You've already met my boyfriend, Max. Anyways my name's "Jayden". It's a pleasure to meet you, and tell your friends not to come around here anymore. I don't want to be lunch." I nodded my head, yes, and raced off to my friends to tell them the great news.
Chapter Four: The Hour of Flames

I saw something jump through the window, and attack my three friends. It seemed to be a man, or at least a teenage boy anyways. From what I saw he had dark hair, and the most beutiful golden eyes you could ever imagine. I barely had anytime to gawk at him. Because, right then his pearly white teeth seared though my skin. He then started sucking my blood like some kind of filthy demon creature. This was a creature straight from hell, and I knew it. I had been raised to believe in God and such, so I knew right away he was an evil creature. I tried to pull away from his bite, because if I didn't chances are I'd become a demon myself. But his arms were like titanium chains, and I could not free myself from them. Luckily, for me, as I felt my life slowly slipping away, a voice told him to stop. For some reason he obeyed the unknown voice, and he let me go. But, sometime later, I forgot that he even bit me. Because, a raging fire that made me feel as if I was submerged in a sea of pure acid- began. It was very, very terrible. It was almost too much for me. Cause the pain was worse than getting hit by a semi, or being thrown a 1,000 feet by a tornado, or even having a broken back. For several days or perhaps a long minue, the pain continued on like this. It was like a never ending pain, that seemed to last forever.

Some time later the blazing pain died down just enough, so that I could hear mine and my friends own horrifying screams.

"Guys, are you…aaaaahhhhh…..awake…..ahhhhhh……yet"

Ally screamed a scream, that was so loud it should've rattled the windows. I then waited a second debating whether I should answer her myself. But I didn't have to debate long, 'cause Rose answered her instead.

"I'm here….ogggggggg….. Ally….ahhhhh…..make it stop please….waaaaaaaa!!!"

Rose screamed in a very high pitched voice that was begining to sound like the voice of angels. Despite the fact that he voice should've been gone by now. A little while later a new sensation hit me. My heart was beating in one long sustained singular beat. It was like the sound of a waterfall. My heart made me forget about the pain for a second, or at least until a killer thirst set in.

The thirst was so bad, that it made me want to kill a million humans. This wasn't something I would of done in my old life. So, it was fully confirmed. I was a monster, an animal, a savage, and a vampire. I didn't like the thirst one bit, 'cause it was making me lose all of my humanity. And, my humanity was something I personally charished. I had always tried to help my own less fortunate human kind, but now I knew I was no longer able to. It was like someone taking your greatest dreams away from you, that was what it felt like for me. Yet, I could barely even think for myself either. The thirst was like a black hole sucking you in, and never fully letting you go. The thirst at least seeced for a milli-second, while I opened my eyes for the first time.

When I opened them everything was so crystal clear, I might have been wearing glasses. But, I didn't even have to wear glasses, so was this what Ally felt like when she wore glasses? I suppose so, I thought to myself. I heard something that sounded like a muffled whispery voice. But, there was no way I could've heard it. For no one lived around here for three miles. So, was this right could I hear for over two miles away? I decided to look around once more, and really look around. Besides it might help with this killer thirst. When I did look around, I realized that the first rays of dawn where just hitting the rainforest floor. Then I saw Ally leaving, so I followed her.

"Hey, Ally, how about you search toward the east and we search toward the west for some -food"

I told everyone in a strange new voice. It was so high-pitched and light it sounded like an angel's voice. I was so captivated in it that I had not smelt the human girl. That is I had not smelt her, until our "creator" attacked me. He then put me and Ally in steel chains, while he went over to talk to Bailey. It was very, very strange how Bailey could even stand the mouth-watering scent of the tan juicy smelling human beside her. It even annoyed me how she was aloud to talk to her, and perhaps eat her and I was not. Soon though I realized Bailey wasn't going to eat Jayden, when the two sorta strangers left. I had no idea why they left, and I didn't care anymore. The only thing on my mind was thirst, and more agonizing thirst. It was never going to stop was it???
Chapter Five: Lost In War

