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I pulled the clasp apart and laid it down on the paper along with the wedding band Emmett gave me. My body shook with tearless sobs.

As I read over the note one more time, Gliding my snow white fingers over the ink words that dent the paper, I tried to remember every good time I had with them.

My husband’s jokes, Edward rude remarks, my ugly glares.  I was never great to them. I moped most of the time. They all belonged here.

Edward had the brains, Alice was the ball of joy, Jasper kept everyone sane, Esme was the mother we never had, comfort just rolled off of her, Emmett was the entertainer, Carlisle was the protector and father, Bella was the best friend to everyone and Nessie was the perfect daughter, granddaughter and sister .

Me, I was in the background, whining. It was never enough for me. It never would be. I wanted to be human so bad that I would never settle for having a perfect family.

It just does not cut it. Royce King ruined my life and it was a mistake I had to pay for every moment of forever.

I looked around the room that was mine and Emmett’s. It had pictures from games of baseball all over the world to mine and Emmett’s weddings.

We have had four weddings, every single one was a little more special then the last. I hated that I could not grow old with him, to have kids of our own.

I wish for one moment that I had never meet Emmett but then I see his face shining next to mine in a black suit and tie and I know I would do I all over again.

I walked to the window, all my things packed in two bags, one in each hand, I recall the last thing I wrote.

I may see you one day again

Maybe, just maybe one day I would see this beautiful man again. One Day




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when will you be posting more?
I have no cule, i havent been on, ive been so busy.
ok killing me here please write more soon thakn you
i will



I had looked every place i thought she would go. I had no idea where to go next. I was in Baltamore National Air lines and I was going to fly back home. I needed a break and i wanted to see everyone again. I needed an Esme hug. I played with the strap of my bag and looked arouond. I was board, lonly and i missed Her. One day was not soon enough. I sighed. My phone beeped in my pocket and i pulled it out. It was a text from Alice.


Em you need to get home. Now. -Alice

I quickly texted her back. I'm on my way. -Emmett


All passengers now boarding. I got on the plane and closed my eyes. I day dreamed of Rosalie. Her coming home. I replayed a memory of her brushing her hair and humming softly in our room. She had a contempt look on her face, but now i had no idea if it was just a mask, a lie. Did she even love me? My heart broke even more. I would not give up though. I needed her.


Before i knew it, the plane had landed and a young girl was rapping my shoulder telling me i needed to get off. I quickly got my bags and thanked her. The car i had left here a year ago was still sitting her where I left it. I smiled as it purred to life. I threw my bags in the back and pulled out of the parking lot at 60 mph. As soon as i got to the highway i got up to 120mph. I smled at the speed. I got to the house in a half an hour.


The road twisted into the driveway and when I pulled in I sat and staired at the house i missed so much. Home. I jumpped out and didn't even bother with my bag as I ran to the house. A small part of my heart was healed as I smelled Esme's cooking. I could never understand her cooking habbit. I oppened the door and felt someone jump on my back. "Alice!" i laughed and spun her around and crushed her to me.


"Emmy!" i had no idea how much i missed them. Jasper was next. I pounded my fist with his and he grinned at me. "Good to have you back man"


I ruffled his rair and laughed. Esme and Carlisle were next. Then everyone stepped out of my way.  Rosalie. She held a little girl in her arms. I froze. "Hi Emmett." She whispered, her eyes glued to mine.

This is............ AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! :D i Love it!!!!!!!! =) u really shoud post more, i wanna know wht happens next :D


                  =) this is such  a sweet n touching storyy <3

Thank you! I will soon, I just got a co-writer for this story!!!!!
YAY!!!  You updated!!  I am glad Rose is back.  I can't wait to see how Emmett reacts to her and the little girl.  :)
Haha Thanks for reading!!!!
When do you want me to do a chapter, because I am happy to whenever you need me too!


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