The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 1
Regular Day

As the sun started setting I knew that it was almost time to put Nessie to bed. Most of the time she slept with us in our perfect little cottage, thanks to Esme for giving it to me and Edward.

I would have to find a way some how to repay Esme for the endless kindness that she has shown me. I know that she is so happy that Edward and I are together and happy and she is always telling me how it is more than she could ever ask for. I still feel the need to return her gratitude. I would have to talk to Edward and see if there is something that she has been thinking about lately that we could help her with.

Though now that I think of it if Edward had heard Esme wish for anything I would not have been able to hold him for one eighth of a second before he would be out to get it for her. Edward loved his mother just as much as she loved him.

However, no love in the world could amount to half of the love I felt for him and every time I look at him I cant help but wonder when I will wake up from this wondrous dream.

Then I realize that I never want to wake up, if in fact this is a dream I wish that it would go on forever.

"What are you thinking right now, my love?" Edward had noticed my wandering thoughts.

I simply shook my head.

"I hate when you do that you know." He smiled that favorite smile of mine and if I could have I know that my heart would be fluttering like crazy and my cheeks would flush with embarrassment.

"Yeah I know." I smiled up at him. "Maybe I will tell you later, if you behave."

He scooped be up in his arms.

"Now where is the fun in that?" He slowly murmured as he gently brushed his lips on mine. "Is it worth it? Or should I continue to misbehave?"

I had to pause for a moment to recollect my thoughts. How did he still do this to me?

"No. It is not that important."

At that moment Jacob and Renesmee bounded into the living room. I had almost forgotten that we were not back at our own house in the private. Poor Jasper must be going crazy in the next room. It was not a big deal for us to be in the next room with any of the others.

They could all hear us just fine with their super hearing. Even I had it now that I was a vampire too. Only Jasper could "feel" what was going on between us and I know that it would be altering his feelings to match our own. That must be so uncomfortable for him. Especially since he was in the dinning room playing chess with Emmett. It must be hard to keep an eye on the game when he was having feelings like the ones that were being shared in the next room.

"Sorry Jasper!" Edward must have been thinking the same thing as me and apologized for me so I wouldn't get upset.

"Hey Nessie sweetheart." I grabbed her up in my arms for a big hug. "How was hunting?"

She didn't have to say anything as I saw the pictures fly past my eyes as she touched my face.

"Wow! She beat you again did she Jake?" I smiled over my shoulder at him.

"You know I let her win." Jacob would never admit that he lost. At the same time I doubt that he would ever not let Nessie win. He loved when she won cause it made her so happy.

At that moment I heard Esme coming down the stairs. Humming to herself a song that Edward composed. It was her favorite. Though I have to admit that I preferred the lullaby that he wrote for me.

"Hello Grandma Esme." Renesmee ran up to her and hugged her around the waist.

"Why hello my darling." She smiled so big when she was around Nessie. Though it was hard not to no matter who you were.

Nessie touched Esme's face and I knew that she was getting the same playback from the hunting trip that I had recently received.

"That was such a big deer. I am so proud of you." Esme glanced over to where I still stood. I had been so content watching Nessie that I didn't even notice that Edward had walked up behind me and was now wrapping his arms around my waist and brushing my hair back off my shoulder. I closed my eyes enjoying his kissing on my neckline.

"I love you." He breathed deep in my ear.

If my heart were still beating I was sure it would have exploded at that moment.

"Please! Will you two please try to contain yourselves until you are back at your own house?" Jasper started ranting from the other room. "Edward you know she can hardly handle herself why do you push it?"

Edward laughed and I felt the cool air of his breath wash over my neck.

"That is it! I am going outside." I heard the door in the garage open and slam behind Jasper.

"Edward!" I turned to glare at him. "He is right. You should not do that to me when he is near. Its just not right."

Again Edward was laughing. Only this time I didn't find it funny in the least.

Then Esme caught my attention before I could really start to get onto Edward.

"Hey, Nessie. What do you say to staying in your dad's old room with us tonight?" She winked toward where Edward and I were standing, "I know Alice would love to play dress up in the morning and do your hair."

"That would be so much fun Nessie." I heard Alice from her room upstairs where she was working on some new project I dared not think about. "I can see it now. Oh Nessie stay here and we will have so much fun!"

"See there you have it. What do you say?" Esme's grin could not get much bigger than it was.

"Ok Grandma. I would love to play with Aunt Alice." She smiled but could not hide the yawn that was begging to escape. "I am not tired."

"I think you are little lady." I walked over and took her from Esme. "Lets get you to bed."

I turned to smile at Edward. "Be right back!"

Nessie was already snoring by the time that I got her tucked in to the bed that Edward had purchased on my behalf when I was still human. I smiled at the room remembering how frustrated I got that a vampire that never slept had a bed in his room. The memory was vague but it was still there in my bank of human memories.

When I got back down stairs Edward, Jacob and Esme were still talking. I loved that Jake and Edward were getting along better now. Neither of them would admit it but I would go as far as to say that they even liked each others company.

"Thank you so much Esme." I smiled at her.

"No problem Bella." She put her arm around my waist. "I know that you two could use some extra time together. You have only had each other for a few months. Most of that time was taken up with that awful vulturi visit."