I stared at the four new girls that I had just created yesterday. They were all just magnificent. Even more than I had even thought at first. They all seemed more controlled, than most vampires I had met before. The eldest one had light sandy brown hair that was almost blonde. The one beside her had dark brown hair. The next one had lost her face of pimples, and her hair was a lovely golden blonde color. Lastly their was a smaller one with dark, short, curly brown hair. The girls were amazing. I was more than pleased, when the tall, dark, haired one showed no intentions to kill the girl I was protecting. After the girl introduced herself as "Bailey." I allowed her to go on, and tell me her friends names. I didn't particulary want to tell her, that her friends were useless to me. Or especially that I'd have to kill all her friends, and that she'd have to join me and Jayden in war. I knew that she'd be with her friends for awaile, so I took Jayden to a hotel to stay at while I went hunting.

When I came back, Bailey was waiting for me.

"Bailey, I need to talk to you privately."

I told her quickly, and as quietly as possible. Since, I didn't want her friends to hear what I was telling her.

"Sure, why not?" Bailey told me, as she raced off to another rainforest. A rainforest that was exactly a hundred miles from here. I caught up pretty quickly with her, and then we sat down in a lonely meadow.

"Bailey, I must tell you something. My friend and I are in a war. You are to help us, but your friends cannot help us. In fact they will have to be...eliminated."

I told her in a quiet and calm voice, but my voice broke when I said eliminated. This was a part of my job that I hated the most. I then turned to look at Bailey's face, and her face was fixed in the saddest face I had ever seen in my two hundred plus years.

"What, NO!!!" Bailey finally shrieked out to me.

"I'd never let you!" She interjected before I even had a chance to tell her that she had no choice.

"I'm sorry, Bailey. But, you have no choice, but to come with us." I told her while I extended my long perfect pale arm to her. She refused to take it, and this made me extreamly angry. Especially when she ran off towards her useless and good for nothing friends again. Well I didn't really care about her or her friends much anyways. They could easily be traded and replaced. All my two hundred years, have been spent trying to save potential humans from being eaten. that way we could turn them at exactly the right time. This was to ensure that they'd be very powerful and useful vampires. The other dull newborns were just pawns. Only good for war, and easily replaced. But the human girl was not. That was why I took it to great links to make Jay think I was in love with her. To tell the truth though I only did it for more dead humans, which are a sort of currency to vampires. You should know that vampires pay in blood and not money. Money to us is a useless prop to make us look like the something we are not. But, blood on the otherhand can be used to make our agonizing thirst go away. I stopped thinking for a minutem as I neared the "Glenbrook Inn" where I left Jay.

"Alex, you're back I've missed you so much. So how'd the war thingy go?" I smiled at the dumb humans questions. I then told her that I missed her too, which was a lie by the way. So, then I left angry that I made those four girls vampires just to have them leave. "Oh Oh." I thought to myself. They might attack a human, or worse alert the Volturi. I knew right then that it was time to pack up and leave for Spain.

'Jay?" I called out.

"Yes, my love?" Ugg... I hated when she called me that, but I smiled anyways for props.

"Jay, we're leaving for Spain. I need you to pack what little bags you have, and come with me." I told her, and the part about the bags was because she had been an orphan. And, that just made it easier to help turn her. Now off to Spain, or the Volturi will be on my heels.
Chapter Six: Wake Up and Smell the Truth

I was walking around the desolate, abandoed parking lot, where I had been waiting for my boyfriend to show up. It had been a chilly, dark, and lonely night so far, and as I had said earlier it was quite chilly. The outside temperature was only 40 degrees Farenheit for cryin' out loud. It was even more chilly and cold to me, because I had on a white pair of shorts, a black t-shirt with a pink guitar on it that looked like it was engulfed in flames, and a white and furry aeropostle jacket. So, as you can imagine I was more than exstatic when he finally showed up at the Glenbrook hotel where I was staying at. Earlier he had left me here saying that he loved me, and that he had to set up another new-born army. And in case you're wondering my boyfriend is a real life vampyre, and a newborn army is just an army of vamps that have been recently turned. Vampires that would naturally have to be kept from me due to their thirst, so when Alex says that I needed them around to "protect" me- I always get confused. A flash of silver caught my attention, and I knew it had to be Alex, since he likes to wear silver alot. Approxiamently two seconds later, he arrived right next to me.

