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Summary :

Bella Swan is a happy teenager with a close knit group of friends in her home town of La Push. She lives with her father Charlie and spends most of her time hanging around with her close friends Jacob, Leah, Seth and the rest of the La Push lot. Then, Charlie lands himself a new job at The Royal Albert School of boarding, and Bella is given a free place. During her time at the boarding school she learns alot, meeting new people, making new enemies, and falling in love. How will she react to the alienation the snobby rich kids force upon her? Or falling in love with the most popular boy at school? A boy who keeps Bella his 'dirty little secrete' And how will they both cope if the secrete is revealed? This is a story of friendship, first loves and finding yourself.

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Chapter One - Out of La Push and into the frying pan.

"Wake up Bell's if you want a ride down to Jake's."

I groaned loudly, pulling my purple duvet cover over my face. Undeterred, i heard my fathers footsteps as he walked around my bed, pulling open my yellow lace curtains.

"Now Bell's!"

I dragged the duvet from my face.

"What time is it?"

Charlie checked his wrist watch, a watch that had belonged to his much missed father.

"It's erm, 07:17 am."

"Urgh!" I threw the duvet back over my face. "I can't get up yet!" I muffled threw the thick material.

"And why is that exactly?"

I emerged from under the covers once more, my face holding a look that told Charlie in no uncertain terms how ridiculously obvious my answer was.

"Because it's an unwritten rule!"

Charlie laughed, staring at me like i was crazy.

"And what may i ask, is an unwritten rule?"

"You can't get out of bed between times It has to be 5past, or 20 past, things like that. You definitely cannot get up at 17 minutes past!"

Charlie narrowed his eyes.

"Guess i missed the memo on that one."

"Well it's un-written rule number 1!"

He laughed again, heartier this time.

"There's more un written rules?"

"Uh-uh, you'll learn them eventually."

Charlie shook his head, smiling, and walked back around the bed to my doorway. He stopped under the arch and checked his watch again.

"Okay Bell's, we'll obey these rules of yours, it's 07:21 now, so i want to hear floorboards in four minutes."

I pulled my duvet over my face, trying in vain to re-immerse myself back into my dream, it had been wonderful, filled with bizarre beautiful vampires under ground in a foreign country, i vaguely recalled the name 'Jane' but the more i tried to recall it, the further it was from my memory, until, hopelessly awake, i dragged my self from my bed.


Charlie dropped me at Jacob's, on the other side of La Push, and he left with Billy to go fishing, again.
I tapped softly on Jacob's door before entering, sure enough his bed was empty. In all the years i had known Jake (as many as i could remember) he had never NOT been awake before me. Not once!

I closed his bedroom door and crept silently along the corridor, past the bathroom where i could hear Jake taking a shower and into the kitchen, avoiding the creaky floor boards i knew like the back of my hand.

I turned the radio on, and maxed out the volume, singing along loudly to a song i recognised. Jake's kitchen was so familiar i could navigate it blindfolded.

I stuck three strips of bacon in the pan, and two sausages. As i was turning the gas of, having cooked the food, Jake startled me by turning the volume on the radio back down to normal level.

"Hey, i was listening to that!"

Jake laughed.

:Bella I'm pretty sure there were astronauts moon-walking across the moon to that! Its a miracle your not deaf!"

I stuck my tongue out at him and resumed my task, taking the sausages and bacon from the pan and placing them on bread.

"Bacon butty?" Jake asked, pouring two glasses of apple juice.


"Three pieces..."

"...Of bacon, plenty of ketchup!" i interrupted, "I know Jake."

He laughed, spilling some apple juice down his bare chest.

I past him his sandwich, marveling at the changes he had gone through over the years. He was no longer the same child i had grown up with, the Jake that stood before me know was a young man.

"Enjoying the view!" Jacob teased.

"Oh shut up Jake, i was just thinking of how much you have changed!"

"Liar! you were checking out my eight pack!"

I laughed with him as we sat on the old, linoleum floor in the kitchen to eat.

"What time is everyone getting here?"

"Soonish, Sue is dropping Leah and Seth before she starts work at 9am, Quil and Embry are walking with Sam and Emily and they said they'll be here by 10 at the latest Sam said."

"Well Charlie and Billy have gone fishing until 11, I wonder what this big announcement is Charlie has." I bit into my sandwich, dripping ketchup over my hands.

"Maybe him and my dad have fallen in love, you could be my lil sister!"

I laughed at him, "Jake I'm older then you are!"

"Yeah, but I'm taller"


"What time is it Quil?" i was getting impatient.

"11:14, relax Bella, he'll be here soon."

I sat on my hands, having chewed of my nails to practically to the bone. I couldn't relax. It was impossible. I needed to hear the announcement, it was driving me crazy.

