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Warning! This fan fiction may cause: obsessive screaming, day dreaming, crying, violence, idiotic grins, scary breakdowns, uncontrollable laughter and unreasonable mood swings. Once you begin reading you wont be able to stop or something like that. *grins cruelly* No, I’m not crazy. So, please avert your gaze from up here to the summary below and immerse yourself in the best fan fiction. . . Ever!



Summary: Mia Sage was a girl born for adventure. She traveled around town at night, talked back to her parents, and even stole fresh loaves of bread from the local market. She was naive, single, and was clearly the most gorgeous maiden in the city. Her step father Sir Lewis, head of an Oil Company practically had the town feeding out of his palm except, of course his so-called daughter. After years of putting up with her mischief, her parents forced her to learn proper etiquette. That never ceased the craving for quest. Finally, Mia has enough and ventures out of town alone leading her in the most dangerous journey of her life. What will happen when powerful vampire covens arise, lives end, and violent fights commence that never seem to halt? Read this fan fiction of heart-stopping drama, brutal struggles, and appearances of the Cullen’s to find out what happens.


Preface: The enemy stormed closer to me, his chest rising and falling with each unnecessary breath he took. Finally, he raised his head and I met with the most angering pair of crimson eyes. “Prepare yourself for the most intense battle of your life,” he snarled. A smirk plastered across my face as I lowered my dark hood.

“Bring it,”



One Chance


Chicago, Illinois

City Carnival

October 30, 1893


As the frost bites at my face, my muscles go numb, and the starvation pinching my belly roars with fury. Cautiously, I edge out of the gloom and scan my surroundings. At the sight of a large silhouette hesitating behind the Ferris wheel, my cloudy grey eyes suddenly freeze. The luminous glow emitting from the moon beamed. The silky light shone directly on the Ferris wheel, creating an eerie shadow. My breath caught as a flash of lightning streaked across the sky. The rumble of thunder rolled through the hills and the silhouette threw their hands into the air.


The radiance faded gradually as a heavy mist cloaks the black in the sky, obscuring my view of the ground. My shoes kick at the dirt noisily as I stumble over a loose plush toy. Abruptly, the silhouette’s head whips around, alarmed at the noise. My feet clumsily carry me forward as the silhouette’s glorious crimson eyes lock with mine.


With lightning fast speed, the silhouette glided toward me and gripped my shoulders fiercely. An electrical current rushed through me and I jolted in its presence. The strange feeling continued but he did not let go. “What is your name, young one?” a musical voice hissed. I shivered and scraped the tears off my flushed cheeks. Mother had always warned me not to give a stranger my name. Should I give it to him? My head whirled as I thought of all the things this man could do to me. He shook me roughly, forcing my attention back to him. “Your name,” he reminded me.


“E-Emma Davies,” I lied, using my stepsister’s name. An animalistic growl ripped through the man’s teeth as he slapped me across the face. Screaming in pain, my knees buckled underneath me and

if it were not for the man’s grip on my shoulders, I would have collapsed to the floor.


“Tell me your name!”


I whimpered, “Mia,” In the far distance a crow squeaked, overpowering my weak voice. “Mia Sage Lewis,” I said.


The man stepped closer to me, his body pressing into mine. Bending down he whispered into my ear, “Well, Mia, my name is Alec Volturi. I promise you this will only hurt for a moment-”


“Please!” I screeched, shoving on his chest. “Please don’t hurt me! I do not want to die. I-I’m only fourteen!” The wind howled along with me and the hood shadowing Alec’s face dropped from his head, revealing painfully gorgeous features. As the breath whooshed out of me, I could not help but gasp. His eyes had softened from the first time I gazed into them. They held a new emotion in them that I could not comprehend. While I was too busy marveling Alec’s face I did not realize another figure walking toward us. Alec went still and he sighed.


“Sister,” he called. His cardinal eyes lit up and a pale tongue shot out of his mouth to moisten then edges of his lips. “You were supposed to search downtown.” The figure stopped in front of me and rested a hand on Alec’s shoulder. His entire body tensed and his proud stance became protective.


“The Cullen’s’ have escaped. They shouldn’t come back but I have a feeling something big is coming our way. . .” It was quiet for a moment then the high soprano voice rang out again. “Who’s your friend, brother?” She took a step closer to me and my eyes strained to see her face.


“This, my dearest sister, is Mia.”


Alec’s sister edged even closer to me and then inhaled a large gulp of air. “She smells delightful-”


“Jane,” Alec barked. “I have other plans for our friend here. She radiates much power.”


“Mia is too young, Alec. You cannot change her and certainly cannot let her go home now. Let’s put her to good use.” Jane’s muscles coiled and I could see her slowly lowering herself into a crouch.


“We’ll get Aro’s approval first.” Jane huffed at her brother’s bickering and then smirked.