I had been trying to block that memory from my head. The Vulturi coming to hurt my baby Nessie. Just the thought of it made my eye sight tint pink.

I closed my eyes and listened to the rapid heartbeat that I could hear coming from Edwards old room. I knew she would be safe here or there was no way I would let her stay here.

"She will be fine love." Edward rushed to my side to comfort me.

"I know that. I was just listening to her heartbeat." I closed my eyes again. "It is the most comforting noise."

"Yes it is." Edward kissed my cheek. "Almost as comforting as your once erratic heartbeat. Ready to go?"

He softly breathed on my ear as he finished that last line and I let my mind wander right as Jasper was attempting to come back into the house.

"Dear me." I heard him sigh. "I thought that you two would be long gone by now."

"Its ok Jasper. We were just leaving." Edward scooped me up in his arms and then bolted out the back doors that were mostly left open so that we could easily come and go.

Edward ran us all the way back to our comfortable little house in the woods where we barely made it inside before we had destroyed the nice silky dress that Alice had just got me last week.

"Oops." I said as I dropped the last shard from my shoulder onto the floor. "Oh well she only means for them to be worn once anyways."

Edward smiled at me as we made our way through to the bedroom where we would be occupied until a little after dawn when we would have to go and let Nessie show off the outfit that Alice had probably gone out tonight to get especially for tomorrow mornings dress up game.

If Nessie didn't enjoy it just as much as Alice I would tell her not to torture my little girl. However to my dismay Renesmee had not gotten her sense of style from her mother.

I laughed as I realized that I was still focusing on Nessie and not on the amazing body that my husband was trying to share with me. I decided to try and make things better for Edward as I pushed my shield away from my body to include him.

"Oh," He exclaimed as I started to let my mind wander over his beauty. "Are we going to try this tonight?"

"I thought, why not."

After that there was not much coherency in either of our thoughts. Nothing but pure love and passion for each other.

Chapter 2
Beginning of eternity

Once again the morning came too soon. I knew that if we didn’t have to hurry back to take care of Nessie that Edward and I could stay like this for weeks. There was no getting tired. No getting hungry, not like when I was human. We could love each other as much as we could and more.

"Nessie." Edward muttered softly between kisses.

He knew exactly what to say to bring me back to the surface of my mind and back to my priorities.

"Ugh." I let out a quiet moan. "Lets get dressed."

I unwillingly untangled myself from Edward as we both slowly got to our feet and went to our much too extravagant closet that despite Esme's plans Alice had put in here.

Edward did not have a hard time getting dressed. He only had a tiny portion of the amount of clothes that I did. Usually I would go straight to the back where she hid the jeans and grab a pair and a regular t-shirt.

"I think I am going to wear something for Alice today." I admitted to Edward.

He was already at my side with his arms wrapped around me by the time I finished talking. He laid his chin on my shoulder. "I know Bella, love. She had the vision last night when she said that her and Esme would keep Nessie for you. I didn’t want to give you away by saying anything."

He walked over to another part of the closet where I heard him grab something off the hanger and then came back baring what would have been a really pretty sun dress. Would have been pretty had I actually liked sun dresses, or dresses at all for that matter.

"For a dress it is kind of nice." I breathed.

"This is what she saw you wearing." He smirked, "You should have seen how hard it was for her to remain calm. She just wanted to run down the stairs and tell you which dress you picked out and how you were going to look so nice in it."

I saw the adoration in his eyes.

"Yeah well its Alice." was all I could think of.

I slipped the dress on and walked over to the floor length mirror. "Not too bad."

It was only just above my knee. So I wouldn’t have any trouble running in it. Also it was loose but form-fitting at the same time.

"It looks better in person than it did." Edward was already dressed, "Her vision did not do you justice."

I grabbed a brush and went through the some what tangled mess of my hair from last night. I thought I sort of even looked nice with my hair down.

"Maybe I will." I started to say when Edward cut in.

"I know. She saw your hair down too."

"Wow." I smiled at the thought of Alice trying to contain herself after of vision of me being this girly. "She really had a hard time staying upstairs didn’t she?"

Edward reached for my hand and we were both running at full speed towards the big house when Edward added, "You have no idea."

When we got closer to the house I could hear Alice and Renesmee upstairs giggling about something I had missed. At that exact moment I smelt the scent of my favorite werewolf.

I jolted to a stop cause I knew he was only seconds away from breaking through the trees where the wind had blown his smell towards me.

"Bella, what’s wrong?" Edward questioned.

"Its Jacob." I smiled. " I just wanted to say good morning to him before we got into the house."

"Bella!" Jacob had just erupted through the trees just having phased back into human form. He ran full force towards me with this silly grin on his face.

"Don’t think you are going to knock me down Jacob Black!" I said as I noticed his motives.

"Bet I can!" He laughed.

"I will see you two in the house I am going to go and check on Nessie." Edward kissed me on the forehead and then whispered in my ear, "Don’t hurt the poor pup."

"Ha!." I said right as Edward was bounding through the back door. I jumped just in time for Jacob to think that he was going to get me but he was too late.

"Is that all you got, Jake?" I grinned invitingly at him.

"Not even close." he howled at me.

