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This is my first fanfiction so please go easy. Bella has been a tomboy all her life and she asks her best friends Rose and Alice to help her. Will she catch the heart of guy friend Edward Cullen? All human. All character belong to the gifted Stephanie Meyer.

I had always been one of the boys. Now looking in the mirror I was truly annoyed with myself. Why did I have to be so tomboyish? I stand here in my long basketball shorts and tee shirt wondering if Alice still held that offer for a makeover. It was about time I changed.

Alice and I had been best friends since we were born. It was weird because we were polar opposites with her short spiky hair, and small 5 2’ height. She always reminded me of a pixie. I on the other hand had long brown hair and boring brown eyes. Just average. Except the fact that I can’t walk over a smooth surface without falling over my own two feet, but that only applies when I am not playing a sport. Weird huh? I decided to call Alice.

“Hey Bella!” Alice yelled through the phone. She was always hyper, like hyper-hyper.

“Hey Alice…um I was wondering if maybe you… um wantedtogivemeamakeover?” I rushed out. I also wanted to do this to maybe catch the eye of Edward Cullen. I have had a crush on him since 6th grade and I am now in 9th. We were on the basketball team together and we were like best friends but, I wanted to be more than that.

“YES, YES, YES, YES, AND YES! Finally you have come to your senses! Just let me call Rosalie to help and we will all go shopping! I will pick you up in 10 minutes!” Wow. I am scared, nervous, and excited at the same time… if that’s possible.

“Ok, thank Alice.” I said. Rosalie was my other best friend we had been friends since like 2nd grade. I was excited she would help because she looked like she walked out of a magazine with her long blonde hair and a figure any model would kill for.

I walked downstairs after I put some worn out jeans on and my sneakers, and waited until Alice and Rose got here. As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. I got up and before I could even say “Hi,” Alice had yanked me through the door, and into her car.

“Ewww, Bella we really need to help you with that outfit! I am sooo glad you let us make you over.” Rose said with a disgusted look on her face.

“Thanks, nice to see you too Rose.” I replied sarcastically.

“Let’s go!” Rose and Alice said at the same time while laughing. They were way too excited about this. Alice turned up the radio and they started singing on the way to the mall.

With Alice’s maniac driving we made it to the mall in no time. We all hopped out and they tugged me through the doors. Edward. Friends. Tomboy. Come on you can do this! I thought to myself.

Alice and Rose did all of the shopping only asking about twice what I thought about an outfit- probably because I had no fashion sense. Most of the shirts were a little low cut for my taste and some of the shorts were really short but, I just kept chanting Edward. Friends. Tomboy. Come on you can do this! She also didn’t let me pay for anything. We ended up having to take 3 trips to get all the bags in her car, then when I though we were heading home she stopped at some salon. I froze. I REALLY didn’t want to get my hair cut.

“Bella calm down, you are just getting a trim and some highlights. RELAX!” I trusted Alice in this department so I got out and went to get my hair done.

I closed my eyes the whole time until Alice told me to open.

When I opened my eyes I was amazed. It was parted to the side and straightened and had red highlights at the bottom. I actually looked like a girl!

“Thank you Alice. So, so, so, so, so, so, much!” I gave her a huge hug. Then I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up to see Rose too.

“Thank you Rose. So, so, so, so, so, so, much!” I gave her a big huge also. She laughed and we got into the car.

Alice turned on the radio just like before but this time I was so happy I sang along too.

When we got home we unloaded everything into my closet and replaced my old stuff. She wanted to get rid of my converse and I had to say my chant like 3 times before I finally gave them up unwillingly.

“It’s Sunday which is perfect because Charlie is coming back from his fishing trip and he will let us stay over, and then we will unveil the new Bella tomorrow at school!” Rose said clapping her hands.

We sat upstairs for along time then prepping me on how to be flirty, but not overly flirty, polite, but not overly polite and stuff like that. I think I read up to 36 magazines. Charlie did let them stay over-he is a sucker for Alice- and then we all fell asleep in my room. I was eager to see what tomorrow will bring.

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This is what Bella was wearing looking in the mirror and then when she changed:


U should really continue this story. Can u plz put a comment on page when you have the next chapter up. The story really sounds interesting. U should really continue it. GOOD LUCK!
This is really good. Plzzzzz keep me updated.
Thank you guys so much- I didn't know that 4 replies could make me so happy! I am getting ready to post the next chapter!
plz keep me updated on ur story
omg i so love this story

u have to continue

keep me updated
Thank you guys! Here is the next chapter! Feel free to make banner too if you want.
“BELLA! WAKE UP!” Well this is a pleasant way to way up I thought sarcastically as I rolled over to see who was yelling at me at… 6:30! School doesn’t even start until 8:20!

“What Alice! It’s 6:30!” I yelled back not sure if she could understand it since I had just woken up.

“We have to get you ready!” Rose yelled then threw the sheets off me. It was no use fighting them. I would lose anyway. I got up, grabbed my bag of toiletries, and walked into the bathroom, to take a shower- it might wake me up.

When I got out the bathroom- if you could call it that- I couldn’t even see the counter anymore. It was all filled with hairspray and that was about all I could identify.

“Alright Bella, sit down and shut up!” Rosalie yelled. She always had a way with words- notice the heavy sarcasm.

After what seemed like days Alice finally said “Ok! We are pure geniuses! Open your eyes Bella.

When I opened my eyes I was… I didn’t even know. The girl looking back at me had flawless skin, her hair was straightened and curled at the bottom, and she had wide eyes that looked like they were gold. I was speechless.

“Guys, this is gre-at” I think I might start crying.

“NO BELLA! Don’t you dare start crying or your mascara will run!” Alice screamed.

“We know how awesome we did. Now let’s go get you dressed!” Rose said pulling my out of the chair and into my bedroom.

After I got dressed I was forced to look into to the mirror. They had me dressed in white tight skinny jeans, a low cut blue tank top, and heels. Thank God, they taught me how to walk in them. It was tricky at first but, I got it- and without tripping. Oh, the accessories! I am beginning to find my inner girl because I love the accessories!

“Our little Bella has grown up!” Rose cried.

“And is looking FINE!” Alice added.

“I can’t wait to see the boys’ faces!” Rose exclaimed.

“Especially Edwards!” Alice smirked.

“We finished early, Alice. Why don’t we give her the final touch- our little gift?” Rose stated.

“Ok, Bella to make this official…” I laughed when Alice said this but, I stopped when she handed me the king of all phones. It was on like every page in Teen Vogue. The T-Mobile Sidekick.

“I now pronounce you as the new and improved Bella!” Alice finished. I was still staring at my phone. It was perfect for me. It had zebra stripes on it and it fit perfectly in my hands.

“Now we all can talk, text, and communicate at all times!” Rose said then Alice and her pulled out there sidekicks. I hated them spending money on me but, at this point I could care less. This was sooo cool.

Rose’s was pink and black with a flower pattern on it and Alice’s had polka dots and said “Diamond Princess”. It was perfect for her.

“Ok, are we ready I can’t wait to get to school now?” I asked. I can’t believe acting like this could be so natural and… fun.

“Yep! Let’s go girls!” Rose said.

“Ahhhh, it’s so nice to be able to say and hear that truthfully.” Alice added.

We linked arms after we put our phones in our bags, and then got into Alice’s Porte. We turned the radio as loud as possible and sang all the way to school.
Here is Bella's outfit and their Sidekicks:


omg i have that sidekick and that cover...weird lOl


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