"Alex, you're back I've missed you so much. So how'd the war thingy go?" I asked him despite the part of my brain that was telling me it was a stupid question. He then proceded to tell me that he missed me too. He must have avoided my question, and I was sorta glad about it.

"Jay?" He called out to me, and I sorta blushed when I realized that I had forgotten that he was right next to me.

"Yes, my love?" I proceeded hoping for an immediate answer, cause it always seemed that Alex was keeping things from me- important things.

"Jay, we're leaving for Spain. I need you to pack what little bags you have, and come with me." He told me and a second later he ran off and came out with his arms full of my bags. He, himself, had only one bag. Then again, when you were immortaly beutiful what use did you have for most things anymore? He then walked over to his fast blunt red Porsche, and opened the door for me to get in. I got in and almost immediatly my stomach started doing backflips, because I was just so nervous.

"Jay, if you ever have any need to um... expell your food or something, please tell me. This car is brand new you know?" He told me as I rolled my eyes at him. At times he seemed like he cared about the car more than me. But, I knew that usumption was just plain silly, because Alex would never do that- he loved me too much. Soon, I found myself drifting off to sleep one minute, and waking up in Indianopolis, IN the second minute. And I thought Alex said we were going to Spain. Oh well I thought for a moment.

"Jay, love, I'm sorry, but we must change planes now." Alex told me, his golden eyes glittering with anticipation as he told me this.

"Okay." I simply replied to him, as I fell into a much deeper sleep than before.

When I awoke I was staring at an ocean for the first time in my actual life, and not just on t.v. It was an even deeper blue than the sky, but it some places it was an even lighter and more twinkly blue than even the pale winter sky. I had also noticed that it must be midday, for there were little miny people figures playing around on the golden sand below. The place looked amazing, and wonderful. But, soon, sadly, we passed the place and then we landed in the El Diablo airport. I then sighed and briefly wondered why Alex had decided to come here...
Chapter Seven: Lost Blood

They are coming, vampires everywhere. Or so I have been told anyways by Alex himself. They will be in the form of something vampires call a newborn army- composed of the strongest and most deadly vampires to humans. The deadliest part I personally do not get. Besides why have all these vampires around who in the blink of an eye can kill me, when their main purpose is to protect me from anything happening to me too soon. I took that as not getting killed to early by some other stupid blood crazed vampire. Little did I know, yet, that I would be proved wrong. These vampires were going to turn me and a newborn by the name of Anthony would do it.

There were nine total newborns in the army an equivalent to 9 billion humans in the army. Especially since all of them had a special power of some sort. The most ironic power one of them had was to control and manipulate fire, when vampires have a severe weakness to fire. The myth of you have to burn a vampire at a stake is almost ironicly true. I say almost because vampires are fast and strong, and can reasemble themselves easily.

The nine vampires are as follows. Akiya who is a swift male with a very angular handsome face and blunt brown hair. Sasaya who is a young ten year old child with short brown hair and a wild air to her. Derick who is a silent spoken male with an average look due to his being "ugly" in his human life. Derick also had dirty blonde hair that allows him to blend in among humans better. Moosho who is a handsome strong male with gorgous black hair and perfect angular features. The twins or in other words, Kesho and Kesha. They both had natural pretty sandy brown hair and a child like air to them. Kesha, however at the time of the transformation had purple hair, thus causing her to now have permanent purple hair. Dean and Kacy, the siblings are next of course. Dean is Kacy's real life older brother and is five years older than Kacy. Kacy is thirteen. Kacy has gorgous red hair, and is now exceptionously beutiful due to her being a vampire. Dean is even more handsome, and even vampires feel a sense of low self esteem around him. He's just that handsome. Last, but not least, you have Anthony. Anthony is very handsome with silvery blonde hair, handsome features, and unlike the others he changes his psyical appearence alot- via contacts and wigs.