I turned and ran full force into the trees where he had been. I knew he could follow my scent, I also knew that I was faster than he was. "Come on, come get me."

I loved the feel of running. It was so liberating. To feel the air blowing through my hair and feel the speed in my feet. The forest had turned into a green mossy blur. I pondered how much I hated speed when I was human. Silly to think I would not enjoy this! It really did seem that I was born to be a vampire. No more tripping over flat surfaces. No more worrying about what danger I was pulling toward me this time. What ever it was I could handle it with my new strength.

Suddenly I realized that I was not being followed anymore. How long had be not been back there?

Panic. I would kill that pup if he went and got himself hurt while I was daydreaming. I turned on my heel and bolted back following my own trail to see how long he had not been following me. I made it almost all the way back to the clearing behind the house when I found his trail. I followed it, right into the house.

"Jacob Black!" I shouted when I got into the house. "Here! Now!"

I was so furious that I could barely see through the red tint to my sight.

"What?" I heard him laugh from upstairs. "We are watching Nessie show off her outfit!"

Oh! I had forgotten about the new clothes. I rushed upstairs still seeing red.

I found them in Alice and Jasper's room.

"Momma, what do you think about my pretty dress?" Alice had most certainly gone out last night to get this one. I had not seen it before.

"It's the most beautiful dress I have ever seen!" I ran over to give her a kiss.

"Mommy, your wearing a dress too." She mused at me. "We match!"

"That we do sweetie."

On that note I turned on Jacob.

"How dare you scare me like that?" I scolded closer to him. "I thought you were right behind me and then all of a sudden your gone?"

"Well, I ... Nessie..." He began. Then he paused and looked at me funny. "You didn’t automatically notice I wasn’t behind you?"

I had to pause. He had me there. I didn’t want to admit that I was daydreaming again. Edward always says that I will get myself in trouble not paying attention like that.

"I was not listening to you." I offered. "I was just enjoying the speed. Too bad you wouldn’t know what that feels like."

He smiled at my joke. "Sure, Sure Bella."

That was about all that Nessie could take of me distracting "her" Jacob. She pounced over to where we were talking and reached up to touch Jacob's face. he leant down and his eyes went blank for a minute while she showed him whatever she was wanting. I eyed Edward who I knew was listening in to what she was telling him.

"I think you should ask your mother first." Jacob and Edward said in unison.

Nessie turned toward me and reached up to touch my cheek. I picked her up and let her touch my face. As pictures of La Push and Billy came running through my vision.

"I don’t care if you go with Jake to La Push." I remembered how much I loved going there too. I was not allowed anymore but they would never be able to tell Jacob that Nessie couldn’t come. "Just be home before too late ok?"

"Ok mommy." Renesmee hopped down. "I will go say bye to Grandma and Grandpa."

As soon as I heard her on the stairs heading to the kitchen where Carlisle and Esme were I turned to Jacob again.

"You take care of her."

"What do you honestly think I would let happen to Nessie?" He looked offended at my accusation.

"If she starts to get thirsty bring her back here and hunt with her ok?" I started going through my list."Dont let her do anything crazy! Edward will know when she gets back."

"Bella Darling," Edward's voice sang in my ear. "Jacob knows everything. He has your speech memorized."

Jacob nodded his head as Nessie ran back into the room and jumped into his arms.

"Ready to go little one?" he questioned.

"Yeah." She hopped back down and started walking to the door. "Race you!" She screamed as she bolted from the room.

"Your on!" Jake said as he chased after her.

"Careful!" I yelled at them.

"They know Darling." Edward spun me around to kiss me gently on the cheek and then slowly closer to my lips as my would be heart felt like it was fluttering at 100 mph.

"My own room!" I heard Jasper say as he turned around to walk back down the stairs.

"No wait Jasper!" Edward called after him. "We will leave. Come and see your wife!"

"Thanks" Alice beamed up at us from the desk where she was sewing on something pink that I hoped was for Nessie and not me. "Oh, and I love your dress Bella. I am so glad that you decided to wear it!"

"Don’t act like you didn’t know I was going to." I smiled "Actually Edward picked it out of your vision for me this morning. It would have taken me an hour to find the perfect dress."

She smiled at me like she was proud of her daughters all "a" report card.

Edward pulled me from the room where Jasper and Alice now stood holding each other.

"What should we do today with out Nessie here?" Edward glided gracefully over to the piano and started playing my Lullaby.

"I was thinking about something earlier." I thought to myself how I wanted to say this so it didn’t sound silly. "I want to start on my infinite wisdom."

Edward turned to look at me. "What does that mean exactly?" He smiled.

"I mean how you seem to know everything." I paused fitting the words together in my head. "I want to start learning something too!"

"That sounds like fun." He wheeled around to face me. I walked over to sit on his knee. "Where do you want to start?"

"I was thinking that I wanted to learn a new language." I smiled at my own revelation. "Something that Nessie and Jacob wont understand."

"Hmm." He thought for a moment. "French? Or maybe Italian? Greek?"

"Which one is your Favorite?" I leaned over to kiss him tenderly on the lips.

"Personally I would love to hear that wonderful voice of yours speaking French." he kissed me back. It was hard for us to sit here and not let ourselves get carried away. This wasn’t our house. We had to be collected here.

