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I pulled the clasp apart and laid it down on the paper along with the wedding band Emmett gave me. My body shook with tearless sobs.

As I read over the note one more time, Gliding my snow white fingers over the ink words that dent the paper, I tried to remember every good time I had with them.

My husband’s jokes, Edward rude remarks, my ugly glares.  I was never great to them. I moped most of the time. They all belonged here.

Edward had the brains, Alice was the ball of joy, Jasper kept everyone sane, Esme was the mother we never had, comfort just rolled off of her, Emmett was the entertainer, Carlisle was the protector and father, Bella was the best friend to everyone and Nessie was the perfect daughter, granddaughter and sister .

Me, I was in the background, whining. It was never enough for me. It never would be. I wanted to be human so bad that I would never settle for having a perfect family.

It just does not cut it. Royce King ruined my life and it was a mistake I had to pay for every moment of forever.

I looked around the room that was mine and Emmett’s. It had pictures from games of baseball all over the world to mine and Emmett’s weddings.

We have had four weddings, every single one was a little more special then the last. I hated that I could not grow old with him, to have kids of our own.

I wish for one moment that I had never meet Emmett but then I see his face shining next to mine in a black suit and tie and I know I would do I all over again.

I walked to the window, all my things packed in two bags, one in each hand, I recall the last thing I wrote.

I may see you one day again

Maybe, just maybe one day I would see this beautiful man again. One Day




Chapter two-


Chapter three-


Chapter four-

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i think u should totally write it please i loved it btw please please please continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol i will think bout it thank you XD
wow that was good. i think u should totally write more plz.
lol thanks :)
this is really good plzz keep me updateddd
Hey Cullen 1776 that was wonderful, poor Rosalie. I hope you continure because she has a story that needs to be finished and you are just the right person for the job, don't believe then reread what you just posted. Ok please keep going and I will be watiting for an update!!
awww thanks sarah!!

hugs back
thank you
Poor Rose and Emmie bear.. Someone should like make her a happy ending :) with her own kids and family next to emmet. I already know but it's so long after my fanfics feel so sorry for her :) more ASAP
lol kk =D
i will be writing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Part two
Emmett’s POV

I walked in from the hunt thinking about my wonderful life. I had the perfect family, the most beautiful angel as a wife and I could eat all the bear I want and not get fat. I grinned.

“Rosie!” I called.

No answer.

“Rose!” I called a little louder.

No answer.

“Rosalie!” I yelled and ran full speed to our room. I almost fell to my knees reading the letter she left. I held her ring in my hand. If I could cry, I would.

I wish I was not a vampire. I would give it all up to give her the life she wanted, maybe then she would have stayed. “Rose” I whispered into the lone air in front of me.

It has to be a joke, I said to myself. I walked like a human to the closet to find her cloths missing. I looked around and noticed her crest on the bed and pictures of us everywhere.

I chocked on my dry sobs. I sunk down do my knees bringing the note, the ring and her crest to my chest.

“Come back” I sobbed.

“Hey Rose, why did you save me?” I asked one day.

The others had gone hunting and left me in the house. Rosalie was the only one who would stay with me, not that I minded.

She looked at me, her gold eyes were bright.

“Because I saw then perfect man dyeing.” She whispered. I had never seen her shy before. I smiled at her. I loved her; I knew she was the one. I would let her know that one day.

I looked at the picture of me standing next to her. I held her in my big arms, she looked so small. She had her head cocked to the side slightly making her golden curls flow down to the right side of her.

I had a huge grin on my face and my eyes were bright and alive, like I had been shocked. Rosalie had a soft smiled, one of love and adoration.


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