The Twilight Saga

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The rain had started to fall as I ran outside to my car. It was rare that it would rain in Arizona, but I wasn't complaining. We needed the rain. We haven't had a temperature lower than 85 for weeks, and any chance of rain means that the temperatures will be cooling off - if only for a little while.

I hurried to unlock the door, and when I was safely inside I grinned. As much as I didn't want the rain to get my clothes damp, I appreciated the coolness of it. I started the car and put it in drive, wanting to hurry and get to school. It was the last day of Sophomore year for me, and we were to be given the names of the families we would be living with for the summer.

It was apart of a new program that gave us the chance to learn how families in different states (and, for two lucky people, different countries) lived. I couldn't wait to see who I was going to be living with and where I was going.

I pulled in the parking lot next to my best friend Kayla's car. She was getting out of it and was holding an umbrella in one hand and balancing her books in another.

"Ready to see who you got, Bella?" she asked, squealing with excitement. I nodded and we raced inside. I hurriedly crammed my books into my locker and went to first period, which just so happened to be my English class - the class that would give us our new homes for the summer.

"Class," said Miss Iverson, "today, as you all know, is the day that you will be choosing the place with which you will go to spend your summer. I want to remind you all that you are to write down your adventures in the notebooks I handed to you yesterday. I'm going to call out your names in no particular order." She coughed then took out a list of what I assumed were our names and a hat with tiny pieces of paper.

"Kayla Cray!" Kayla grinned at me and I smiled back. She reached her hand in without looking and pulled out a sheet of paper. When she sat down, she showed me it. Billy and Jacob Black - Washington is what it said.

"It's not that far away," I commented. "And I heard that it's rainy all the time; you'll have an excuse to use your brand new pairs of rain boots." Kayla bought about ten pairs of rain boots in the wackiest styles and colours imaginable last week. The pair she was wearing at the moment was a bright green pair with frogs on them.

"True," she giggled, looking down at her boots. More people were called. I heard them whisper about the places they were going. Some were going to New York; others to Florida. One girl even whispered that she got one of the international trips: she was headed to Scotland.

"Bella Swan," Miss Iverson called. I stood up and walked towards the front. I covered my eyes and stuck my hand in, rooting around in the slips of paper until finally I selected one.

I didn't dare look at it until I sat back down; I was hoping to go somewhere sunny and warm, maybe Florida or Texas. When I sat down, I breathed out slowly, counted to three, and opened up the slip of paper.

Carlisle and Esme Cullen - Washington

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Awh thanks ^.^
I am always glad to read things from EPOV. I cannot wait untill they meet and you hear that from his POV since he was right on the money about her looks. I am interested to see what happens post more soon please Happy New Year
I liked this 1 too! Hope u post more soon! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! BE SAFE!!!
Love it love it!!!! Can't wait for more!!!!!!
love it write more plez
i think i like this better than the reminder, and i liked that one a lot!
keep writing!!!
I like it keep it going.
omg this story is awesome plz hurry i want to know wat happens when they meet hurry plz and thx for the update bye
You too, Josefina!!!! :)
pretty good. keep me updated please
haha jasper shaving the barbies hair i would have killed him when i was 4 for that.


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