I was sitting in my study at the moment, just looking up a recipe for something garlic. I hoped Alex wouldn't walk in, because it was the one human food smell he just could never stand.

"Oh, that's it. I did have a recipe for garlic. It's just right here." I said to myself as a flipped my cookbook to page 39. Just then I felt as if someone was behind me, so I turned around and there was Alex. He had his hands prepared to grab my shoulders and he looked really mad. I swear sometimes he has the temper of a newborn werewolf, I mean he is so tempermental.

"What's this about some stupid recipe for garlic?" He yelled as he jostled my pretty brown hair. I then started to wail and cry uncontrollably as he did it. Supid PMS junk.

"You sure look like a meal I could feed on." He smirked towards me, and made me feel smaller than an ant next to a giant's shoe.

"Don't call it, "feed." I growled. "It's rude."

"Stop wasting your effort, Jayden. You and I both now you are my lover, and I would never do that." Alex spoke to me in a soft hushed harmonious vampiric voice, that I had gotten used to in the last few months.

"Just let him bite you. It's Anthony's job now. Remember? I told you all about it."

I was about to say, "No you didn't." But, I recalled the time when he told me on the airplane to Spain- where we now were.

"Yes, I remember now. But, I don't want to be a vampire. I've told you a thousand times that I just want to be normal." I told him in a quiet, hushed, and calm voice. I didn't want him to get angry. But to no avail he flew up in an outrage.

"NO! You are going to be turned whether you like it or not." He bellowed before he ran out of the house in a flash and slammed the door. Thus collapsing the whole back wall in the process. I just put my head down on the desk and cried my eyes out.

The next mourning when I awoke I discovered Anthony was with me. He pulled me in an embrace and bit me. The whole flame process began and well you already know the rest. After three days of agony I awoke to a perfect, clear world. Shortly after my "birth" four of the newborns had to restrain me in my attempt to slauter ALL the nearest towns. They were Akiya, Kesha, Derick, and Sasaya. All were very annoyed at me at first, BECAUSE all I wanted to do was consume blood, blood, and more blood. I, no, longer understood how Alex could've standed me as a human. Now any human I see is food, and good only for meals and to satisfy intense thirsts.

I saw a girl with long brown flowing hair and a red dress. Immediatly I knew and I had to have her. I also knew I'd have to bite her quick before it was too late. At the moment she was preoccupied with a stack of boxes, that had numerous files in them. But suddenly something happened and I saw myself as her. Then I kept telling myself that I just couldn't do it. But I couldn't hold back any longer, the thirst was just to great. I leaned forward to bite her, aiming for the juicy veins on her neck. Huh? Just like that she was gone, and her sweet blood was drained. Who was I supposed to bite again? Uh oh. I was only supposed to kill dregs and loosers. I wasn't supposed to kill anyone of higher status like her. It was too high of a risk for exposure. I ran home dry sobbing, and I knew I had to tell Alex the truth.

"Alex." I murmed with my head down.

"Yes?" Alex asked me in his "concerned" voice.

"I killed a secretary. Her name was Marilyn. It said so in her wallet." I told him with my voice as low as it could go, which isn't very low for vampires.

"Was her last name, Maxwell?" He asked me with an air of sadness and deppression in his voice.

I whispered, "Yes, actually that really was her name."

I looked over my shoulder, and saw that Alex was in absolute tears.

"Sh...eee... she... she.... was my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother. She never even knew I was techicly her grandson. I told her my last name was Tennyson. She never even knew the real me. I used to talk to her alot, before I created this army." Alex whispered his gold eyes dulled with sadness.

"I am so sorry." I mouthed and I hugged him kindly.

"Thanks." He mouthed over to me.

"Hey, how about we can visit my special island. I go there to remember deceased loved ones and contemplate my life alot. Do you want to come?" He asked me as he reached for my hand.

