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I pulled the clasp apart and laid it down on the paper along with the wedding band Emmett gave me. My body shook with tearless sobs.

As I read over the note one more time, Gliding my snow white fingers over the ink words that dent the paper, I tried to remember every good time I had with them.

My husband’s jokes, Edward rude remarks, my ugly glares.  I was never great to them. I moped most of the time. They all belonged here.

Edward had the brains, Alice was the ball of joy, Jasper kept everyone sane, Esme was the mother we never had, comfort just rolled off of her, Emmett was the entertainer, Carlisle was the protector and father, Bella was the best friend to everyone and Nessie was the perfect daughter, granddaughter and sister .

Me, I was in the background, whining. It was never enough for me. It never would be. I wanted to be human so bad that I would never settle for having a perfect family.

It just does not cut it. Royce King ruined my life and it was a mistake I had to pay for every moment of forever.

I looked around the room that was mine and Emmett’s. It had pictures from games of baseball all over the world to mine and Emmett’s weddings.

We have had four weddings, every single one was a little more special then the last. I hated that I could not grow old with him, to have kids of our own.

I wish for one moment that I had never meet Emmett but then I see his face shining next to mine in a black suit and tie and I know I would do I all over again.

I walked to the window, all my things packed in two bags, one in each hand, I recall the last thing I wrote.

I may see you one day again

Maybe, just maybe one day I would see this beautiful man again. One Day




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lol sorry it is short
Omg you have to keep me updated and rose has to come back it doesnt have to be now but she has to come back you cant put Emmie Bear through that type of pain......any way i love it
lol thanks :)
idk if im posting more :(
i might just leave it there
oh cool!! i love Rose and Emmett story.. write more
lol idk if i will
That was amazing.I can't believe Rosalie left.I wonder how hurt Emmett will be when he finds Rosalie's note.I really don't want to think about how much pain it will bring upon all of them especially Emmett.That is a lot of pain to think about and its hard for me to think about that pain actually touchng me like it will touch Emmett.I'm so sorry for him.Anyway,I hope you continue with the story.This sounds like it would be one of my favorite fan fics on the site.Hope you write more!!!
aww lol thank you
I might continue but i might not....plz tell me if i shoul or not?
lol thanks XD


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