"Ok then." I said a little too enthusiastically. "Lets get started."

We wandered up to the library and Edward started pulling books off the shelves and making a small pile on Carlisle's desk. This should be fun!

Chapter 3

I knew Carlisle was right. With Nessie growing this fast it would be hard to hide her growth from anyone in town. We were all supposed to be off at college and yet we were all still here. Carlisle was too young looking to pass for his age.

"I know that it is necessary. I Just don’t think I was prepared for it this fast." Me and Edward were discussing the previous family meeting that we had. "Nessie did have a good point."

I remembered it well when Carlisle first mentioned that we were going to have to start making plans to leave. Not too far into the discussion between everyone about where to go Nessie had reached up and touched my face showing me a picture of Jacob. It had a sad feeling to it. Like she was going to miss him. I hadn’t really thought much about it then but I would have to talk to them about it.

"About what Darling?" He sighed as he registered what I was talking about. "Jacob."

I nodded. "I don’t think we can just leave him. He needs Nessie." I looked down at the now sleeping girl in my lap. "They need each other. I know how they feel and there is no way that I would let something as small as moving get in between their love."

"I understand what your saying, Bella." He paused. "Jacob is still really young. He is still in School. It would kill Billy to lose him now."

We both sat thinking about our revelation when we heard a knock at the door. My head jolted up. Was it morning already? Then I got a whiff of the person standing outside the door.

"Come in Jacob." Edward had read his thoughts before I registered his scent.

I heard the door and then I heard him check Renesmee's room first and then come quietly into our room. He barely got his head through the door when Nessie started stirring. I swear that it is like they are connected.

I looked at Edward. "Maybe I should take Nessie to the house while you talk to Jacob. I will talk to Carlisle and Esme when we get there."

Edward nodded. "Don’t start freaking out just yet Jacob. Give me a minute to say goodbye and then we will start talking."

Edward Kissed me and Nessie a temporary goodbye. We turned for the door when Jacob caught my sight with his lost puppy look on his face.

"Alright but hurry." I handed Nessie over to him.

"Good Morning Nessie." He had positively lit up when she looked at him. "How was your night?"

She reached up to touch his face. I should have thought about the only thing that had happened that Jacob had not been there for.

It was about the time that Jacobs face turned red and he started shaking that was mine and Nessie's queue to leave. I snatched her up and ran out the door and headed straight for the house.

"Good luck Edward." I mumbled. I knew he could hear me. "Don’t let him hurt my house."

I knew all too well what would happen when Jacob got mad. There was no way I was just going to stand there and chance him hurting Nessie. I had seen Emily and the regret on Sam's face when he saw the huge scar that he had permanently put on her face. I didn’t want Jacob to have to live with the regret of hurting Renesmee.

Nessie reached up and touched my face showing me the scene with Jacob that we just witnessed. She wanted to know what was wrong with her Jake.

"He is just upset sweetie." I edited the truth a little but it wasn’t a lie. "Daddy will help to calm him down."

She seemed satisfied enough by that answer.

When we got to the clearing behind the house I saw Alice in the back yard waiting. She must have seen me planning to come talk to Carlisle.

"Good Morning Nessie." She chimed. "I was getting thirsty and I wondered if you wanted to hunting with me for a little while."

"Yeah!" Renesmee exclaimed. "Can I go mommy?"

"Of course you can darling." I smiled at Alice. "You two have fun ok?"

"Carlisle is in his study." Alice added as her and Nessie ran towards the forest.

I knocked on the study door. "Come in Bella" Carlisle quickly answered.

"Hello Carlisle." I felt bad about talking to him about this. If I knew Carlisle it would hurt him to think that he had hurt Jacob's feelings.

"What is on your mind Bella?" He sat the book he was reading down on his desk. He gestured toward a chair opposite of his desk. I walked over and sat down.

"It was just that at the meeting last night Nessie showed me a concern that she had about moving." I bit my lower lip wanting this to sound as nice as possible. "She was wondering about Jacob."

I saw the concern flash on his face. I quickly started adding more to it to try and comfort him.

"I started thinking about it. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to extend an invite for Jacob to join us." I took a breath though I didn’t need to. Just to calm my nerves. "He and Nessie need each other. I would hate to imagine how separation would hurt them. So I was wondering if maybe there was some way that he could come with us?"

I paused to let Carlisle think about what I had said.

"Hmm." He muttered under his breath. "I had not really thought of it that way. I just assumed that he would want to stay with his father. Now I can see that you are right. There is no way we would be able to ask him or Nessie to stay away from each other."

He paced his study for a few seconds before I heard What sounded like Edward and Jacob coming upstairs. There was a quiet knock on the door right before they entered.

"Carlisle." Jacob started a little too harshly.

"Jake. I have already talked to Carlisle." I glared at him for sounding so rude.

"Oh. Sorry doc."

"Maybe I was lacking in my thoughts before the meeting." He sat back down in his chair. "I was so concerned about the new living situations with Nessie and everyone that I didn’t even think how this would affect you too Jacob. I do hope that you will accept my apologies for this lapse."

"Its ok." Jacob truly did like Carlisle no matter what he thought about vampires or any of the rest of us. "I understand. I have been worrying about Nessie a lot too."