"Sure." I mumbled and ran with him to the beutiful island. On one part there were the beutiful vines you had to run in. The island was so pretty, with the pine trees and the beutiful expansive ocean.

"This place looks deserted enough." Alex told me, before he asked me an unexpected question.

"Jayden, where is your sister?" I just sat there dumbfounded. How dare he even bring Keki into this mess. My parents and Keki thought I was dead for crying out loud. Bringing my nine year old sister in this mess was so NOT a good idea. Besides the Volturi law stated that a child must be of ten years of age before they are turned. This was there are NO immortal children running around slaughtering twenty villages at a time.

"Alex, remember the L-A-W." I told him firmly, seing as I was not one to break the rules... much.

Alex hissed and muttered, "I don't care about the foxdung Volturi anymore. I make up my own rules. That's why tonight, vampires everywhere are going to fight to the death to overthrow them. Besides we need new leaders for once. But I must warn you to stay in the sidelines until I say go. Okay?"


"Good then." Later on night fell, and I went out hunting again. Considering I could never be able to sleep and all.

The following day, Alex escorted me to this lavish mansion. The fight took place all around the mansion. And guns were firing not bullets, but instead fire. Besides all vampires know bullets do not kill a vampire, only fire does.

"Whooossshhhh." A flame shot up in the air from one of my attackers- a blonde female vampire. The flame sailed through the air, and I saw my life flash before my life. The birth of my sister, the first day of highschool, meeting Alex, learning what he was, being turned, awakening, the blood thirst, and then the fight. Seconds later the flame hit me and I exploded. I looked down and saw the parts of me being burnt to charrs. Then I knew I was dead. Now what?
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Chapter Eight: Rememberence

It was dark outside, and the moonlight was filtering in the big ornate windows of my parents mansion's empty front room. I knew this, because the whole side view of it could be seen from my room with the door open. And I was always too scared to shut my door. Boggiemen could be out there, so I always kept my door open just in case. Too bad nobody could have told me how right I really was before I got turned into a vampire. My parents were fast asleep in their bedroom down the hall, and I could hear there really loud annoying snoring. I could also hear what sounded like something climbing up the vines that led up to my bedroom. Which was strange, because my bedroom was three stories up. Milli-seconds later I got really, really, really scared. This man was standing in my bedroom, and the light made it so I could not see him very clearly. But what I did see stunned me. He looked really, really good, like one of the teen pop idols I like to listen to. Like, like, my all time fav. the Jonas Brothers. I turned around to avoid his gaze, sure he was good looking and all, but the man scared me.

"It's okay." He spoke to me in a sort of sweet sounding sing song tone. I also should point out that his hand was on my bed. The same bed that I had my plain white cover and pillows on. I had gotten rid of the other blankets that I had, because they reminded me of my deacesed sister. My sister had been dead for three months now, and still nobody had ever found her body. Then I realized what this meant, he was my sister's killer. I tried to run away, but he grabbed me. I tried to use my hands to shove him away, but it was like pushing against a truck. I should also point out that even though he had on a black jacket, his skin was Antartic cold. I looked down, and cried. I bet that instead of my usual pretty brown haired and green eyed self, I most likely looked ugly and as my parents like to say ruffled.

"Kiki, don't do it." He told me in a firm voice, yet it still carried the same sing songy tone. I glared at him angry, and almost growled. Why shouldn't I? After all if I was right, then this man was a killer.

"Look what you did?" I snarled at him, still very angry at him. I sighed when he told me, that he was terribly sorry. What did this crazy man want? He pulled me away from the window, and hugged me this time.

"I'm sorry for giving you such painful memories." He spoke in a sad, soft, and comforting voice. And we both began to cry, and now I was wandering if perhaps it had all just been an accident. Then he ran with me outside, and he put me outside. The snow wirled around me, and felt cold on my bare feet. He ran to me, and drifting snow made me cover my eyes.

"I can't let you do this alone." He told me, as he hugged me again. This made me even colder, but he still didn't let me go. I tried to get away, but when I couldn't I didn't mind. Besides I am only ten, and I'm not that strong anyways.