Jake and Leah were sat beside me on the battered brown sofa, Quil was seated in the arm chair, with Embry sat on the arm. Seth sat on the floor, his legs tucked up to his chin and Same and Emily were in the kitchen.

Maybe i wouldn't have been so nervous if my dad hadn't insisted all my friends be here.

"So Leah, have you finally agreed to go on a date with poor Jakey yet?" Embry teased.

It was harder to tell who's cheeks had tinged pink more, Leah's or Jake's.

I answered for her.

"Jake hasn't grown a set and asked her yet."

All eyes were on Jake and Leah.

"Erm, well... I was gonna..." Jake mumbled, his face and neck positively pink.

"I'd love to Jake." Leah Smiled.

Quil and Embry broke into applause and soon everyone was laughing.

We laughed so hard we didn't hear Charlie and Billy pull into the garden. In fact we weren't aware they had arrived back until they were walking through the front door.

The laughter dried up, and Sam and Emily walked into the living room.

"Jake run and put this fish into the freezer kid," Billy handed him the fish and nobody spoke in his absence.

When he returned we all looked expectantly at my dad.

"Bell's, i have some fantastic news. I had a job interview yesterday, as you know, at that school up past Forks and well... the thing is kid, i got he job!"

The room broke into a chorus of well done's and a felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

"That's not all though, Mr Cullen, the headmaster has offered you a place, free of charge!"

This time the room fell into complete silence.

"But... butt. dad that's a school for rich kids, and i don't want to have to commute every morning."

"Bell's you won't have to commute, the school is a boarding school, we will be living there!"

"Living there! What? No! No! I don't want to move, what about the house, what about my friends, what about my life?!?!?"

"Bella don't be so dramatic, you will still see your friends, on holidays, special occasions and the occasional weekends."

Tears were streaming freely down my face, something that would usually have horrified me, I hated crying in public.

I opened my mouth to shout at Charlie, but choked on my own sobs.

"When do you go?" Jake asked, sounding mostly horrified, but also slightly in awe.


My voice was back, with a vengeance.


"Of course I did Bell's. It was because of you that i have taken the job. you will be getting a fine education, be around some of the worlds most richest, and influential children. It should be a privilege for you. You should be happy!"

"Pfft!" I snapped, wiping furiously at my face.


Everyone had left, it was only me and Jake left, sitting on his porch swing.

"I can't believe you're leaving."

"I know."

"What am i gonna do?" Jake complained.

"You! You get to stay here!"

"Yeah, but who's gonna make mt breakfast?!?"

I pushed him hard on the shoulder.

"I'm sure Leah will be making it soon enough!"

We both laughed, Jake had been telling me he liked Leah."

"I'm gonna miss you Jake."

He put his arm around me, pulling me into his chest.

"Me too Bell's, me too."


I zipped my suitcase closed, dragged it onto the landing and walked back into my bedroom. I stared at the empty walls which usually held the happy snapshots of me and my friends.
The room still held all the furniture, but none of my belongings. My whole personality had been stripped down and packed into two suitcases. I whispered goodbye to my room and left with a heavy heart. I had a lifetime of great memories in that room. I felt as though I was betraying it.

My dad came walking up the stairs and grabbed my bags.


I ignored him, and just stalked straight past him downstairs into the living room. For the final time ever, I was standing in this living room with my friends.
Leah & Emily both had tears in their eyes. Sam, the oldest, stepped forward and handed me a card, as I went to open it, I was pushed gently on my shoulder by Quil.

"No, don't open it yet. It's for when you leave."

I nodded and slipped the card into my handbag.

"Bells, it's time to go kid." My dad walked straight to the front door.

"Promise to E-mail me everyday." Leah wiped away a stray tear.

I nodded again, to choked to speak.

"And you come back and visit every chance you get." Emily was openly crying.

"Group hug!" Seth called.

Everybody laughed as we awkwardly tried to huddle together in my small living room.

"Bell's!" My dad called from the front porch.

I wriggled from the mass of arms.

"Come on guys, walk me to the gallows!"

Jake threw his arm around my shoulder.

"Drama Queen"
awesome!!! cant wait for the next chapter!!!! is there a completed version on that other site as well??
No, This is not complete yet.
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Chapter 2 : Meeting Edward.

The drive to The Royal Albert School of Boarding was short, but I still felt a million miles from home as we pulled into the car park.
All the other cars here cost more then most of the houses in LA Push; and my dad's rusted red truck stuck out like a sore thumb.

I was used to the rain that was beating against the windows, but the dreariness seemed more potent today.
I was happy that it was late into the morning, meaning all the students would be in their lessons.
Even though they would know what car was ours, I did not want to be seen climbing from it.