"If you feel that you need or want to go with us, I would love it if you would join us when we move." Carlisle sounded like he felt better to be able to fix this little mistake.

"Thanks doc." Jacob smiled. "I will have to talk to my dad and my pack about it. I am sure that my dad will be fine. He understands."

"And your pack Jake?" I questioned him. "What about Seth? and the others?"

"I will just tell them that I am leaving and ask them to rejoin Sam." He seemed deep in thought about how to talk to his pack.

"It will all work out if it is meant to work out." Edward smiled down at me when he said this. "Even if it is crazy and impossible."

"Yeah we seem to work better when it is impossible circumstances." I joked and we all laughed as the truth of it registered to us.

"Nessie and Alice are on their way back." Edward stated. "Lets go meet them and give them the news."

We all walked out to the back yard at the same time that they got into the clearing.

"I cant wait to see how happy she will be when she finds out that her Jacob gets to go with us." I whispered to Edward as we stood holding each other while Jake ran to get Nessie. He picked her up and she started to tell him about her hunting trip with her special ability. He smiled and congratulated her then told her what had happened while she was gone.

"You get to go too Jake?" She was ecstatic. She wrapped her little arms around Jakes huge neck. "Now everything is perfect. I get my mommy, my daddy, and my Jacob too!"

Chapter 4

It surprised me that Charlie was taking this moving thing so easily. I had figured on a long drawn out ordeal that would probably end up in one or both of us getting upset with the other one. Only he had really taken me by surprise.

“I knew that it would happen eventually Bells.” He was playing cards with Nessie on the kitchen table. “I mean you are married now. You have your own life to take care of.”

“Wow dad.” I muttered. “I really didn’t expect this to go so smoothly.”

“Well Bella what did you want me to do?” He smirked. “I guess I could have tied you up or handcuffed you. Somehow I don’t think that would be able to do any good.”

Me and Edward both looked at him wondering what he meant by that.

“You always did have a strong spirit. Well, almost always. “ He got a very forlorn look on his face and I knew exactly what he was thinking about.

The months that I was with out Edward were the most miserable months of my life. I tried very hard not to dwell on those sad human memories when I had so many good ones now that were much more clear than the ones from my previous life.

“Your right Charlie.” Edward cut in. “I have never been able to talk Bella out of anything she wanted. No matter how much I tried to convince her otherwise.”

They both had a small laugh at that one.

“I would like you both to realize that my being stubborn has only ended me up with the greatest things in life.” I looked pointedly at Edward and Renesmee.

“Yeah you always did have a way of getting everything to work out didn’t you?” Me looked to Nessie and then to where Edward and I were sitting. “I am really going to miss you guys though.”

I knew that this was extremely hard for Charlie to do. Me and Charlie were one in the same. Neither of us was ever the best at showing how we felt.

“I know dad.” I got up and walked over to him and Renesmee. “I will miss you too.”

“I will miss you too Grandpa Charlie.” Nessie settled her head on his shoulder and laid down her last card. “I win again!”

“You did didn’t you angel?” Charlie looked at me and Edward with a puzzling look.

“Yeah Charlie, we know.” Edward looked at me then at the clock on the wall. “We better be getting back. Esme will be upset with us if we are late for dinner.”

We said our good-byes for today and headed back to the house.

When we got back everyone was waiting in the house for us to return. I noticed the sounds of everyone in the front room when getting Nessie who had fallen asleep out of the back seat.

“Wonder what they are all waiting on?” I asked Edward knowing that he would be the best one to ask since he could just listen to their thoughts and know what was going on.

“They are all singing songs in their heads.” He looked confused. “What are they hiding?”

Edward decided to go in before me and tell everyone that whatever they were planning would have to wait until we got Renesmee into bed upstairs.

After Edward came back out and gave me the ok to go in, I took Nessie up to Edwards old room , laid her down and tucked her in.

“You are more than my life my little darling.” I whispered in her ear.

When I got to the door Edward was waiting there for me.
“What is it?” I asked him. I was really starting to worry about the look on his face.

“Nothing that you should be scared of my love.” Then he looked at me and added. “Unless you hate attention and all things that entails.”

He was fighting a smile when we got to the bottom of the stairs.

“Happy Anniversary!” Everyone yelled all at once.

I thought to myself for a split second about the date. Surely enough it was the first day that me and Edward had met three years ago.

“Wow.” Was all I could manage. I stole a glance at Esme and she looked at Alice.

“Of course I couldn’t let a day like this go unannounced.” She beamed at me from across the room barely able to stand still with the excitement.

“Don’t look at us little sis!” Emmett threw in there when my glare got to him. “It was all Alice. We all tried to talk her out of it. But Alice is like a force of nature. A tiny annoying unmovable force of nature.” He shot a sneer at her.

“Oh come on Bella!” She swept across the room to my side. “You’re a Cullen now. You have to get used to being the center of attention. What do you think is going to happen when we get to Denali? You are not going to be able to hid in with the crowd anymore. You are going to stand out just as much if not more than the rest of us.”

“She is right you know Bella.” Edward said from behind me. “You are so beautiful there is no way I am going to be able to let you out of my sight. I might have to fight to keep the men off of you.”

