The Twilight Saga

If only we knew what was wrong with her... A girl comes to live with the Cullens, and they only know one thing about her ... she's completely different and she's related to two members of the Volturi, one is trying to find help and one wants her dead...


Prologue -



I sat on our deck watching our family around us laugh and play around. Renesmee was sitting under the tree with Jacob holding her like Edward was currently doing to me. He was sitting on the swing while i leaned against him.


Alice and Jasper sat up in a tree talking softly to each other, while Rosalie and Emmett were out on top of the roof talking about something that know one else could guess and Carlisle and Esme are on vacation on there Island.


Everything was perfect... nothing could disrupt this moment. We all heard a rustle from the woods but we were expecting the wolves so nobody moved to investigate. Seth, Leah, Quin, and Embry walked out of the woods moving towards Jake and Nessie.


"Hey Edward! Hey Bella!" Seth said with a wave as he passed us. Embry gave us a nod and a slight smile.


"Hey Seth, how's your mom been doing?" I asked.


"She's good." Leah replied. Leah had become more settled around us...and surprisingly Rosalie and her got along the best. They got talking one night and the next day they were laughing.


They then moved on and went to sit with Nessie and Jake. Renesmee has grown up so much since the last time we saw the Volturi. She has grown a body of an 18 year old but shes only two years old, I couldnt believe how much she's grown up, my little girl. I sighed.


"What is it?" Edward asked as he drew circles in my arm with his finger.


"That's our little girl." I said pointing over towards Nessie. "And that's my best friend." I said pointing at Jake.


Edward chuckled softly as we watched them. Another rustle started in the area next the house, closer to Edward and I. I looked at him and he looked back at me strangly.


"We weren't expecting anyone else were we?" I asked and he shook his head no. I moved quickly, moving towards whatever it was. When i sent out my shield nothing seemed to move in it. "Edward?" I asked confused. He looked like he couldnt hear anything and then a girl burst through the woods, a couple seconds later Alec followed.


Alice came forward and grabbed the girl pulling her away from Alec. "What are you doing here?" Jake demanded moving towards him with his pack.


"I need your help." He said to Edward in a pleading voice.


"I can't hear your thoughts." Edward said to him. Alec looked around and his eyes settled on the girl. "Her?" He asked and Alec nodded.


"What are you doing to her?" I demanded.


Alec looked at me like he was lost and then his eyes went wide. "I'm not trying to hurt her...She's part of my family, she's my cousin." Alec said.


The girl screamed in pain. Alice gasped and let go of her. The girl had started to whither and squirm as her skin twisted and turned.Alec practically turned green as he watched. "Stay away from her..." He said more as a warning then a threat.Everyone backed away and watched as she twisted and screamed clutching the ground.


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A/N- this is a PG-13 story, and i dont own all of these characters, i only own a few! And i'm working on another fanfic so i'll be working between this and the other one called Long Nights!

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Shelby- :) oh my gosh i love it already Celeste! Its got my favorite person in it (a.k.a.- Alec) teehee!!
Shelby- And i got first and second Comment!! :D
Celeste- |smiles| thanks, i'm trying to think out of the box for this one because i dont want it to be your every day Edward and Bella story...even though some of those are pretty good |smiles|
Shelby- |grins| wanna add me in your story? I can be evil .. if you want
Celeste- |laughs| yeah sure, i'll add you into the story

Chapter One



The girl on the ground grabbed clumps full of grass and her back was arched. Jake had put me behind him trying to conceal this scene. I felt extremely bad for her, with all of us watching as this went on.


All of a sudden she rolled over and everything stopped. Her breathing heavy as she looked around the ring of us. Aunt Alice and Dad were watching her intently as she went to sit up.


Her clothes had scratches and claw marks in them. The girls hair was a soft brown color, and she was about average height. "Alec." She said his name sadly and Alec moved forward, closer to me. Jake growled as he walked past me, but Alec didnt pay attention to him.


"Are you ok Rory?" He asked bending down next to her. For the first time i noticed Alec was wearing a back pack, and normal regular people clothes, not the Volturi clothes.


The girl nodded then shook her head no. "It's still there, i can feel it right bellow the surface." She told him.


Alec swung his back pack around and pulled out a water bottle and handed it to her but she shook her head no. "If i drink that i'm gunna change. " She told him and then we all heard the low growl come from Leah. The girl named Rory whilred around and was on her feet in a second in Leah face.


Everyone freaked out and Uncle Jasper lunged trying to get Rory. Jake shifted and so did all the other wolves. The girl dodged everyone. "Don't touch her, it only makes it worse!" Alec yelled trying to get between everybody and Rory.


"Too late!" The girl yelled and her whole body convulsed. Everyone gasped and backed up. This girl had just turned into a White Tiger... and it had red eyes like Alec's.
:grins: i like this, and i normally dont read fanfic's but Shelby told me too and it has me in it :chuckles: keep me updated
Celeste- |smiles| thanks
DAM, good story. plz keep me updated
Celeste- |smiles| thanks and i will!
Shelby- :) i love this !! the second chapter is great !
Celeste- and its not the second chapter silly its the first chapter |laughs a little and hugs you| dont worry i still love you Shelbs


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