We walked around to the main entrance, leaving our bags in the back of the truck.

The entrance way was easily the biggest archway I had ever seen. The thick, antique looking wooden doors were pinned open, showing of the reception/hallway - expensive, but dated decor. The walls were lined with dark panelled wood and gold trimmings, and there were around fifty pictures hung in this room alone. If I could describe it as a room, this was the biggest indoor space I had ever encountered that was not a four walled room.

The deep mahogany desk was manned by an old receptionist.

"Hello, may I help you?"

"Oh, erm yes. My name is Charles Swan, I'm here to speak with Mr.Cullen, I'm the new groundsman."

"Take a seat sir."

Once me and my father were seated, I whispered in his ear.

"Tell me you did not just drop the "C" bomb."

Charlie looked at me with obvious confusion.

"You introduced yourself as Charles! You haven't used that name since your wedding day!"

I laughed and Charlie's face stiffened.

"I was trying to sound respectable."

I stopped laughing, saddened now that my dad thought a stupid name would make him sound respectable. My father was worth a million of anyone at this school.

Without a doubt.

"Mr Cullen will see you now"

"Thank you Miss. Come on Bell's."

I followed him down the long corridor, past around twelve doors. We stopped at the very bottom with a gold plaque that read 'headmaster' across the door. Knocking gently, we waited for a reply. My heart was racing so fast i didn't notice when Mr Cullen told us to enter, my father did though, and before i was fully prepared i found myself being ushered into what could only be described as a library. Both of the sides of the room were stacked floor to ceiling with a vast array of books. The back wall was in fact just three giant windows and in front of them was a single desk, obviously antique and expensive looking. It was incredible.

The man i understood to be Mr Cullen was seated at the desk, and he looked nothing like i had imagined. He was young looking, maybe mid-thirties, early forties, and he was handsome. Nothing like a owner and headmaster of a grand boarding school should look like.

"Ah, Miss Swan, how good it is too finally meet you." He smiled at me before turning his pensive stare to my father. "And Mr Swan of course, how good of you to arrive promptly." He straightened his red tie as he spoke.

"Of course sir, I'd like to thank you again for your amazing generosity in allowing Isabella to attend here."

Mr Cullen didn't reply, he simply smiled at my father, gesturing for us to take the two seats opposite him.

We sat down and i kept my smile on my face, even though i was fighting the urge to correct my father. He and i both knew my name was Bella!

"It's a pleasure to meet you Isabella."

My smile did not waver, though the urge to correct them both was slightly over whelming.

Mr Cullen's attention turned back to my father.

"Now Mr Swan, as you are aware we signed all the necessary paperwork before you left on your last visit, however there are a few minor details in which i need to go over with you, all of which we do not require Isabella's presence, therefore i will have my secretary show her to her lodgings."

I looked at my father, my stomach filled with that odd sensation you feel when you miss a step on the stairs, he nodded at me, smiling.

"Sure thing Mr Cullen, it's okay Bell's I'll come find you later."

Mr Cullen buzzed his secretary into the office and smiled at me politely before turning to her.

"Irina, will you kindly show Isabella here to her lodgings."

He handed her a sheet of paper.

"Certainly sir."

I smiled at my father, trying to reassure him i was okay, even if it was a lie.

Turning to Mr Cullen i held my fake smile in place.

"Thank you sir for this amazing opportunity." I may not have been happy, but i sure as hell remembered my manners.

"You're very welcome Isabella, I hope you will be very happy here."

I smiled in reply and followed the secretary from the room.


The secretary, who was much younger then the receptionist, led me out of the main entrance and, turning right, past the building that looked much more modern that a sign informed me was the canteen, around to the back of the building. At the back of the building was a huge courtyard of grass, it had a row of benches at each main point, like the North, east, south and west of a compass. To my left stood a building just as old looking as the main. The architecture was beautiful. The whole place seemed to have a certain presence and grandness to it. To my right was another building, slightly older than the canteen but still much more recently built than the main building. At the north of the courtyard was three smaller, horribly designed buildings, they were obviously knew, and reeked of 'modern design'. The secretary, who's name i had forgotten, continued walking straight, along the concrete path, towards the beautiful building on my left, i noticed a gold plaque at the bottom of the stone steps leading to the door.

It read :


We entered the doors to another long corridor, this time with a staircase at the very end. To my left and right were 16 doors, 8 on each side. The secretary, who i noticed walked with a certain strut, informed me that most of the rooms were shared as she led me up the staircase. The walls were lined with old class photos, and more dark paneled wood. Half-way up, the stairs turned right, then back on themselves, leading onto the second level. Again their were 16 doors and yet more wood paneling. It occurred to me that their were not that many students attending this school, only 32 girls in fact, and i was still unsure whether boys attended this school as well. The secretary, whose name i finally remembered to be Irina lead me to the first door on the left.