I didn’t want to hear this. I wanted them to tell me that I had the best chance to blend in. To be able to be invisible. That is the way I preferred it. To be told that I was going to stick out like a sore thumb didn’t exactly motivate me to be happy.

“Enjoy yourself Alice put a lot of work into this for us.” Edward was whispering in the softest sweetest voice that I had ever heard him use. “Mainly for you but with me in mind too.”

“Alright!” I finally gave in. “What’s first?”

After about an hour or two of gifts and what Alice considers party games Edward and I were on our way back to our little cottage.

Edward was carrying the new medicine books that Carlisle and Esme had given him and I was carrying the “new” classics that Alice had gotten me. When we got back to our little patch of heaven we both went to Nessie’s room to see the new color on her walls.

“Leave it to Rose to get a new paint job on Nessie’s room for our anniversary.” I claimed as I took in the bright pink that she had chosen.

“I think that Renesmee will like it sweetie.” Edward tried to comfort me.

“Pink?” I thought. “Rose really does hate me.”

“No its not that Bella.” He took a whiff of my hair. “It is just that she loves Nessie so much and would do anything that she thought would make her happier.”

Edwards soothing breath always calmed me down. “Yeah I guess your right.”

“Now lets get back to what we came here for.” Edward started to pull me towards the bedroom. “I am willing to bet that tomorrow night Nessie will want to sleep in her newly painted room and we will have to be more careful with her in the house.”

I acknowledged the truth in his words and just let him pull me to the room where I knew I would be with out a doubt the happiest woman in the world for the next few hours. Though I doubted there was ever a time that I was with Edward that there could be another force of love in the world that would compare to the one that we shared with each other.

“I hear some one coming this way.” Edward stated. “Its Rose and Nessie. We better get up and get dressed.”

“Don’t they know its just barely after dawn?” I murmured as I ran into the closet to get dressed.

“Rose told Nessie about her room right when she woke up.” Edward was already dressed by the time I found the stash of blue jeans. “She got so excited she had to come now.”

I grinned knowing he was right. Nessie would be so happy that her room was pink. “Guess I should have known.”

We both went out to meet them as they got to the house.

“Morning momma, daddy.” She waved at us as her and Rose entered the house. “Guess what?”

“What baby?” Edward who I knew already knew her question was amusing her.

“My room is pink!” She exclaimed. “Auntie Rose painted it for me. Isn’t that so nice?”

“It certainly is darling.” I mused at her. “Lets go get a look shall we?”

After we watched Nessie adore her room we decided it was hunting time.

“Where is Jake mommy?” Nessie yelled down at me from the top of a tree close to our cottage. “I miss him!”

“I bet he is visiting with Billy or maybe running patrols.” It never ceased to amaze me how much she loved Jacob. “He will probably be back before too long. I know he loves to play games with you.”

Edward had run off towards a more vicious kill while me and Nessie just stayed close waiting for some deer or elk.

“Do you think I am pretty momma?” Renesmee climbed down the tree to stand in front of me.

“You are the most beautiful little girl in all the world.” I smiled at her. “You know that. Why are you asking?”

“Do you think Jake thinks I am pretty too?” She flushed at the honesty in her last question.

“I suppose he probably does.” I knew that there was so much more to what Jake felt for her than just her being pretty. “Why?”

“I think Jacob is gorgeous.” Her beautiful childlike voice sang as she leaned her head back to let the wind blow her hair around.

“Well he is rather handsome.” I frowned at the idea of Nessie thinking some one was gorgeous.

She was only a few months old but she was much larger than her age. Several years larger. I would say she was about the size of a five or six year old with the intelligence that not only surpassed high school level but probably getting close to college level too. She seemed to get smarter every day.

I scooped Nessie up in my arms. “Its fine for you to think that Jake is gorgeous ok. “ I smiled at her. “Lets not tell him though. Lets keep it a secret. We wouldn’t want Jacob to think too much of himself would we?”

She pondered that thought for a moment. Then agreed, “Your right momma. He already thinks he can out run me. Isn’t that so silly of him?”

“Absolutely.” I loved that she still talked at a younger age though we all knew she could be rather verbose at times. “How could he possibly think that?”

We both laughed as I heard the soft putter of animal feet to our west.

“Ready?” I smiled at her. She smiled back and we both took off in the direction of the deer that we could now smell.

We only had about a month left before we would be moving. I wondered how much she would grow before we left. I couldn’t wait until she reached that stage where she would stop growing so rapidly.

When we got to that stage me and my wonderful daughter, along with her father, would look right around the same age. Our story would most likely by then be that she were either mine or Edwards little sister. No one would ever believe that she was our daughter and was only about 7 years old.

I was so thankful that she was so brilliant and that she understood the need to come up with a story of what our life story would be.

We had already decided on a story for when we moved to Denali. It only seemed right that we all stay together as a family. That is the way Esme would want it. Edward, Alice, Emmett, and I would all be siblings adopted by Carlisle and Esme. Rose and Jasper would be the twins again. Jake would be the only one that joined us alone, with no siblings.

Esme had always loved children and was born into a big family herself but was unable to have children. So her and Carlisle , being in good fortunes, adopted us as a family. About the time that they had us for two years miraculously Esme finally got pregnant with a girl. That is how we would work Nessie into the story.

