The Twilight Saga

This is a story of a girl who meets real life vampires...would she fit to their world as she dreams it like??? Please read....


I guess death could be the easiest way to ease the pain that kills our mind and heart, but not our body, physically. That’s why I hate this feeling, and I wonder, why couldn’t I just simply pass away instead of feeling this curse given by God to all human being? Well, in some way, maybe the answer is, it’s because when a person speaks about him being ready for his death to come, he’s just lying. No one’s been ready to die, no one, because we’re afraid for our last second to come…

Chapter 1: Death or Pain

In the darkest corner of this room, here I am, sitting on the floor, sobbing, alone, and as empty as this wide space. I’m leaning by the wall which is the only thing that keeps my numb body, somehow, steady or from breaking down to the floor. Jed’s words echoed in my head as if they’re killing me and torturing me. This morning, I thought that this would be the happiest day of my life, being out of town, away from the judgmental eyes of my family, away from distractions. With all my friends, my boyfriend and I, here, on our anniversary. But his words spoiled everything, my day, my future. Let’s finish this. I’m breaking up with you. I’m sorry…
“What am I going to do…without you, stupid freak?!” I ask as if I’m speaking to Jed. Tears started to run down my cheeks again. I looked outside the window. We’re in a yacht of my friend’s, sailing near the Pacific Ocean by the coast of Washington. I’m not sure exactly where we are. The water seems to be very calm. So serene, it’s the opposite of how I feel right now. I don’t know. There’s nothing but silence. I can’t hear the people outside. What’s going on out there? Well, who cares after all? I feel so dumb about this. I could feel my hands, shaking a little due to what? Depression? I sniff then stood up. I tried to compose myself, trying to look completely fine.
Then someone screamed. A piercing scream that doesn’t seem to come from a person who’s having fun. That scream was so painful to the ears. What was that? I asked myself, irritated. I hurriedly went out of the room. As soon as I’m outside, I realized that I went out from a stock room or something. I looked around.
“Where’s everyone?”
I took some steps back to the other room where I’m expecting I could find them. I could see from the glass doors that the lights are off. Did they leave? I entered the room. Nothing.
I suddenly thought, that all of this could just be a set up. Maybe they made someone scream so hard that they know I would come out and as I enter here in this room they would surprise me and congratulate me for our anniversary. Maybe these were all just a pile of their jokes. I figured out their plan.
I cleared my throat. “Okay…guys, I got you!! Come out now! Well, Jed…” I took some more steps to the center of the room, maybe that’s what they’ve all been waiting for. “Happy anniver-“ my foot stepped on something, or someone.
My eyes had already adjusted through the darkness. I’m stepping on a hand. I lowered my body and sat on my right foot with my left knee kneeling on the floor. I’m not sure but I think it’s Halley. I tried to look at her face so I touched her shoulder to turn her but even before I could do that, I felt blood on my hands. I immediately stood up. I noticed that my lips started to tremble. “Holy crow. What in the world is going on?” No! Halley!
I wanted to get help so I started for the doors but then, I saw a woman with a beautiful black hair that reaches half way of her back. I hesitated to approach her because I’m not familiar of her. She looks so elegant and classy with her pretty black dress. But, never mind. I burst out of the door and draw near her. She looked at me; intensely that it gave me a chill behind my neck.
“Oh…help me, please. Halley, she…she’s, I don’t know, dead?” I informed her but it didn’t give her any sense of shock. “Did you here me?” She didn’t reply but she looked on something, on her right side. I followed her gaze and there it is, lying, another dead body.
I gasped. No way. Terrence. I thought.
I looked back to the woman in front of me. She’s grinning.
“The killer is a very good hunter; its prey was already dead even before it could realize that the one they’re talking to is Death.” She said. I don’t understand her.
“What? Excuse me?” I asked her, she’s very annoying.
“Do you think I could be a professional killer someday?” She replied me with another question.
“I don’t-“ I was cut off by my idea. It suddenly hit me. “No.” I whispered. She’s the one responsible for all of this. She’s the killer. And I’m here, right in front of her just inches away. My body froze as if my feet were nailed to the floor. I fell to a trap that would kill me.