"This will be your room Isabella, you're too share with.."

She checked one of the sheets of paper she held in her hands.

"Alice Cullen"

The breath I was swallowing seemed to stick in my throat.

Just my luck to be landed with the headmaster's daughter!

Irina pulled a key from her shirt pocket and used it to unlock the door before passing it to me. The room was at least twice the size of my room back home.

I walked to the bed on the left, this bed being the unmade one. I sat on the end, and Irina passed me the sheets of paper she was carrying. It was my class schedule and various other necessary information. It was then I remembered my luggage was still in the car. I looked up to find Irina had gone.


The building was eerily quiet. I decided to call Jake whilst I waited.

He answered on the third ring.


I laughed at the childish urgency in his voice.

"I'm still alive Jake" I re-assured him.

He laughed.

Forget that! I was wondering what time you have arranged for my breakfast to be sent to me."

"Behave Jake! I only left you an hour ago!"

"Really? Feels like forever! I'm so hungry!"

I walked to the one window that looked out onto a forest, much smaller then the ones we had in La Push.

"Drama Queen!"

"So how's the palace?"

"Quiet. Everyone is in lessons thank god! Oh my god Jake guess what schedule I Got!?"


"English and art!"

"Is that it?"

I sighed, showing my annoyance at the next statement.

"No, I have politics and mandatory Gym as well."

Jake laughed heartily.

"Why can't you pick your own lessons?"

I shrugged, before remembering he couldn't see me.

"Dunno, at least I have art."

"See Bella, I told you, there's always a silver lining."

"You're the eternal optimist, you know that Jake."

"Sure, sure" He laughed

"Well, I better go. I need to call my dad to bring my bags up. I'll call you when I can."

"Alright Bell's, have fun at your palace!"

"Ha ha Jake. Tell everyone I said Hi. Cyah!"

"Bye, Bella"

I hung up and immediately my phone informed me I had missed two calls off my father whilst on the phone. .

I called him back, he answered on the first ring.

"Who were you on the phone to?"


I was still angry at him, so I snapped my answer.

"I need my stuff from the car"

He sighed,sounding like a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

"Shi.. erm.. ok. Meet me at the truck and I'll help you bring them to your room"

"Sure, sure"

I hung up the phone.


Me and Charlie had just reached the steps of the girls dorms when his pager began to beep, checking it, he placed my bags on the floor.

"Bell's I have to go to work, Will you be OK from here?"

I grabbed the handles of my two cases.

"I'm fine." I lied, felling the strain on my wrists. "You go ahead"

He smiled appreciatively and hurried off.

I placed one bag on the floor and proceeded to drag one up the four steps, feeling like Muhammad Ali when I reached the top.

"Need some help?" A strong voice spoke from behind me.


I was rendered speechless as I turned around, the voice that was endearing enough alone, was coming from one of the most strikingly handsome boys I had ever clapped eyes on.

He smiled a lop-sided lazy grin that sent a frenzy of butterflies across the lining of my stomach.

"Well?" His voice had a teasing edge, he obviously knew his own presence.


He grabbed the other bag with as much ease as my father had, which was understandable, considering his lean, muscular physique.

I grabbed the other bag and started to drag it across the dark wooden floor, when, with a chuckle, the boy grabbed it from me and raised an eyebrow.


I walked through the hallway, to the stairs at the end and turned back once to look at my mystery helper.

"So you're the new girl?" The voice asked, feeling no shame in the fact I had just caught him looking at my rear.


We turned at the top of the stairs and I fumbled in my pocket for my door key. I unlocked the door, hugely satisfied with myself that my hand had not been trembling.

I walked into my room and the boy followed, placing both my bags onto my bed.

"Where are you from?"

"La Push, you know the reservation not far from here."

"Yeah Yeah I know the place. So what brings you here?"

"I....erm..." I didn't want to tell this beautiful stranger how I had bargained a place because my father was an employee, but I knew he would find out sooner or later.

Luckily, I was saved by the bell, literally."

The loud ringing stung my ears for a moment.

The boy chuckled when he saw me flinch at the harsh noise.

"You'll get used to that, it's just the end of lesson bell."

"It's loud" I agreed, smiling.

"Well I better get off to class now"

"Yeah, I need to unpack, thanks anyway....." I paused.

"I'm sorry, I never introduced myself. My name is Edward, Edward Cullen, and yours?"

"Bella Swan" I replied.

He smiled again, retreating from my room.

"I'll see you around Bella Swan"

He closed my door and I sat on my bed - suddenly, this school didn't seem so bad anymore.
hahaha of course edward is more promiscuous in your stories! and i dont mind! :P cant wait for the next chapter!!!


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