The Twilight Saga

What happens when six girls realize vampires are real.?These six girls must all learn the consequences of being a vampire, and for some of them it'll be deadly. The creator of the Colvez Coven and the Newborn Army has raged war upon the Volturi, because they have been in power too long. This vampire will do anything to win, including turning his charge's ten year old sister into a vampire. Then the Colvez's learn the nearly impossible. Stephenie Myer is now a newborn herself after an immortal child by the name of Keiki bit her. The heat is building up, and everyone knows you don't play with fire. Unfortunatly it will be too late for them now that the Volturi has gotten involved. And as midnight passes you shall always know, that vampires exist all around us. Nothing ever really is what it seems.









Midnights Passing

A Twilight Saga Fan fiction Written By; Sackra's Everlasting Eclipse

Note- I do not own any of the characters here except Bailey, Rose, Krystal, and Ally, the rest are Stephenie Myer's. Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight, and I do not!

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Chapter One: Living A Nightmare of Flames

"A lot can change in a year."

I'm sure everyone has at least heard this old famous saying at least once before. Bailey, Rose, Krystal, and I were just a few of these people. At first, like everyone else, we thought nothing of it. That is until we changed into what we are now; monsters, animals, and Vampires. This all started just last year. No, we aren't kidding. This is in fact true, and all this really did happen! It was the day before I would turn seventeen, and I was holding a birthday party for me and my friends. That night as we were talking about the newly released twilight movie New Moon, we heard a loud terrifying screech on the window. Having just talked about vampires and stuff, we were naturally afraid. We, as crazy as it sounded, thought there might be a vampire outside. But, when I went to the window I realized that sometimes joking around wasn't exactly good. A real true to life vampire, with Auburn brown hair, was sitting on the window sill. But, before I could tell my friends about him, he dragged me towards his teeth and bit me with the force of ten sharks. A few seconds afterwords; a new excruciating pain began where he had bit me. At first it felt like my neck was touching a hot pan on the stove, but then it got worse. My whole insides felt like they were on fire- for pete's sake!

"Please, Please stop this excuciating and unendurable pain."

This same thought carried on in my mind for the whole time I was burning. It made me lose track of time. It could've been hours, days, months or maybe even years, since I first started burning. In fact time became irreverent to me as the pain raged onward. Later on, time came back to me, as I realized I didn't have to think of just the pain. I could now clearly recall the last minute of the party, before all the insanely excruciating pain. I could recall the handsome face of the true Vampire who had bit me, and even my friends screaming in horror as he bit me. And then I could see as "he" charged after them. I knew that I was much unlike my friends, for I had not screamed the whole time. This was due to the fact that the venom had paralyzed me, but now I was no longer numb or paralyzed. I could scream again and I most certainly did.

"Guys, are you…aaaaahhhhh…..awake…..ahhhhhh……yet…?"

I screamed these words at the top of my lungs, my words breaking ever so often.This was due to the searing, breaking, blazing pain. A new noise then captivated my attention, and diverted my thoughts for a short time. I had heard a really, really loud reply, that had at the time hurt my ears. It was one of my friends, but it didn't sound like her much for it was overly high-pitched.

"I'm here….ogggggggg….. Ally….ahhhhh…..make it stop please….waaaaaaaa!!!"

I heard Rose scream. I was surprised at this, Rose never got hurt. Did he bite her too? I didn't have much time for the answer though. For the blaze picked up, and seared straight though my heart. And, then, milliseconds later, all the pain vanished, and I opened my blood red eyes for the first time.

Everything around me, around us, was just so lucid and apparent that it was almost unbelievable. I discovered that I could hear everything around me, even down to the scattering of the tiny insects around us. I could also see everything such as; the tiny microscopic bumps in the wood, the dirt spots on everything, and even the flawlessness of my friends faces. All around us was beauty and sweet smells. Everything had changed, even our voices, they all were higher- and we were paler. But, there was also somethin' else that I couldn't put my finger on yet. I was definitely thirsty. My throat was drier than mid day in a place with no water. But, I wasn't thirsty for water, in fact by brain and instincts told me it was nauseating and repulsive. I knew know what I truly wanted, but it sickened me badly. I wanted blood. And, specifically human blood, my body would do anything to get it, and I couldn't stop myself. I looked over my shoulder for Bailey, Krystal, and Rose. And, saw that their eyes were showing the same crazed thirst that I now had. We all knew it was wrong, what we were about to do, but we couldn't stop ourselves this was what our bodies needed. And, we were going to get it- no matter what the costs. We all then nodded to each other so fast that a normal human would never have seen it. And, then, we were off in a flash to a camping site not too far off.

"Hey, Ally, how about you search toward the east and we search toward the rest for some food."

Krystal- the smallest and the most petite and silent out of the four of us, told everyone in a hushed voice. I obeyed her (even though I hated to), and went the way that she told me. And, of course, I got a meal, but I also got one more unexpected thing. A vampire and a human stepped out of the light misty rainforest, that was around us. The vampires pale and marble like-skin sparkled in the light of dawn. But, the human looked completly oppisite, standing next to the gorgous vampire. The human was female, and she had tan skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. But, the boy or male vamp was pale, had brown hair as well, and he had handsome gold eyes. Then, out of no where, before I could even charge, attack, bite, or sniff the human...they attacked me.














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