"When we first met I hated you, but now I am not so sure." I mouthed my words barely even a whisper. Surprisingly, it seemed as if the man had heard me. The man knelt down, and gently pushed my hair away, as if he was going to kiss my neck or something. Ew! Gross!!! But, instead of kissing me, he bit me. And it felt like a knife slicing my skin, and it really hurt. But that was not the worst, no the fire afterwords was the worst. For years it seemed that the flames had raged on, and I had wished to be done with it all. When it was over the snow storm was still raging on, and I figured I must have only spent at the most three days burning. Strangely, my body was not chared. Instead my skin was as snow white as the snow, or the strange man's own pale skin. I also had no scars, not even the one I got a year ago from falling off my bike that I had to get stiches for. Nothing. No scars, and no im-perfec-tions. I was very, very pretty, and I looked more like a movie star kid than the boring old kid that I used to look like. There just happened to be a puddle of water beside me, so I looked in it. I could now see that my eyes were very scary, and ghost like. The color startled me alot, they were blunt red. The rest of me was all perfect, except for my clothes. The pink Barbie P.J.'s I had on when he bit me, well the P.J.s were all holey and ripped now. Just then the man showed up again, and spoke up.

"I can't stand you looking at me like that."

"Huh?" I spoke up, and my voice was as different as my new improved vision. It was bell like, and also soft and sing songy. Also as I said before my sight was improved, and everything was very clear and detailed. He pointed to me again, and spoke.

"You are always gawking at me with your mouth wide open. It's very rude you know."

"I'm... I'm sorry." I said distracted by my beutiful voice. He looked at me bewildered as if I had done something wrong.

"Arn't you thirsty at all? I mean if you haven't figured it out already you aren't a normal person. Instead, you are a vampire." As soon as he said it the puzzle pieces started to fit together. He was right, it felt as if I hadn't had water in ages.

"Yeah. Where's some water? I'm thirsty." I spoke, staring at the perfect pretty snowflakes, rather than him. He laughed. His honey gold eyes twinkling with laughter, and his amber brown hair blowing in the breeze.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Vampires can't eat or drink anything, but blood."

"Oh." I said, the thought almost disgusted me. But if he was right, then it would make the thirst go away.

"Where's some humans to drink then?" I asked him. My mind only on the horrible thirst now.

He chuckled again, the sweet sound of it overpowering the loud sound of the wind.

"I only drink the blood of animals, but if you want you can just drink human blood. After all, my other nine newborn vampires all drink human blood. I have to admit it is the sweetest stuff, almost like candy. My mouth started to water some more, at the mere mention of candy.

"Can I have some now then?" I begged.

"Patience, patience. Keki, you can have some when I go to town tonight."

I growled and began to throw a fit. I so did NOT want to wait until tonight, besides I was thirsty NOW. Unfortunatly, by the time I was finished, it looked like a tornado had went through the woods I was in. All the trees had been knocked down by me. And, well, my parents did say I still threw terrible temper tantrums even though I was nine.

"Look what you have done, you ungrateful beast." The man growled at me, before taking me to some rundown house. There were nine other newborn vampires there. I didn't even want to look at them, so I quickly went to my designated room/spot. Once there, I realized that the man had packed some of my clothes, books, and toys for me. I pulled out my barbies, and began to play with them. But, after awaile my own human scent on them left me very thirsty. So I snuck out, and then slaughtered and drank a whole neighborhood up. And the man was right, they did taste alot like candy. Now that I had drunken a whole town, I was no longer thirsty. I tried to sleep, but found I couldn't. I took out my mp3 player, plugged it into my ears, shut my eyes and daydreamed. Soon enough mourning came.

I walked outside as the light of dawn shone through.

"I'll be waiting for you, Jayden." I spoke softly.

A gut feeling passed through me, telling me that even though people tasted good that I should ignore my impulses. And, instead drink animal blood, I did not know why though.