“Jane, please don’t.” Alec begged, his grip on my shoulders suddenly tightening. I flinched under the sting of his cold flesh. “Brace yourself.” However, not even his warning could have prepared me for the pain the ripped its way through my veins. Crumbling to the floor, I screeched and dug my fingernails in the dirt. My body began to convulse on the floor and over the reverberation of my wails in agony, I could hear Alec yelling something. The fire inside me grew causing my shrieks to raise three octaves. After what seemed like hours, the pain stopped and I relaxed onto the ground.


“You didn’t need to hurt me. That was completely unnecessary!” I cried.


Jane brushed the hood off her head and I was struck with a powerful wave of jealousy at how beautiful she was. My eyes scanned her slowly, drinking in the image of her face. Her features were delicate, but at the time, I could see the power underneath them. She had the same graceful cheekbones, flawless pastel skin, and even blood red eyes as Alec. For a second I wondered if their eye color was genetic. Shivering, I pulled myself to my feet and smoothed my skirts. “It was necessary you worthless mortal. Do it now, Alec.”


Alec bowed his head and a white mist began floating around him. Then, it wafted skyward and showered down on me. Instantly, a tired feeling washed over me. My eyes sight began to dull, then my hearing faded, after that, my limbs went numb. Just as my throat began to tingle, I screamed, “Stop,” It was too late, the mist had already taken affect. It felt as if darkness was the only thing I have ever known.


* * *

Third Person POV

Aro raised the glass of blood to his lips and sipped deep in thought. “So,” he began, eyeing the human sprawled before him. “You didn’t chase the Cullen’s for . . . this?” Jane traipsed forward, her black robe swirling at her ankles.


“The coven escaped before I could catch up to them, master. Alec found the mortal prior to my arrival,” she stated firmly. “She must be killed.”


Alec shoved his sister back and gingerly lifted Mia from the table. “I can’t let her go now,” he breathed, twirling one of her ginger locks around his finger. Aro chuckled despite the situation playing out, and then shook his head.


“Jane is right, Alec. The human must be killed. She could expose us newborns are hard to tame. It would take years for her to maintain her self control.”


“I’ll teach her our ways. I will not ever move from her side. If you want, I’ll even move into her room.”


“This conversation has officially ended, Alec. Mia Sage will be killed-” Aro cut short. Alec launched himself across the room in a swift stride and crashed into his master. Aro gasped and fumbled around for escape. Alec seized Aro’s neck and slammed his head into the wall. The vigor of the collision caused the dramatic red drapery to slap onto ancient tiles.


“If you ever touch a hair on her head I will tear you apart. Don’t go near her.” Alec trembled then stared at his glossy Italian shoes. “Please, Prego non ferire il mio amore.” (Please don’t hurt my love) he begged.


“She cant be your love, Alec. The girl is merely human.”


Alec snorted and released his hold on his master. “I know my soul mate when I see her.” He raked his hands through his matted hair and groaned.


“What happens if she doesn’t return your love?” Aro asked softly, clasping his hands together.


“I’ll let her go but not before I’ve fought for her.”


“Very well,” the old man sighed, stealing a disheartened glance at Jane. “Miss. Lewis will be changed at midnight. Dismissed.”



Okay guys. The Cullen’s will be in the next chapter so. . . If you don’t read stories without the Cullen’s you don’t have to stop reading this one. (; *wink wink*

Anyways, this took me a long time to write but I understand if their were some parts you may have found boring or not good. Please tell me what you think!


Love, Lexi Volturi

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LOVED it!!! Alec found his true love????? wow...this story takes place in 1893??? wow,wow,wow!!!! PLEASE update soon!!! i think i can really hook up tot this story!! just by this intense beginning, you attached me to it!!!:)
this is good
OMG.....again, make me thrilled!!! more plizzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!
Hey people!! I'm glad ur liking it so far. I have most of the story planned out so you wont have wait as long as you usually do. Chapter Two is ALMOST finished but I'm hoping for about...3 more comments. So, please spread the word to your friends!

The story does take place in 1893. Alec was speaking italian when he begged Aro to not kill Mia... sexy right? I have an interesting twist up my sleeve and I'm anxious to see how you guys react. *laughs* Well, I have to go write! Until next time, chikas!

Love, Lexi V.
ok here are 3 more comments this is #1
#2 love this story go Alec!!!!!!!! but I'm Teaqm seth
#3 hey can u put me in the story like Seth's imprint that would be cool and I can create a charcters for my story and taht could be u!!?!??! :)

message me if u like the idea
#4 ok I deleted my first comment because I jsut got like a warning and even if it was in sopanish I will not be deleted from this site... Anyways I like where the story is going ... more ASAP

oh and what i wrote is nothign agaist the story is like from the shock :)

PPLLLZZ UPDATE ASAHP (as soon as humanly possible) and keep me updated plz xxxx

kathryn xx
This is one of the best fan fictions i have read in a long time!! Keep me up to date when the next chapters will arrive!!! PLEASE keep writing!! :)
Wow--love the story and the writing style! can't wait for more!!


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