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             This is a fan fic I had stuck in my head so I decided to post it. What if whe Edward left in New Moon he decided to come back to Froks only with Tanya to try to be sure Bella was over him though he still loves her.Duh. Only when he is there he finds Bella is mostly over him and complitty different he almost didnt reconize her. Hari make up clothes friends and she is popular now top of the school. But will love ge the best of them anyway?



 Should I post???






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Love it
its edward or tayna but i think its edward loved it
im thinking it might be Rose??
i love it i hope its edward
Ok this will be Bella's PoV but i dont have time to post a whole chappie so I will just put up a teaser.

She walked towards me and just growled her self control fading the more she looked at me.
"I will kill you." There was a promise in the stupid blondes voice, but I didnt care. She wouldnt be able to touch me. If she did I would just set her on fire anyway. That would actually be kinda funny, maybe I could get somebody to video it and put it in youtube. lol perfect!!! Jenny would help me with it.
Suddenly the stupid blonde was right in front of me and looked like she was about to bite me. Her head bending down closer and closer to my neck. Suddenly her left arm and right leg was on fire. Gosh. I loved having that power. She screamed and the Cullens all came running outside. I walked up to Edwards.
"Next time your girlfriend try's to kill me there will be nothing left of her to put back together." I said it with promise in my voice. I couldnt be sure but I think I even saw Rose smile at the thought.

Sorry I just dont have time to post much more I will try to upodate all of my stories tomorrow.
love it
loved ittt. = ( to bad u couldnt post the entire one. well i hope bella keeps her
love it
cant wait for more
LOL..LOVE IT!! To funny!! Update soon!!!
More please.......
love it!!! :))) ♥
AWESOME!!!! I love it


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