The Twilight Saga

All human.
Summary :

Bella Swan is a happy teenager with a close knit group of friends in her home town of La Push. She lives with her father Charlie and spends most of her time hanging around with her close friends Jacob, Leah, Seth and the rest of the La Push lot. Then, Charlie lands himself a new job at The Royal Albert School of boarding, and Bella is given a free place. During her time at the boarding school she learns alot, meeting new people, making new enemies, and falling in love. How will she react to the alienation the snobby rich kids force upon her? Or falling in love with the most popular boy at school? A boy who keeps Bella his 'dirty little secrete' And how will they both cope if the secrete is revealed? This is a story of friendship, first loves and finding yourself.

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i like your story
post more soon and keep me updated plz
love your story
[: please update soon
Update soon please


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