They had named her after Esme’s mother Renee and herself coming up with the name Renesmee.

We had only told this story once to Nessie and she caught on automatically. She would be just starting school as a six year old. We told her how she would have to act at school. The rest of us were going to be sophomores and juniors in high school. Me and Jake joining Edward and Alice as the sophomores and the rest of them as juniors. It was the perfect plan.

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Amazing!!!! Cant wait to read more!!!! xxxx
Good Job. Wow Bella and Edward almost never fight, Im glad they made up.
Nothing could keep them apart.. They are Soul mates.. lol
I am working on the next chapter should be up in the next few days..
Chapter 19


The rest of our classes Bella and I fought to stay as close as possible with out actually touching. P.E. was the only class that we didn’t share.

I was used to P.E. I was used to the amount of effort that it took to do things normally with out having it look like I could burst the ball with one flinch. I spend most of the time in the gym listening to the girls thoughts in the next gym. It was just my luck that they had the girls gyms and the boys gyms right next to each other. I could listen to what was going on with Bella’s class. The first day she was really nervous and unsure what to do. In the end she decided to go with the old Bella routine.

She tried to avoid everything and tried to miss everything. Just like she used to when she was human. It was a brilliant idea. I had to give her props. Yesterday she was still a little off on her acting but today she was right on. As I watched all the girls watching her I realized that she had convinced them rather well. Everyone was deciding that they should try to help keep the balls out of her way so that she didn’t get hurt or hurt anyone else.

First thing this morning they were playing basketball she lightly tossed the ball to a girl hitting her in the back of the head. She spent five minutes trying to apologize. From that point the girls tried to make sure she didn’t have the ball.

When we got home we started working on our homework. Bella, Nessie, Jake and I all went into the dining room to start on ours.

We were about twenty minutes into our first subject, me only taking so long so Bella didn’t feel bad, when Alice came bounding into the room.

Alice had a nice little homework trick. She knew everything of course, just for the fun of it she always decided to research her work then searched for her answer page in the future. She memorized the page and then just copied all the answers down. She found it amusing. It just meant that she always finished fast.

Nessie had only a page of work and was already done waiting for Jacob to finish so they could go and play games on her computer.

“Nessie want to come and play dress up with me while they finish?” Alice beamed down at her.

“Go ahead Nessie, I will come find you when I am done.” Jake smiled at her.

“Alright.” She hopped down from her chair and followed Alice out of the room.

“Just in case your wondering Jake, it is going to take you almost two hours to finish your work.” She then turned and stalked from the room.

“Did she have to tell me that?” He threw his pencil down on the table. “I don’t want to sit here for two more hours.”

“Jake, you need to do your homework. I know that it is going to be hard for you, but in the end you really do need to do it.” She patted the top of his hand.

I had noticed that she was finally finished with her English. We only had two more subjects to go. Biology would be easy considering it was the same class that we took last year.

It only took us thirty minutes to finish the rest of our homework. Then Bella and I decided to retire to our room until Tanya came to visit. She would inevitably be here before too long. I wanted to see Bella for a little bit before she arrived. I went to the room to set up a nice atmosphere while she finished the last of her History homework.

When she came upstairs she was wearing a sad look.

“What is it love?”

“Its Tanya. She just called.” She walked over to the bed and sat down.

“What did she say?” I sat down next to her.

“She said that her and Brian got into a fight earlier. She said that she was trying to make him jealous and that he got mad. She said that it was some time while we were still at school.” She stopped and looked at me meaningfully. “I am sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?” I searched her face.

“I am sorry that I did that earlier.” Then I realized what she was talking about. “I didn’t mean to. At the time I was not even sure why I was doing it. I just knew that I wanted to make you jealous. I should have stopped and thought about it. I should have realized that it wasn’t me. I would never hurt you that way.”

When she finished her statement she lunged at me and wrapped her arms around me.

“I know Bella.” I patted her back while she quietly sobbed into my chest. “I know Love. Shh, its ok.”

I lent my face down to meet her neck and kissed her gently. “Calm down love.”

“I cant believe that I did that to you.” She was still sobbing. “I don’t want to hurt you. Please don’t be mad at me.”

That was all it took. I could no longer allow her to feel bad. I pulled her face up to mine and started kissing her with as much passion as I could put into it. I wanted her to know that I could never be mad at her.

I kissed her lips for a few minutes then moved to her cheek then I moved to her jaw, then her neck.

It was several hours before we emerged from our room. When we got downstairs we fond that Jake had taken Renesmee to hunt when we had gone to our room. I was thankful for Alice suggesting it to give Jake a break from his homework for a while.

I had to admit I was still a little upset about letting only the two of them go hunting. Not only for the fact that I was still worried about the incident with the bear. I was also a little wary about the two of them. I always have been but I didn’t want Bella to know.

I knew that she trusted Jake with taking care of Nessie. I knew she would be upset by the fact that I still wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

We walked into the kitchen to see what Esme was doing. Jasper and Alice were in there too.

Bella walked over to Alice and they started talking about going shopping this weekend. Jasper walked over to me.

“What’s wrong Edward?”

“Nothing.” I lied.

“You cant lie to me Edward. If you don’t want to talk about it that is ok. I just don’t understand why after all that passion I felt from your room and now you are upset and worried.”