She took one step backward then took a deep breath as if she smells the air. She gave me the same evil grin like before. “I’m not that bad after all,” she grimaced, “so I’ll give you time to run and hide. And I’m telling you, I am going to kill you.” I can’t stand her words. “At the count of ten, I’ll hunt you down, clear?”
What? Why is she doing this? Should I run? And hide? Many possibilities rumbled in my mind. I could be killed. I could be safe. I could…jump into the water then swim as far as I could go.
She’s saying something but I can’t understand them, I lost my focus. My sight blurred a little. I think I’m going to pass out. But then I tried to make out whatever she’s saying then I realized that she’s already started to count to ten.
“…three…” she counts.
I tried my best to move. I jumped off my feet then entered the room where Halley is. I started to panic in myself. I could feel the adrenalin. My eyes are searching for something. I crossed the room then found what I’ve been looking for, a fire exit, even in a yacht. I was able to touch the metal handle of the door but, failed miserably to open it. I heard the woman said the word ten. I froze then took a deep breath. I decided to turn around to look at her, but I was very startled and stunned, to see her already behind me. Did she follow me? If not, how did she come here so fast?
“So the hunter, once again, trapped her poor, pathetic prey. Say your prayers if you like, but I’m telling you, there’s no such thing that could help you now.” I could feel her so near me.
I want to cry now, but if I do, she’ll just make fun of me. I still have pride in here. “Why can’t you just let go of your prey?” The words broke in my throat.
“I don’t know, maybe because I don’t like your scent.” She held my forearm to pull me towards her. I was surprise that I could feel her sniffing me. “It disgusts me. You are reminding me of someone, someone I really hate.” As she said the words, she tightened her grip, and on me. And it really gives me pain.
“Owww…let go! Let go of my arm, you psychopath!!!” I yelled at her.
Then I suddenly felt an intense pain on my hand. I realized that she’s breaking my bones already. “NO!!!!!”
“Nobody has ever called me with that awful term.” She squeezed my hand harder and harder until I let go a yelp of pain again. She pushed me against the wall. My whole world stopped, as if time has come to its end. There’s nothing in me now but despair.
I hate this.
I wish I never came out of that stock room.
I wish…
Through all those thoughts, something suddenly enlightened my face, somehow. There’s a floor mop under my feet. I could hit her with that one. Then be free.
I felt her other hand brushed my long hair. Then held it tight. “Cry, cry you idiot!” She ordered me but I refused to do so. I know that she wants to see me suffer, to see me in tears. But I won’t let her. She bumped my head to the wall. Many times, that it really made my head hurt.
I’ll use this opportunity to reach the floor mop. I pretended that my body can’t stand these things anymore. I let my body to fall to the ground. She laughed. It insults me. I waited for another perfect timing.
But the front door suddenly burst open. Hey, maybe someone’s still alive. I just can’t leave him here. No way. I can’t execute my plan because of this person. Damn.
Whatever, here it goes. I lift the floor mop, then hit the woman on her head, then neck. I turn around then started for the fire exit. I took some sprint steps, and then made it to the door, I looked back to the other door and to my regret, I saw Jed standing there, astounded to see me. I didn’t close the door. I’m just there, standing, looking at him. I noticed that the woman has already overcome the pain I caused. She’s very weird but strong. From the corner of my eye, she’s starting to launch herself to me.
“Don’t just stand there, Dianne, move!!!” My whole body followed Jed’s order, but my mind didn’t want to. I closed the door then stuck the floor mop on the metal handle so no one could open it. I’m here, outside, Jed’s in there with that killer. I don’t know why, but as I jumped into the water, there were tears all over my cheeks. This is the hardest part of living: making a choice. Many people would always say that we have our choices, and decisions. It all depends on us. But the truth is, we can’t make such choice every time, sometimes, like in a chess game, no matter how hard we try to move our king, we’re checkmate. Even we look at it from different angles, we can’t just choose that and this. My body was already floating on the water as the gentle waves carried me away from the yacht, but my heart is still with him, with the one I love. But, I’m so sorry.

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