The Twilight Saga

One life ends, another begins...Bella is changed before meeting Edward.

The day my life ended, was the day my life began. They say when you feel nothing, your soul is free. The problem with this is that your mind never forgets, your thoughts consume with fire…burning for eternity, never to allow your soul to be…really…free.

Sometimes I forget that I died, sometimes I forget what happened, but sometimes the rage overcomes me to the point of no return. My story is a hard one to listen to. I hope whoever is reading this will be patient with how I need to unfold the layers of my life.




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Every life has a purpose, but sometimes they are sniffed out before they have a chance to blossom.





My will couldn’t withstand the pain any longer. The horrible things they had done became too much. Darkness was falling on my swollen battered eyes and I couldn’t stop it. Their voices…I would never forget their voices. My limbs broken and disfigured; bones shattered, pain searing through every inch of me for their own private pleasure. What had I done to deserve such hate? I asked myself this on a daily basis. What did I do so terrible that my life had to end? These questions unfortunately will never get answered. I wanted my life…I begged for it, but it fell on deaf ears for their only quest was to punish me to the depths of darkness for eternity. My heart no longer beats as a human, but my life still exists in another way that I never knew it could.

I am now in this new life because of her. Her name is Rosalie. After all her help, I could not stay with her. I was stuck in my own misery of what happened. Rosalie told me that something very similar had happened to her as well and that a part of me will be able to forget and move on as she had done, but I knew my hatred had grown too much to allow myself to do so. I am now twenty six years old in this new life and still have yet been able to get passed it. I see others of my kind from time to time, but I never stick around them for very long. My sanity had turned into insanity. I wanted so much to kill them myself, but that chance was taken from me. Rosalie killed them off before I had a chance to change completely.

Rosalie's remorse towards what had happened to me became a motherly obsession; one that I couldn’t bare at the time. I left Rosalie’s side at the ripe age of two. She didn’t do anything wrong really, it was more that I couldn’t get passed my rage. Not the newborn rage; this rage was different; this was pure hate for any man that dare to do this to anyone else. I purposely drew myself to these men; essentially turning the tables on them. Small towns, big cities, it didn’t matter where; all the humans thanked whoever it was that was getting rid of the scum. Their rape and abuse statistics went down dramatically. They…loved me. I had grown to hate men of all sorts, even my own kind. Yes, I could fight them off with what I accumulated for abilities, but I just couldn’t allow myself to become in close proximity to anyone. I had become a loner; destined to lurk in the shadows; waiting for my prey that always came out in the night as I did. I never had to go a night without feeding, especially in the cities. There was always enough bad blood to go around; to satisfy my every waking need to throw the trash out.

In human years, I would be forty five by now. Probably with a husband and children, living a good life; waiting for old age to set in. This would never happen now. Taking that away from me fueled my desire to kill even more. I looked at every aspect of what my life would have been like if it were different. What I missed out on. My parents, a wedding, show casing me as the happy bride, giving birth, my children’s birthday parties, possibly watch my grandchildren grow. Those sorts of things I would never have because of men like them. These thoughts fueled the intense burn to kill as many as possible. I knew that I would roam this planet alone forever. I had planned on it. I wanted it. I accepted it in the end. I was happy with the job I had been given.

In my quest to search for a new area with new prey, I ran into Rosalie and her new husband Emmett. When she changed me, I didn’t realize that I was her first to change someone. Emmett being her second and the last.




Please let me know whether or not I should continue with this story. This will be in Bella’s point of view. I know I'm crazy. I'm guessing I don't need a show of hands to tell me that. This was a story that I began years ago and never finished it. I have four chapters written, but from that point, I will need to write more if anyone wants to read on.



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Sorry everyone, but just a note to any readers, when sending out the link to my friends list, I accidently posted it as chapter one when in fact this is just a preview. Chapter one will come soon.




This is a very intriguing story. It captivated me where I wanted to continue reading... Please right the first chapter so I can read more... and please read my fan fic as well



Hi Tia,


Thank you! I will be updating this story today, so I hope you like it. It is very different. I will read as soon as I can. I'm sure it's a great story you have, I just have trouble finding the extra time to read. I miss reading so much.



This is really good!!! Can't wait to

Thanks Rachel!

Sounds interesting!

Hi Seugnet,


It is very different from my others. I hope everyone will love it.



HI Rue,


Thanks! Updating today.



Loveeee ittt
Llove it Delilah!! As always this is awsome!! Your writing truly amazes me !! :D

Hi Alex,


Thanks sweetie. Ah, just average, lol. I don't think it's possible for me to ever think that I'm that good. You know what they always say; you are your own worst critic. That is so true with me. Thanks for reading.



Thanks Carmen!


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