The Twilight Saga

what if edward was the first vampire in creation. and all others came from him. he created one other but he thought that he had killed her. she is found by carlisle and he teaches her the ways of a veggie vampire. later on something causes edward to have to visit the cullen's and he sees someone that he thought was dead. but what is she to him?

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let me know if you like this idea
i like it

hope you write it

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Chapter 1


I have wondered this earth for thousands of years because I don't know how I came to be. I remember going on a hunt for my tribe but then there was this bright light and I was on fire for days but I couldn't tell you just how long. I then woke up with the need to drink. I wondered for a while until I came a enemy tribe. They had sent their best warriors to attack me but I snapped their necks and then drank their blood. I did this until the whole tribe was gone. I was alone until there was another bright light and a voice came into my head. This voice said 'My chosen one, you will not be alone for long for I have created others for you to teach and to watch over. Then in the future you will meet your mate until then you will be alone.'

I then started to hear the voices of others in my head so I would know their every thought and if they were planning on attacking me first. I took three brother's and told them teh laws that I wanted the other's to obey and they enforced them. This has lasted for several thousands of years. I would travel the world about twice every hundred years just to see how things have changed. I would hear the voice again when a vampire would be born with a gift and I would pick out which ones that I wanted to keep. So no other vampire would want to attack me. I have decided to pay my three little pets a visit to see how they are doing. I don't even wait for their little human to tell them that I am here. I here from Aro's thoughts about this coven in teh US that he believed was getting to powerful and that needed to be taken care of.

I looked right at him and said "Now what has this coven done to the Volturi do warrant this action?" A little girl about fifteen tried to make me feel pain in my head but I gave it back to her ten fold. She screamed out in pain and then I stopped. She looked at me and I said "I have your gift and the gift of your twin little Jane. Yes I do know who you are after all. All of the vampire race came from me." Her eyes widen with a hint of fear and she looked right at Aro. She said "Master is this the father to us all?" Aro got down from his throne and bowed in front of me before saying "Yes my dear one." I was getting tired of the brothers quickly. I looked at them and said "I will go myself and check out this coven. Do not leave this castle until I give teh word for you to come there. Now tell me where they are right now." Aro told me where they are and I left right then to go see them.

I knew about their little seer so I decided to play a little game with her and make her not see me until I am standing right outside their house. From what I can gather from teh brothers is that there are seven of them living together. It takes me a few days to get to Forks, Washington. I laugh at the name. What next is there a town next to them called Spoons. I easily find the house and then I hear the little seer start to tell them that I am here. I notice that there is one who's mind is silent and I can see the back of her. I walk right into their living room. The males all gather in front of their mates and I see that the silent one is alone. I look at all of them and then I notice the blonde male. I look right at him and say "Well if it isn't teh God of War. How is my favorite child doing this days?" He just looks at me and says "Who are you and how do you know me?"

I tell them who I am and they start to freak because they think that Aro sent me here take care of them. I tell them that I am just here to see why the Volturi is freaked out by them. I then here the lone female say "So why don't you leave." I am at her backside before she can do anything. Carlisle looks at her and says "Bella this is the original vampire. He can kill you without even touching you. So please show him some respect." That name sounds familiar. I move to look at her face and what I see shocks me...

Here is Edward the first vampire
this is pretty cool continue please!
wow girl friend that is awesome. tell me more.
continue plz & update me
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update me plz
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