"I'll do it for you, Jay." I spoke, my soft voice flowing into the frosted mourning. Later on I heard the other vampires talking about termanating me, because I was a liability,(whatever that means) and because I was an immortal child. I don't even know what the big deal about an immortal child even was, since according to me I was not just some annoying little kid. I seen the man walking towards me, as I sat on one of the red benches at the playground the man had installed for me here.


"My name's Alex."

"Um, Alex. Are you guys really going to termanate me?" I asked in a scared, whiney, and frightened voice.

"No." He spoke almost bored.

For weeks afterwords I only hunted animals, and dared not bite a human. Even in town I had not bit a human.

"Her impulses must not be as strong as most newborns." I overheard Alex tell some other vampire. I ignored the conversation though and continued walking through the house, heading to the bathroom to change.

"I hope Keki knows she is immortal and will never die." I heard a soft female's voice from one of the other bedrooms in the old house.

"Never die!" I cried and sobbed, and ran out destroying fifety towns around Seattle. When I came back the vampires were talking again.

"She surpressed her impulses with her will power until now." I sat down and dry sobbed. I never wanted this life at all. I wished I could be normal, and cry normal tears. And, I wish I knew where my sister really was.

I went to a playground, and sat on a swing. Then I got off, and was distracted by the swing. It was moving up and down, and the street lamp was casting a ghostly light on it. The moonlight lit up the wood-chiped ground. It was night, since Alex told me vampires could only go out at night or on cloudy days. He told me direct sunlight burns us. I cried once more, and then for some strange reason the windows to the mall by the park all broke at the same time. Alex did say some vampires had "gifts", and perhaps this was mine. Just then I saw Anthony, and he seemed angry at me.

"You keep making too much problems for us. And do I want you to leave quietly? No, because I am enjoying torturing you like this. Besides I never liked you, and I'm not your lover boy Alex." The blond haired boy sneered at me. And, I turned to him very angry.

"He is NOT my lover boy!" I growled at him.

"If you keep causing us problems, I will float your dead chared body on the ocean." He yelled, his voice too musical like. That it seemed almost out of place. Apparently, he was ignoring what I had just told him two seconds ago.

I turned to glare at him again.

"That might happen to you too, you know." I stated flatly.

"But, I will not let you go forward any longer. Which is why I have alerted the Volturi." He jeered.

Confused, I dumbly asked, "Who are the vol'what cha'may call its."

"They are the rulers of the vampires at the moment. The same ones Alex wants riddened of. Too bad he doesn't know that I currently work for the Volturi."

I backed away from him and ran. A cloud covered the moon, and I figured it to be most likely passing midnight at the moment. I saw a women with a heart shaped face and reddish hair, and I noticed she was also holding a book titled, "Midnight Sun" in her hand. She was walking towards Jerrisons Publishing Office. Her sweet honey smelling blood called to me, and I ran faster than I ever ran before. She turned to look at me with a, "Deer in the headlights" sort of look. Then I found her throat and bit her. I then remembered the promise I made with my sister, and I knew I had to stop. So I dragged the women to an old abandoed warehouse building and left her there. Perhaps if she was lucky she'd either die or become like me.

I, then, left everyone and headed for a remote island conntry. No one knew I was there, not even Alex. I sat there, and before long three handsome vampire men came out of the shadows. I only caught a glimpse of them, before they tore me up and burned the pieces. One had dark long midnight black hair, one had snow white hair, and another had curly long charcoal black colored hair. And, all of them had odd chalky pale skin and milky eyes.

"We are sorry, immortal child. But, the law states that no immortal shall exist. Just close your eyes, and we promise it'll be over in a second." The one with the long midnight black hair elegantly spoke. I didn't even have time to ask, how they had known where I even was. But, he was right. It was over before I knew it. And, soon I was in the arms of my sister who told me her story. And I knew the nightmare was over.
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Chapter Nine: Epilogue

The pain was pure and utter agony. And, yet, I was still worried over finishing my newest book, "The Secret Life Of Bree Tanner" for all my fans. Stupid, I know. Trust me. I mean with these flames ripping and searing my very insides, shouldn't I be worrying more about dieing. Because, surely I was dieing. I HAD to be dieing, no one ever survived being burned alive. I don't actually remember the getting burned part though. I mean I should. Shouldn't I? Yet, all I remember is this beutiful girl with sandy brown hair and blunt red eyes walking over to me. Or rather creeping up to me. Before that I had been taking the rough draft of,"TSLBT" to Jerrison's Publishing office.