“Jake and Nessie are out.”

“I know. They should be back before too long.” He paused. “Alice said that they would be back in about twenty minutes because you and Bella disappear from her visions.”

“That makes me feel better.” I sighed. Suddenly I felt relaxed and competitive.

“So you want to try out the new game that Emmett picked out?” he smiled at me and I knew that he was hoping that my feeling competitive would make me want to play more.

“I will win.” I smiled at him.

“Actually Bella is going to win.” Alice smirked at us from across the room.

“What am I going to win?” Bella chimed in.

“The new game Emmett got the other day.” Jasper answered.

“Ok well lets get to it then.” she smiled and walked over to me intertwining her hand into mine.

Esme who had just observed our little conversations smiled warmly at us. “I think I would like to watch Bella beat you.”


Surely enough Alice was right. I had never really been much of a game player but, this game was fun. It had all the good action games that Emmett loved so much. Racing, combat, and weapons all in one.

Edward had gotten the closest to beating me. Alice had denied playing. Probably because she would be the one to beat me. She was always looking out for me.

I had quit with my perfect record when my phone rang.


“Hey Bella, I just wanted to let you know that Brian came back.”

“He did? That is so great!” I practically screamed.

“He said that he understood what I was trying to do even if I went at it the wrong way. He said he didn’t make it very far at all before realizing that he didn’t want to be gone.”

“Wow Tanya, I am happy for you.”

“I know. I just wanted you to know that I don’t think I am going to be coming over tonight. Brian wants to go and do something fun.”

“That is ok. I was hoping to spend some time with Edward.”

“I thought that you already had.”

Surely she would have been feeling the passion that was radiating off of me earlier.

“We might just spend some more time together.”

“Oh.” She almost laughed. “Brian went hunting with me this morning. Before the fight obviously. He said that it was nothing compared to human blood but that it was not nearly as bad as he had at first assumed.”

I heard some one else on the other end of the phone.

“I will be right there!” Tanya replied to the person. “I have to go Brian is waiting on me.”

“Alright. I will talk to you later. Have fun!”

“I plan on having fun.”

She hung up and I went back into the living room to see what everyone was doing now.

“I totally beat you!” Emmett had finally appeared from his room. Rose must be off with Alice who had now disappeared. Edward laughing with Emmett.

“I bet I could win against you Emmett!” I told him as I walked into the room.

“Is that right little sister?” he started laughing again.

I looked at Edward who just handed me the controller. I sat down on the floor next to Edward.

“Come on then big brother!”

We played five games. I won the first to which he demanded a rematch. He won the second then I won the third and fourth and he won the fifth.

“I believe that is best three out of five Emmett.” Edward could hardly hold his laugh in.

“Well she was going to have to beat me at something eventually.” He had a glum look on his face.

“You mean besides the wrestling match of course?” I knew he still felt sour about that one.

“That doesn’t count!”

“Why does it not count Emmett?” Then suddenly I felt very aware of Edward sitting next to me breathing. I could feel his skin only inches from mine. I could smell him as though I had been holding my nose for years and was finally able to smell it again. I could barely stop myself from taking him right there in the living room in front of everyone.

“Whoa!” Jasper exclaimed. “Bella, you are killing me!”

“What?” Edward and Emmett both looked at him quizzically.


“Yeah Bella?”

“Can you ask Rose to put Nessie to bed when it is time?” I stared at the floor to keep from making eye contact with Edward. I knew that would be the thing that did me in.

“Sure.” He sounded confused. “Why?”

I ignored his question and went to ask Edward one of my own. “Edward? Can I see you in our room?”

“God Edward go with her before she causes me to self implode!”

Suddenly Emmett started roaring with laughter. He rolled over to the ground and was laughing so hard that I was sure he was going to break something.

“Edward?” I finally got up the courage to look at him. He met my gaze with one of pure curiosity.

The next thing I knew I was sitting in his lap kissing him over and over again.

“Bella!” Emmett had stopped to gape at us.

I didn’t even have time to reply before Edward was sprinting up the stairs with me in his arms.

“See you in the morning Emmett, Jasper!” I yelled down to them as our door slammed.

I could hear the two of them burst out in laughter but I didn’t have enough energy or desire to want to pay attention to them. I was occupied.
i loved it. write more soon
Thank you for the comments.. YOu guys are seriously great.. I am glad that you enjoy the story...
that i did 8 )
I want there to be like a big event.. but I am not quite sure how i want to do it. I am definitely making Tanya and Brian mates... that much is obvious. I want to have more of Nessie and jake.. but I am not sure exactly how I want to do that... I want to knwo more about the kids in the school.. But It is so hard having so many people to keep up with.. teachers and students and the main characters.. and all that junk. I dont know how people that write books do it.. its crazy how much it takes just to be able to have 10 or so characters. keeping track of where they all are and what they are all doing. Crazy stuff.. but it is fun and challenging... me likey!!!
MAN-O-MAN!!!! Poor Jasper . . . “Whoa!” Jasper exclaimed. “Bella, you are killing me!” The PASSION!!!! THIS WAS FANTASTIC!!!!
oh why thank you!!!
brilliant loved it!!!! Cant wait to read more!!! xxxx


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