The girl was stunningly beutiful and graceful for a ten year old girl. I couldn't even breath as she ran over so fast she became a blur, and then bit me. Her teeth were like razors and cut easily and painfully through my skin. I couldn't believe that her parents never taught her to not bite, or that her teeth were so agonizingly sharp. After she bit me I remember her dragging me into an abandend hardware store, as the flames inside of me began. I knew she dragged me to an a deserted hardware store. Because, I had looked around once. Before the real pain began to burst inside of me that is. Now after three days of being burnt alive, I find myself awake. To my utter amazement I had not been charred alive. No, not at all. In fact I now was snow white, spectacular, and graceful like the vampires in my book series- "Twilight." That now proved to be real, which just figures with my luck. I shook my head with a graceful motion, and lept off the two story roof and landed unscathed. I ran around to check out where I even was. It turned out I was in Madrid, Spain. I had always wanted to go to Spain, but never under circumstances like this. It was like being tempted with the sweet smell of food at Thanksgiving, but being told you had to wait for dinner and it's still only the mourning. Yeah. It was definite torture. I was extreamly thirsty, and I could barely keep myself from eating the locals. That would have been embarassing had I drained the whole town. Luckily I was soothed by the blood of a toddler. Whom was as sweet as candy herself. She had pretty wavy blonde hair and icy blue eyes. It really was too bad that I had destroyed her chance of a good future. But, in this world only the strong can survive.

I found after I disposed of the depricrit toddler, that I no longer cared much for humans. Any human was the equivalent of lunch to me now. My body could no longer stomach the taste of human food. Trust me I knew. Once, I tried a bite of some sample cheese that was in this one store. It tasted like poop or sour dirt. Yuck!

I left the store and ran out into a dark allyway. There I smelled the delicious honey and spice scent of a real snack. My snack was a young raven haired thirteen year old boy, and his brunette girlfriend. Mmmm... They tasted like the most delicious cake or candy you could ever imagine. In fact they tasted way better! After awaile afternoon turned into evening, and I left to swim under a nearby bridge to stuff the bodies under a rock. Or rather a boulder as humans call them. But with my super muscles and ability to go without air indefinently it was like lifting a pebble out of a fish tank or small pond. Simple and easy.

As dark approached on my first night; I remember realizing something. I no longer had to sleep. I had silently and stealtily snuck into WalMart. There I stole a pen and paper. I began to write a letter to my publishers saying that I could no longer write Midnight Sun. I still sent them the rough draft for, "The Secret Life Of Bree Tanner" though. I was amazed to see it on the shelves a month later. Wishing I could have added more, and explain how it really felt to be a newborn vampire.

Later on the Volturi found me. Since I was begining to get careless, my story ended. In case you were wondering, Max's newborn army split up and went on their own. Bailey found out she could shoot lightning bolts out of her hands. Krystal after a hundred years leaned to control her bloodlust. Rose left the Colvez coven, and learned she could manipulate anything she desired. Which was sure to cause her problems later down the road. Ally learned she could become a cat and a wolf at will. Alice Cullen was the first vampire to find a way to have a baby- followed by Rose and Esme. Carslile retired for good, and Edward took his place. Renesmee and Jake married and had a litter of beutiful human, vampire, and werewolf babies. The Volturi also retired and allowed Kate and Tanya to become the new Volturi.This is the end of Jayden, Keiki, the newborns, and Stephenie Myer's story. But, not the story of the rest of the world of vampires. No, not at all. In fact vampires really are realm and live amongst everyone. They are hidden in the shadows, and can only be seen during Midnight's Passing. Just remember, you do not live in the world you thought you lived in, and probally never will.


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